Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1313. Twilight / Innocent Return (cont.)



「 If she had sex with Papa, then she will be in Agnes’ family even without making friends with her! 」

Agnes tells me with an innocent smile.

「 But, Agnes-chan, Kou-oniisama’s very busy, so Agnes-chan should become friends with Kerama-san first and invite her to the mansion instead 」

Karen throws a helping hand.

「 Uuu, but Kerama-san is already friends with Karen-chan. So, Karen-chan can invite her here instead 」

Agnes said.

「 It’s true that I’ve been with Kerama-san since kindergarten but we’re not that close. Besides, I’m under the care of the Kouzuki house so I can’t invite anyone to this mansion 」

Karen’s supposed to be living with Misuzu and the girls in the Kouzuki mansion for an apprenticeship. Officially.

If Karen were to invite guests, then it would mean inviting them to the Kouzuki mansion, which would be confusing for the one invited.

「 Uuu, then, Luna or Koyomi-chan, be friends with her 」

Agnes said, but…

「 You can’t do that. Koyomi-chan and I are just Agnes-chan’s attendants. Kerama-san is a young lady of a wealthy company, so we can’t invite her here unless Agnes-chan befriends her 」

「 Really? 」

「 Yes, the three of us are a single team, Agnes-chan 」

Koyomi-chan said.

「 That’s right. Agnes-chan has the role of the master, and the two of us are your attendants. Didn’t we go to school with that setting today? 」

「 That’s right. If not for Luna and Koyomi-chan, Agnes might’ve fainted there 」

Agnes told the two.

「 Yes, we’re there to support Agnes-chan. We’ll do the same tomorrow so you don’t have to worry. But, Agnes-chan, you need to do your job as part of the team or it’s going to be a problem 」

Luna speaks gently.

「 Agnes’ job? 」

「 Yes. Agnes-chan is the representative of the team, so Agnes-chan has to be the one to befriend Kerama Leona-san. If you want to invite her to this place, then it has to be Agnes-chan that talks to her 」

「 Yes, that’s Agnes-chan’s job 」

Luna and Koyomi-chan smiled at Agnes.

「 Uuuu, but Agnes… 」

Agnes is terrified of forming relationships with people outside the family.

「 It’s okay, Koyomi-chan and I are with you 」

「 We’ll do our best so Agnes-chan and Kerama-san becomes friends 」

「 We’ll help you 」

It’s not just Luna and Koyomi-chan, but Karen also agreed to help Agnes.

「 Agnes, you need a bit more courage 」

I said.

「 I think that Agnes doesn’t want Kerama Leona-san to have sex with me in the first place, but Agnes wants to get along with Kerama-san 」

As it stands, the only people close to Agnes are her family.

That’s why she wants Kerama-san to have sex with me to have her join the family.

「 But, she’s a cute girl! I’m sure that Papa will like her! 」

「 Maybe, but still. Become her friend before taking her to me. Her meeting with me is after that 」

「 Uuuu 」

Agnes looks down.

Seems like she’s not confident.

「 Luna, is Kerama-san a good girl? 」

I ask her again.

「 Yes, she’s good. Koyomi-chan and I keep the bad girls away from Agnes-chan 」

「 Leave it to us 」

The two girls with Miko powers told me.

Agnes making friends in school is important, but…

If a bad girl suddenly comes up to her, then it would traumatize her from making friends and that’s bad.

She needs to look for a hand-picked few good friends at first.

「 As far as I’ve heard and seen, she’s a good girl 」

Karen said.

「 Still, Karen’s in the same school and yet, to think that you’re not close to Kerama-san 」

Only a limited number of young ladies from high-class families can enter that school.

The number of students per grade is also small.

If they’ve been together since nursery, then they should’ve seen each other every day for eight years.

「 Kerama-san’s brewery is a competitor of the beverage company that my father is close to, so… 」

Oh, I see.

I guess that’s a problem between the daughters.

