Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1285. Crushing Negatives / Don’t touch my Woman



「 What happened to Megumi? 」

Listening to Tanaka’s conversation, Mitama, wearing a white school cap and short-run school uniform came over and asked.

「 Megumi has been a great help to me so… 」

Yeah, it’s been a few weeks since Mitama and the girls came to the mansion.

Mitama and Kinuka are specialized in combat, but they can’t do housework.

Megu and Mana always help them with laundry and cleaning.

「 Huh? Isn’t that Anjou Mitama? 」

Tanaka noticed Mitama and is surprised.

「 Shut up! I brought her with me 」

Yukino shows up from the bakery and told Tanaka.

Mitama and Yukino both appear on TV so it’s not weird.

「 That aside, what about Megumi? 」

All our classmates know that Megu and Yukino are distant relatives.

「 I-I mean, that Masakari had his group surround Yamamine-chan about ten minutes ago in front of the school building and confessed that he wants to date her 」

Tanaka said again.

「 What the hell? Doesn’t he know that Megumi’s engaged to this idiot? 」

Yukino said, but…

「 The whole school knows that. Despite that, that guy confessed to Yamamine-chan in front of a bunch of students, that’s why it’s a huge fuss 」

Tanaka said.



My phone vibrates on the pocket of my school uniform.

I took it out and looked at the screen.

「 Oh, it’s Ya-chan 」

Nei’s with Anya and the girls in the basement of the library.

She connected her phone to the system in that room and called me.

「 Hello? 」

I answered, then.

『 Oh, Yo-chan. I got it already after checking out the recordings in the system 』

Nei said.

『 It’s a punishment game. Another one 』

Punishment game?

『 That Masakari was playing a punishment game with his friends where the loser bets that they will confess to Megu-chan 』

What the hell?

『 With that said, I have a recording of their conversation before he confessed to Megu-chan 』

Nei said.

「 Tanaka, do you know much about that Masakari? 」

I asked.

「 If I recall, he’s in a band with fellow third-years. Err, if I recall, their band name is MG Five. They have good looks so they’re popular with girls, I even hear rumors that they switch around. It’s not a good rumor 」

As expected, he knows a lot.

「 Yeah, MG Five was competing in popularity among girls with the band Factor 4 Men during the last year’s school fest. If I recall, they had some gigs at live music venues 」

Kana-senpai knows about last year’s school festival.

「 Do they not have male fans? 」

「 Well, their music is a poorly-played and fashion styled 」

Kana-senpai smiled wryly.

「 They can’t even compose their own music, yet they take liberty singing their own lyrics on some well-known songs from professional bands 」


「 Also, they that “It’s just like putting Japanese lyrics on a foreign band’s English song.” Even though the song is written by Japanese, they change the lyrics and play it without permission 」

「 Won’t JAS get angry with that? 」

Tanaka asks Kana-senpai.

「 That’s right. They’re a band that violates copyright, even of Shin’ichi Mori 」


「 They change the lyrics of the song, so you mean they’re a comedy band? 」

Meaning, they play some parody songs.

「 That’s not the case, Nobu. They say that it’s all serious lyrics. It doesn’t matter what the original song is, they just modify them all to say “I want to see you,” “I believe in you,” “Towards tomorrow,” and such. I heard that they even changed the lyrics of some “thankful lyrics” into a sweet love song 」

「 I don’t get it 」

「 I hear that many girls love it. I’ve seen fans with no sense that says “it’s more tasteful than the original lyrics.” 」

Kana-senpai said.

Anyway, seems like they’re just joking around.

Those guys confessed to Megu in public to make her a laughingstock.

「 Ya-chan, where’s that Masakari right now? 」

I asked Nei on the other side of the call.

『 He’s in Class 3-1, laughing with his friends at how Megu-chan’s making such a troubled look 』


『 Yo-chan, should I go there? I kinda want to let out my bad girl mode after a long while on these bastards! 』

Nei’s angry, which means that Masakari’s laughing quite hard at Megu, speaking harshly about her.


「 No, stay there Ya-chan 」

She can’t leave Anya, Grace-san, and also the drill spear sisters alone.

If those murderous sisters walk around the school without permission, who knows what will happen.

Those girls aren’t letting go of their drill spears.


「 I’ll do something about it. Ya-chan, if the situation changes to a weird direction then let me know right away 」

The fact that Nei can access the system that monitors the whole school means that we’re at advantage.

