Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1282. Crushing Negatives / White Orchid and Tiger Masks



「 Then, we’re going out 」

I told Mana.

After sending Misuzu and the girls off, it’s our turn to go to school.

It helps that Mana and the girls will go to their new middle school by Wednesday.

We had a party last night so there’s too many people going out.

「 Take care, Onii-chan 」

「 I’ll be watching over the house 」

「 Leave it to us 」

Mana, Eri, and Rie send us off.

「 Kinuka, keep this place safe 」

「 Certainly 」

I’ll let Kinuka take care of the security.

「 Cordelia and I will be going out later so we don’t need lunch 」

Kyouko-san told Mana.

「 Then, let’s go 」

Talking to me was Mitama, who will start attending our school together with Tsukiko today, but…

Unlike Tsukiko, who’s wearing a female uniform, Mitama’s wearing a pure white school cap and a white stuffed collar and school uniform.

Furthermore, the hem is short, shorter than a short uniform. She also has white gloves on her hands.

Speaking of which, she doesn’t have a school bag but a Japanese sword instead.

She wears a tiny bikini and a Japanese sword on her back when she’s on Yukino’s TV show, so…

Oh well.

Maybe it’s better if Mitama pushes through with that character.

「 Mitama-chan, that’s cool 」

Nei said smilingly.

Yeah, she’s already a beautiful woman with a dignified look from the start so this kind of male attire suits her.

I mean, the white orchid school uniform is made to fit her body so Mitama’s body line is emphasized, which is rather sexy.

You can clearly see that she has a rather plump breast.

「 Try not to stand out okay?! If you do something weird I’ll be the one they’ll laugh at 」

Yukino told Mitama with a stern look.


The students in our school are watching Yukino’s TV show too.

Naturally, if Mitama enrolls, then they’ll think that Yukino’s involved.

「 Don’t worry! We’re here to keep Milord and our sisters safe, and so Anjou Mitama will never go easy on our enemies 」


Mitama was a bodyguard of the Kurama house since she was a child in the school for the young ladies.

But it’s her first time going to a co-ed school.

I’m worried in various ways.

「 I’ll be by her side 」

Tsukiko approached me.

Tsukiko and Mitama are both in their third year, and they will be students of the Nadeshiko department.

I feel safe that Tsukiko can use her Miko power to keep Mitama from acting rashly, but…

If I recall, Tsukiko was also in an all girl’s school when she was in Tokyo.

「 It’s okay. I have my power so I can keep Mitama-san and myself safe and everyone else too 」

Tsukiko smiles.

Right, it won’t be just Tsukiko and Mitama.

The new prostitute cadets that Minaho’s been training at the new brothel were also admitted to the Nadeshiko department.

I didn’t see Minaho-neesan this morning, probably because she went back to the brothel to bring the prostitute cadets.

「 I’ll coordinate our relationship with the other students 」

It’s bad if the prostitute cadets get too familiar with the other students.

That’s why Tsukiko’s going to intervene with the student’s perception and make them ignore the students from the Nadeshiko department.

「 Also, be careful with Iwakura Yukiyo 」

I said.

「 She’s the student council president, but I’m sure that she’ll try to make contact with the students of the Nadeshiko department 」

She’s quite the pervert among the prostitutes of the Black Forest brothel

I’m sure that she will come in saying that she’s a senior of theirs and give them some guidance that’s convenient for herself.

She even tried to get inside the new brothel the other day.

Well, that time, Kudou-papa’s subordinate, an old man in a bike came in, but…

If I recall, they had a north mainland trip while straddling on a motorcycle and having sex.

Either way, it was clear that she’ll come and make a move.

「 Kuromori Minaho-sama ordered me the same. She told me to never let Iwakura Yukiyo-sama and her underlings approach the Nadeshiko department 」

「 Yeah, do that. If anything happens, just call Edie or me 」

「 Certainly 」

Tsukiko has a gentle manner, but she’s strong, and she can take drastic actions so there’s no need to worry about her.

「 Well, let’s go 」

「 Take care! 」

Mana and the girls send us off.

We head outside.

◇ ◇ ◇

Katsuko-nee’s van is already waiting for us in front of the entrance.

The trunk already has layers of pads filled with bread we’re selling today.

Usually, we’ll ride in the trunk and go to school that way, but…

But today…

「 What do we do, Yo-chan? 」

Today, the members going to our school today are;

Nei, Yukino, Katsuko-nee, Ai, Edie, and me, the usual, and…

Kana-senpai who stayed over after the party last night.

Then, Tsukiko and Mitama, who will be attending our school starting today.

And also, the drill sisters, Dolly and Anna, who have to be with us as Kyouko-san told them to learn the daily life in Japan.

