Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1322. Farewell to the Spear / Another Defeat



「 Spears is one of the oldest weapons of mankind 」

Rei-chan said.

「 Naturally, the first one was just a long stick with a stone tool attached to the tip. It’s only after human history was recorded that sharp metal blades were added. One of the most famous is the phalanx, in which soldiers armed with long spears and large shields from ancient Greece formed a dense formation and deployed spear slings in front of them. But the Macedonian army of Alexander the Great had their spears increase their length, calling it Sarissa 」

Rei-chan said, and then looked at Haiji.

「 Haiji-chan’s taking an in-depth lecture at an academy in Europe, right? 」

「 Yes 」

Haiji replies.

「 In warfare from old times, it’s important to know how to communicate the orders of the commander to the troops, because it’s not possible to give orders by radio as we do now. If you’re using a unit with spears fighting together as a fighting force, then you can move many people under one will. However, this would require a lot of well-trained soldiers, in Europe, from ancient to the middle ages, when feudal societies where each lord ran their own domain, dense formations of soldiers with spears has become obsolete 」

「 It was the time of knights and mercenaries 」

Rei-chan smiled.

「 However, when Switzerland gained independence from the Habsburgs in the 15th century, the citizen-soldiers defeated the cavalry by forming defense formations with long spears called pikes 」

「 That brought back the age of spears 」

「 That’s right. Even after guns came into use in warfare, spearmen were indispensable for escorting the gunners and for close combat, since early guns took a very long time to fire in succession. In the 16th century, the Spanish army has established the tactics of “Tercio” in which soldiers with guns and spears are combined to a formation. After that, spears have remained a mainstay in the European warfare until the 17th century 」

Haiji said.

「 Bayonet was invented to put a sword at the end of the musket. Before that, they had to separate gunners and spearmen, but when it came to close combat, we could attach bayonets to the guns and make all the soldiers gunners 」

「 The increase in production capacity in European countries also made it possible to get more guns to the soldiers. Before that, it was hard to prepare a lot of guns because of their expensive and complicated structure. Spears are cheaper and easier to make than guns 」

「 Meaning, in Europe, the spear has become bayonet 」

A weapon attached to the end of a long gun is used to stab or cut through enemies.

「 In the past, rifles were designed to be as short and small as possible to make them easier to handle, nevertheless, many rifles officially adopted by many countries in the world still had bayonet attachment possible. There’s also training in bayonet fighting, although many countries have switched to combat knives in close combat, they still do it 」

「 It has a longer reach than a knife. The US army stopped teaching bayonet fighting in 2010 but the Marines are still training bayonet fighting. The British military has conducted actual bayonet charges in the Falklands war in Iraq and in Afghanistan 」

They still use bayonets even in the 21st century.

「 While spears are no longer used in modern times, spear techniques had been passed down to bayonets. In fact, when Japan adopted the Western military tech during the Meiji era, they also adopted the bayonets. To establish the bayonet techniques, the ancient Japanese spear techniques were used as reference 」

Rei-chan said.

「 That means, our Kuromiya style is no longer suitable for the times? 」

Kuromiya-san asks with a straight face.

「 As for the martial arts used in real combat, then I’m sorry. In the age of firearms, spears will never be a mainstream weapon 」

Rei-chan made it clear.

「 If we’re talking about the preservation of tradition when passing down an old form of martial arts to the modern world, then it makes sense. Kuromiya-sama’s spear fighting cannot be used in actual combat anymore 」

「 I think that it’s great that you can use Qi techniques, but you don’t need a spear to use them, right? 」

Kinoshita-san said with a smile.

「 If you have to use your spear, then don’t you think that you’re limiting the range of your techniques? If I were you, then I would consider something more practical 」

Kinoshita-san looked at the training spear at her hand.

「 For example, it doesn’t have to be a spear at all. Something else that’s not weird for a girl of your age to bring. let’s see, for example, a parasol, or lacrosse racket, or anything that’s long enough. Its inside can be reinforced for combat by inserting special metals and other materials, and if you carry that kind of weapon, then you can use the techniques you learned for your spear 」

She says with a smile.

「 What’s left is to bring it calmly like me, even though the average person won’t know what those are 」

Kinoshita-san puts the training spear to the ground and retrieved her flail she put down at the flowerbed of the courtyard.

A heavy weapon with a chain and iron bridge chimes when lifted.

