Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1409. School Festival Day 2 / Good Work Sex Party (Part 1)



「 Welcome back, Onii-chan 」

I returned to the bakery with Nei, Megu, Luna, Ai, and Kurose Anju.

Mana welcomed us.

「 We’re done cleaning now 」

The workbench and the oven are already clean.

Thanks, Mana. Oh, you even cleaned inside the oven.

I opened the oven to check that there was not a single crumb left.

「 Yeah, we had time. And we thought that it would be troublesome for Onii-chan and Ai-san to do it after returning 」

Mana didn’t come with the girls to the closing party.

As expected, she’s afraid to meet those who knew her from before.

「 Mana-oneesan, I already swapped the memories of those who have met Nii-san’s little sister to me 」

Reading my thoughts, Luna goes to Mana.

「 Ah, I see. Then it should be okay now, right? 」

Mana asks Luna worriedly.

「 Yes, it should be fine now. Even if some weren’t at the school festival today, others are convinced that it’s me 」

Even if someone realizes that Mana was the one they met, others will dismiss it.

「 Mana, let’s go around next school festival 」

I said.

「 What are you talking about Onii-chan? Mana’s school festival is still coming 」

Mana replied cheerfully.

「 We just transferred to our new middle school, and since the twins and I are in a special class, we can’t do anything with the regular students, but we can still do something on our own, so come visit us by then 」

Mana is with Eri, Rie, Arisu and Kinuka in the private middle school that Minaho-neesan found for them.

However, the twins and Arisu are all in the first year, while Mana’s the only one in the second year.

It’s not easy for Mana to be the only one in the other year, even if they’re attending the special class in middle school.

「 Besides, Mana’s the only one who will get into high school in two years and become Onii-chan’s junior 」

Mana’s 14, and she will become a student in our school before I graduate.

「 It’s just for a year, but I can go to this high school with Onii-chan, and of course, I can help out in the bakery every day, and then we can go to the last school festival as students! 」

「 I see. You’re right 」

I pat Mana’s head.


「 Speaking of which, where are Haiji and Yomi? 」

There should be other girls that remained in the bakery together with Mana.

「 Oh, the two are in that room 」

Mana points at the break room.

「 The two of them are checking the surveillance system. It’s weird, Yomi-chan’s the one learning how to use it from Haiji-chan 」

Yomi was the one who joined the family first before Haiji.

That’s why Mana’s right, it’s weird that Yomi’s learning from Haiji, but…

「 Not really, Haiji’s a smart girl who received special training to be a bodyguard in Europe, she learned how to use the surveillance system in no time at all 」

Nei laughed.

「 But, Yomi-chan has her Miko power, so she can just read someone’s memory to know how to use it, right? 」

Megu asks Luna who has the same power as Yomi.

「 She can read how to use it from the memories, but there’s a difference in using it practically. Yomiko-oneesama’s bad at operating machines to begin with. Even if she knows the basics, she can’t come up with ideas on how to apply them 」

I see. So that’s it

「 Tsukiko-oneesama’s taken over the job as the Takakura shrine maiden, so Yomiko-oneesama’s genuinely trying to learn how to become a bodyguard in the family, but… 」


Yomi’s enrolled at the school for the young ladies as a bodyguard.

She’s not just relying on her Miko power, but she’s also trying to learn the surveillance systems and other things so she can work as a bodyguard.

「 U-Uhm, if that’s the case, I want Haiji-san to teach me too 」

Kurose Anju said.

She also just became my bodyguard.

「 Then, I’m going too! I want to use the system to check on some things 」

Nei said.

「 Huh, what do you want to look at? 」

I’m surprised.

The surveillance system here only checks inside and around the school, and also the mansion.

If she’s trying to look for something right now, Nei must be foreseeing some kind of danger?

「 It’s Yukiyo-chan! Yo-chan probably wants to know where she is right now too 」

Iwakura Yukiyo, the student council president.

True, we definitely like to check what that troublesome person is doing.

She could be trying to do something again.

「 Then, Yoshi-kun should go and check the system too. We’re gonna have some tea and wait here 」

Megu said.

「 Oh, right 」

Mana begins preparing tea.

「 We also have tea snacks 」

Ai shows the pad on the workbench.

「 I left some…thinking that we’ll eat later 」

Oh, the bread in the cafe’s sold out, but…

Ai saved some for us to eat after the closing party.

「 Then, I’ll also help prepare tea 」

Luna said.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Knock, knock~ Coming in! 」

Nei enters as soon as she opens the break room door.

