Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1200. Fighting On / Bubbling



「 Aneue’s fighting style has the worst compatibility against her, so… 」

Kudou Haruka’s next opponent is the kickboxer, Ryuko Komatsu.

Michi said that she’s nicknamed “Komatta-san”

「 Especially since Aneue isn’t as sharp as you can be today 」

Hearing her sister say that, Kudou Haruka;

「 That’s not true. In fact, I’m in better shape than usual! 」

She retorts, but…

「 You’re in such a poor state that you’re not even aware of it 」


Hmm, from what I can see, Kudou Haruka doesn’t seem to have any problems, but…

「 It’s common to hear “I feel better than usual,” when you’re not actually well 」

But since Michi says that, there’s got to be some truth to it.

「 Don’t just assume importance and say it. Tell me what do you not like about me? 」

Kudou Haruka spoke to her sister filled with anger.

The cameras continue to film the sisters.

「 Aneue is doing “Un, Tan” right now 」

Michi said. Kudou Haruka’s startled.

「 Your rhythm of attacks is monotone. You heavily use, “Un, Tan,” “Un, Tan,” a one-two pattern. 」

「 T-That’s… 」

「 The next one you’re fighting is very good at counterattack. I think she already knows Aneue’s timing 」

Komatsu Ryuko, who fought on the first 54kg class finished her match before Haruka, so she should’ve checked on Kudou Haruka’s second match.

「 O-Okay, I’ll change my attack rhythm 」

Haruka accepted the problem.

「 How will you change it? 」

「 Well, I just have to stop that rhythm, right? 」

「 And what will you do after that? 」

「 If “Un, tan,” doesn’t work, then “Un, tatitaka, uton?” 」

「 No, how about “Utika, uton, upipa?” 」

「 That’s just difficult 」


「 Kendou Maria, stand before me 」

「 W-What? 」

「 I just have to show Aneue something 」

Michi uses Kendou Maria as her opponent and made some light movement before her sister.

「 Here, “Utika, uton, upipa” 」

Then, she gives Kendou Maria a jab, straight, pushed in, then ended with a knee strike.

「 Or, “Chapipeka, pettonta, mappurima” 」

This time, a series of low kicks, straights, hooks, and ended with an uppercut.

「 Anyway, what’s important is to have a combination that doesn’t let your opponent anticipate your next move 」

「 Y-You’re right 」

「 Be careful how you enter your attacks, especially against those who target for counters 」

Michi said.

「 Just avoid doing “Un, tan” 」

「 O-Okay, Michi 」

Kudou Haruka replied to her sister with a confused look.

「 Uhm, what did those words mean? 」

The female reporter from the documentary asks Kudou Haruka.

「 Well, that’s… 」

Kudou Haruka paused.

「 Well, I specialize in Karate, but my grandfather practiced ancient martial arts that have been passed in our family for centuries. My little sister learned those skills from Grandfather and uhm… 」

「 “Un, tan” is an expression of rhythm in our Kudou Arts 」

Michi replied.

「 Aneue also practiced Kudou arts with me for a short time before she started Karate, and so… 」

I see.

I knew that Haruka hated Kudou arts, but she had some experience training on it too.

「 No, I don’t see it as martial arts, and I know that modern Karate has more sophisticated techniques and skills 」

「 I’m very sorry. I only know Kudou arts so I can’t explain it apart from the language of my arts 」

Michi said.

「 That’s right, this girl can’t explain it to me unless it’s “un, tan” 」

The female reporter.

「 You two sure are intimate 」

She said with a smile.

「 What?! 」

Haruka’s surprised.

「 Yeah, focus our shots on the bonds of these sisters 」

The boss from the TV instructed the cameraman.

「 N-No, uhm, my little sister and I don’t get along that well 」

Kudou Haruka denies it but…

「 Just let it be, it’s much better to watch the challenge of the beautiful sisters than the lonely struggle of the karate girl 」

The TV people were assuming that Haruka’s speaking humbly.

「 No, but… 」

「 Aneue, “Utita, utita, yanbaranyanyan!!” 」

「 ?!! 」

Michi said something suddenly, then…

Kudou Haruka throws kicks and punches to the air, following Kudou style’s teaching method.

「 I knew it, you still remember it 」

Michi smiled.

「 I can’t forget that. Those were the first martial arts I’ve learned in my life 」

Kudou Haruka said with a bitter expression.

「 I was six, and you were still three years old back then, weren’t you? 」

「 Then, I was taken in Grandfather’s house 」

Kudou House used to be poor, so Michi, the youngest child, was left in her Grandfather’s house to grow up.

「 I also stayed with you until the end of summer vacation during elementary 」

「 Grandfather taught me the basics of Kudou arts. “Tote, tatan!” 」

「 !! 」

Kudou Haruka performed a series of techniques that meant what Michi said.

「 Okay, that’s good. “Toten, Parari, nopuu!” 」

「 !!! 」

While they were talking…

The third match is over.

『 Winner: Rain Bowman of Kawachi Dojo! 』

Oh, the dark-skinned athlete is jumping in the joy of her victory.

『 Rain wins by unanimous decision at 4:16 of round 1 with a series of Indian Deathlocks from special Rising arrows!! 』

Now the first matches of 54kg are over.

