Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1303. Crushing Negatives / Three Successive Sex on the Afternoon Part 2



「 We good? 」

「 ….Yeah 」

My penis is still inside Nozomi.

Our bodies have swapped places.

Nozomi started in a cowgirl position so I got up and swapped, but still in the sitting position.

「 Cling to me 」

「 Okay 」

Nozomi’s thin arms cling to me tightly.

Her young breasts are pushed against my chest.

I lift Nozomi’s ass from below and then…

「 There we go! 」

「 Aaaahn!! 」

I lay her down on the bed while hugging Nozomi’s body.

From sitting to missionary.

「 Okay, now loosen up. 」

「 Haa, fuuuu 」

Nozomi in my arms lost her strength.

「 You’re good at this 」

「 I’ll ask for that next time 」

Shirahata-san and Momoka saw me swap places with Nozomi and they clapped their hands.

「 Aaahn, geez! 」

Nozomi sighs out of embarrassment.

「 In the end, being in Kuromori-kun’s arms make me feel at ease. It’s better than when I’m on top 」

「 It can’t be helped. When you’re embraced in missionary position, you feel like your whole body’s wrapped up 」

Shirahata-san told Nozomi.

「 You’re right, maybe cowgirl position was too early for us 」

Momoka said.

「 I think the feeling of wanting to be embraced is still stronger 」

「 That’s true. I don’t think we can do cowgirl position well unless we have the stronger desire of embracing 」

Hearing her prostitute cadet friends speak, Nozomi.

「 We’re taught a lot in training but still, we’re not yet fit to become prostitutes it seems 」

She discovers the difference in learning knowledge and putting it to practice.

「 I feel like it’s okay getting spoiled like this since it’s Kuromori-kun after all 」

「 Yes, if we’re dealing with customers, then we need to do whatever it takes to satisfy them 」

Nozomi and Shirahata-san said, then…

「 But, we can be spoiled with Kuromori Kou-sama. So let’s get spoiled, Nozomi-san, Setsuna-san 」

Momoka said smilingly.

「 That’s right, I’ll spoil you as much as you want 」

I say while embracing Nozomi.

「 You see, I can’t help Nozomi, Momoka, and Shirahata-san out of this painful fate… 」

These three beauties had accepted their fate to become a prostitute of the Black Forest for five years to repay their parent’s debt.

I can’t take over the debt that these girls are shouldering.

Above all, they already had their resolve to become a prostitute to save their parents, I don’t want to break their determination.

「 But, I’ll do what I can. If this can relieve you from the pain, then I’ll do it as much as you want 」

「 I feel happy to hear that from Kuromori-kun, but… 」

Nozomi looked up at me and said.

「 We can’t let Kuromori-kun do good for us one-sidedly 」


「 It’s okay to have sex with Kuromori-kun, but this is also linked in our training 」

Shirahata-san said.

「 Yes, Kuromori Kou-sama’s being more considerate of us than we do. Furthermore, you were gentle in sex even if it’s already three of us successively 」

Momoka said, Nozomi;

「 If it’s us, then we’re okay, since Katsuko-san told us during our training, that as long as we’re alive, we’ll have to accept our fate… 」

「 Oh yes. Like, a child whose parents were cult members and grew up in that group or something 」

「 It doesn’t have to be a cult, but it’s common for children to have a hard time because of their parent’s hobbies and beliefs 」

「 That’s what happened to us. This is our fate because of our parents, but we understood and accepted it. We don’t regret it 」

Nozomi looked me in the eye and said.

「 But still, sometimes it makes us feel sad and that we can’t take it anymore, so it helps that Kuromori-kun, who’s not a customer, embraces us 」

She hugs my back tight and rubs her cheek on my chest.

「 Yes, sometimes…you, spoiling us, saves us 」

Shirahata-san said.

「 It’s just too hard to deal with customers in a secret facility in the basement of the hotel without anyone knowing. But in our case, Kuromori Kou-sama knows us, and so we can do our best 」

「 Yeah, we came to this school today, and became students, but we can’t tell anyone that we’re prostitutes. Even if we did, they won’t believe us 」

「 We’re no longer ordinary girls. We understand that. Sadly, we’re not allowed to make friends in this school, but… 」

「 But we have Kuromori Kou-sama 」

「 You’re the only one who knows our true form and our sadness 」

「 It’s really big that Kuromori-kun knows us. It brings us strength and courage 」

The three tell me.

「 But, we don’t know what to do to return the favor to Kuromori-kun 」


「 Setsuna-san and Momoka-san are quick to get Kuromori-kun to spoil them, but still, I wanted to be treated equally 」

I see. So that’s why…

They said that they want to show the fruits of their training but Momoka and Shirahata-san immediately let me take the lead. Meanwhile;

Nozomi tried to do her best to serve me.