「 Oh, good work 」

「 Good work 」

Yomi and Haiji saw us and bowed.

「 G-Good work 」

Kurose Anju bowed at the two.

「 No, we just had fun at the closing party, sorry that you two had to keep watching 」

「 No, this is a job for the family. Kou-sama, this way 」

Haiji gives me a print.

「 Let’s see 」

That’s the report of the incidents that happened today.

「 I’ve picked up five incidents from the newspaper articles and police reports that I thought fit the bill. It’s disguised as an ordinary car accident or a drunken quarrel, but we think that Michi-oneesama’s father is involved in the incidents 」

Oh right, Kudou-papa, and Agrippina-san, the top bodyguard one can buy.

They were turning the tables on those who came after Minaho-neesan for today.

At first, Minaho-neesan was the bait, drawing the enemies in, but…

Later in the afternoon, Minaho-neesan returned to school, and let Kudou-papa do the work.

「 Still, five in just one day 」

Five times, these people came to attack Minaho-neesan.

「 Are all of these from the same organization? 」

I asked.

「 No, I think they’re not. I don’t think that all five incidents were from different groups, but I feel like at least three were involved 」

Haiji speaks her analysis.

「 Thanks, Haiji 」

I read the report.

I’ll ask Minaho-neesan about the minute details later.

Or Shou-neechan.

Rei-chan’s on her day off so she probably doesn’t know anything about today’s incidents.

「 What do you think, Yomi-chan? 」

Nei asks Yomi, who’s operating the surveillance system

「 Uhm, I think I get the basics, but I’m afraid that I may have missed something 」

Yomi replied honestly.

「 Unlike my Miko power, I can’t read the minds of the person through the cameras 」

Yomi can see the minds of the people around her.

However, she can only understand those who are near her.

Naturally, she can’t read the minds of those who are seen through the cameras on the screen.

「 I think that’s a good lesson for Yomi to observe people! After all, Yomi tends to rely on her Miko power more than Tsukiko-chan and Luna-chan 」

Nei’s right.

Yomi’s the type who gets carried away.

Tsukiko, Luna, or Koyomi-chan are quite cautious.

I’m worried about that part of Yomi.

「 I see. I’m sorry for making you worry 」

Yomi apologized.

「 Okay, lemme borrow the system 」

Nei took the keyboard from Yomi, then…

She checks the system at an incredibly fast speed.

She taps the keys in a small rhythm, then Nei continues to switch the cameras rapidly.

The screen changes the camera views one after another.

Carious rooms, corridors, classrooms, corridors again.

It’s dark outside so the image is filtered to night vision.

「 Wow 」

Yomi’s amazed.

Nei’s been using this system since then.

She’s been in our family longer than we are.

Her years of learning the system are different.

「 I think that Yukiyo-chan’s hiding over there! 」

Nei’s exploring several of the secret rooms in the school.

「 There we go! BINGO! 」

Nei, this is the student council control warehouse.

Nei brings the feed from the camera to the monitor.

「 Hyaa?! 」

Kurose Anju raised her voice in surprise after seeing the screen.

Iwakura Yukiyo’s having sex with naked men.

『 Ufufu, you’ve gotten better, Kondou-kun. Deeper thrust harder. Aaah 』

『 Iwakura-senpai! Iwakura-senpai! Aaah! 』

Iwakura-san’s having sex with some of her juniors.

『 Hey, don’t just wait for your turn. I still have two more holes available 』 Fill it up 』

『 Iwakura-kaichou 』

『 I can’t hold back anymore! 』

『 Me too!! 』

Men are swarming around Iwakura-kaichou’s body.

『 Go ahead, I’ll satisfy you all tonight! Ufufufu 』

She stuffs two dicks in her mouth and wiggles her own hips while stroking two more with her hand.

『 Iwkaura-san! Aaaah! 』

『 Kuuu!! 』

The sensitive boys immediately ejaculate from just a hand job.

「 Kyaa 」

Kurose Anju screams again as she sees the white mucous splatter on Iwakura-san’s skin.

She’s still a virgin so this must be too stimulating for her.

「 Okay, that’s enough peeping 」

Nei switches the feed.

「 I guess Yukiyo-chan’s having fun with her own slaves 」

It doesn’t seem like she’s planning to do anything to us.

