Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1201. Fighting On / 48kg Class Finals



「 Seiyaa!!! 」

The Judo suit athlete pins down her opponent.

The locking technique is already settled so the athlete that’s on the receiving end tapped on the mat immediately.

「 That’s enough! 」

The referee stopped the match.

『 The winner of the second semifinal match for the 54kg class is the winner of the last year’s tournament, Musashi Tomoe 』

「 Oooh!!! 」

The spectators cheered from the announcement.

Kudou Haruka’s opponent in the finals is decided.

「 As expected, it has come to that 」

Michi muttered.

「 A judo specialist means that it won’t be an ideal match for Aneue who is specialized in Karate, but… 」

「 I-It’s okay, I just have to make sure I don’t get down and fight her standing. 」 Besides, even if I get knocked down, I’ve been training especially for ground techniques 」

Kudou Haruka said, but…

「 It’s the same with her. I would rather say that Musashi has a longer mixed martial arts career than Aneue, and so she’s much more perfect in dealing with athletes using Karate 」

Michi said.

Yeah, Musashi fought against a lot of strike-type fighters and won.

She should have more experience compared to Kudou Haruka.

「 T-Then, what do I do? 」

Kudou Haruka asks her little sister honestly.

She already admitted that her three years younger little sister has a better fighting sense than her.

「 Well… 」

Michi stopped there, and then…

「 You seem to be having fun 」

Edie comes over.

Oh, right.

The semifinals for 54kg is over, so…

The next match will be the deciding match for the 54kg class.

The player who will fight in succession after the semi-finals would be at a disadvantage, and so…

The rules for each class were to play the finals after the semifinals of the next class.

「 Darling, I’m glad that you’re here. Let me recharge some of my ENERGY 」

Edie said and hugged my back.

「 Sniff, sniff, it smells like Darling 」

She rubs her nose against my back and sniffed.

Kudou Haruka ignores Edie.

「 Michi, if you have a plan, then let me know. She has her finals, and the 60kg tournament so we have plenty of time before finals. 」

After Edie’s finals, there will be four matches in the main tournament of the 60kg class… Then, after the two semifinal matches, that will be Kudou Haruka’s 54kg Finals.

「 Yes, you don’t have to rush 」

Edie looked up from my back and told Haruka.

「 You can watch me fight at least 」

She said with a bright tone.

「 But… 」

Kudou Haruka has a serious personality, so she wants to make the most out of her time to plan her strategy with Michi.


「 Aneue, let’s watch Edie’s fight 」

Michi said.

「 It seems that Edie wants to show something to Aneue 」

「 But, Michi, her opponent in the finals is a Karate user 」

Haruka’s right, Edie’s opponent in the finals is Monkey Mimi, a combat Karate user.

「 My opponent is using Karate, so I don’t think there will be hints for my fight, right? 」

「 That’s not true 」

Edie replies instead of Michi.

「 Well, you just have to enjoy the show 」

Edie taps Kendou Maria’s chest.

「 You too. Get yourself together! 」

「 Ah, right! 」

Tendou Otome whose mind is remodeled Kendou Maria, replies with a confused look.

Her body probably still remembers her defeat from Edie even though it’s wiped from her memory.

「 Edie Sexton 」

The official called Edie.

It’s time for her match.

「 Yes, coming! See you guys then!! 」

Edie goes up the ring with her usual smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Hey, what’s your true character? 」

Monkey Mimi’s already waiting for Edie above the ring.

「 Are you someone from the underground too? But you’re not related to them, right? I don’t feel any characteristic of someone from that industry from you 」


「 If you think that you can get an answer if you ask, then you’re making a mistake 」

She said with a smile.

「 There are some things in this world that are better left unknown 」

Edie’s origin is the assassination cult from New Orleans.

It’s different from the underground martial arts which are merely for gambling.

「 I see, but still, I’m greedy. I will discover what I want to know 」

Monkey Mimi says while lightly flexing her legs.

