Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1314. Twilight / Metamorphosis



Agnes, Luna, Koyomi-chan, and Karen, the four sixth graders are taking off their uniforms.

「 Papa, Koyomi-chan’s body is growing up 」

Agnes says, but…

She’s still young, yet, her body’s grown to be age-appropriate for a middle-schooler.

「 Her breasts are starting to puff too 」

She says, but it still fits within the baby bra.

「 Just a bit longer. There’s no need to rush, just eat a lot, sleep a lot, and grow bigger 」

I told Koyomi-chan

「 I’m sorry. I keep you waiting 」

Koyomi-chan looks at her chest bashfully.

「 Body development is unique to the individual so don’t mind it 」

「 But, Papa, Koyomi-chan’s still in elementary school when you met her so you should do it while she’s still one 」

Agnes said.

「 She has to experience this fun and pleasure or it will be her loss 」

「 That’s not the case, Agnes 」

I said.

「 When making pastry, you need the yeast to ferment, and let the dough rise, don’t you? If you rush and bake it before it’s fermented, then it won’t turn to good bread 」

I touch Agnes’ cute breasts wrapped in her baby bra.

Agnes is half-French so her body is well developed.

I feel some squish on her breasts.

「 Agnes, your body can have sex. But Koyomi-chan’s not yet ready, give her time 」

「 Okay 」

Agnes turned to Koyomi-chan.

「 I’m sorry, Koyomi-chan. But still, Agnes wants to have sex with Papa together with Koyomi-chan soon 」

Years of distorted education from Shirasaka Sousuke had made sex the most important thing in a relationship inside Agnes’ mind.

「 Koyomi-chan is already my precious family, but I want us to be closer 」

「 It’s okay. Koyomi-chan will get naked together with us and serve Nii-san. Her body might not be able to accept Nii-san’s penis yet, but she can lick and rub it 」

Luna said with a smile.

「 Yes, I’ll do my best to serve 」

Koyomi-chan tells me.

「 Uhm, I… 」

Karen, in her underwear, speaks up.

「 Today, my friends at school told me that I’m becoming more mature recently 」


「 That’s right! Karen-chan’s maturing after having sex with Papa!! 」

「 Right. Your ambiance has become more mature 」

Agnes and Luna said.

True, after having lots of sex since she lost her virginity a few weeks ago.

That scent of sexiness is floating around Karen.

「 Karen-chan is like Mana-chan. Mana-oneechan’s also growing 」

「 Yes, Mana-oneesan doesn’t look like her age. Well, her face and skin is definitely in middle school if you look hard enough, but she does leak out that sexiness 」

「 The same as Katsuko-san’s aura 」

Agnes and Luna said. Koyomi-chan added.

「 Oh, that might be. Mana-oneesan is Katsuko-oneesan’s disciple so their ambiance has become similar 」

「 But, some don’t change too 」

Agnes tells Luna.

「 Mitama-chan and Kinuka-chan doesn’t have much change 」

The Anjou sisters have always been in their own world from the start.

「 Me too. I don’t think I have changed that much. I haven’t grown a lot, and my breasts haven’t grown that much either 」

Luna lifts her chest on her bra and smiled.

「 No, Luna’s changed 」

I said.

「 You speak more and laugh more 」

When you escaped the Takakura shrine from Kyoto to Tokyo, you weren’t as this expressive.

「 That’s…hmm, that might be 」

Luna smiled.

「 Koyomi-chan and I are cousins, but it’s only after coming here that we talked a lot. Back then, I was shy. I’ve changed, Koyomi-chan too 」

「 You’re right. I feel glad that I came here too 」


「 Everyone’s so kind to me here. It feels like I’m in a family 」

「 Obviously! Agnes, Koyomi-chan, Luna, and Karen-chan, you’re all family! I love you all!! 」

Agnes shouts.

「 I love Papa the most but I also love everyone in the family, they’re all my treasure! 」

「 I don’t have my Mother and Father anymore but I feel closer to this family than they were. It’s filled with people I find precious 」

Koyomi-chan’s parents have passed away after the Takakura shrine maiden incident.

「 Me too. We didn’t have time to be close to our parents back in Kyoto 」

Luna’s mother was the Takakura shrine maiden, and she was already affected by the breakdown specific to them.

The father had to attend to their mother all the time and so they had no time to look after Luna and her sisters.

「 But now, I feel happy. There are no bad people in the family. Everyone cares about us, and our family. I can understand that 」

Luna can read people’s minds.

「 Back in Kyoto, I was always so nervous and I always fear contact with people, that I made a wall not just on my parents, but on Tsukiko-oneesama and Yomiko-oneesama too. That was back then. But now, nobody will try to deceive us as long as we’re in this mansion 」

The Takakura shrine is frequented by Yakuza who wanted to take advantage of the shrine maidens after all.

「 Yes, everyone doesn’t lie here so I love it 」

Koyomi-chan who has the same power, says.

「 It’s all thanks to Nii-san. Nii-san doesn’t lie, and so even without the Miko power, you can see exactly what he’s thinking, and he’s also a straightforward person. Then, everyone in the family doesn’t want Nii-san to hate them, and so they’re all honest 」

Luna said.

「 Me too, uhm 」


「 I never thought that the life here would be this amazing 」

She smiles gently.

「 I’m a member of the nobility, but there’s a clearly defined hierarchy among them 」

Looking at the Kanou house, they’re part of the big three in the name only.

