Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1302. Crushing Negatives / Three Successive Sex on the Afternoon VS Nozomi Part 1



「 But, don’t you get tired of having sex with girls one after another? 」

Shirahata-san asks me.

「 I don’t. Women are different from each other. What Nozomi’s about to do is a first time for today 」

I said.

I’m a little tired from having successive sex, but I don’t lose interest.

I touched Nozomi’s breasts as she’s stroking my dick.

「 Ahn~! 」

Nozomi makes a cute moan when I touched her nipples.

「 See? The texture is different. The elasticity of her skin is different. Her voice is different. Her heart is different 」

I say while groping her smallish breasts.

「 Everyone’s charming, but there’s difference 」

「 Let’s see 」

Shirahata-san touched Nozomi’s breast that I’m not touching and then compared it to hers.

「 Yeah, that’s definitely different 」

「 See? Shirahata-san’s breasts are huge and lovely, but Nozomi’s breasts also have a nice shape. I like it 」

I said.

「 Momoka, why don’t you try touching Nozomi-san’s breasts too? 」

Shirahata-san told Momoka.

「 I’ve…been touching them a lot 」

Momoka replied bashfully.

Speaking of which, they did mention that.

「 So, I want to touch Setsuna-san’s breasts instead 」

「 Huh, mine? 」

Shirahata-san’s surprised for a moment, but…

「 Right, let’s. Touch mine, can I touch Momoka-san’s breasts too? 」

「 Sure, here you go 」

They smiled and touched each other’s breasts.

「 I-I want to fondle Setsuna-san’s breasts too! 」

Nozomi said.

「 Sure, go ahead 」

Shirahata-san brings her breast in front of Nozomi.

「 ‘xcuseme! 」

Nozomi fondles Shirahata-san’s huge breasts.

「 Wow, it’s so soft! Nice! 」

「 Just big isn’t enough. It gets my shoulders stiff 」

Shirahata-san said.

「 Besides, don’t girls with huge breasts look stupid? I want mine to have the same size as Momoka-san’s 」

「 The size of breasts has nothing to do with intelligence. 」

Momoka replies with a smile.

「 Yes, that’s right, it’s irrelevant! 」

Nozomi rubs her nipples on my glans.

「 I’ll lick it. Yep, so it has that kind of texture 」

Shirahata-san said, got off the bed, and licked my dick.

Speaking of which, it was Nozomi who did the fellatio before I had sex with Shirahata-san.

Nozomi’s the last one so I think that Shirahata-san said something like “I’ll make it big again”

「 Then let’s lick it together. Momoka-san, bring your breasts to Kuromori-kun 」

Nozomi said.

「 Okay, I got it 」

The three prostitute cadets stick their bodies to me.

Nozomi and Shirahata-san lick both sides of my penis, and then…


「 Kuromori Kou-sama, it’s breast time 」

I press my face on Momoka’s breasts and sucked on her nipples.

It’s great to see girls getting to know each other better through sex.

I feel two different tongues from both sides of my glans.

The pleasure makes me shiver.

I sucked on Momoka’s nipples.

「 Ufufu, Kuromori Kou-sama’s so cute when sucking on my breasts 」

Momoka looked at me and said.

「 You’re like a huge baby 」

「 Oh? Babies don’t have this big penis though 」

Nozomi said.

「 Hey, I think it’s good enough? It’s already so hard 」

Shirahata-san checks the hardness of my penis with her lips and said.

「 Right, then let’s do it 」

Nozomi stood up.

「 Kuormori-kun, lie down. I’ll be on top. I learned this in my training. It’s called cowgirl position. I wanted to try it out 」

Nozomi tosses off the last clothing she’s wearing, her panty.

「 I’m interested in the cowgirl position because I hear that it’s the woman that’s dominant 」

「 Yeah, then try it out 」

If Nozomi’s interested, then…

I lie down on the bed.

「 There we go 」

Nozomi got on the bed and straddled over me.

I looked up the naked Nozomi…

「 Nozomi 」

「 Huh, what? 」

「 No, looking at you like this, you sure are beautiful, Nozomi 」

Her cute face and beautiful body line.

She’s still young, and yet…

「 Obviously. I look good that’s why the rich pick me as their high-class prostitute 」

Nozomi said.

「 If that’s how I can help father, then… 」

These three prostitute cadets are prepared to sell themselves for five years to pay off the debts of their father had after their business had failed.

「 It’s not just your appearance. Nozomi, Shirahata-san, and Momoka, you’re all good women. Your minds and body are amazing 」

I said.

「 I’m happy to hear that but you can check if my body is good or not through sex 」

Nozomi said.

「 Err, I can just put Kuromori-kun’s penis inside like this, right? 」

She holds my penis and brought it to her entrance.

「 That’s a bad angle 」

I told Nozomi.

「 Huh, what do I do then? 」

「 Give me a second 」

I moved my hip to adjust the angle as I lay on the bed.

「 Like this, I guess? I’ll hold my dick, just focus on putting it inside your slit Nozomi 」

「 O-Okay 」

Nozomi spreads open her lower lip on top of me.

Her love nectar dripped like honey onto the top of my glans.

I rub my glans against Nozomi’s pink insides, again and again, to get it accustomed.

「 Hmm, hmmmm 」

Nozomi twitches, feeling our mucous membranes rubbing.

「 Okay, now take a breath and slowly lower your hips 」

「 Okay 」


My glans goes inside Nozomi.