「 How about this? If I win this game, then you’re going to tell me all your secrets 」

「 I can’t promise that 」

Edie said with a smile.

「 Oh, scared? Are you not confident that you can win against me? Is that why you can’t make that promise? 」

Monkey Mimi provokes Edie, but…

「 It’s because my secrets aren’t so light that I can tell people about it 」

She responds with plenty of composure.

「 Oh my, you think that you’re special, aren’t you? Well, it’s a privilege for young girls like that so it can’t be helped, but… But you see, you should know from my career. There are hardly any people who live with something so special that they can’t tell others about it 」

Monkey Mimi said.

「 Not really. Lots of people live with something heavy on their shoulders. It’s just that you’re ignorant 」


「 Seems like we’ll never agree on something 」

「 Not that I ever intended to 」

「 Then, should I make it up to you then? 」

「 No, you can’t 」

The two get their hostility up.

「 I know. You use Qi on your techniques 」

Monkey Mimi knows about Qi?

「 And I know some counters at heart 」

Is this a bluff?

Or does she actually know how to fight against Qi?

「 Sure, I’ll be careful when dealing with the pain of the ass people like you 」

Edie replied by playing with words.1

「 That’s enough banter you two 」

The referee told the two athletes.

『 Well then, let’s begin the final match for the 48kg class 』

The announcer declared.

『 Tomy Ashida Dojo’s Monkey Mimi 』

「 Daaa!!! 」

Monkey Mimi shouted as her name is called and raised her hand.

「 Go for it! Mimi! 」

「 Make sure you win!! 」

「 Don’t lose! Mimi-san!! 」

Shouts of support flew from the audience.

『 Team Kuromori’s Edie Sexton!! 』

「 Hey! 」

Edie waved her hand lightly.

Her semifinal match with Line Haruko was a spectacle so there’s no booing like before, but…

There are no cheers for support either.

Or so I thought.

「 Good luck Edie! 」

「 We’re cheering for you! Edie!! 」

Megu and Nei shouted from the audience seats.

Edie smiled and waved at Megu and the girls.

「 It’s the deciding round so fight seriously 」

The referee advised Edie.

『 Round 1! 』


The gong roars.

「 Shaaaaaa!! Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!!! 」

They didn’t do any rituals like fist bumps in the middle of the ring and Monkey Mimi attacked Edie as soon as the match started!

Edie ducked Monkey Mimi’s attacks with light steps.

「 You keep avoiding!! Eii!!! 」

Monkey Mimi shows irritation as Edie keeps on escaping her.

「 Karate Kick!! 」

Monkey Mimi’s kick is aimed at Edie’s face.

Edie dodges just in time and lightly brushes off Monkey Mimi’s stretched-out legs.

「 Hyaa!! 」

That’s all it took for Monkey Mimi to lose her balance and almost fall over.

No, she managed to hold her ground this time.

「 How dare you! How dare you!! 」

Monkey Mimi comes after Edie once again.

「 Mimi, you’re getting too heated! Calm down!! 」

Poron Karisman shouts at Monkey Mimi from the coach area.

「 But if I don’t keep attacking, and let her knead her Qi, she’ll hit me with that same technique!! 」

Monkey Mimi’s setting up her series of attacks to avoid Raishouin Raiden?

「 Eii! Eii! Eii! Taaaa! Karate chop! Karate Chop! Karate chop!! 」

Edie twisted her body slippery from the last Karate chop, skillfully avoiding her attacks.

「 Uuu?!!! 」

Monkey Mimi who’s chasing Edie’s body is tripped up by that unexpected movement.

「 Good 」

Kudou Haruka watched Edie’s footwork and muttered.

「 Aneue, do you know the school of that movement technique? 」

Michi asks her sister.

「 Huh? 」

Kudou Haruka’s surprised.

「 That’s Kudou Arts 」

Michi said.

Edie’s fighting using Kudou Arts?

