Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1289. Crushing Negatives / Don Punch





Going back to the hidden chamber below the library;

Dolly and Anna, the assassin sisters Kyouko-san brought from Southeast Asia were strangely excited.

「What’s up?」

I asked. Nei;

「They were watching Yo-chan, Mitama-chan and everyone’s situation from the monitors.」

Oh, the monitors are showing Mitama and me facing off with Masakari and the group.

「These girls don’t know much Japanese, but it looked like some kind of show so they were entertained」

Anya said.

「Well yeah, Mitama-chan’s fit for historical drama」

Nei’s right. Mitama wearing that white cap and short-run school uniform looks dashing like she’s a character from a movie.

「If the crossdressing Rei-chan and Mitama-chan join up, then they’ll be popular with the girls!」

「Mitama is much more GLAMOROUS compared to Rei-chan. She has a lot of male fans even now」

Edie said.

Yeah, she wears a micro bikini and a Japanese sword at her back on Yukino’s show every week after all.

She’s not shy about wearing a swimsuit and combined with her dignified atmosphere, makes her even sexier.

Crossdressing might be a good way for her to gather some female fanbase too.

「Also, these girls live in a world where there’s no entertainment, see? So that’s why they can’t help but be amused by the beautiful style Mitama-chan did earlier」

Nei said.

「Their boss, Gamma Utena controlled the girl assassins, including these sisters, and only thought of them as tools. They’re disciplined that they can’t even have private talks. That’s why these girls hardly talk even to each other, see?」

Anya’s right. They react to the experience, but…

They never talk to each other about it.

「They’re never taught anything but the art of killing. Gamma Utena’s quite eccentric and is a man-hate, but she’s not homosexual, and hardly had any sexual knowledge. She forced the girl assassins she has to be as pure as nuns. That’s why they’re forced to live a life without any entertainment」

「The assassination cult I’m raised in wasn’t that harsh」

Anya said. Edie added.

「It’s the difference in locale and ethnicity. You were in New Orleans」

「I think that Southeast Asians are more open since it’s tropical, right?」

「Maybe it’s because that they’re open that they rebelled against it. Gamma Utena was raised by missionaries from Europe who were a little crazy. I think that it has a strong influence」

「Yeah, they even have some cultist ideologies there」

Why would a person with such a background turn orphans into assassins and create an organization that kills people is beyond my understanding.

「It’s time we move. It’s school hours now so we can walk in the school without being noticed」

I told everyone.

Anya’s going to show up on Rei-chan’s show. This is her second time in this school.

If the students find her, it’ll be a huge fuss.

If anyone of them posts that Anya’s here…The police know that Anya is Kyouko-san’s subordinate, so…

The police will come monitoring this school.

In a few hours, Kyouko-san’s group will leave the mansion and do something in the city center to attract the police and the public.

Anya has to stay hidden until then.

I mean, Anya’s a Russian-American beauty, but…

Dolly and Anna who are with her have drill spears at hand.

It’s troublesome if the police come and ask what are those.

If such a situation arises, the drill spear sisters likely go on a rampage.

These girls have no hesitation in killing their enemy so they don’t mind killing cops as long as they recognize them as an entity opposing them.

「Right, I’m bored getting stuck in this basement. Besides, there are no drinks here」

「Let’s go to my bakery. We have coffee or tea there, and it’s also next to the cafeteria so we can buy you juice if you want those instead」

I don’t know what the drill spear sisters like but…

「Oh, that one…」

I had sex with Anya in the bakery’s break room before.

「Okay, let’s go there then」

Nei speaks cheerfully.

◇ ◇ ◇

Going up to the first-floor library, we went through the back door, which has no people around.

Yeah, we have good weather today.

The autumn wind feels great.

「This way」

I walk along the grassy path towards the bakery.

Dolly and Anna walk behind Grace Marinka-san, the former pro wrestler.

Oh, as expected, they’re holding their drill spears, cautious of their surroundings.

It’s so they can intercept if an enemy appears.

Also, they still don’t trust us.

Tsukiko only had a short time to put some minimum shackles on the sister, which is to prevent them from attacking us.

If we force them to change so they can’t go against us, that’ll break their spirit.

When Tendou Otome was rewritten as Kendou Maria, her personality wasn’t tampered with, only her memories.

That’s why Kendou Maria didn’t break. She’s essentially the same person from the past.