「 For now, we’ll serve you through sex for the rest of our life. If it’s Kuromori-kun, we don’t mind getting pregnant. If we make one, then we’ll give birth to it. We have that resolve but still, what else can we do to return the favor to Kuromori-kun? 」


「 I don’t want it to be one-sided, it doesn’t refresh me 」


「 Nozomi, you’re misunderstanding something 」

I said with a smile.

「 About what? 」

「 What I mean is that Nozomi’s idea of our relationship is already wrong 」

「 Which part of it? 」

Let’s see.

「 You see, what is Nozomi right now? What’s your status? 」

I look at Nozomi in the eye and said.

「 I’m a woman who signed a contract with the organization, “Black Forest,” to become their prostitute for five years, in exchange for paying my father’s debt 」

Nozomi said.

「 That’s the fact, but that’s not all 」

I said.

「 Nozomi, you’re not just contracted with the Black Forest organization 」

「 Is there anyone else? 」

「 Nozomi, you’re now a member of the Black Forest. You’re a member of the organization itself 」

Currently, Nozomi thinks that she’s still outside of the Black Forest.

That she’s an outsider who signed a contract with the crime syndicate.

「 I’m the brother of Kuromori Minaho, the leader of the Black Forest, so I’m also a member of that group. A person from the organization 」

I declared.

「 And Nozomi, Momoka, and Shirahata-san, you girls are part of the Black Forest already. You’re members. You need to be aware of that 」

I look into their eyes and urge them to change their awareness.

「 Sorry, but we can’t leave this group. Once you’re in, we’re fellows for the rest of our lives. The members of the organization look after each other. That’s the rule 」

I said.

「 That’s why it’s natural for me to look after you girls. I’m your senior in the organization. I’ll take care of you girls as long as I’m alive. That’s the rule and the way of our organization so don’t think of returning the favor 」

「 B-But 」

Nozomi tries to argue, but…

「 Even if you want to return the favor, don’t think that it will come right away! Take your time to think. We’re going to be together for the rest of our lives so it’s okay if you find your answer in twenty or thirty years 」

I stroke Nozomi’s hair and look at Momoka and Shirahata-san.

「 You girls are newcomers to this organization, but you won’t always be like that. You girls will soon be looking after your juniors 」

「 But, our contract is only for five years 」

Shirahata-san tells me.

「 That’s for being a prostitute, right? The Black Forest isn’t just a brothel business! The bakery Katsuko-nee and I are working on, and as well as managing the high school here are also business of Black Forest 」

I said.

「 If you girls start a business after retiring from prostitution, then the organization will support you. You’ll get support even if you don’t want it. I’ll take care of you girls for the rest of your lives no matter what, so be prepared for it 」

In addition to financial, we’ll also provide management lessons, various research activities, coordination with the underground side, and everything else they need.

「 We’re comrades, so let me spoil you Nozomi 」

「 Kuromori-kun 」

Nozomi’s vagina wrapping my penis clamps harder.

Her warm love nectar flows out.

「 So that’s how it is, then we’ll take your word for it 」

「 Me too, I’ll get spoiled! 」

Shirahata-san and Momoka said while smiling.

「 Yes, I’ll get spoiled. Spoil me, Kuromori-kun! 」

Nozomi looks at me with wistful eyes.

「 Embrace me, violate me, feel good with my body!! 」


I slowly move my hips.

「 Aah, aaah, does it feel good? Do you feel good with Nozomi’s body? Kuromori-kun? 」

「 Yeah, it’s warm and tight. It’s amazing, Nozomi 」

Kuchu, kuchu, kuchu!!

Our connected part makes lewd noises.

「 I’m happy, do it more. I don’t care if it hurts, just enjoy Nozomi’s body 」

This is Nozomi’s way of getting spoiled.

She’s opening her mind and body to me.

「 Moan for me, let me hear your cute voice! 」

I swing my hips and tell Nozomi as I grope her breasts.

「 Yes! Ah, aaahn! aaaah! Aaaah! 」

Nozomi makes cute moans.

「 That’s right, that’s good. Feel it! Nozomi, feel the pleasure 」

「 Aaaah, aaaahn! Aaah, aaaah! It feels good! It feels good! Kuromori-kun!!! 」

Nozomi’s becoming more honest.

「 Aaah, I…I like this more! I feel more pleasure when Kuromori-kun’s violating me below!! Aaaah!! 」

She confessed her thoughts.

「 I always imagine this when masturbating! Kuromori-kun’s violating me like this… 」

「 Don’t do it alone, if you want it then ask for it! You want my dick inside you, right? 」

「 Yes! Yes! I want it inside! I want Kuromori-kun’s penis to violate me 」

Nozomi shouts.