『 The top four finishers are Komatsu Ryuko from Twinkle Club, Kudou Haruka from Team Kuromori, Rain Bowman from Kawachi Dojo, and the winner from the previous year’s tournament, Musashi Tome from Daisetzuan Judo Club! 』

The spectators cheered.

『 We’ll continue to the first semifinal game right away! 』

「 It’s my turn 」

Karuka looked at Michi.

「 I’m going, Michi 」

「 Fortunes of war, Aneue 」

The relationship between these two was supposed to be a gaping hole, but it has improved before anyone noticed.

「 I’ll come back with a win 」

Kudou Haruka goes to the ring.

◇ ◇ ◇

Michi, Kendou Maria, and I watched the matches from below the ring.

Oh, Komatsu Ryuko is that person.

As a kickboxer, she has a thick body and limbs.

But, she has a charming face.

Komatsu’s supporters shouted.

「 Komatta-saaaaaan~~~ 」

They called her.

「 Yeeeeeees?~ 」

Komatsu waved cheerfully.

It seems that she’s popular.

「 Haruka-chan!! 」

Kudou Haruka’s a high school girl athlete, so she’s gathering fans too.

Haruka waved lightly.

「 Heya 」

I don’t know why she replied like that but it reached her fans anyway.

The referee gave the athletes a light check.

『 Round 1! 』


The gong roars.


「 !!! 」

Kudou Haruka and Komatsu bumped their fist at the center of the ring.


「 Aneue! “Todonpa! Dodonto, shubishuba, shubibibi!!!” 」

「 !!! 」

Just like how the training out of the ring earlier.

As Michi shouts from the coach area, Kudou Haruka’s body reacts immediately.

「 “Paranka, puranka! Hanpuru! Banburubi! Hamupoppun!!” 」

She throws out complex combinations of kicks and punches using the Kudou arts method.

「 W-What’s with that girl? 」

Komatsu, instead of launching a counterattack, she’s already occupied with avoiding Haruka’s unexpected attacks.

「 What’s going on?! 」

Even so, as a professional fighter, she uses her footwork and arm guard to avoid Haruka’s attacks.

But, Michi…

「 “Dokajaka, dondon, donjara, chakapoko, pkasukajangara, sukachara, sukapoko, pokopoko, hokapoka, pyaharara, dabadaba, shubidouba, hararara, kuwabara, oachapii, donburakokko, zunburaburabura, totetotetatta, tobitatta, kurukuru, mokomoko, harahorehireharefurehireha, jurawa, konparaya, funbaba, hondada, kaan, byaaan!!” 」

She watches Komatsu’s movements and gives more instructions.

Haruka moves her body per Michi’s instructions without thinking.

Furthermore, Michi;

「 “Aree, dorurun, chipapa, hibadara, budare, barurun, bororo, burorororo, gyungyun, rara, rurara, harappo, morokko, busamajukkurin, kintaragindara, zuutorubi, kakinokikurinokikakikukeko, karanba, harabanba, fantaragihoke, derikaessen, chaisaka, hoisaka, buhihin, bubun, buhihihihihi, parukku, porokko, kerokkodemetan, andoroumeda, sarubatore, pesukatore, jokatore, mentaru, menduru, mensoru, mensore, sore, sore, sorashidoremu!!” 」

Her attacks, directed by her sister, get faster and faster.

Finally, Komatsu’s guard can’t catch up.

「 Gefu!!! 」

Kudou Haruka’s fist drives into Komatsu’s body.

Komatsu’s body collapsed.


「 “Aare Kyuijiiiiiinuuuu!!” 」

Michi’s instructions for a finisher was a left roundhouse kick to the side of the head.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa 」

From Kudou Haruka’s point of view, her opponent is down as soon as she noticed.

She’s sweating all over, stunned that she saw Komatsu lying on the mat.


The gong stops the match.

「 Winner! Kudou Haruka!!! 」

The referee declared Haruka as the winner.

「 Uooooooooh!!! 」

The spectators are getting excited.

「 I don’t get what happened but that was amazing!!! 」

「 Those were some amazing combos!!! 」

「 Haruka-chan, do your best at the finals!! 」

People praise Haruka here and there.

No, it’s Michi who’s amazing here.

She predicted Komatsu’s movements and sent instructions to her sister with such momentum.

Haruka who received Michi’s instructions and moved exactly as directed is quite amazing too.

「 I-Is it okay winning like that? 」

Kudou Haruka asks Michi below the ring with a dumbfounded look.


「 Aneue, tense up. Your next enemy is watching 」

Michi said.

Oh, the two final athletes for the semifinal.

The athlete from earlier who made it to the semifinal looked up at Kudou Haruka.

「 It’s not over yet, Aneue 」

「 Y-You’re right 」

Kudou Haruka took a deep breath and calmed herself down.

Then, she waved at the audience again and went off the ring.

「 Still, it’s a little frustrating 」

Haruka told her sister.

「 I didn’t win using my strength 」


「 No, it’s Aneue’s strength 」

She made it clear.

「 I only instructed the timing of the attack, but wasn’t it your karate skill that defeated the enemy? 」

Haruka looked at her sister’s face…

「 Michi, you’ve changed 」

She speaks muttering.

「 You’re much rounder and gentle than before 」

「 Is that so? 」

Michi said.

「 Michi has always been Michi 」

The TV camera captures their exchange.