Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1408. School Festival / The Fruits of the Festival



「 Natou-san, I think that you’ll become an amazing talent 」

Fujimori-san, a manager belonging to the Death Star Productions M&M Section F, tells Nei enthusiastically.

「 Or should I say that why is there nobody trying to tap on this talent! 」

「 I think so too! Nei-san will definitely go popular! You’re much more suited to become an idol than me! 」

Saito Yuki-san, you’re still an idol, you should speak like that.

「 Huh, what? What is it? 」

「 Natou-san’s getting scouted by an agency 」

「 No way, really? 」

「 Really, it’s true 」

Oh boy, the girls watching what’s happening in the cafeteria call reinforcements.

「 Err, Yo-chan!!! 」

Nei finally asked for my help.


「 Just say that I’ll discuss it with my guardians and take the business card 」

Margo-san came through the entrance at the right time and told Nei.

Oh, Poron-san, Mimi-san, and Grace Marinka-san’s with her.

「 We’re finally done packing the equipment. Burnham Woods Sports also went home 」

Oh right, Margo-san and the group stayed on the grounds until they saw the ring and equipment taken down.

She did say that she’s leaving it to Edie, but Margo-san’s the one responsible for dealing with the production company and the company that lent them the ring.

「 Where’s Rei-chan? 」

I asked.

「 Took Haruka-san and Maria-chan back home 」

Margo-san replies.

I see. She took the two to the Kouzuki SS training dorm.

「 Oh? A scout? Now that you mention it, Mimi isn’t in any agency either 」

Poron-san speaks with her fake Kyoto accent.

「 Eh, Poron-san, you want to be a celebrity? 」

「 Mimi, what about you? 」

Poron-san asks back.

「 Hmm, if that’s what it takes to get sponsors for Karate, then I’ll think about it 」

「 I wonder, Mimi doesn’t look as good as me 」

Poron-san smiles. She’s a beauty witch when it comes to fighting.

She’s tall and also has a nice body.

「 I’m okay doing anything for my fans, even if it means becoming a celebrity 」

Poron-san’s confident not just in her strength but also in her beauty.,

「 How about you Grace? I heard that you were pretty popular when you were wrestling, right? 」

Mimi-san asks Grace Marinka-san.

「 I heard that my merch was the best seller in my group, though I don’t know much else 」

Grace-san doesn’t care about her merch sales, the wrestling organization she belongs to was also a half-hearted one.

Maybe, they don’t properly distribute the proceeds of the athlete’s goods.

「 Ah, I have Grace-san’s Dakimakura! 」

「 I have an oversized towel with the “GRACE” logo on my wall. 」

Pro wrestling fan guys said.

「 I see, if you’re part of an agency, they can do a lot of stuff for you, like making and selling merch and even promoting your games 」

Rodulfo Seiko-san, who was next to Edie and the girls joined the conversation.

「 I never thought about it before, but nowadays, even top athletes are managed by agencies, so Haruko and I don’t mind belonging to one 」

She also has a lot of female fans, she’s a beautiful fighter after all.

Furthermore, she’s the manager of Golden Balm Gym.

「 With that said, Manager-san. Could you give us that too? 」

Rodulfo-san stretches her hands to Fujimori-san.

「 Huh? What? What? 」

Fujimori-san’s dumbfounded.

「 Isn’t it obvious? Your business card! One for Haruko, and one for me 」

No, you two are from the same gym, no need for two business cards.

「 If you’re giving Rodulfo-chan a business card, then give us one too before her okay? Oh, Mimi’s not as cute, but I’ll also get one for her 」

「 W-What? Frustrated? Get one for me too! 」

Poron-san and Mimi-can also stretch their hand to Fujimori-san.

「 H-Hey, wait. 」 U-Uhm? 」

Fujimori-san’s confused.

「 What? You won’t say that you’re not giving us your business card, right? 」

Mimi-san glares at Fujimori-san.

「 Ah, Mimi’s okay, just give me one 」

「 Haruko and I are beautiful so there should be no problem, right? 」

Poron-san and Rodulfo-san approach Fujimori-san.

