Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1286. Crushing Negatives / MG



「 I’m going to settle this at once. I’m going 」

If left alone, that Masakari will continue to tell everyone around that he confessed to Megu.

Laughing together with his friends, and using the fangirls of his band to send harassment on her like now.

The seniors who just ran away will go back to their classroom and talk as they please about us.

Then, they’ll spread bad rumors about Megu and me.

I have to clean it up in a hurry.

「 They don’t expect me to start complaining before the opening. So I’ll talk to them right away 」

「 But Yoshida, you’re facing third years. Are you not afraid of going to third-year classrooms? 」

Tanaka said.

「 Yeah, it’s scary over there 」

「 Are you going to be okay, Yoshida-kun? 」

Megu’s friends look at me worriedly.

We’re still in our first year and the girls in the athletic clubs usually get pushed around by the seniors so that’s why they feel that way.

「 I’ll go with you. I also want to complain to Masakari 」

Captain Takeshiba said, but…

「 No, that’ll just make the trouble bigger. It’ll be just as he wants 」

I decided right away.

「 What do you mean? 」

「 They did all this for fun, so they will be happy if the story gets big. Takeshiba-senpai carries the track and field club on her back so it’ll turn to women’s track and field vs their band. They can turn it into a story about how Takeshiba-san pressured them unfairly 」

They don’t care as long as it makes a fuss.

They’re the kind of insignificant men who amuse themselves with the situation.

I recall the face of that Masakari Kusaono’s from the cameras.

When he purposely came to confess to Megu, who he knows is already engaged, right in front of everyone…

That guy, no, him and his friends around him all show a vulgar smile on their faces.

They were ridiculing people.

「 Anyway, I’m not going there to let them have fun with the story 」


「 It could be just a punishment game among friends to confess to Megu, but to them, that game can start a fire, and watching that flame go up is just an extension of their game 」

「 Yes, don’t take criminals who have fun seriously 」

Edie took out her phone and said.

「 Darling, I’m going with you but out of sight. If I were to intervene, they’ll only find it as an interesting event 」

「 Yeah, do that. If Edie, who won the championship in the martial arts tournament of her class comes with me, they’ll say something that they were threatened violently 」

I said.

「 OK. I’ll be your backup. Darling, do your best going forward alone 」

「 Yeah, I got this 」

I said strongly.

「 Yukino and Ai, stay with Megu. If more seniors come for Megu, then just use verbal abuse on them 」

「 I’ll do that even if you don’t tell me 」

Yukino puffs her chest and replies.

「 Megumi-san, Ai, will wait here 」

「 Yoshi-kun 」

Ai said. Megu looked at me.

「 Trust me. I’m Megu’s husband after all 」

I declared in front of everyone in the classroom.

「 You’ve become strong… 」

Takeshiba-senpai looked at me and smiled.

「 Of course. I’m the master of the household after all. Shall we go, Edie? 」

「 I’ll go ahead. You can come after I call you 」

Edie, where are you going to call?

Is she going to ask Nei who’s watching from the library basement where she could hide so Masakari and the boys can’t find her?

「 Classes are about to start so you better hurry 」

Takeshiba-senpai told me.

「 Yeah, I’m going 」

「 Darling, room 3-1 」

Edie shouts while I run down the corridor.

Yeah, got it.

The first classroom is on the third-year’s floor.

I went up the stairs.

◇ ◇ ◇

I arrived at the entrance of the 3-1 classroom.

「 Is Masakari Kusao here? 」

I shout that it echoes throughout the entire floor.

The students who were chattering around before the class starts turned at me.

「 What’s with you? 」

「 Isn’t that a freshman? 」

「 Masakari isn’t here! 」

「 I thought he’s taking a break today! 」

「 Yes, that’s right! Masakari isn’t here! Go back! 」

The last one to speak was Masakari himself.

I saw the same grinning face from the camera.

While the other third-year students are surprised at my entrance.

The four who reacted were Masakari’s friends.

「 I told you he’s not here! Go back now freshman! 」

「 Go back! Go back! 」

「 G-o-B-a-c-k! 」

Look, only the five of them are making noise.

「 Too noisy. Shut it 」

I released a bit of Qi I learned from Kudou arts to shut the five of them up.

「 Hey, you there. Yes. You. You’re Masakari Kusao, right? And these are your band friends? What was it? HG Five? 」

「 MG Five! You bastard! 」

One of Masakari’s friends got angry.

「 Stop it Gin! Yes, I’m Masakari. What about it? 」

Masakari glared at me.