Also, there’s Anya who will keep an eye on them.


「 Edie, why is Grace-san also coming with us? 」

I say while looking at the former pro wrestler Grace Marinka-san.

「 She had free time so I’m bringing her with me. Jun wants to think about various things too 」

Edie said nonchalantly.

If I remember, Grace-san put the president of the wrestling organization she belonged in, to the hospital to let her participate in the women’s martial arts tournament.

She has no place to return to.

「 That high school is like our garden. There’s no problem even if we bring Jun with us 」

Well, that’s true. That high school is under Kuromori house’s control.

There’s plenty of hidden places so I don’t think the students can find Grace-san even if she comes over.

「 Sorry. I just want to watch them a little more 」

Grace-san, real name: Onoe Jun-san, says while looking at Dolly and Anna.

「 I thought that was strong because of the harsh environment I was in. But, those girls lived in a world harsher than what I experienced 」

Born orphans, raised as assassins, these girls have killed people already.

「 There’s only win or lose in pro wrestling but in their case, it’s always life or death 」

「 Jun, that’s wrong 」

Edie said.

「 When you’re in situations where death is always too close, your senses of living or dying becomes numb. It makes everything less real 」

Edie’s also someone who received assassin training.

「 I was also a bit crazy until I met Darling. My senses were afloat. At that time, I think I could’ve killed without any hesitation. Fortunately, I met Darling before I experienced that 」

Yeah, Edie was nervous when I first met her.

She’s smiling just like now, but she was thirsty for blood like a knife blade.

I think that Edie’s still a sharp blade even now, but…

But, Edie’s able to sheath that blade of hers.

She can pull the blade out of its sheath anytime, but there should be no problems in approaching or touching her.

I want the drill sisters to become like her.

「 For starters, I’m pregnant so I’m riding the car! 」

Ignoring the atmosphere, Yukino went inside the back of the van.

Err, Katsuko-nee’s driving so…

「 I’ll walk. I’m a little worried 」

Dolly and Anna are carrying spears so they can’t ride the van.

If that’s the case, the only choice is to walk to school.

「 Right, please do. Here’s the key to the gate on the school we go through. It’s in the back of the library, do you remember? 」

「 Yeah, hardly any people walk there 」

I know all emergency exits and entrances as the school are the Black Forest’s emergency evacuation site.

「 If you want to get to the high school grounds, then that’s the shortest path. You can use the 43-b room. Here’s the key 」

Oh, we can take our guests to that room?

「 If it’s 43-b, then I know where it is 」

Nei said.

Then that means that Nei’s also going on foot.

「 Right, okay 」

I took the two keys from Katsuko-nee.

「 Then, Ai, get in the van since you’ll have to unload the pastries 」

Ai and Katsuko-nee can go ahead and start the pastry work in the bakery.

「 If so, I’ll go with Ai, Nobu 」

Kana-senpai said.

Kana-senpai often helps out with the bakery work so it’s better that way.

「 Mitama, get in as their security 」

「 Certainly 」

Edie has to stay with us, so that’s the option.

I don’t know how Dolly and Anna will react, well, we have Anya as their watcher, but still.

Since there are two of them, Anya alone might not be able to deal with them.

It’s going to be a disaster if Anya holds Dolly for example, and Anna escapes and injures the students.

That’s why we need Edie who can talk to them and use Qi techniques.

Then, what’s left is…

「 I will go with Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko said.

Right, it’s better to have the shrine maiden walk with us for insurance.

「 Okay, the group who’ll go on foot will go from the back. See you later Katsuko-nee 」

「 Yes. We’ll take care of the unloading. Take your time 」

Katsuko-nee said, and gets in the driver’s seat.

◇ ◇ ◇

The mansion we live in is on a small hill with overgrown trees.

Katsuko-nee’s van goes from the main door to the huge iron gate, as usual.

Meanwhile, we went through the trees and head to the back gate.

I’m wearing my usual uniform, Nei, Edie, and Tsukiko are wearing theirs too.

Anya’s wearing white boots, white leather trousers, and a white leather jacket on top of a white tank top. She’s all white.

As for the drill sisters, Dolly’s wearing a bright blue dress. Anna’s wearing an orange-yellow dress. It makes their tanned skin stand out. Then, there’s a drill spear with a red-paint handle.

Then, Grace Marinka-san is wearing boots, bell-bottomed G-pants, and a scarlet and white striped t-shirt on top.

I’m surrounded by beauties so it stands out.

Recently, most of the people enter and exit through the main gate so I don’t think there would be any police at the back gate, but…

But there should be someone there.

「 Does the police know that Kyouko-san is here? 」

Kyouko-san was active in the Kansai area for some time now as it was her contract with Jii-chan.