「 The children in kindergarten don’t only get along, but instead, it’s their mothers making the groups 」

The mothers bring their husband’s work and other relationships to the grouping.

「 Furthermore, Mizushima house is a member of the nobility, which is closer to Kouzuki-sama, so I hardly had contact with Kerama-san, who isn’t a member 」

In kindergarten, they’re placed in different groups for their parent’s reasons and remained estranged to this day.

「 I have no opposition against Kerama-san, but we currently don’t have a relationship where we can have a friendly conversation either 」

Karen said.

「 Of course, if Kou-oniisama tells me to do so, then I’ll do my best to get close to her starting tomorrow 」


「 No, it’s Agnes who has to do the work. Agnes was the one to suggest it. Karen, you have to focus on supporting Agnes 」

「 Certainly 」

Karen smiled.

「 Although, we have to ask Shou-neechan to look into the Kerama house in detail 」

「 Uhm, Kerama family runs the Kerama brewery, so… 」

Karen points out but I stopped her.

「 I heard that but that’s all that Karen knows, right? 」

I said.

「 Luna already checked on Kerama’s mind, and we know that she’s not a bad girl. But, there could be problems within the Kerama household that they don’t tell the children 」

Right, the information Karen and Luna saw is only a small fraction.

「 We have deep connections with the Kouzuki house so it’s not good if making contact with the Kerama house brings trouble to the Kouzuki house 」

「 Papa, what do you mean? 」

Agnes asks.

「 Do you remember when Karen mentioned earlier that the Mizushima house is rivaling the Kerama house’s company? I think there’s a fine line between such families and companies. If Kerama Leona joins our family, it might make the entire Kerama brewery a part of the Kouzuki group. What do you think will happen to the Mizushima house, which had a friendly rivalry with them? 」

「 They won’t like it. I’m sure the company would like to get to know the Kouzuki group through Mizushima house 」

Karen replies.

Kerama Leona’s actions could lead to a war between beverage manufacturers.

「 Furthermore, if they find out that Karen from the Mizushima house, brought the Kerama brewery to the Kouzuki group, won’t the relationship between the company and Mizushima house grow worse? 」

「 Indeed, it is as Kou-oniisama says. 」


「 I’m sorry, I was shallow 」

She apologized to me.

「 Papa, does that mean that Agnes can’t be friends with Kerama-san? 」

Agnes looks at me with a pale expression.

「 That’s not the case. I don’t think that’s going to be the problem. Agnes can become friends with Kerama Leona-san. With that said, be sure to cooperate with Luna and the girls to get friendly with her 」

I embraced Agnes and said.

「 What I’m saying is that we need to make checks first before making Kerama Leona-san my woman, or having her join the family. If not, it’s going to cause problems later 」

「 Uuu, but… 」


「 Agnes wants that cute girl to be family 」

Seems like she likes her that much.

「 I can understand Agnes’ feelings. But, you just got acquainted with her today. It’s not just our family you see. We have a lot of people outside the family helping us out. And so, we have to proceed with caution with anything that might affect the people around us 」

I speak kindly.

「 Of course, if there’s no problem, then I’d like to grant Agnes’ wish as much as I can. But, keep in mind that it’s also possible that it might not happen 」

The business status of Kerama brewery, its relationship with the surrounding companies, and the friends of the head of the family.

If it’s Kouzuki SS, then they can investigate that immediately.

「 Uuu, okay 」

Agnes somehow agrees.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 I’ll prepare the tea 」

Koyomi-chan says as we enter the reception room.

On top of the desk are a pot and a set of teacups for making tea that Mana prepared.

Oh, there are even cookies in a tin can.

「 Right. Let’s calm down by drinking some tea 」

I sat on the sofa. Let’s have some tea time for now.

「 This cookie is delicious. Which do you want, Agnes-chan? 」

Luna opened the can and offered it to Agnes.

The tins were filled with all kinds of cookies.

「 Thank you desuno, then, I’ll take this and this 」

Agnes took two cookies from the tin.