「 I mean, who the hell are you? 」

「 That’s right? Hey, name yourself you freshman 」

「 Didn’t your mother tell you to be polite to your seniors! 」

I’m just a freshman.

They’re five seniors.

Furthermore, we’re on the third-year floor.

They think that they have the overwhelming advantage so MG five shows a confident attitude.

「 Who? You don’t know the baker boy? 」

A girl who’s watching the confrontation speaks up.

「 Oh right, the guy who makes bread in the school cafeteria. 」

「 Yeah, that freshman who’s engaged with another freshman 」

「 Yes, that’s definitely him 」

Now I specialized in working at the bakery, but…

When we started selling pastries in the cafeteria, I was also at the counter, selling.

Many of the third years know my face.

「 Oh, ah, I see. You were the shitty bread seller on the cafeteria 」

Masakari speaks ill on purpose.

「 That was really bad! I never bought it though 」

The other MG five boys said.

「 Well, it’s not like you’re going to buy it if it looks that bad. 」

「 Really, seriously. Who even buys from there! This freshman brat makes them after all 」

「 It’s already a crime to make money from that! It’s a crime! Nobody wants to eat bread like those 」

These guys are trying to provoke me.

Of course, they know who I am.

They intend to make Megu and me, their laughingstock after all.

「 But you see, we use the cafeteria too 」

「 Yeah, there could be a minute level that one day we might buy your pastry 」

「 Meaning, we’re your customers. We’re not buying though 」

「 But we might soon buy from you, right? 」

The four from the MG five said while laughing.

Then, Masakari;

「 With that said, we might be your customers, so you have to treat us as your customers. I mean, in business, you have to always gather new customers, right? 」

He grinned, ridiculing me.

「 You’re just a baker, yet you’re too arrogant to your customers 」

「 That’s right, if you’re a merchant, then lower your hips more 」

「 I mean, go prostrate on the ground right now. Rub your forehead on the floor and beg us to buy your pastries 」

「 Even if you do that, we’re not going to buy such poor tasting bread though 」

Really, they just say whatever they want.

「 That’s horrible! Baker boy’s bread is delicious you know! 」

A glasses girl said, but…

「 Shut it! You tongue idiot! You eat so much bad food that you can’t even taste it anymore! You have such childish taste! Tasteless! 」

Masakari throws insults at the glasses girl.

「 That’s right! What’s bad is bad! 」

「 We believe in golden tongues! 」

「 That phrase seems fun. Let’s use that on our next live 」

「 Oh, nice. Then I’ll write the new song 」

New song you say? You just play some songs with different lyrics without permission, don’t you?

「 I only have one reason to be here. Masakari Kusao 」

I glare at him.

「 Don’t touch my woman 」


「 Huh? Your woman? Oh, I see. I see. I get it. I see. Could it be that you’re Yamamine Megumi’s fiance or whatever? 」

You already know it yet you still play around.

「 Yeah, I think it is Masakari. I’m sure it is. 」

「 What? To think that Megumi’s fiance is someone this lame 」

「 Well, I could understand why Megumi would cheat with Masakari 」

Now they’re changing the story in their favor.

「 Huh, really? 」

「 Baker-boy’s fiance with Masakari? 」

Look, now the false rumor immediately changed.

「 No way, I saw it. Didn’t Masakari come to Baker-boy’s girl and ask her to date him? He just did it in front of the school building 」

Oh, the glasses senior who the MG five insulted earlier testified.

「 Hey, bitch! We’re starting the fun part here! 」

Masakari clicks his tongue, but…

「 What fun?! You were surrounding a troubled freshman and confessing while making such a vulgar smile! 」

「 Huh, really? 」

「 I saw it too 」

Others testified.

「 Dammit! I simply wanted to help out Megumi, that’s all! 」

Masakari said.

「 I mean, look, poor girl. She’s already engaged in her first year in high school, with no hopes and dreams. She has no chance of meeting new people and no chance of finding love. 」

「 Yes, that’s right! Megumi’s eyes are clouded! 」

「 Her face says like the world has ended. 」

「 I thought that it’s a mistake for her to marry such a shabby man 」

「 She’s probably regretting it. That was her face 」

Even so, they continue to make their story.

「 That’s right, so I whispered my love to Megumi with an open heart, a philanthropic spirit, and a volunteer spirit 」

「 If a handsome man like Masakari asks her to date him, then women will feel the happiest! 」

「 When Masakari whispered sweet words to Megumi, she came lightly 」

「 She must’ve been frustrated. She looked like she had a lot on her mind 」

「 That’s right, in the end, Masakari’s confession made her think that she’s not as bad 」

「 That’s obvious! There’s no way this brat could satisfy Megumi! I’m confident! 」

Masakari Kusaoha looked at me and laughed scornfully.