「 Well, this is also Yukiyo-chan’s last school festival, and she just finished her student council president work after the closing party, so I’m sure that she’ll be making memories all night long there 」

The end of our student council term is at the end of the school festival.

That’s why the orgy party would be Iwakura-san’s last event as the student council president.

「 Then, let’s leave her alone 」

「 True 」

As long as there’s no harm to us, she can do whatever she wants

「 That aside, err, this, look at this 」

Nei brings up another feed from the camera.

「 Huh, no way?! 」

The monitor shows a man and a woman having sex at the gym warehouse.

「 The folk dance at the after-party just now had the spectators end on an emotional note thanks to Nagisa-oneechan and Katsuko-oneechan 」

Nei laughs.

「 This happens every year. The lovers danced Oklahoma mixer or some other idyllic dance, but they got too excited that they had sex in campus after the closing party, and the best places are here in the storage room and…

Nei brings another feed.

「 Hyaaa?! 」

Kurose Anju screams more.

Another couple having sex.

Oh, that’s the backstage of the auditorium.

There were many events at the school festival where the keys are lent to the students.

「 High school is amazing 」

Yomi, who’s still in middle school, says while looking at the screen out of interest.

「 It happens a lot 」

Haiji was born in a European brothel district so she looks at it with disillusioned eyes.

「 I-Is that so, Haiji-san? 」

Kurose Anju asks Haiji.

「 Yes, it’s common in Europe, where high-school students have sex 」

「 Err, I’ve also been in Europe, but was that the case? 」

Kurose Anju was at the boarding school for an all-girls school in Switzerland as an attendant of Ishigami Mizuki, her former master.

Only rich girls are allowed there so she and Haiji had seen different worlds.

「 It’s not like in Japan, where the lovers get events frequently and copulate every time they have one, but… 」

「 But, it’s common for lovers to spend the last part of a fun event like that 」

Haiji said. Nei added.

「 With that said, we don’t have any work to do so let’s enjoy watching this, Yo-chan 」

Huh, Nei?

「 Look Yo-chan, it’s the night after the school festival. I’m fine, but Megu-chan and Ai-chan are definitely expecting that 」

Nei points at the couples on the monitor.

They’re excited about the school festival that they had sex after it was over.

「 These events are something you only experience in high school 」

Megu and Ai’s first-year school festival ends today.

「 Also, Maana-chan worked really hard these past two days, right? 」

Nei’s right.

Mana’s still in middle school, but she’s been supporting us in our cafe.

「 You’re right 」

Someone knocked on the door as soon as I replied to Nei.

「 The tea’s ready 」

The door opens, and the woman on the topic just now, Mana shows with a smile on her face.

「 Nei-chan, finished checking? 」

Mana asks Nei.

「 Yep, no problems! Let’s go have some tea now! You can leave the monitoring system on automatic and alert mode and we’ll be fine 」

The sensors throughout the school will sound an alarm to tell if they catch anything unusual.

「 Hohohonhoito! Let’s go! 」

Nei immediately turns the system to the said modes.

「 Sure, let’s have tea for now. 」

I went outside the break room.

◇ ◇ ◇

There’s tea and bread for the number of people at the bakery.

Oh, I’m a little tired so having some sweets would help.

「 Err, there’s one more bread and tea here 」

Mana prepares one more teacup.

「 It seems that they’re done there too 」

The monitor on the bakery is showing the feed at the school cafeteria.

Oh, the tennis girls are almost finished distributing the cosmetics Mariko left to them.

「 I want to hear what they say 」

「 Here, Yoshi-kun 」

Megu uses the monitor’s control panel to play the audio from the microphone in the cafeteria.

『 Okay, that’s all done! I’m going to ask the girl who was in charge of the rental stuff at the cafe to go with me tomorrow. Anyone else can have a day off tomorrow. Take a rest. The evaluation meeting for the school festival can go the other day 』

Kana-senpai talks to the tennis club girls.

Since the school festival was on Saturday and Sunday, we won’t have any classes on Monday, turning it into a substitute holiday.

That’s why students won’t come to school unless they have business here.

『 They’ll be done with the settlement of accounts by the next day. Then, Katsuko-san will take out the necessary expense and the remainder will go to the tennis club 』

『 Yay!! 』

The girls clapped their hands.

They know from the response that the sales were good.

I already heard that Katsuko-nee mentioned to the tennis girls that the profits would be given to the tennis club girls except for the necessary expense.

『 And so, as for the money, other than buying the missing equipment, we’re going to spend it before the seniors’ graduate 』

Kana-senpai said with a smile.