「 No, that’s not it! 」


「 I-I…I was sure that… 」

「 Sure what? 」

Mimi-san retorts to the hesitating Fujimori-san.

「 I-I was sure that you were all comedians who already belonged to an agency… 」

The whole cafeteria turned silent.

「 H-Hmmm, w-why did you think that way? 」 I’m not angry, just tell Onee-san…fushuuuuuu!! 」

Mimi-san’s trying to calm herself by breathing.

「 T-That’s because, everyone was well defined, so I thought that you must be entertainers, you were so fun to watch that you had some great star power 」

「 That aside, why did you think that we’re comedians? Fushuuuu!! Seiya, soiyaa 」

Mimi-san’s adding some thrusts with her breaths.

「 I-I mean, everyone just went with a school swimsuit judo thing…yes 」

Fujimori-san replied honestly.

「 N-No, I’m not saying that it’s weird or unflattering that you wore school swimsuits because you’re too old for it! Uhm, it’s just that it was fun to watch on its own, it was a funny moment. I think that wearing a judo uniform over the tight school swimsuit makes a very silly and indescribable fun video 」


Mimi-san, Poron-san, and Rodulfo-san are looking at Fujimori-san with the eyes of a predator.

「 I-I understand, if you’re not a member of any agencies, then we have a comedy division at Death Star Productions! I’ll introduce you to someone in the Death Star Entertainment Comedy division 」

Fujimori-san says with a serious face, but…

「 We’re not comedians!!! Shaaaaa!! 」

Mimi-san threatens Fujimori-san with a strange voice.

「 S-So you say, but… 」

Fujimori-san tries to refute, but…

「 No, that was just the manager’s misunderstanding. I mean, I don’t understand the values of people who are here right now 」

A wrestling fan guy who said that he had a Grace Marinka towel interrupts the conversation.

「 That was probably her first time watching women’s martial arts, and to be honest, the matches today were on a high level. It’s something you don’t see that often 」

「 I’m also a fan of martial arts, but to be honest, I didn’t think much of the women’s division. Now I’m reflecting on it 」

「 Me too, I only checked your bios and videos of your previous matches on my phone. You’re all amazing. 」

Some of the boys who were watching live were able to see that these women are real fighters.

「 I mean, Edie’s a lightweight yet she KO’d a big woman right at the start. 」

「 She’s Dan Toushiko, and she’s famous among the fighters. She’s won several competitions. And she’s much heavier than Edie-san. 」

「 Yeah, I know about her too. Dan Toushiko posts her comments on social media. 『 I was caught off guard. But, that was my defeat. I accept it. I’ll train again from scratch. I won’t lose next time 』she says 」

The student pulls out Dan-san’s post on his phone and reads it aloud.

「 That’s great for Dan-san to accept her defeat, but Edie’s in a completely different class 」

「 “I won’t lose next time,” even though there’s no such thing as a rematch even in formal matches 」

Mimi-san and Poron-san are fed up.

「 It’s possible if it’s in School Swimsuit Judo. If she’s willing to put on a school swimsuit, then I’ll fight her 」

Edie said smiling.

「 No, in the first place Edie-chan, having a school swimsuit judo tournament wasn’t that great of an idea, right? 」

「 Yeah, if we had a regular martial arts tournament, then they won’t mistake us for comedians 」

Mimi-san and Poron-san looks at Fujimori-san again.

「 Not really, the school swimsuit judo was great 」

Edie smiled at the two.

「 If it’s just an ordinary women’s martial arts tournament, then only a few martial arts fans would watch it, even if it’s on Sunday Afternoon 」

「 What do you mean? 」

Poron-san asks back, and the guy…

「 I think that Edie’s right. Today’s viewers aren’t likely to watch a normal martial arts show. If they happen to turn on the TV and see that it’s a martial arts tournament, they’re likely to immediately change the channel if they’re not into it 」

「 Yeah, our family don’t ever watch martial arts after all 」

A school girl from the side nods.