After that, she went to have a vacation in Southeast Asia

Did the police notice that she’s back in Japan and in our mansion?

The number of people monitoring the mansion when Kyouko-san’s present is ten times than when she’s not.

「 I don’t think they noticed it yet. They came back to the house through the underground passage 」

Anya replies.

Oh, the house Megu and I stay in?

The only underground passageways that connect to the mansion apart from that one are Morimoto-san’s house, the clerk of the Black Forest, and the house Margo-san lives in.

「 The police know that there was a party at the mansion yesterday. Even some of the people who stayed 」

Edie said.

Yeah, the female athletes, then Snatch and Francie came to the party last night.

「 That’s why they won’t find it weird if Jun and these girls leave the mansion. Margo used a car with smoked windows to pick up the athletes to prevent the police from knowing how many people were inside 」

The police don’t know who came into the hotel, so…

They can’t check how many people are in the car when entering the mansion, so they can’t figure out the number of people.

They’ll think that the drill sisters were also girls who came to the party last night. These girls look like foreigners, and they look like Edie’s friends.

They know that Grace-san was a pro wrestler, and is friends with Edie and Margo-san.

The problem is…

「 Anya’s making it hard 」

They know that Anya is Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia’s subordinate.

After all, that’s her setting on fighting Rei-chan on the TV show.

She’s well known.

「 That’s why Kyouko-sama gave me this mask 」

Anya pulls out a pro-wrestler mask from her coat pocket.

「 If I put this on, they’ll see me as a coworker of the wrestler over there 」

Anya said and put on her mask while walking.

「 What do you think? 」

「 Yep looks cool Anya-chan 」

Nei said, but…


Kyouko-san sure loves tiger pro wrestler masks.

It’s the same mask we wore half a year ago.

With that said, Anya’s become a female tiger.

「 Well, if we go outside with this group and the police ask, “are there really foreign female wrestlers in tiger mask visiting Japan?” or “who are these girls with spears?” but they can’t find anything out by the time we get to school 」

Nei said.

「 It’s okay! We’ll be able to go outside and pass by the police with ease 」

I hope so, but…

Anyway, we continued walking down the hill…

Then, we’re now on the back gate.


The back gate is automatically unlocked.

Mana must be watching from the mansion and unlocked it for us.

「 Okay 」

I opened the gate, and then…

Going outside…

There’s someone?

Everyone else went out before I could check who it is.

「 Hey, you? 」


A black-uniform police officer suddenly approached us.

「 W-What are those? 」

Oh, I guess this group is too bizarre?

Students, pro wrestlers, and drill spear sisters.

「 We’re nobodies 」

Tsukiko moved forward and used her power.

「 We’re just going to school, there should be no problem with that, Isn’t that right? 」

「 Y-yeah 」

「 Then please don’t follow us. Also, please report to your HQ five minutes after we leave 」

「 O-Okay 」

The officer replied.

「 Let’s go, everyone 」

Tsukiko urged us

Leaving the officer;

「 He’s the only one monitoring that place at that time. If we go this path, nobody else should be able to spot us 」

Tsukiko said.

Seems like she read the mind of the officer in such a short time.

「 I guess they still haven’t realized that Kyouko-san is here? 」

「 Yes. Also, since Misuzu-san has left for school, the tension of the watchers has relaxed. 」

Oh yeah, it’s because the young ladies of the nobility went to school on a convoy.

Also, Shou-neechan was commanding Kouzuki SS personally.

Naturally, the police would pay more attention to that more.

「 Our priority is lower after all 」

We’re just ordinary high school students going to school as usual.

Katsuko-nee’s driving the van out of the gate as usual, so…

They think that Nei, Edie, and I will be in the van as usual.

It was unexpected for them that we leave through the back gate.

「 Let’s go to school quickly while we have time 」

As Tsukiko instructed, the officer earlier will not report that we have left through the back gate for five minutes.

We need to be as close to the school gates as possible by then.

「 Okay, let’s go 」

Nei takes the lead.

We then walked down the path quickly.

「 Haauu 」

「 Kauuu 」

The drill sisters seem to find the Japanese landscape unusual.

They’re particularly interested in vending machines.

Edie was like that when she came to Japan too.

「 Hyauu? 」

「 Pauu? 」

Edie and Anya explained to the girls in their language.

「 They look like normal girls when they look like that 」

I muttered.

「 But, it seems that their first-time in this environment is frightening to those girls 」

Tsukiko whispers.

「 I know 」

Dolly and Anna have their fingers on the switch that rotates the drills they’re holding.

They’re ready to attack with their spears the moment something happens.

「 Those girls don’t trust us at all 」

I feel so.