「 That can’t be, Kudou arts is much more frolic and disgusting 」

Kudou Haruka said. 」

「 Aneue, it’s only because you only saw Father’s Kudou arts. Edie’s using the real Kudou arts 」

「 The real? 」

「 Kudou Arts’ true nature is to warp the Qi from enemy attacks. You brush away the Qi that’s directed to you, take advantage of the enemy opening, and counterattack. That’s the Kudou arts. Father uses his tricks to distract the enemy Qi, but you can also cause the same effect with just your footwork 」


Edie’s using the strong attacking Qi from Monkey Mimi’s kicks and punches and sends it back.

Edie avoids the vector of Qi directed at her with her footwork. Dodging it. It’s sent into an empty space on her side.

「 Goddammit!! Ei! Ei! Ei! Toaaaaa!! 」

「 !!!! 」

Monkey Mimi’s attacks aren’t hitting Edie, and all the strong Qi she’s directing towards Edie are all wiped away.

This only causes her impatience to build up, depleting Monkey Mimi’s inner Qi.

「 Mimi! Back off! Poise yourself!! 」

Poron Karisman shouts her advice, but…

「 If I stop then she will come after me! I have to gear up now!! 」

She speeds up her attacks.

At that moment.

「 wooshaw!!!! 」

Edie’s movement shifts from dodging to attacking.


She follows along with Monkey Mimi’s acceleration, and then…

Edie’s fist made the perfect counter.

It blows into Monkey Mimi’s abdomen.

「 Guee!!! 」

Monkey Mimi stopped moving.

Then, Edie put her hands on Mimi’s stomach, and then…

「 Gyauuu!!! 」

Raishouin Raiden.

She numbs Monkey Mimi’s body like she’s receiving an electric shock.

「 Wooooo! Gawooo!!!! 」

Then, she finished it with an axe kick.

Edie’s long legs hit Monkey Mimi’s head like a cane.

「 Bueee!! 」

「 Doctor!!! 」

The referee stopped the match before Monkey Mimi could fall into the mat.

It’s a complete knockout victory for Edie.

「 Uooooooooooohhh!!! 」

The spectators cheered.

Edie and Monkey Mimi’s fight was too quick that most of the audience didn’t have a good look at the first punch on the stomach, and the Raishouin Raiden on the second one.

The final axe kick was flashy and so they saw that one instead.

From their eyes, it’s a fair and square flawless victory.

『 The winner of the 48kg class is Edie Sexton from Team Kuromori!! 』

The announcer declared Edie’s win.

「 Yeah!!! 」

Edie raised her arms and jumped high.

「 I did it Darling! Michi, everyone!! 」

She’s happy.

She’s joyful.

Yes, this girl who’s born from an assassination cult, who learned assassination skills…

She’s become a champion on the surface.

「 Edie’s current opponent, Monkey Mimi, and Aneue’s opponent in Finals, Musashi, are the types of players who express their will to fight strongly. They get passionate about fighting, so Kudou style’s qi warping is effective 」

Michi told her sister.

「 Are you saying that I should fight using Kudou arts? 」

Kudou Haruka’s surprised, but…

「 No, It’s better to reuse Kudou arts technique and timing just like earlier 」

Michi said.

「 Once you have the chance to win, use your Karate skills to finish the job 」

「 O-Okay, I’ll use Kudou arts a bit, just a bit okay! 」

Kudou Haruka’s hooked into Michi’s plan.

Michi wants to erase the bad image of Kudou arts in her sister’s mind.

She’s not expecting Haruka to abandon Karate and rejoin Kudou arts.

But, she doesn’t want Kudou arts to be hated one-sidedly.

Kudou arts is the technique of Michi and Haruka’s family.

「 Aneue, we still have some time, let’s try it out in the waiting room. Let’s practice how to deflect their Qi and strike them with a single blow without overlooking at their openings 」

「 Yes, let’s do that 」

Kudou Haruka nodded.

Following Edie, Kudou Haruka has to win her weight class too.

We’re heading for the final matches.


  1. Using the 気 to form 気を遣う, Qi, to Careful