「 I think so too. Father and Mother don’t watch martial arts on Sunday afternoon either 」

「 Onii-chan likes to watch sports, but not martial arts 」

Oh, as expected, women’s martial arts isn’t that widely accepted.

「 But, I would watch the tournament today if I were watching TV. I don’t know what’s going on but it’s flashy, and surprise keeps coming one after another 」

「 Natou-san’s the host, and she’s cute 」

「 Then, Fujimiya Reika-san and Anjou Mitama appeared to finish the show, right? Of course, people will get hooked 」

Rei-chan and Mitama are both famous on TV.

They’re well known in Japan now.

「 I mean, it’s already the top trending on social media. They’re asking what just happened 」

The guy looking at his phone said.

「 The tournament earlier is already up on video sites 」

「 Wow, that’s a lot of people watching 」

「 Ah, you’re right, it’s top trending on Twitter 」

「 Oh yeah 」

The girls also checked their phones.

「 Right now more people are watching the videos someone uploaded after finding out that these are popular than watching the broadcast in real-time 」

One of the boys says while looking at his phone.

「 It’s not just the videos of the broadcast they’re watching, it’s also the bios of the people who were at the game today, and there are articles and news over the internet 」

「 True, they’re all actual female martial artists 」

「 Aah, the person on the news is right in front of my eyes. Let’s see, belonging to the super realistic Karate Tommy Ashida Dojo 」

「 You won’t see them as comedians if you read this 」

Information about the participants spread throughout the net within the hours of the school swimsuit judo tournament broadcast.

「 Edie-san won her last tournament with consecutive KOs. What does KO even mean? 」

「 I think it’s something amazing 」

「 There’s this video with the title of “Compilation of all Edie KO wins” that is getting a ton of views 」

Edie’s strategy was a jackpot.

By broadcasting a school swimsuit judo tournament, which wasn’t clear what it was about, they attracted an audience who weren’t even interested in martial arts.

「 Thanks, Edie, now it’s easier to grab some sponsors. Everyone’s popularity also increased a lot 」

Margo-san thanked Edie.

「 Poron-san, Mimi-san, Seiko-san too, you’ll be joining the celebrities from tonight onwards so you might indeed join some agency now 」

Nei laughed.

The manager also looked at her phone to check the response at the school swimsuit judo tournament today…

「 U-Uhm 」

She calls out Poron-san timidly.

「 I-If you’re still okay with it, c-could you take my b-business card? 」

Seeing that they were getting this much popularity, she had to reach out to them before other entertainment agencies call them out

「 Err, what do you think, Poron? 」

「 Let’s take it for now 」

「 I’ll take one too, although I’m still not sure if I’ll sign on your firm or not 」

「 T-Thank you 」

Mimi-san, Poron-san, and Rodulfo-san took Fujimori-san’s business card.

「 U-Uhm 」

Fujimori-san also hands her business card to Grace Marinka-san, but…

「 What do you think, Edie? 」

Grace-san looked at Edie.

「 Just take it 」

Edie smiled.

「 Then, I’ll take it 」

「 Thank you 」

Grace-san also got Fujimori-san’s business card.

「 Oh, Natou-san’s also got news on her. 」

「 Yeah, she’s getting a lot of attention. People are asking who is this beauty 」

The girls looking at their phones also found articles on Nei.

「 I see. Natou-san’s just an ordinary school girl so I guess they can’t find her background like all these other fighters 」

「 That’s why the guys on social media seem to have trouble 」

Nei’s thoroughly kept out of the internet until May of this year.

That’s because Nei was a target by an American criminal organization, but also…

Nei back then entered Japan on a fake Canadian passport.

Not even our school has records of her name.

But now, we got her original Najima Yasuko papers when we got to the US during summer vacation.

「 On the other hand, Saito Yuki-san, was it? You’re getting some news too 」

「 Is that so? Let me see 」

Saito-san peeks into the phones of the girls.

「 Wow, it’s true. It’s my first time getting news like that! I’ll get more jobs this time, I’m happy! 」

Saito-san’s happy.

