Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1288. Crushing Negatives / Is that so?



「 Of course, if any problem arises, you can’t just use your power without thinking. It’s bad to stop thinking critically 」

Edie tells me with a smile while we walk on the corridor.

It’s already the start of school so there are hardly any students around.

We’re also walking briskly, going to our classroom.

「 But, don’t overthink things. Darling has more things to process now. You need to make a decision fast so don’t be afraid to use your power 」

That’s true.

If I take my time to assess the situation and make a decision, I won’t have enough time.

My family continues to increase.

I need to make decisions one after another, and I have to let other girls do what they can.

「 Darling should only take time to consider that things have something next to it 」

Something next?

「 I mean, what follows. What brings a positive outcome for Darling and our family. It may have potential. It’s important to take time to think about those, but… 」

Edie said.

「 But the guys from earlier have nothing ahead of them. They’re just a relationship that has to be broken off right away. Darling shouldn’t use the time to deal with them 」

Yeah, Masakari Kusao and his friends.

If left alone, they’d spread rumors about Megu for their own amusement.

I’m sure that if I punched them, they’ll use that to spread more bad rumors around.

Their actions are clearly done out of malice.

They only want to harass Megu and me because we’re an eyesore to them, and they want to have fun with it.

It doesn’t matter how I respond to the situation, I don’t think I’ll change their minds.

It’s good that Tsukiko used her Miko power to get them to drop out of school while Mitama’s breaking in flashily.

We have to cut those vulgar people off.

「 I get what Edie’s trying to say but… 」

I said.

「 In the end, that’s what happened, but still, I had to put my body on the line and face those third-year students 」

「 Darling? 」

「 I feel sorry for Megu if I didn’t 」

In this school, I’m Megu’s fiance.

「 If I don’t stand up against those who harass Megu, if I don’t show myself to the people in the school, it’ll only embarrass Megu, see? 」

「 Darling’s a man after all 」

Edie smiled wryly.

「 Can’t help it then 」

「 Yeah, I know that it worries you a lot, but please 」

I finally see our classroom.

「 Yoshi-kun! 」

Megu who’s with Ai saw me and came running to hug me.

「 Yeah, it’s okay now 」

I gently pat Megu’s back.

「 I don’t know what happened but that was amazing. We were watching the show from here 」

Tanaka told me.

Mitama’s mysterious intrusion was broadcasted to the whole school so everyone in this classroom saw it on the monitor.

「 Still, I get that Yamamine-chan’s the victim here. So I guess it ended well? 」

Mitama broadcasted the audio evidence, and Mitama’s violent power made it look like Masakari and his friends left the school voluntarily.

Nobody will believe the fake rumor that Megu had a crush on Masakari.

「 Really, those were horrible people 」

「 I’m glad that those people are gone from school now 」

Megu’s friends said.

「 Still, I wonder what the fans of their band would think? 」

I asked.

What about the seniors who were fans of the MG five that barged into the classroom earlier.

「 I’m sure they’ll be disillusioned after seeing that, right? 」

Tanaka said.

「 I mean, don’t overthink it. The loudest people may look like they’re a big force but they’re just a tiny fraction of our school population 」

「 Yes, most of the students think that Yoshida-kun and Ai-chan’s pastries are delicious 」

「 Everyone also knows that Yoshida-kun and Megumi are lovey-dovey 」

「 Yamamine-san, you don’t have to mind it at all 」

Our classmates favor us.

「 In fact, Katsuko-san from the bakery is much more popular than the MG five you know 」

「 I love her! 」

「 She’s so cheerful and beautiful, and she has a clear personality, which is why she’s popular with boys and girls alike 」

「 She’s also voluptuous 」

I’m sure that Katsuko-nee would be happy if she hears that.



While Megu’s in my arms, Ai is on the side. Meanwhile, Edie’s behind me.

Where’s Yukino?

I can’t find Yukino in the classroom.

「 Oh, Yukino-san went somewhere, the teacher called her 」

Ai saw my expression and said.

「 Oh, Shirasaka should be in the principal’s office 」

Tanaka said.

「 I don’t know what happened, but since she was with some stranger, but maybe she’ll be late for homeroom? 」

Minaho-neesan stopped being our fake teacher so our homeroom teacher changes all the time.

It’s the fourth one now.

Still, Yukino went to the principal’s office. That means;

Kinkon, kinkon.

The opening bell finally rings.

「 Err, I guess let’s have everyone on their seats. Megu too 」

「 Yeah, Yoshi-kun 」

Anyway, we go to our seats.

『 Good Morning 』

The monitor in the classroom turns on and shows a face of a female student from the broadcasting committee.

『 Today is Monday so we’ll start with the TV meeting 』

Our school still has no homeroom teacher here.

Our Monday regular school assembly broadcast has started.

◇ ◇ ◇

『 Well, you see, in other words, Japan’s birthrate continues to decline and the population continues to age so the number of schools continues to decrease. For a school to survive in these times, each school must create and advertise its own unique and attractive features. So, we want the students and their parents to say “Oh, this school has such a unique approach. Then, I’d like to try it out here,” or “I want to enroll here,” thus we will put on our effort to make them think that way 』

Six months ago, the principal in our high school was the dark-skinned man nicknamed “Geropa”

“Geropa” was a pawn of Shirasaka Sousuke that he sent to this school.

He resigned at the same time Shirasaka Sousuke’s merciless death.

Together with the other teachers in the Shirasaka faction that remained in the school.

Minaho-neesan and the former prostitutes of the Black Forest slaughtered Shirasaka Sousuke in the most gruesome way.