But, in the case of the drill spear sisters…

Even if we erase all their memories from when they were forced to kill people as an assassin…

Their personality of not hesitating to kill people will remain.

They still can’t live a normal life.

That’s why we have no choice but to teach them a life where they can choose not to kill.

This world has other fun things to do.

「We’re here!」

Yeah, we managed to get to the back door of the bakery by a route that nobody can see, not even from the schoolhouse windows.

Katsuko-nee’s van is still parked on the side.

「Wait a second」

I took out my key and opened the door.

Ai’s alone so I didn’t leave the door unlocked.

We’re always assuming the worst situation after all.

「I’m back」

「Ai-chan, we’re coming in!」

Edie and Nei get in first.

Then, Anya and the Drill sisters went in.

The drill spear sisters passed the door and went in.

Anya and I went in too and locked the door.

「Sit wherever you like」

The bakery is a classroom used for the bakery course so we can fit fifteen people in here.

In fact, this is where the girls receive their baking lessons.

The other day, Mana taught the girls in the tennis club how to make bread for the coffee shop we’re opening on the school fest.



The drill spear sisters picked the closest to the door.

Of course, they’re still holding their spears.

I guess they’re ready to use the drill on the tip of their spear to punch through the door and escape outside if anything happens.

They always think that it’s life-and-death for them.

They show no leeway in their actions.


Oh, Ai brought out the ingredients.

「Thanks, Ai」

I washed my hands and prepped the work.

「I’ll do some work so you girls can drink tea or whatever you want」

I plan to make a pastry from scratch to show it to Dolly and Anna, but…

I don’t want them to feel that way.

I want them to think that I’m only doing what I usually do.

It doesn’t matter if the drill spear sisters don’t find interest in how the food is made.

「Darling and Ai are going to be busy preparing for lunch, I’ll prepare coffee」

Edie said, but…

「Oh wait. Since it’s a rare opportunity, let’s drink something more fun」

Nei said, and went to the door leading to the cafeteria.

「Wait a second, I’ll buy them」

Nei said, opened the door using the key, and went to the cafeteria.

Meanwhile, I put on my work apron and my hat to prevent hair from falling.

「Hmm, Yoshida-kun」

「Yeah, we don’t have time to let the dough rise so we can only make a pie」

Normally, you need the yeast to ferment when making bread, but…

I think that’ll break off the focus of the drill sisters if we take our time.

We need to keep their attention so it has to be quick to make pastry.

「If so…」

Ai brings in the recipe notes she writes in when learning from Katsuko-nee.

Ai is a slow learner but she’s deliberate and does it right.

「I think this…or this…」

「Then, let’s do this one」

I chose the one that looks flashy.


Ai nodded.

Our usual time is after the second period is over, that’s when we have to bake the pastry for the lunch break.

Therefore, we need to be quick and show the drill sisters how it’s done so it doesn’t interfere with our work.

「Okay, thank you for waiting!」

Nei seems to have bought something from the vending machine.

「Edie, we have big glasses here right? Take those out」


Edie takes out glasses from the cabinet.

「Ai and I don’t need it for now」

We’re in the middle of work.

「Yeah got it. It’ll be just us then」

Edie, Nei, Anya, the drill sisters, and Grace-san. Six glasses lined up.

「What’s up?」

Anya asks Nei.

「Drink with us too Anya-san. If we don’t, then those girls won’t try it out」

Nei opens the 500ml bottles she bought, and then…

She pours a bit of the bright green drink evenly to the glasses for each one on the table.

「This is a melon flavored soda」

Nei opens the second bottle as soon as the first one is emptied and poured into the glass. After the second one, she pours in the third.

If it’s just one bottled beverage on a certain glass, the drill sisters will get cautious, but…

Nei shows that she’s pouring the drinks from the bottle into several glasses.

「And now we put in vanilla ice cream on top!!」

Oh right, we had an ice cream vending machine too.

Nei scoops a round of ice cream from the cup and puts it on top of the melon soda.

「Okay, now we have cream soda!」

Nei said and puts straw on each glass.

「Okay, pick whichever you want!」

Nei said Anya translates it for Dolly.

She used a commanding tone.

The sisters picked their glasses timidly.

「Then, I’ll pick this one!」

「What about Anya-san?」

「I’ll take this then」

Each one picked their own glass.

「To think that you put ice cream on top, weird. You said that this is melon soda, right?」

Anya asked Nei.