『 Eeh~ No need, we’re already retiring from the club after the school festival 』

『 You juniors can use it for yourselves 』

『 You could keep it saved for the next year 』

The third years say, but…

『 But Senpai. Our advisor Michii-sensei allowed our tennis club to open a cafe in collaboration with the baking course, but she’s retiring at the end of this year, right? 』

Kana-senpai said.

『 We don’t know who will be the adviser for the tennis club next year, and if we just leave it as the club budget, they might just confiscate it 』

The current advisor of the tennis club is a much older teacher, and I hear that she’s not in good shape.

That’s why she’s not that enthusiastic about the club activities, and she didn’t show up at the cafe this time since Katsuko-nee’s the instructor in the baking course, and she’s in charge of the whole thing.

『 Besides, if they discover that the tennis club got the extra money earned from the cafe, then the club money coming from the student council might reduce next year. That’s why we’re going to use up the entire amount by March 31 』

If it’s zero in the club books, the student council should give us the exact amount next year as this year’s club budget, unless something goes wrong.

『 That’s why we don’t know how much will be left until we settle the accounts, but when the senior exams are over, why don’t we take our club to a training camp somewhere? It’ll be a graduation trip for the seniors too. We can play tennis during the day, then soak in a hot spring at night, then go all out for some good food! 』

『 That’s a nice idea! 』

『 That might become an incentive to study for the exams 』

『 It’s a little pitiful if someone didn’t get accepted to their college or university by the time of the camping trip 』

『 Well, if that happens, we’ll just make it a “Sorry that you had to be a repeater” party 』

The seniors agreed to Kana-senpai’s suggestion.

『 Uhm, actually, I talked to Mariko this morning and she said that she might be able to get a facility that Torii electronics use for recreation, where we can stay for cheap 』

Kana-senpai shows off her best friend’s name and power again.

『 Kana, where even is that recreation facility? 』

Someone in the same year as Kana-senpai asks her.

『 Well, I heard that they have eight locations across the country, so she mentioned that we should discuss which is the best for us. Whether it’s the sea, mountains, lake shore, or island 』

『 As expected of the wealthy 』

『 Ah, hot springs are nice, but I feel like I want to go to some island in the south 』

『 Hoshizaki-senpai. Is it in Okinawa? 』

『 You wouldn’t believe this, it’s in Hawaii 』

『 T-There?!!! 』

『 Hawaii?! We can’t go there with the money we earned, right? 』

『 Well, it would be impossible with this, but using Mariko’s place would be cheap, so it wouldn’t be too much to ask to pay for your own transport, right? 』

Kana-senpai said.

『 I see. I guess if it’s in March, then we can take advantage of the New Year’s gift and all 』

『 Yeah, I think Mom will give me money for plane tickets if I cry a river 』

The tennis girls talk happily.

『 Well, we can think about it later 』

Kana-senpai said.

『 Right, Hoshizaki-san. Then, you’re the next tennis club captain 』

『 What? 』

Kana-senpai’s surprised.

『 Does anyone object? I’m retiring from the club anyway. So, I’m appointing Hoshizaki Kana as the next club president! 』

『 No objections 』

『 I think that’s a good idea 』

The tennis girls clapped for Kana-senpai.

『 I mean, Kana was like the club president while managing the school festival cafe 』

『 You were taking responsibility for everyone for the past two days 』

『 You weren’t even like that before 』

『 Yeah, that! You were even skipping club activities just until recently 』

『 You’ve grown 』

The seniors looked at Kana-senpai and smiled.

『 Well then, you better take care of them, Kana 』

The club president said, and then.

『 Okay. I’ll do it! I got this! Geez 』

Kana-senpai also took the role of club president for the next term.

『 Okay, Hoshizaki Kana-san is now the club president. Now, give us a speech 』

『 We’ve had enough of those today! 』

Kana-senpai retorts.

『 Don’t say that. Give us something, Prez! 』

『 Geez! I get it already 』

Then, Kana-senpai;

『 Everyone, good job for today. Our cafe was a success, and we did all show up on TV 』

『 Oh right, my Grandma from the rural area sent me a mail 』

『 As expected of government broadcasts 』

『 Yeah, we can talk about that later. Then we shared Mariko’s gifts with everyone. Did you have fun at this year’s school festival? 』

Kana-senpai asks the tennis club girls.