「 Agu! 」

「 Don’t stop breathing! Your body will get stiff if you do that, take it slow 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Nozomi took a deep breath, just as I told her.

Yeah, Nozomi’s tension and stiffness are going away.

「 Then, continue from earlier, lower your hips 」

「 Uuuuu 」


We’re deepening our connection in the cowgirl position.

Even so, Nozomi stopped after 70% of my dick is inside.

「 What’s wrong, there’s still more 」

「 No way, it won’t fit in anymore! 」

Nozomi says while still in a half-sitting posture.

「 Just do it. Just put your weight on me. Sit down and relax on me. You’re the one on top 」

「 It can’t be helped then 」

I grabbed Nozomi’s waist and then made a thrust from below.

「 Hiii!!! 」

Nozomi’s posture broke and she landed on top of me.


My penis went in all in one go, buried deep inside Nozomi’s slit.

The glans pushes on Nozomi’s puffy uterus

「 Ah, aaaaah, aaaaaah! Uuuuu 」

Nozomi’s leaking out hot sighs on top of my body.

Our bodies are perfectly fit.

「 Nozomi 」

It’ll take some time before Nozomi gets used to my penis.

I reach down and gently stroked Nozomi’s hips, thighs, and ass.

「 Uuuu, that tickles. 」

Nozomi says, but…

「 Just let me 」

I won’t grip nor fondle her.

I will just gently caress her young and smooth skin.

「 Haaaaaa, aaaaaah, aaaaah 」

Yeah, she’s loosening up now.

「 So, what’s the next thing to do according to your training? 」

I asked.

「 F-First, is to move my hips around, drawing a circle 」

Nozomi replies.

「 Then, try it 」

「 O-Okay 」

Nozomi begins to move her hips slowly over my body.

Aah, Nozomi’s thin waist…she’s putting some force.

「 Nozomi, too much force. You need to shake your body slowly at first 」

「 Ah, yes 」

「 Come here, hold my hand, I’ll help you from below 」

I held Nozomi’s hands.

Nozomi grips it tight, but…

「 Nozomi, don’t put too much pressure on it. I’m going to hold you just right 」

I gripped Nozomi’s hands.

「 Believe in me 」

「 O-Okay 」

I then support her with my hands.

Nozomi grinds her hips.

Oh, I get what she’s trying to do.

I now know what kind of hip movement she learned from Katsuko-nee.

「 Nozomi, balance yourself. Balance your movement 」

「 B-Balance? 」

「 Don’t move like it’s slippery, but instead make it shifting like a lever 」

「 Err… 」

「 Use a three-beat rhythm, then push your hips hard on me on the third beat 」

「 Oh, Okay 」

「 Then I’ll do the counting 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3,!! 」

Nozomi understood from just one hint.

She’s smart, as expected.

「 Oh, this makes me feel good too 」

Nozomi smiled at me.

「 You don’t have to push yourself too hard, just start moving gradually so it doesn’t hurt 」

「 Okay, I’ll try the things I learned 」

Nozomi’s hip movement grows bigger.

「 Ahn! Ahn! Aaah! Uuu!! 」

Nozomi’s breasts bob up and down in my vision.

Kuchu, kuchu, kuchu!!

Her love nectar floods from the inside, making a lustful sound from our connection one after another.

「 Hmm, hmmm, hmmm, aaah!! 」

This young beauty swings her hips on top of me.

「 Seriously…this…cowgirl position. Ahn! It’s like I’m riding a horse! 」

Nozomi looks at me who’s lying on the bed and said.

「 Yeah, and I’m a rodeo horse 」

I match with Nozomi’s hip movement and thrust my hip from below.

「 Kyauu!! 」

Nozomi moaned loudly.

Then, I gave Nozomi a gallop horse riding.

My hips are the horse saddle while my hand that Nozomi’s holding is the bridle.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah, auuu! 」

Nozomi and I are having sex in a cowgirl position.

「 Ahn! I’m not taking the lead in this at all! Aaahn! 」

Yeah, she did say that women take the lead in the cowgirl position.

「 Once you master it, you can have sex just as you want it to be, Nozomi 」

I tell Nozomi while making thrusts with my hips upwards.

「 Aaaahn! It’s really a rodeo!! 」

Nozomi speaks to me with a wistful expression.

「 I think it’s about time we swap positions 」

I said.

「 Are you not feeling good with me on top? I want to make Kuromori-kun feel good, and yet… 」

Nozomi speaks to me with a lonely face.

「 I think that the priority for now is to make Nozomi’s body feel pleasure from sex 」

I smiled at Nozomi and said.

「 There’s no need to rush. Just take it slow, one step at a time. If not, you’ll start to hate sex 」

Momoka and Shirahata-san weren’t able to show the fruits of their training with Katsuko-nee, but…

That’s okay at this point.

It’s just their second time having sex.

「 I know that you were taught a lot of things in your training, and you feel like you can do anything. But there’s a difference in understanding, your knowledge, and putting things to practice. In most cases, you’ll have to figure it out while doing the real thing 」

I said.

「 Just knowing that things didn’t go your way is enough for today. But this is sex, both of us need to finish in pleasure. If you don’t get satisfied in sex, then it’ll only be frustrating 」

「 We’re prostitutes, sex is our duty, our service, our work 」

Nozomi tells me.

「 Yeah, I know that. That’s true, but still, Nozomi and the girls need sex as their salvation because you’re going to have that kind of life 」

These young girls had to become prostitutes.

「 Okay. I’ll do as Kuromori-kun tells me 」

Nozomi accepted.