Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1199. Fighting On / Kudou Sisters



『 Eh…due to the injury from the earlier incident, Genjin L-ko from Kansai Gachi Toraichi clan will be withdrawing from the tournament 』

The announcer stated.

『 Therefore, the winner of the last year’s 54kg weight class tournament, Tomoe Musashi from Daisetsuzan Judo club will be seeded for the first round, and the tournament will consist of seven players 』

The schedule is packed so that’s all they can do.

『 Here are the matches 』

The monitor above the ring shows the match-up list.

Match 1: Aiko Diamond “Kawauchi Dojo,” VS Ryuko Komatsu “Twinkle Club”

Match 2: Kudou Haruka “Team Kuromori” VS Iwasaki Hiromi “Madonna Lullaby”

Match 3: Rain Bowman “Kawachi Dojo,” vs Iwasaki Yoshimi “Minna no Gym”

Seeded Bye: Tomoe Musashi “Daisetsuzan Judo Club”

『 The semifinals will have the winners of the first and second match, and the winner of the third match will be fighting our seeded bye athlete 』

Yeah, Kudou Haruka’s on the second match.

The first fighters are on the ring, getting ready for the match.

「 Arisu, what do you think so far? 」

I ask Arisu, who came with us from the mansion.

「 It is my first time watching a tournament like this so I don’t know how to describe it but… 」

Arisu replies.

「 Everyone’s trained to their best to attend this tournament, aren’t they? It makes me want to find something to devote to as soon as possible. 」

This girl is an earnest one.

「 I can teach you spear fighting 」

Kuromiya Motoko-san said.

「 No, uhm, I don’t want to fight, so… 」

Yeah, fighting doesn’t suit Arisu.

「 Oh, that’s unfortunate 」

「 But, I moving your body feels great. Arisu-san, you should try to sweat yourself outside sometimes 」

Megu said.

Ever since joining our family, Arisu hardly left the mansion.

Next week, she’ll attend that special middle school classroom together with Mana and the twins.

She’s basically a shut-in on the mansion.

「 Ah, yes, you’re right 」

「 Yes. Arisu-chan, you usually get sweaty only when on bed 」

Nei laughs.

「 That’s… 」

Arisu blushes.

「 Sweating on the bed? 」

Kuromiya-san and her bodyguard, Mikuriya-san looked at Arisu’s face curiously.

「 Uhm, it’s my role to stay by Kuromori-sama’s side 」

Arisu’s my sex slave.

「 What kind of role do you have on top of the bed? 」

Kuromiya-san asks.

「 I’ve returned 」

Kinuka returned.

She took off her black veil as stealth Kinuka and so nobody from the audience knows her.

Kinuka’s appearance is of a petite and cute girl.

It’s unimaginable for this tiny body to have such destructive power.

「 Oh, welcome back Kinuka. Good job 」

「 Yes 」

Kinuka sticks out her head.

Oh, she wants a head pat.

「 Yes, good job. Well done 」

I pat Kinuka’s head.

「 Thank you 」

Kinuka’s showing her usual face, but she speaks happily

◇ ◇ ◇

The 54kg class tournament continued without problems.

Err. the first match was Ryuko Komatsu won.

「 It’s Michi’s sister’s turn next 」

As usual, the TV cameras are placed around on the second match.

「 Michi, won’t you be there to coach Haruka-san? 」

I asked Michi.

「 My current duty is to protect Master and everyone 」

Michi replies with her usual blank face.

「 But, you already took out the enemies that were in the hall, didn’t you? 」

「 If it’s security, then our Mikuriya and Kinuka-san is also here 」

Kuromiya-san told Michi.


「 But, I… 」

Michi’s hesitating, she’s not moving.


「 I’ll watch from here, you can go to Haruka 」

Turning around, Kudou-papa went from the furthest seat to behind us.

「 Father? 」

「 Yeah, my allies are checking the venue so don’t worry 」

To prevent any new Kansai Yakuza underling from coming.

「 You know, that Haruka hates me. So Michi, sorry but could you be near Haruka’s side instead of me? 」

Kudou Haruka doesn’t know that Kudou-papa’s working behind the scenes under Jii-chan’s hand.

She thinks that he made that Kudou detective agency and plays around as he please.

「 My sister hates me too 」

On the other hand, Michi;

She’s the bodyguard of Misuzu, the young lady of the Kouzuki house.

Michi’s walking the elite bodyguard path, which was Haruka’s dream before.

Kudou Haruka’s insecurity from losing to the three years younger sister is ingrained.

「 Still, not as much as me 」

Kudou-papa speaks lonely.


「 Michi, go. I’ll come with you 」

「 Master? 」

Michi’s surprised. I left my seat.

「 Kudou-san, please take care of the girls 」

「 You got it 」

I took Michi’s hand and go down to the ring.

「 !!! 」

Michi’s hand seems nervous.

「 Who are you? 」

The ringside stops us, but…

「 Team Kuromori 」

I pushed in calmly.

Today’s matches are a mix of people from gyms and dojos, so…

Just keep your head up and there should be no problems.

「 Aneue! 」

We see Kudou Haruka in her karate uniform under the ring. Kendo Maria who’s also wearing a karate uniform is also there.

「 W-What, Michi? 」

Kudou Haruka saw Michi’s face and speaks in displeasure.

「 It’s my match now, you know? 」

There are TV cameras around so she doesn’t say anything further.

「 Aneue, go for it. Fortunes of war 」

「 Huh? 」

Haruka’s surprised.