『 Yes, that was fun 』

『 Yeah, I had fun 』

『 It’s a good memory 』

『 I won’t forget this year 』

They all had fun

『 Me too, I had fun just like everyone. Then, you’re all dismissed!! Good job!!

『 Good Job!! 』

The tennis girls ended their school festival with a smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Great, nothing’s started yet 」

Kana-senpai walks into the bakery as soon as she dismissed the group.

「 Since it’s Ai, I thought that she might’ve already started it with Nobu without waiting for me 」

Kana-senpai’s also expecting sex in the campus right after the school festival.

「 Ai waited…Kana-chan’s also family 」

Ai replies calmly.

「 Oh, sorry. I was just joking. You could’ve started without waiting for me for real. Everyone wants to do it with Nobu right away, don’t you all? 」

Kana-senpai said cheerfully.

「 To tell the truth, my body’s already itching for Nobu! I already planned to have sex with Nobu after the school festival is over after all! 」

Err, I see.

「 Ai too…. had also been thinking… about doing it with Yoshida-kun… since this afternoon 」

Ai’s a docile girl, but she has quite a lewd personality.

「 I can understand how Kana-san and Ai-chan feel, but, let’s all take a break first! 」

Megu said.

「 Yeah, Onii-chan’s also tired from everything that happened for the past two days 」

「 Drink some tea, eat sweet bread, and take it slow 」

Luna and Yomi said.

「 Mana also wants to do it soon. But, our family has a rule about behaving oneself 」

Mana says while bringing the pastry and tea for Kana-senpai.

「 I’m sorry! 」

Kana-senpai bows her head.

「 The truth is, I asked Mariko if she’s coming too. She’s still in the mansion, right? 」

Mariko went back to the mansion together with Marika, and her friend, the Matsumoto siblings.

「 Mariko helped me a lot today, and so I thought of having sex with Nobu together with her, but… Mariko said; 」

Kana-senpai smiled wryly.

「 She’ll do it with Nobu at her school festival, so we should enjoy today by ourselves 」

Even though Mariko’s quite the selfish girl, she still remembers to give priority to the family.

「 Well yeah. Onii-chan doesn’t like it if someone’s a bit too greedy. And if Onii-chan hates us, what’s the point of living? 」

Mana said.

「 Yoshi-kun won’t hate the family for something like that 」

Megu said.

「 But… the family doesn’t allow… bad-mannered girls. 」

Ai said.

『 Yeah, even Katsuko-oneechan nor Nagisa-oneechan gave them time to us 』

Huh, Nei?

「 Dancing at the closing party even though they’re no students is still a laughing matter, but, I think that they held back on the good job sex at this hour 」

「 Oh, so that’s why Katsuko-san’s not here. 」

Kana-senpai looked around and said.

「 Yeah, it’s great if it’s just the students at the end of the school festival day 」

If it’s just the students in our school, then Edie, Mitama, Tsukiko, and the prostitute cadets should also be here, but…

They’re away for different reasons.

「 Ah, should I leave then? 」

Haiji asks me.

She’s still in middle school, so she’s not a student of our school.

「 Yomi-oneesama and I will go to that room there 」

Luna looked at the break room and said.

「 Right. Let’s leave the room for Onii-chan and the students of this school, right? 」

Mana said, but…

That means, Megu, Ai, Nei, and Kana-senpai with me.

「 Ai…wants Mana-chan to stay too… 」

Ai said.

「 Mana-chan…you…helped us a lot…yesterday…and today too… 」

「 I also want Mana to stay 」

I said.

「 Nobu, why not let everyone stay? We also need someone to take photos, right? 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 They’re all younger, and it feels kind of sad telling them to go away 」

That’s also true.

The two have their Miko power so they can also share the sexual pleasure.

「 U-Uhm, I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry to interrupt the conversation, but… 」

Kurose Anju speaks up with an uneasy look.

「 U-Uhm, I-I don’t seem to understand what…what everyone’s about to do… 」

Kurose Anju’s still a virgin.

Besides, she hasn’t seen me have sex with women yet.

「 S-Should I stay here too? 」


「 Yeah, you have to 」

I told her.

「 Indeed. Anju-chan needs to stay to learn! 」

Nei smiles.

「 Err…what…what kind of study? 」

Kurose Anju looks confused.

「 Don’t mind it, drink tea, eat your bread. Kukuku 」

「 That’s right, you’ll figure it out soon 」

「 Yes…Kurose-san should also learn it soon 」

Mana and Ai looked at Kurose Anju and said.