『 Okay. I’ll stay here and watch over 』

「 Yeah, thanks 」

I ended the call.

「 It’s so busy in the morning again. I wonder if Megumi-chan’s doing okay 」

Katsuko-nee asks worriedly.

「 But, I still have to help out Tsukiko-chan and Mitama-chan in their admission so I’m taking them 」

「 Yeah, I know 」

「 I’ll also go to my classroom for now 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Also, I’ll ask around 」

Yeah, who knows how the rumors of Masakari confessing to Megu is spreading out

「 Nobu, don’t rush it. If you do anything that’ll damage your image, then you won’t be able to sell pastries anymore 」

Yeah, Kana-senpai is right.

It’s the students in this school who buys my pastry right now.

If bad rumors spread out then it’ll affect the sales.

「 Don’t worry, I’m going with Darling 」

Edie told Kana-senpai with a smile.


「 Oh, Edie, I checked the news. You won the championship, right? Congrats 」

Tanaka said.

「 Oh, thanks! 」

Edie’s confused as a classmate suddenly congratulated her.

「 Still, that was surprising. Normally, the results of a women’s competition aren’t covered on sports news and yet, but this one’s a big scoop. Videos of Edie beating her opponents are on the internet 」

That’s because Margo-san and Nei did work to make sponsors have media cover it.

The purpose of participating in the competition was to increase their popularity in Japan.

It’s so they can gather more sponsors for their expedition to America.

Huh, then that means…

Edie won the championship in the women’s martial arts competition in her class, and the whole school knows that.

If that’s the case, if I take Edie to the third year and it goes poorly, it’ll be a lot of trouble.

I’m going with Edie to protest to the third year.

It might look like intimidation if I bring a class champion in a martial arts tournament.

That’s going to cause a lot of hostility from the students.

「 What are you doing? Stop thinking and hurry up and go to Megumi right now! 」

Yukino suddenly called me out.

「 Don’t you know what Megumi’s feeling while waiting for you? 」

Yukino, you…

She hated Megu so much half a year ago, and yet…

「 Right, I should go to Megu for now 」

Yukino, Edie, Ai, and Tanaka went with me back to our classroom.

◇ ◇ ◇

After entering the school building, Nei calls again.

『 Yo-chan, trouble! 』

『 What’s up? 』

『 Masakari’s fans are coming after Megu-chan 』

「 Huh? 」

『 They’re saying that Megu-chan who had Masakari confess to her is being cheeky, that she can’t be forgiven 』

What the hell.

「 Yukino, I’m going first. Edie, stay with Yukino and Ai 」

Can’t leave the pregnant Yukino alone.

Ai, she’s bad at hurrying.

「 Got it 」

I left Tanaka behind too, going up to the staircase.

I ran as fast I can in the hallway, dodging the students, and ran to my classroom.

「 Hurry up and go to Kusapi right now, bow down to your knees and say that “I would like to decline the offer, it’s too good for me” 」

「 That’s right, go apologize to Kusapi and us 」

「 I can’t allow a girl like you to talk to Kusapi! 」

Nei’s right. There are about ten seniors who are crowding our classroom.

Masakari Kusaoha, so his fans call him Kusapi.

「 Even if you say that I’m… 」

Oh, Megu’s looking troubled.

「 That’s right! Senpai, Yamamine-chan did nothing wrong 」

「 Megumi-chan was the one on the receiving end here! 」

Megu-chan’s friends are covering for her.

「 Don’t joke with me! Besides! I hate this girl from the start! 」

「 That’s right! What the hell is with her? She’s just a freshman and yet she’s already engaged! 」

「 Also, that boy with her! So lascivious 」

「 I don’t want this vulgar woman near Kusapi! 」

Dammit, they’re attacking Megu personally.

「 Megu! 」

I called out from the corridor.

The students close to Megu turned to me.

「 Yoshi-kun!! 」

Megu also called me.

I then ran straight to the classroom…

I hugged and kissed Megu.

「 Aah, Yoshi-kun, Yoshi-kun, Yoshi-kun 」

Megu rubbed her nose to mine and kissed me again and again.

We show everyone around a passionate kiss that we had for six months.

It’s not a kiss a high-school couple would do.

Megu and I kissed like a married couple who spent a long time together.

The classmates and even Masakari’s fans were watching us kiss dumbfoundedly.

「 It’s okay now. I’m here 」

「 Okay, Yoshi-kun 」

Megu’s eyes look teary.