They felt that if they stayed in the school they were the next to receive such punishment.

With that said, the one talking in the monitor right now is the newly appointed principal.

He’s told many times that his face looks like a famous TV commentator.

The principal himself seems to know about it and that’s why they post the “Is that so? The principal’s story” on the school website.

When the teachers and students ask her something, he says “That’s a good question,” as her common phrase.

But, compared to the news commentator, the students say that “he sounds more like q ventriloquist puppet”

Currently, he’s called Chucky.

『 And so, starting today, we’re establishing a new special course class called the Nadeshiko department 』

Behind principal Chucky…

Girls in their uniform, Misato, Sumitoko Momoka, Shirahata Setsuna, Asahina Nozomi, and Tokuda Sonoko-san and Kurosawa Naoko-san.

Then, Mitama and Tsukiko.

Then there’s Yukino too.

「 So, what is this Nadeshiko department? 」

One of the boys watching the broadcast asked.

「 I can understand the purpose of Yoshida’s bakery course but I don’t know what the outline of the Nadeshiko course is from listening to Chucky, right? 」

「 Idiot. Take a look at the screen again. That’s Shirasaka and Anjou Mitama there! 」

「 They’re definitely what we call entertainment course 」

「 If you look closely, they’re all extremely beautiful except for one 」

Right, Kurosawa-san and Tokuda-san both escaped from the Kansai Yakuza.

Tokuda-san is a beauty, but Kurosawa Naoko-san has a normal appearance.

But, these are the prostitute cadets Minaho-neesan spent a lot of time selecting.

Mitama and Tsukiko are beauties too.

Even Yukino is beautiful, as long as she shuts up.

「 Yeah, based on their extremely high value on their looks, I’m pretty sure it’s an entertainment course. It’s not uncommon in idol groups to have one or two girls that are a little delicate 」

One of the boys said.

Still. To think that Yukino would be put on the Nadeshiko course.

Yukino and I didn’t know about that at all.

But, considering that Yukino’s out of place in the classroom…

I think that it’s a good idea to put her in the Nadeshiko department.

『 With that said, I’d like to ask the students to get along with the Nadeshiko Department students. I ask this as your principal 』

The homeroom teacher came over while the broadcast was ongoing.

By the way, the current homeroom teacher is a tall Kyushu man who’s over thirty with a tall shape.

I heard that he looks a lot like David Hasselhoff, an American actor.

Still, most of us don’t know who David Hasselhoff is so…

The class calls him Hustle.

However, the teacher isn’t very enthusiastic about teaching so it doesn’t feel like Hustle.

「 Okay, roll-call! 」

Checking that the broadcast is over, Hustle confirmed our attendance.

After talking about one or two points, the homeroom was over.

I decided to leave the room with Ai before the first-period teacher arrives.

「 What? You’re skipping class, Yoshida? 」

One of the sharp-sighted guys called me.

Usually, I take classes for the first two periods but in the third period, I go to prepare lunch bread in the bakery.

Today, I have some guests waiting for me.

Anya, Dolly, and Anna, the drill spear sisters, and Grace Marinka-san.

I can’t let Nei take care of all of them.

「 There’s a machine in the bakery that’s in bad shape right now 」

I lied appropriately.

「 If I don’t fix it now, I can’t bake by noon 」

「 Oh, so that’s it 」

「 Obviously. Ai-chan is with him. If he’s skipping classes, then Yoshida-kun will go alone 」

One of the girls said.

They all believe in my relationship with Megu.

So they don’t consider that I’ll take Ai to skip classes at all.

「 Megu, if the teacher asks, just tell them that I went to the bakery course 」

「 Okay 」

Megu’s expressions returned to normal.

「 Darling, should I come with you? 」

Edie asks but…

「 No. You’re not in our course after all 」

I can’t bring Edie just to have company.

「 But, the manual for the machine was in English. Can you read an English manual, Darling? 」

Edie tried to match my lie.

「 Right. Sorry to ask then, can you come with us, Edie? Are you okay with going back as soon as the machine is fixed? 」

「 That’s okay 」

Edie left her seat.

◇ ◇ ◇

As expected, there’s no student in the corridor when classes are in session.

Edie and Ai went down to the first floor making sure the teachers aren’t following us, and then…

We went to the bakery, at the side of the cafeteria.

「 Edie and I will bring the guests here. Ai, prepare the pastries for them 」

I told Ai while in front of the bakery.

「 Make pastries? Not bake? 」

Ai looked at me with a blank face.

The pastries for today’s lunch have already been prepared at the mansion and are ready for baking.

「 Yeah. Make pastry from scratch, separate from the lunch pastries 」

I said.

「 I want to show the drill spear sisters the way of making flour to bread 」

Dolly and Anna learned nothing but killing.

I want them to know how to make tasty food.

「 The necessary ingredients are here, right? 」

「 Yes, we have some 」

「 Then take it out. Once the guests arrive, we’ll start right away 」

It’s not on the schedule so our time before lunch will be compromised if we don’t hurry.

「 Okay. I’ll do as Yoshida-kun says 」

Ai accepted obediently.

「 Thanks, Ai 」

I embraced Ai and kissed her on the cheeks.

「 I want…it on my lips 」

「 If I kiss your lips, you’ll get wet, don’t you? 」

Ai is easy to get wet.

「 Yes, I think I will 」

「 So, just the cheeks for now 」

「 Okay 」

I kissed Ai’s cheeks again.

「 Okay, let’s go 」

「 Yeah. Let’s go, Darling 」

Edie and I went to the library basement.