「Yes, in Japan, cream soda is quite popular. They call it Melon Float too」

「Anyway, drink it」

Edie, Nei, and Anya drank their cream soda first.

The drill spear sisters stared at the other girls.

「Oh, this is an interesting taste」

「Right?! I knew you would say that」

「Now recommend it to them」

Edie told Dolly and Anna something.

I think she told them that it’s delicious so try drinking it.

Dolly saw Anya and Nei drink it deliciously, so…

She drinks from her glass.


Then, she told Anna, her younger sister something.

I think she told her that it’s okay to drink it.

Anna also drinks it.


Oh, she’s surprised.

「You can also scoop up the ice cream on top」

Nei said and then used a plastic spoon to eat it.

「Here, spoons」

Edie gave Dolly and the girls spoons.

Anna copied Nei and tried to eat the ice cream on top but…

Gripping the spear with one hand makes it hard for her to do it.

「Just put it behind you. Nobody’s going to take it away」

Nei said. Edie translates.

The drill sisters looked at each other, hesitating a bit, but…

They did as they’re told, they put their spears on the wall and held the cream soda glass with both hands.

「As expected, drinking something together is a different experience」

Nei says with a gentle smile.

「We’re all drinking the same thing too. If we’re drinking different ones then

this won’t happen」

Edie said.

「Right. I don’t think I’ll drink this if not for this opportunity」

Anya said.

「Oh right, we also have this, try it out!」

Nei took out a small bag from her pocket, opened it, and offered it to Anya.

「What’s this?」

「Just take it」

Anya took out the offering and put it in her mouth.


The drill sisters got surprised and tried to grab the spear, but…

「I’m okay, just surprised. What’s this?」

Nei took out a small one from the bag and put it in her mouth.

「Huh, you don’t know these? These are called pop candies」

Nei sticks out her tongue and something crackles.

「I found this at a candy store the other day and bought them. It was widely popular back then」

「Give me some too」

Edie took some and put it in her mouth.

「What’s this? This is so fun」

Edie feels the candy pop in her mouth and she said laughingly.

「See? It’s fun, isn’t it? Try it out too girls」

Nei tosses another to her mouth and offers the bag to the drill sisters.

Dolly puts in her finger and puts some on her mouth.


Dolly’s eyes opened wide as soon as she felt the pop in her mouth.

But, they understood that it’s not life-threatening.

She recommends it to the little sister too.


Anna is also admiring the pop in her mouth.

The cream soda and pop candy.

They should start to open up from drinking and eating something together.

「Well then…」


「I think it’s about we show them how Ai and I make pastry」

I begin tossing wheat flour on the workbench.



Dolly and Anna watch out of curiosity as something’s about to start.

◇ ◇ ◇

The scent of freshly baked bread spreads in the bakery.


I took out the bread from the stove.

Adding to the unfermented pastry we made, we also baked some of the pastries we’re to sell during the lunch break.

I’ll replace the missing ones with the ones we just made.

「The coffee’s ready too」

「Let’s eat while it’s warm」

I put the freshly baked bread on the silver pad and handed it to Nei.

「Here you go!」

「Yes, I’ll take one」

This time, Anya first shows herself eating to tell the drill sisters that it has no poison.

Edie then offered coffee and bread to the sisters and Grace-san.

If it was Anya, who Kyouko-san appointed as their watchdog, she would order them, but…

Edie doesn’t do that.

This time, the elder took a bite first.


Then, she immediately told her sister something.

「She’s saying that it’s delicious」

「It’s probably their first time eating freshly baked bread after all」

Anya watches the sisters with a gentle smile.


The sister also is inspired to eat bread.

「Don’t rush, we have a lot more」

Nei laughed.

The little told the big something.

Then the big responded.

「She’s talking about how it’s her first time eating pastry this delicious」

Edie translated what the little said.

「She says that she never knew that bread could be made this way」

Anya translates the big sister’s words.

Great, it’s going well.

I look at the clock.

「I think we’re going to prepare for lunch now」

「Yes, Yoshida-kun」

We need to show the next step to the drill sisters.

「Speaking of which, why is Katsuko not coming?」

Edie said.

「Katsuko-nee’s with the Nadeshiko department girls, right?」

More than half of the Nadeshiko department is the new prostitute cadets after all.

「She probably trusts that we can deal with it by ourselves」

It’s the Black Forest’s method of always giving trials.

This trial is something that we have to overcome.

「Well then…」

I should begin my usual work as a baker.