「 What about Papa? 」

「 Just one will do, I’ll take the same as the one on Agnes’ right hand 」

「 Okay, it’s this 」

「 Yes, that’s it 」

「 Karen-chan, pick 」

「 I’ll take this one 」

Meanwhile, Luna distributes the teacups Koyomi-chan made.

「 Yeah, thanks 」

I thanked Koyomi-chan and Luna.

「 Then here’s to celebrate everyone’s successful first day in school. Cheers 」

「 Cheers desuno! 」

「 It’s still hot so be careful 」

Koyomi-chan told us anxiously.

「 Yeah, we’re just bringing the cups for a toast. Hold it up high and make the cups touch each other 」

I said just in case.

「 Everyone, ready? 」


「 Then, cheers! 」

「 Cheers! 」

「 Wow! 」

Agnes looks happy.

Anyway, it seems that their school time is doing well.

Luna, Koyomi-chan, and Karen are all smart, strong, and kind girls.

「 By the way, what part of Kerama Leona-san did Agnes like? 」

I ask the question I had since a while ago while drinking tea.

This could be a good reference for when Agnes is picking her friends.

「 That’s, uhm 」

Agnes replies bashfully.

「 I thought that the child she’ll give birth to will be a cute one too 」


「 Oh, but I don’t mean it right immediately! Agnes knows that you can have sex at sixth grade if the body is ready, but you can’t have a baby until you’re in high school 」


「 Agnes will get pregnant with Papa’s child, like Yukino-chan once we’re in high school! 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Nononono, Sure, Yukino’s pregnant in high school, but… 」

I raped her, then impregnated her.

「 But, that’s only within our family, that’s not how it is in public 」

「 I know. It’s not absolutely necessary to get pregnant in high school, only those who wish for it! Megu-chan said that she won’t get pregnant until graduating because she wants her legs to be fast. Ai-chan said that she won’t have a baby yet while she’s studying baking 」

Agnes said.

「 But, Agnes can’t wait four more years. I want Papa’s child as soon as we reach high school. Then, I thought that I want the girl I saw today to bear Papa’s child together with Agnes 」

This is…

「 You know. Yukino-chan and Nagisa-san are both pregnant. In that case, their children won’t be lonely. They’ll be born together after all. That’s why Agnes wants to get pregnant with Papa’s child together with her 」

Then, Luna…

「 It doesn’t have to be just Kerama-san, I’ll join you 」

「 Me too, I’ll do it together with Agnes-chan 」


「 It might be weird to say that since I can’t have sex yet, but if it’s four years, I’m sure that my body can handle it 」

She speaks with an earnest look.

「 If so, then I’ll join too 」

Karen also said.

「 Since it’s already decided that I’ll give birth to Kou-oniisama’s child, then I’ll join with others to match the delivery time 」

「 Thank you girls! 」

Agnes is moved

「 Yeah, we promise you that. So, let’s all work together to get Kerama Leona-san to bear Nii-san’s child with us 」

「 It still depends on Kou-oniisama’s approval, but… 」

「 We’ll ask Kerama-san too 」

The three sixth-graders told Agnes.

「 Yes! Yes! Yes! Desuno! 」

Agnes is happy.

Oh, that’s how these girls…

That’s how they deepen their sisterhood more than any blood relationship.

That’s how this family works.

「 Well, now that we drank and ate snacks. Agnes-chan has calmed down 」

Luna smiled.

「 With that said, Nii-san had been waiting 」

「 Papa! Let’s have sex desuno! 」

Agnes, whose energy reached 100%, smiled.

「 Uhm, Kou-oniisama, should we not take off our uniform? 」

Karen asks.

「 Uhm, since this is Agnes-chan’s first-day uniform, then we shouldn’t get it dirty 」

Yeah, we do have some spare uniforms, but…

This uniform today is precious.

「 Right. Agnes, take off your uniform 」

「 If so, let’s get everyone naked desuno! 」


「 Papa and everyone should get naked and we’ll have fun sex!! 」