「 Like this? 」

I thrust my hips stronger.

「 Y-Yes! You can go harder! No, go harder, please!! 」

I grip Nozomi’s breasts tight as I swing my hips.

I suck on her right nipple.

「 Aaaahn! Yes!!! Amazing!! 」

Nozomi’s body trembles from pleasure.

「 Aaah, aaaah, Kuromori-kuun!!! Break me! Mess me up more!!! 」

「 Oh my, Nozomi-san seems to have saved up a lot 」

Shirahata-san smiled wryly.

「 Nozomi-san’s the type who holds back in a weird way after all 」

Momoka said.

「 But, I think Nozomi-san can release all of it only when having sex with Kuromori Kou-sama 」

「 I think so too 」

Nozomi’s two friends are watching her have sex with me with a gentle smile.

「 Ah, aaah, aaaah! Aaaauuu!! 」

Nozomi’s temperature is rising up higher compared to when she’s swinging her hips on top.

Her skin’s flushed, turning red.

Her young and beautiful body is sweating up.

「 Yeah, Kuromori-kun…I’m…I’m…I’m a lewd girl…I’m a real lewd girl…so… 」

Nozomi looks up at me with wet eyes.

「 I want to masturbate while Kuromori-kun’s violating me. I want to touch them 」

「 How do you want to be touched? 」

I asked her purposely.

「 My nipples and clit!!! 」

Nozomi shouts.

「 I want to touch them. I want to touch myself while being ravished! Hey, is that okay? Say that it’s okay, please!! 」

She begs me while making a wistful face.

「 Okay, try it! 」

I consented.

「 Thank you!!! 」

Nozomi brings her hand on top of the place where we’re connected.

Her fingers vibrate above her clitoris.

Her left hand is fondling her breasts! Kneading her nipples!

「 Aaaaah! It feels good!! This is amazing! Kuromori-kun!!! 」

Nozomi’s masturbating while I bang her. That’s sexy.

「 Ahn! Kuromori-kun’s watching me! Kuromori-kun’s watching Nozomi’s embarrassing figure!!!

Nozomi’s pleasure is ignited.

「 Iyaaan! Aaah! Haaaa, haaaa!!!! 」

The fire spreads in her whole body!!!

「 Aaaaah! Kuromori-kun!! I! I!!!! 」

She’s about to cum!!

「 I’ll cum with you!! 」

I stroke my penis and speed up.

「 Kuaaaah! Aah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaah!!! 」

Nozomi’s naked body sways rhythmically!

Each time my glans thrust deep inside Nozomi’s vagina, she’s moaning cutely.

「 K-Kuromori-kun!! Ah, aaaah!! Aaaaah!!! 」

I went for the last spurt so we both climax at the same time.


I slam my abdomen to Nozomi’s and it makes a nice slapping sound.

「 Hiigiiii!! Hyaaaa!! Aaaaah! Aaaaaah, kuaaaaa!! 」

Yeah, I can tell that she’s rising up. I know. Nozomi.

「 Aaaah! Kuromori-kun!!! Aaaah, aaaaah! Aaaaah!!! 」

Nozomi’s fingers stimulate her clitoris and it speeds up.

「 Aaah, I’m about to cum! I’m going to cum! Kuromori-kun!!! 」

「 Me too! I’m about to cum! Nozomi!! 」

We continue to have a carnal act between a man and a woman.

Nozomi’s body is shining from her sweat.

「 Let it out! Pour it in me! Feel good inside Nozomi!!! 」

Her swaying breasts spray off her sweat.

「 Aaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Kuromori-kun! Kuromori-kun! Kuromori-kun!!! 」

Nozomi’s body bends like a bow.

「 Kuaaaaa!! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!! I’m cumming!!!! 」

Nozomi’s body trembles.

Her narrow vagina tightens, clamps my penis.

At that moment.

「 Me too! I’m cumming!! Nozomi!!! 」


I’m giving another creampie!!

「 Aaaaaah!!! 」

Nozomi’s eyes opened wide, accepting the blow of semen deep in her womb.



The second and third shot blows in too.

「 Now, the three of us have Kuromori Kou-sama’s semen in our womb 」

Momoka pats her abdomen and said.

「 Right, we’re comrades so it’s inevitable 」

Shirahata-san also touched hers and said.

「 Aaaaaah, aaaaaah!! 」

Nozomi’s still in the middle of ecstasy.

「 Aaaah, kuuuu, afuuu!!! 」

She twitches, convulses sometimes.

And every time she does, Nozomi’s vagina clamps my penis, squeezing out the semen from my dick.

「 Aaaah, I’m dying! Dying from too much pleasure!! 」

Nozomi mutters while still in the middle of dreams and reality.