「 If you have complaints to Megu then tell me. I’m Megu’s husband 」

I told the seniors.

「 W-What the hell? 」

Masakari’s fan tries to say something, but…

「 So, if you have something to say then tell me 」

I oppress them with my gaze.

「 It’s not just them. If you have complaints to Yamamine then I’ll listen 」

This voice.

「 Yamamine’s our club member so I won’t allow you make any trivial accusations on my members 」

Captain Takeshiba, the club president of the track and field club.

「 Besides, who are you to Masakari? I don’t know what Masakari told Yamamine, but isn’t it absurd for you to complain to Yamamine? 」

Captain Takeshiba’s the most hardcore among the third years, she’s strict with her words.

「 I-I’ve had enough. L-Let’s go! 」

「 Y-Yeah! I don’t care anymore as long as you don’t approach Kusapi! 」

「 Yes, that’s right. That’s all we wanted to tell you 」

The seniors left quickly.

「 Wait a second. I didn’t hear you apologize for what you did 」

Captain Takeshiba said.

「 I-I didn’t do anything that needs apologizing 」

「 T-That’s right! What did we do that we need to apologize? 」

Captain Takeshiba.

「 Shouldn’t you say “I’m sorry for making such a fuss in the morning over something so trivial?” 」

Masakari’s fans glared at her.

「 But that’s… 」

「 It only happened because this girl caught Kusapi’s eyes 」

The ten seniors all opposed captain Takeshiba, but…

「 That’s where you’re wrong, see? It was Masakari who confessed to Yamamine, wasn’t he the one who caused trouble? 」

「 No, Kusapi isn’t that kind of a person! 」

「 I’m sure this girl did something!! 」

「 This girl’s seduced him! She must’ve shown him her panties! 」

「 That’s obvious! If not! Kusapi won’t confess to a girl like her at all! 」

They speak of things for their convenience.

「 Hey bitch, Yamamine’s a samurai who worked hard every day on the track and field, they’re not sluts like you! 」

Takeshiba-san’s anger is on fire.

「 W-What are you talking about? This girl’s just in her first year in high school and yet she’s engaged and living with a man, that’s much more slutty!! 」

Masakari’s fan says, but…

「 Huh? What are you talking about? Are you stupid?! I mean, you probably have no brain juice to be screaming like that 」

Yukino finally came in.

Ai, Edie, and Tanaka followed her.

「 How can Megumi be the slut here? A slut won’t go out of the trouble to get herself engaged! They’ll fool around and play with other boys! Besides, don’t think that living together is always so romantic! Megumi takes care of this idiot’s meals, and even washing his briefs! Can you girls do that? What kind of life are you living where you can make fun of a girl who made a decision about her life in her first year in high school? 」

「 S-Shirasaka Yukino? 」

The seniors were freaked out upon seeing Yukino.

「 Yes, it’s THE Shirasaka Yukino. Do you want me to talk about all the stupid things you did in school? I can always put your names over the television. You know that my show is live so whatever I say is conveyed through the whole of Japan. Besides, it ignores the laws in the broadcasting act or BPO 」

Everyone knows that Yukino’s show is protected by some mysterious force.

「 Who even is Kusapi? Just because a man who isn’t even your lover tried to make a move on another woman you started making a fuss. What an idiot 」

Yukino said.

Then, Megu.

「 Uhm, I don’t even have any feelings for Masakari senpai at all. If anything, I’d say that I hate men like him 」

She speaks for herself.

「 I’m in a serious relationship with Yoshi-kun so I’ll never be attracted to other men. I’m already busy hugging Yoshi-kun like this 」

She hugs me tightly.

「 Or so she says. It’s as you can see. This girl is clingy to her husband so there’s no chance Masakari can steal her away 」

Captain Takeshiba said.

「 Enough. Get off the place already. Don’t try to pick on Yamamine again nor spread rumors. Is that clear? 」

「 … 」

「 Your answer?! 」

「 I-I get it already 」

Masakari’s fans reluctantly agreed.


「 Megu, I’ll go meet with that Masakari for now 」

I looked Megu in the eye and said.

「 I can’t just leave this be 」

Rumors will spread if I don’t take action as soon as possible.

「 I need to speak to him directly right now 」

「 I’m going too 」

Megu said, but…

「 No, stay here. This is a battle between men 」


「 They tried to make a move on my woman in front of everyone so I’ll have to clean this up 」

As Megu’s man.