「 That’s the reason why you should leave my Megumi alone 」

「 That’s right! Poor Megumi! 」

「 Masakari’s much better than you 」

「 Just go and make your shitty bread alone! 」

「 Really, I don’t get you at all. You’re just a freshman, and yet, you’re getting engaged, making some kind of special course. You’re the only one who makes bread and sells it to school. Don’t get arrogant, you bastard 」

Oh, I finally get it.

He finds me as an eyesore.

True, my bakery course was suddenly created after the summer vacation.

AI and I are the only students in the course, and yet…

There’s a beautiful bakery built next to the cafeteria just for us.

「 Don’t be cruel! Baker-boy is doing his best! 」

The glasses girl said.

「 Doing his best on what? He’s just making bread and selling it in the cafeteria while we’re in class? 」

「 That’s right! Furthermore, before you know it, you all are cheering for him now 」

「 There’s no way a pastry made by a freshman is great! You tasteless idiot! 」

They targeted Megu because…

I was an eyesore for them.

Meaning, I’m the origin of this.

Such great power will alarm them.

The bread course is opened with me at the center, and a bakery has been built.

It means that our pastry is slowly getting accepted by the students in our school.

And to them, they feel disgusted and unconvinced by all of it.

That’s why they want to show their hate to me.

They used Megu for that.

「 I don’t understand why you’re getting engaged in your freshman year, and you already decided that your future job is a baker. Disgusting 」

「 That’s why this kind-hearted Masakari is saving Megumi from this disgusting you! Now cry! 」

「 You can always break off from the engagement. Free love is free! Who says that a woman who’s engaged can’t have a new relationship? 」

「 There’s no law like that, right? Masakari’s free to seduce Megumi! And Megumi’s free to get taken away! 」

Still, these boys call my woman so lightly.

Well, that’s also frustrating for me, but…

They’re just going to enjoy watching me get angry.

Really, these five are nothing but trash.

「 Well, that’s how it is, so I’ll go for Megumi from now on. I’m going to save her from you 」

「 Masakari, why don’t we go to the cafeteria this lunch and take Megumi away from the bakery? 」

「 We’re doing this for Megumi’s sake so don’t call it obstruction of business, okay? 」

「 Your bakery is just a small store so it doesn’t really matter if one quits, right? 」

「 That’s right! We’re going to take down your bakery for Megumi’s sake. 」

「 Yes, don’t you think the bread he makes has some kind of harmful substance? 」

「 Yes, he probably has some poison in it! We’re going to announce it to the whole school 」

Well, what should I do?

I should beat them up.

They’re going to stick with Megu and me forever, harassing us.

「 I guess you guys don’t have to come 」

I said.

「 Don’t come? Do you mean the bakery? 」

「 What the hell? You’re just a small bakery. Can you even choose your customers? 」

「 Hey, did you hear that? This baker-boy is picky with his customers 」

「 He’s a failure as a businessman 」

「 I knew it. Let’s crush him! I’m going to spread out what we mentioned about that bakery 」

「 Really, you may have some talent in the bakery but you’re the worst 」

These guys are trying to stir me up.

But, my heart won’t fall from such petty tricks.

「 I didn’t mean the bakery. I meant that you don’t have to come to school anymore. Also, don’t show up in front of Megu and me anymore 」

I said.

「 What? Do you think you can threaten us? 」

「 I’ll complain to the school that such a dangerous guy is selling pastries 」

「 I’ll talk to the police! I’ll sue you for threatening 」

「 That’s right! We’re going right at it! 」

「 Don’t think that you’re the center of the world you brat 」

「 I’ll make sure you regret it that you might become useless in the end! 」

Masakari Kusao and the MG five tries to surround me.

「 Hey, stop it! 」

The glasses girl shouted in panic, but…

「 Shut it, you tasteless idiot! 」

「 It’s the fault of this cocky brat! 」

「 The third-year student has to discipline the first-years 」

They shorten their distance with me.


I can’t fight five of them alone.

Edie should be close by, but…

If we resolve this using violence, it’ll affect our reputation.

I hesitated.

『 Parapparapaa!! 』

Suddenly, a fanfare sounded from the classroom speakers.

Huh? It’s the bell, but why fanfare?

Then, the TV screen in the classroom suddenly turns on.

『 Good Morning 』

Appearing on the screen are…

「 Huh, isn’t that Anjou Mitama? 」

Yes, Mitama, wearing her white school cap and white short-run school uniform.