「 How long have you been in the entertainment business Saito-san? 」

One of the school girls asks out of curiosity.

「 Just half a year. I’m currently in the idol unit Raccoon Slope 98 in Death Star Promotions M&M Section F 」

「 Oh, I knew it! Saito-san’s a member of the Tanuki hole, right? 」

「 No, I’m number 1545 in the Fumin Valley 2010, which is further down in the Naruko Hill 209, which is under the Raccoon Slope 98. Remember, it goes from valley to hill to slope!! 」

Hmm, so she’s in the valley under the hill.

「 Oh, the article’s using Yuki-chan’s photo from the official website! 」

Fujimori-san checks the article and said.

「 Eeh, Fujimori-san, that photo you took half a year ago? 」

「 Yes. That’s why Yuki’s eyebrows still look thick. 」 You don’t even know how to trim your eyebrows half a year ago, right? 」

「 Uwawa, that’s right. Nooo! Fujimori-san, take another photo of me for publicity since we have the opportunity! 」

「 Yes, if we’re getting publicity, then we’ll ask the president to do that 」

Fujimori-san talks about the president of Death Star Promotions M&M Section F, but…

Tomorrow, that will be me.

Neither Saito Yuki, a personality belonging to the company, nor Fujimori-san, a full-time employee has yet been informed of the situation.

「 Haa, if it gets this much buzz, then going for school swimsuit judo was okay, I guess 」

Mimi-san says heartily.

「 Our gym’s gonna get a lot of newcomers. A wave is coming, Haruko! 」

Rodulfo Seiko-san smiled at her disciple, Line Haruko-san in good mood.

「 Margo-chan should’ve come out too if the results were this great 」

Mimi-san told Margo-san.

「 Yeah. Margo-han should’ve appeared too 」

Poron-san speaks like it’s a wasted opportunity.

「 I’ll pass. I never had the intention to show up in the first place 」

「 I wanted to fight against Margo 」

Grace-san told Margo-san.

「 I mean, it’s a school swimsuit tournament, you know? I’m embarrassed to put on a school swimsuit 」

Margo-san smiled. Then the four participants of the beauty witch league got dumbfounded.

「 Err, Margo-chan’s 19, you just graduated from school, right? 」

「 Speaking of which, how old are you this year, Mimi? 」

「 I’m 26. What about Poron? 」

「 I’m 27 」

「 Ahahahaha, I’m 25 」

「 I’m 21 」

「 Thinking about it again, that was just harsh on us 」

Mimi-san feels depressed

「 Don’t mind it, we succeeded in making our names known to the world at large, and Margo-san can get some sponsors on our way to America, right? 」

Rodulfo-san remains firm.

「 Yes. I think we can get smooth negotiations with the sponsors after today’s show. I think we’ll sell the TV rights in Japan for a higher price than expected, so our fears are solved. Next week, I’ll go to Las Vegas to officially sign the commission there 」

Margo-san replied with a smile.

「 This New Year’s Eve, they’ll host a martial arts tournament at UGM hotel in Las Vegas, and all the fights will be broadcasted live via satellite on Japan Television 」

「 It’s finally here 」

Grace Marinka-san nods.

「 It’s already set in stone? Nice, you don’t mind if we spread the word at the dojo tomorrow? 」

Mimi-san’s excited.

「 Please do 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 Hell yeah! I’m going to make a call at the dojo 」

Mimi-san takes out her phone.

「 Ah, I turned off my phone before the match 」

「 Me too 」

「 Me too, it’s out of battery 」

Mimi-san, Rodulfo-san, and Poron-san.

They’ve been peeking at the phones of the students, but they never checked theirs.

The three of them turned on their phones.


「 Huh? That’s a lot of unread mails 」

「 Me too 」

「 Me too 」

The three are surprised.

「 Oh shit! There are a lot of calls on the dojo too! 」

「 They’re all from the viewers of the show earlier 」

「 Oh my, that’s a lot, what do I do? 」

The three checked their emails.