「 I’m also careful with its color. It’s to make sure it doesn’t look like a weapon at a glance 」

I see so that’s why it has pink and blue line patterns.

That’s enough to deceive most people.

「 If you want to use your skills in the real world, then adapt to the real world. No country’ll allow you to carry a spear nowadays 」

Kinoshita-san laughs.

Kuromiya style spear fighting only has its historical value as an old martial art.

They have to consider a lot of things for the modern age.

「 I understand what you’re trying to say 」

Kuromiya-san looks down and said.

「 Motoko-ojousama 」

Mikuriya-san looks at her master worriedly.

「 But, you can’t be convinced deep inside? Even after seeing the results 」

Rei-chan speaks gently.

「 There’s also a way to make Kuromiya-sama’s spear technique into a sport and spread it to the public. But you need to modify the original spear techniques to make them acceptable to the modern public. The spear style passed down to the Kuromiya house for generations can’t be used as a sport by ordinary people 」

That’s true.

We need to cut down the foundation as a military art, which is the art of killing the opponent.

「 Fujimiya-san, are you saying that Kuromiya style should cease to exist? 」

Kuromiya-san asks intensely.

「 That’s not the case. If you want to continue to preserve the Kuromiya style, then decide for yourself on what form you’d like to leave it 」

Rei-chan speaks clearly.

「 There’s a method of passing down the techniques from the ancestors to their grandchildren and leaving the future to them, just like how the Kuromiya house did 」

And the grandchild is Kuromiya Motoko-san.

Kuromiya Motoko-san and Mikuriya Kurumi-san were the only ones who learned the Kuromiya style spear fighting from the previous generation.

Motoko-san intends to pass down the same Edo period technique to her child and grandchildren.

There’s also the option of just leaving the decision of what to do with the technique to the offspring.

「 As of now, it’s only Kurumi and me who actively learned the spear techniques in the Kuromiya house. Many in our family are bitterly disappointed with us. I was once told directly that to maintain the appearance of our noble family, I should abandon my spear 」

Kuromiya-san said.

「 I feel like if things continue, I’ll be forbidden to practice the spear in the Kuromiya house. Furthermore, I’m a woman, and so I’ll be married off to another family, and I don’t think they’ll allow me to teach the spear to the heir of the Kuromiya main house 」

Meaning, it’s highly likely that the passing down of the spear fighting style will stop in Kuromiya Motoko-san’s generation.

「 Therefore, I sought to become Kuromori-sama’s concubine and have a child that can carry the Kuromiya name and pass down the art to him 」

If she’s a concubine, then she can’t get married officially, and so her surname as Kuromiya-san won’t change.

Even her child will also inherit the Kuromiya name.

「 I can understand how you feel, but don’t you think that’s a bit too selfish? 」

Misuzu who listened to Kuromiya-san’s story speaks up.

「 That’s…Misuzu-sama’s right, but I also am at my wits’ end 」

「 But, everything you said is only for your convenience! It’s annoying that you bring your troubles to our home 」

Misuzu insisted.

「 I-I’m sorry 」

Kuromiya-san fell on her knees.

「 Ojou-sama 」

Mikuriya-san tries to rush over to her master.

For now, that’s it.

Kuromiya-san finally reached her defeat.

The problem is what’s ahead.


「 !! 」

「 !!! 」

Dolly and Anna came to the courtyard before I noticed them.

Dolly lifted the practice spear Kinoshita-san put on the ground.

「 Could it be that those girls want to fight with those spears? 」

Nei said.

「 Well, I guessed so. Watching the fight got them excited 」

Anya said and went to the courtyard.

「 I’ll play with this girl, can you lend me a spear? 」

Anya told Kuromiya-san

「 Anya-san, you have experience in spears? 」

「 I’m okay going for another fight 」

Rei-chan and Kinoshita-san said.

「 I just want to teach these girls something. I learned the basics of stick fighting from Kyouko-sama after all 」

Anya said, took the training spear from Kuromiya-san, and swung it to check the balance.

Dolly did the same.

「 It’s so important that I had to teach them this today 」


「 Earlier, the girl who was getting along with the girls. Oh, it’s you. Sorry, but can you give those girls a wave to cheer them up? 」

Anya spoke to Agnes who’s indoors.