Kouzuki and Kaan house have power and wealth, and they’re dominating the other noble families.

「 Therefore, we also have ranks in our school. In the first place, there is already a trench between the nobility and other families 」

「 Do the girls split into factions and fight or bully each other? 」

I ask out of momentum.

「 I won’t go as far as saying that there’s been bullying but there’s a lot. They can’t compare to Kouzuki-sama and Kaan-sama, but some families are richer than the nobility 」

Oh, like Mariko’s home, the Torii house. They’re not from the nobility, but they own a mega-corporation.

「 Myself as an example, I’m a member of the nobility, and so I can’t go against the nobles who are superior, despite making less, and some of the ordinary students deliberately ignore me 」

Karen is on the lower side of the nobility.

It’s not just the other houses, but also the wealthier ordinary students who look down on her.

「 They won’t do anything that’s clearly harsh, but still, it was painful that they ignore me 」

Karen said.

「 Uu, who did that! Agnes will talk to that girl tomorrow! 」

「 Agnes-san! 」

Karen’s surprised.

「 Even without Agnes-chan, Koyomi-chan and I will do something about it 」

「 You don’t mind us using our power for Karen-chan’s sake, right? 」

Hearing Luna’s declaration, Koyomi-chan asks me.

「 Of course. Do it for Karen 」

I said.

「 No, u-uhm, Kou-oniisama, they no longer do that 」

Karen says in a panic.

「 It was the classmates who were ignoring me for a long time who told me that I’ve become more mature 」


「 It seems that they wanted to talk to me now that the atmosphere has changed 」

I see.

Looking at Karen who’s matured so hard that her age is hard to believe.

The girls who ignored Karen so far found interest in her.

「 Yes, I know. If there’s a girl who’s a little prettier or has better grades, or comes from a better family, then you’ll feel repulsed and think of ignoring them, but if they become overwhelmingly better, then the repulsion is blown off 」

Luna said.

「 Yes, that’s why I think that coming to this mansion, changed me for the better, and it became an influence 」

Saying that. Karen looks at me bashfully.

「 It’s because Kou-oniisama’s gentle with me on bed 」

Is this about sex?

「 I’m no longer a child, I’ve become Kou-oniisama’s woman 」


「 I think that Kou-oniisama teaching me the pleasures of being a woman is tied to my confidence 」

「 That’s right! If Papa makes you feel good, then you become a whole woman! 」

Agnes looks at Koyomi-chan then.

「 Aaaaaah, uhm, I don’t mean to badmouth Koyomi-chan okay? 」

「 I know. Agnes-chan 」

Koyomi-chan smiles.

「 But, Agnes-chan is right. I’m still half a woman 」

「 No, that’s not… 」

「 I’ll do my best to become whole. So, just give me more time, Agnes-chan 」

「 O-Okay, desuno 」

Agnes hugs Koyomi-chan.

「 Agnes loves Koyomi-chan, so I’ll wait 」

「 Me too, I love you Agnes-chan 」

The two naked girls hug each other.

「 I love everyone too. I love Karen-chan too 」

「 Me too, I love everyone 」

Luna and Karen also smiled at each other.

「 Well then, let’s start serving together! 」

Agnes took the lead and the naked girls looked at me.

「 It shouldn’t just be us who are naked! 」

「 That’s right! Let’s all take Papa’s clothes off 」

Eight small hands reach to me.

We get close to each other through sex.

Our relationship is much deeper and stronger than real parent-child, or siblings

Our family bond is strong.

◇ ◇ ◇

The girls are taking off my clothes in high spirits.

They got me to my briefs in no time.

The girls are also wearing their underwear.

Koyomi-chan’s the only one not wearing a bra.

On the other hand, she’s wearing a thin underwear

「 Okay, sit down Papa 」

Agnes asks me to sit on the sofa.

「 Who will lick Papa’s penis first? 」

Agnes looks for the fellatio candidate, but…

「 No, let’s go for kissing first 」

I said with a smile.

「 Ah, yes, desuno! Then, let’s start with Karen-chan 」

Agnes tells Karen.

「 Is that okay? 」

「 That’s not the question. We’re also doing the same anyway 」

「 Go ahead 」

Luna and Koyomi-chan gave Karen the priority.

「 Okay, come here Karen 」

I spread my arms and invited Karen.

「 Then, if you’d excuse me 」

Her supple body comes to my arms.

Her young skin feels cold.

I rub Karen’s back with my palm to warm her up and I embraced her.

「 Aah, it smells like Kou-oniisama’s skin 」

Karen sniffs my nape.

「 Do you like the smell? 」

I whispered to Karen’s ears.

「 I get wet when I smell Kou-oniisama’s scent. 」

Karen says while rubbing her thighs bashfully.

Oh, she’s right.

I can sense that mature woman’s charm that you won’t think she’s this age.

「 Kou Onii-sama! 」

Karen kisses me.

Her lips are so soft.

I can feel its elasticity.

Karen’s no longer afraid of kissing.

She kisses me passionately, putting her tongue in my mouth.

We entwine our tongues.

「 It’s okay if I change more and more, right? 」

Karen looks at me with her big eyes

「 I’ll be lewd only in front of Kou-oniisama 」

「 Yeah, show me your changes, become even lewder 」

I speak to Karen’s moist eyes.

「 I’ll take it all in 」

「 Aaah, Kou-oniisama 」

We exchanged another passionate kiss.