「 I don’t have anything. Besides, I don’t have friends 」

I don’t think that’s good in its own way Grace-san.

Well, she’s quite overbearing that she quit her previous wrestling organization.

「 Ah, a mail from Father 」

Line Haruko-san also checked her phone.

「 Father watched the match on TV 」

Haruko’s relationship with her father is sour.

That’s why she’s staying at Rodulfo Seiko-san’s gym.

「 What did he say? 」

Edie asks Haruko-san.

「 Don’t go to matches wearing such shameless clothes 」

Haruko-san looked down with a gloomy face.

「 He doesn’t get it 」

Haruko-san had a match with Kudou Haruka-san today.

Those who were watching can tell that Haruko-san did her best.

「 Father doesn’t accept anything I do 」

Haruko-san says sadly.


「 Seiko, about the topic earlier 」

She calls Rodulfo Seiko-san while trying to comfort Haruko-san.

Rodulfo-san is moving her fingers on the screen of her phone.

「 Yes, I know. Haruko, you’re enrolling in this school starting next week 」

She looked at Haruko-san and said.

「 Seiko-san? 」

「 I’m also worried since Haruko’s not going to school. Even if you want to make a living as a martial artist, you should still be at least in high school. Margo-san and Edie-san say that they can talk to the director in this school and transfer Haruko to 」

「 If you want, you can also stay at our home while you’re going to school 」

Edie smiled at Haruko-san.

「 I’m also staying at their place. They have good food and you have a good training environment. And the girls are cute 」

Grace Marinka-san said.

「 But, I’m Seiko-san’s disciple 」

Haruko-san said, but…

「 I also want to stay at Margo-san and Edie-san’s place. Grace Marinka-san’s gotten so strong in just such a short time 」

Rodulfo Seiko-san smiled wryly.

「 Yeah, I feel that too 」

「 I can already sense the threat 」

Mimi-san and Poron-san were also amazed at how much stronger Grace-san got after training with Edie.

「 I’ve got my gym so I can’t stay over like Grace-san, but I’m happy to join the training 」

「 Me too, I don’t think I can go every day, but I’ll join in 」

「 Me too, I don’t want to have a shameful match like today when we’re in America 」

The three of the beauty witch league will come to train in the mansion?

「 How about we go for a training camp before going to America in Haruka-san and Maria-chan’s training place? 」

Margo-san said.

Kudou Haruka’s recently training in the Kouzuki SS training building.

They have a dojo there, so they can do training camps.

「 Is that okay, Darling? 」

Edie asks me.

I’m the owner of Kouzuki SS.

So, I have authority in that building.

「 Yeah, you can. I’ll tell Shou-neechan 」

「 Thanks, Darling 」

Edie smiled happily.

「 If so, I’ll send Edie and Haruko-san to school in my car 」

Margo-san said.

「 Thank you, Margo-san. You don’t mind, do you, Haruko? 」

Rodulfo Seiko-san bows to Margo-san and looks at her disciple.

「 Haruko, what do you think of the school? If you don’t mind then we can go here together to study! 」

Edie said with a smile.

「 That’s right, come to our school, Haruko-chan 」

Nei also invites Line Haruko-san.

「 Umu, it’s fun in this school. I’m also here 」

Mitama said.

「 They’ll be happy to have Haruko-chan as our student here too! 」

Nei said. The students;

「 I-I welcome it! 」

「 Me too! I’d be happy to see you here! 」

「 I’ve become a fan after watching your match earlier, please enroll in our school 」

They all welcome Haruko-san.


「 Okay, please take care of me 」

She bows to everyone politely.

「 Oooh!! 」

Cheers fill the school cafeteria.

「 That’s nice, going to the same school as Nei-san and Mitama-san. I want to enroll in this school too if possible

Saito Yuki-san said.

「 Really? If so, why don’t you enroll here too? 」

Nei said.

「 Eeeeh?! That easy? 」

Saito-san’s surprised.