「 Okay, Dolly-chan! Go for it! 」

「 Dolly-chan! Good Luck! 」

Agnes and Luna waved at Dolly with a smile.

It’s probably Dolly’s first time to have someone cheering for her.

She looks confused but she looked at Agnes and the girls and waved her hand.

「 Well then, let’s begin 」

Anya said. Rei-chan;

「 Then, READY. GO! 」

This time, she used English to start the fight.

「 Haa!! 」

First, Anya went to Dolly, going for a strike.

「 Hyau! 」

Dolly avoids it, turns quickly, and tries to go to Anya’s back.

「 Guh! 」

Anya dodged, but she’s at a disadvantage.

As expected of Dolly who swings the drill spear regularly.

She’s much better than Anya when it comes to using the spear.

「 Ei!! 」

Woah, Anya throws a shuriken to Dolly.

Dolly uses the tip of the spear to brush off the shuriken and close the gap in one fell swoop.

「 Chaisaa!! 」

Oh, Anya can’t avoid this one.

Yet, as everyone thinks that way…

「 Pigiiii?! 」

Dolly stopped moving.


She’s holding a pistol in her hand, where did she take that from?

Furthermore, the muzzle is…

It’s pointing not at Dolly but at Agnes who’s inside the mansion.

「 Mguiiii!! 」

Dolly’s sister, Anna tried to rush at Anya, but…

「 Eishotto! 」

Kinoshita-san moved in and subdued Anna.

Dolly remains frozen.

「 Okay, that’s enough 」

Anya lowers her pistol.

「 That’s good enough, these girls should know that by now 」

◇ ◇ ◇

Returning to the dining room, Anya explained to us.

「 Dolly and Anna are girl assassins and so the only way they know how to fight is to lay down their lives and kill their target 」

Agnes and the girls are smiling, offering Dolly and Anna ice cream.

「 They’re taught only to go to the site and assassinate the people and then leave. They never experienced how to fight to protect the people they love 」


「 Earlier, that was just a match, but all Dolly could see was me, her opponent. She completely forgot to look at her surroundings 」

「 The spacing is also weird. She doesn’t care about going for a tie as long as she kills her opponent. That’s a troublesome way of fighting 」

Kinoshita-san also speaks her thoughts.

「 That’s why I taught them that this can’t go on 」

Anya smiled wryly.

「 I made them understand that fighting that way won’t let them protect anyone 」

「 For a bodyguard, you must keep your distance from the enemy so they can’t use the person you’re protecting as a shield 」

Michi said.

「 That’s right. Keep track of the enemy position and all the people you need to protect and eliminate dangers as much as possible 」

Rei-chan said.

「 Furthermore, you must account every possibility 」

Anya acted on the idea that she had a pistol in her possession.

「 Putting your life in the line won’t keep your precious people safe. That’s what I wanted them to learn today 」

Anya said.

「 Here, here, it’s delicious! Mana-chan made this ice cream! 」

Agnes puts the ice cream on a spoon in Dolly’s mouth.

「 It’s delicious you know 」

Koyomi-chan shows herself eating the ice cream on her plate and tells them that it’s safe.

「 Anna-chan, eat 」

Luna also gave a plate of ice cream Anna.

Then, Anna took a bite.

「 Delicious 」

Anna told her sister with a smile.

Then, Dolly licked the ice cream on Agnes’ spoon.

「 Oui! 」

「 See? It’s delicious! Okay, now eat these 」

「 Really, ice cream’s delicious 」

「 Yes, it’s delicious. Eri-chan 」

The twins also show off the deliciousness of the ice cream.

Dolly also took a spoon for herself and started eating the ice cream.

Her face is showing a smile.

「 They were upset as they noticed they weren’t protecting them but I think that’ll change the way they fight 」

Anya said.

「 Those girls aren’t stupid. The rest is up to them to figure out how to use the skills they acquired to protect their family 」

She’s so focused on defeating her opponent that she forgot about Agnes and the girls, and she’s reflecting on putting them in danger.

Dolly and Anna will change.

「 You too. You need to be a bit more flexible in your thinking 」

Anya told Kuromiya-san who are also depressed

「 The technique you girls have now is amazing. That’s the truth. What’s important is how you put that to use 」

Anya said. Kuromiya-san realized.

「 Before you think about what you want to do with that skill, you better think about what you can do with it. You can be more constructive and positive that way 」