Then, the bossy old man who’s from the TV staff…

「 Hey put the lights on the little sister! 」

He told the cameraman.

「 H-hey! Uhm, I thought this is my coverage? 」

Kudou Haruka says in a panic, but…

「 Of course it is, but ever since your little sister came to the waiting room earlier, we thought that she has a much better TV story 」

We came over to encourage Kudou Haruka before the match.

Then, the TV camera approached.

「 S-So you say that Michi’s better than me? 」

The TV people smiled.

「 That’s not true! That’s not what we mean, it’s just that Kudou Haruka-san’s the women’s high school karate champion, and you’re an adult participating in this tournament but, your little sister’s quite the beauty too, isn’t she? 」

The TV guys compare Haruka and Michi.

「 A story about beautiful siblings is filled with aroma! The beautiful elder sister will fight while the beautiful little sister watches. Isn’t that wonderful? Err, are you from team Kuromori too? 」

Oh, he’s talking about me?

「 Yes, That’s right, but… 」

「 The camera’s going to capture you there, could you move? You’re in the way 」

Oh, I’m in the way.

「 Okay 」

I moved away from the camera.

「 Yes, that’s great. Nice, this is a great picture! 」

The TV people are getting frivolous.

「 Michi, I don’t need your advice from earlier 」

Kudou Haruka glared at Michi and said.

「 My skills are Karate, and it’s different from the old-fashioned techniques you use. If I listen to your advice, I’ll only get out of tune 」

Seems that she’s opposing the correction to reaction velocity that Michi taught her earlier.

「 I won’t say anything for now 」

Michi sends a glance to the one opposing her.

「 I’m sure that Aneue will win with her skills as long as you don’t get careless 」

「 I-Isn’t that obvious? Who do you think I am? 」

Kudou Haruka’s getting carried away since she thought that her sister’s praising her.

「 That attitude is tied to carelessness 」

Michi said.

「 I think the athlete over there is much more skillful in her footwork and her reach is longer than Aneue imagines. You have to fight at a distance they’re not comfortable with 」

Michi can tell her opponent’s skill at a glance.

「 I-I already know that. I just have to take distance when fighting, right? 」

Kudou Haruka said, but…

「 Aneue, do the opposite. Close your distance. If you take it to in-fight, then you’ll drag them to your pace 」

「 I-Isn’t that obvious? I know that. I… 」

「 Both participants, to the ring! 」

The referee called her, so Kudou Haruka;

「 Y-Yes! 」

She goes up the ring.

「 I know! I already know it even if you don’t tell me Michi! 」

She turned to Michi and said while passing under the rope.

「 What is your elder sister to you? 」

Following the TV guy’s instructions, the female reporter faces the microphone to Michi.

Michi looked up at Haruka on the ring…

「 I’m a little worried. But, she’s my sister 」

She said with a sigh.

◇ ◇ ◇

Kudou Haruka won without incident.

She used all two rounds and the judge ended up deciding, but still.

All the judges agreed that it’s Kudou Haruka’s win.

「 Haa, haa, haa, y-you saw that, didn’t you? I-I won! 」

The sweating Kudou Haruka goes down the ring.

The next athletes are already going up the ring.

「 As expected of last year’s karate champion! The fighter you faced, Iwasaki, is a 32-year-old veteran fighter! 」

The reporter woman said excitedly.

「 A lively high school girl winning against an adult athlete, it’s an accomplishment! 」

Oh, these people.

They don’t know anything since they only gathered data about her.

「 No, if talking about achievements, there’s one first-year high-school girl in the 48kg class who’s on her finals 」

Michi says with her usual blank face.

「 Aneue’s already in her third year. And she only won the first round of the tournament, I’m sorry to say but the athletes weren’t strong enough either 」

「 No, but, your sister won 」

The reporter is confused with Michi’s attitude.

「 Don’t mind her, the high school girl who got to the finals that Michi’s talking about is in my team after all 」

Kudou Haruka said sullenly.

「 She’s a transfer student coming from America! 」

It seems that she’s sullen that Michi’s not praising her despite winning.

「 Oh, I see. 」 Err, should we give that girl coverage too? 」

The female reporter asks the guy who seems to be the person in charge, but…

「 You don’t have to! No, please don’t!! 」

Kudou Haruka said clearly.

She must’ve sensed that she will lose her lead role if they interview Edie in their documentary.

「 Putting that aside, shouldn’t you be watching the next match? 」

I said.

The third match has begun.

It’s Rain Bowman vs Iwasaki Yoshimi.

「 I-I’m watching, pretty much 」

Kudou Haruka said.

「 The winner of the third match will automatically fight the winner of last year’s game, so… 」

Yeah, that’s how it went.

「 If I make it to the finals, my opponent will be the last year’s champion, Musashi Tomoe-san 」

That one’s strong.

「 Aneue, don’t forget that you still have to play the semifinals against the winner of the first match before the finals 」

Michi looks at the athlete at the far side of the ring.

If I recall, the winner of the first match was;

Oh yeah, I was talking to the girls that I didn’t see the match.

「 Your next opponent is Komatsu Ryuko from Twinkle Club, right? 」

The female reporter opens the pamphlet and looked it up.

「 Err, a female kickboxer with a reputation for spectacular kick, nicknamed Komatta-san 」


「 I’ve seen her match earlier and from what I can tell, she’s a difficult opponent, Aneue 」

Michi said.

「 Aneue’s fighting style has the worst compatibility against her 」