「 Yuki-chan, what school are you enrolled in right now? 」

「 It’s in the performing arts institute, Morikoshi school! Everyone in Death Star Productions goes there 」

「 Sorry, our company’s affiliated with Morikoshi institute 」

Nei asks. Saito-san and Fujimori-san replied.

「 Oh, so that’s the rule 」

「 Yes, that’s why we’re happy to hear Nei-san’s offer, but I can’t. That’s unfortunate 」

Saito-san told Nei.

「 Well, that’s the rule! Although, who knows until when that rule will continue 」

Nei looked at me and smiled.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 But still, thanks for today. If there’s another job available, then please give us a call 」

「 If you’d excuse us 」

Saito Yuki-san and Fujimori-san greeted off and left.

「 Wait, I’ll send you off in my car to the station. Rodulfo-san and Poron-san, get on my ride too 」

Margo-san told them.

「 It’s just in the parking lot there, I’ll drive it here 」

「 It’s okay, Margo-chan, our place is just right there so we’ll just walk it off 」

Mimi-san left her seat.

「 See you later, Haruko! 」

Edie smiled at Line Haruko-san.

「 Yes, thank you for today 」

Haruko-san bowed at Edie.

Margo-san guides Saito Yuki-san, Fujimori-san, Poron-san, Monkey Mimi-san, Rodulfo Seiko-san, and Line Haruko-san out of the cafeteria.

「 Oh shit, I forgot to ask them to give me an autograph 」

「 Oh right! 」

「 I’ll go ask them 」

「 That girl is still an idol right! 」

The martial arts fans and the fangirls followed them out.

The school cafeteria turns quiet in an instant.

「 Okay, next, who wants this? 」

Kana-senpai’s still distributing the cosmetics Mariko left to the tennis girls.

「 Should we go back to the bakery? 」

I stood up.

Speaking of which, Mana, Yomi, and Haiji are still in the bakery.

They remained to clean up the oven.

「 Yeah, let’s go! 」

Nei smiled at me.

「 I’m going home with Mao first. I have my car parked in the special parking lot 」

Nagisa said.

「 Mao, well go back home first, help out mama is preparing dinner, okay? 」

「 Okay, see you later Yoshida-kun!! 」

Mao-chan had been told not to call me “Papa” in this place.

「 Then, Mitama, go with Nagisa and Mao-chan 」

Even if it’s just going back from school to the mansion, they still need a bodyguard with them.

「 Certainly 」

Mitama bows to me.

「 Nii-san, we’ll go home too 」

「 Right, Eri-chan. Let’s go back to Agnes-chan 」

Rie and Eri will go home with Nagisa.

Nagisa’s car is an ordinary car so the five of them will fit just enough.

「 Okay, take care 」

I said.

「 I think it’s about time for us to go too 」

Misato told me.

Kurama Misato, Sumitomo Momoka, Shirahata Setsuna, and Asahina Nozomi…

They live in the new brothel in the basement of the hotel in front of the station, and Minaho-neesan drives them to school every day.

「 Minaho-san told us to wait in the usual place once the school festival is over 」

Momoka said.

The usual means the hidden room in the basement

That means that Minaho-neesan’s coming back to school again

「 Then, I’ll send Misato-chan off 」

Katsuko-nee stood up.

Katsuko-nee’s assisting Minaho-neesan in raising the prostitute cadets.

「 I’ll go with them, Kinuka too 」

Edie and Kinuka will be their guards.

We still have students in the school so they need security.

「 That was a lot of fuss earlier so Yukiyo might’ve set something up 」1

Iwakura Yukiyo, the student council president.

We went ham during the closing party after all.

I feel like Iwakura-san’s a bit too quiet this school festival.

She might do something right at the end though

「 Should I go too? 」

Luna asks.

「 No, Kinuka and I will do 」

Edie replied.

That means the remaining people are…

Nei, Megu, Luna, Ai, Kurose Anju.

Then Mana, Yomi, and Haiji were still at the bakery.


  1. Today I realized that It’s Sachiyo, not Yukiyo, what the fuck, thanks to Edie