Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1454. Sex with Kittens – 5 Kurumi



「 Excuse me 」

The naked Kurumi comes and sits on my lap.

This young girl is trying to connect with me while sitting.

「 You should make sure they see the insertion 」

「 Yes 」

The 11 girl assassins out of the bed, are staring at us as we’re joining together.

The other women, as well as Clito and, Ososo, were watching us have sex.

「 It’s a little embarrassing. 」

Kurumi turned to me and says while blushing.

She’s also practicing martial arts along with spear arts together with Motoko, her Master. She’s more sensitive to people’s eyes and attention than most girls.

「 Are you okay, Kurumi? 」

I hug her petite body from behind, reaching under her armpits, she’s more sensitive than most girls.

Earlier, Kurumi took the initiative and gave me fellatio together with Arisu.

First, fellatio to get me erect.

Then, cleaning up after I creampied Sakurako.

After that, she kept on sucking while I was talking with the other girls, making my penis erect again.

As the attendant and bodyguard of Motoko, the daughter of the Kuromiya house, she’s always been thoughtful and hardworking.

Kurumi’s still young.

I was worried that she was pushing herself too hard with sex.

「 There’s no problem at all, Dono 」

Kurumi replies to me with a gentle smile.

「 Uhm, I’m also quite surprised myself 」


「 I seem to like serving Dono a lot. I’m such an indecent woman 」

Kurumi looks straight into me and said.

「 Please let me continue serving you, Dono 」

I think the desire for sex is directly proportional to her fighting instinct.

Kurumi’s the bodyguard of a young lady who does martial arts, she may have a strong sexual urge behind her maturity and grace.

「 You’re serving only me 」

「 Of course, Kurumi belongs to Motoko and Dono 」

Motoko left the Kuromiya house and came to the mansion, saying that she wants to be my concubine.

So, Kurumi too.

「 Besides, I’m quite excited that everyone’s watching me 」

She’s breathing hotly.

「 I’m showing everyone that I belong to Dono 」

Kurumi is delighted to show off in sex. She’s having fun.

If so.

「 Kurumi spread your legs, and show everyone your secret place 」

「 Yes, Dono 」

Before connecting me in a sitting position, Kurumi sits on my lap and spreads her legs.

The girl assassins look up at the bed and could see Kurumi’s secret part, which is about to accept my penis.

Then, they also see the dripping love nectar.

「 Good, now tell everyone what’s happening 」

「 Yes 」

Kurumi speaks in French, a language the girl assassins could understand, while her legs are spread out.

Kurumi’s also a student in the school for the young ladies, so she knows French from her lessons.

She’s also studying privately as Motoko’s bodyguard.

I think that Kurumi used proper pronunciation in French, not the strong Southeast Asian accent that the girl assassins use.

「 What did you tell them? 」

So, I asked her.

「 I told them that I’m Mikuriya Kurumi and that I’m about to have sex with Dono 」

She replied bashfully.

「 Okay, it’s about time we become one 」

「 I’m waiting for that 」

Kurumi stopped spreading her legs and climbed on top of me.

「 Make sure they can see it 」

「 Certainly 」

Kurumi adjusts her position and raises her hips slightly so they could get a good view of my penis entering Kurumi’s vagina.


「 ……Trois……deux……une………zero! 」

She counts in French.

She lowers her hips.

「 Hauuu 」

Kurumi’s inside is warm. Her temperature is a little higher than Sakurako and others.

Her soft little lips took in my glans and swallowed it down.

「 Aaaaaah!! 」

My penis is getting wet with love nectar overflowing from inside Kurumi.

「 Ahn~ 」

The glans pass through the narrow opening, and it goes deeper.

「 Dono’s inside Kurumi 」

Kurumi turns to me with a flushed face from arousal and reports.

Her eyes are burning in passion.

「 Tell them too 」

「 Yes 」

Kurumi speaks in French to the girl assassins, making sure they see the connection well.

「 What did you tell them? 」

「 I told them that it feels good to have sex with Dono, to accept Dono inside me 」

I embraced Kurumi tightly from behind while we were connected.

Then, I grabbed Kurumi’s breasts and squeezed them.

I stimulated her erect nipples by rolling them with my fingertips.

「 Aaah, it feels amazing, Dono 」

Kurumi’s small body trembles.

The arousal seems to have increased Kurumi’s sensitivity

「 Kurumi, move your hips 」

「 Yes, Aaah, aaah, aaah!! 」

Her body is quite flexible.

Kurumi slowly yields her hips to my lap.

「 It feels good! Amazing! Dono 」

Each time Kurumi’s hips move up and down, our connected part makes wet sounds.

「 So this is how Kurumi feels 」

I see Motoko experiencing her bodyguard’s sexual pleasure through Tsukiko’s Miko power.

「 I wonder if you’re much more sensitive the smaller you are 」

Shou-neechan, who’s tall, speaks as she feels Kurumi’s pleasure.

Seems like they’re comparing the pleasure they feel in sex.

Tsukiko, Rei-chan, Anya, and Arisu also feel the same pleasure.

Ososo, Clito, and the other girl assassins out of the bed too.

「 Kurumi, try looking for the part where you’re sensitive like the other sisters were doing earlier 」

Motoko gives orders.

Oh, it’s rubbing their G-spot with my glans.

「 Yes, Motoko-sama. Aaahn~ 」

Kurumi grinds her hips so my penis touches her sensitive parts.

「 This, it’s here1 Yes, amazing, this feels good 」

Her young body is hopping on top of my lap.

「 Dono…Aaah, I’m…I’m about to… 」

Kurumi moves her hips violently, and beads of sweat form on her back.

「 Yeah, go ahead and cum to your heart’s content, Kurumi 」

I still have to do it with Arisu.

Anya and Tsukiko might also still join in in the end.

I desperately endure the pleasure of her narrow vagina rubbing me.

If I cum now, I can’t go for another round right away.

「 Y-Yes! Then, I’ll go first…aaah 」

Kurumi was polite to the end.

「 Mikuriya Kurumi’s about to cum! Aaah, aaah, aaaaauuuU!! 」

Then, Kurumi…

「 Ah, aaaah, aaaaaahn!!! 」

She reaches ecstasy while moaning loudly.

She moans like a small cute beast.

「 Aaaaaaaaaahn!! 」

Kurumi trembles all over.

Her young pussy tightens up.

I embraced Kurumi’s small body and held it in.

If I lost focus, far from ejaculating, I feel like my soul would get sucked out.

Kurumi’s ecstasy continued for a minute.

「 Haa, haaaaaa, haaaaaa 」

Kurumi lost her strength.

I might’ve awakened one hell of a sex monster.

「 D-Dono, please pour it inside Kurumi next time 」

Kurumi says with a melting expression.

「 Of course, next time I’ll give you a creampie for sure 」

I replied.

「 That’s a promise 」

She catches her breath.

「 Ah, aahn 」

Ah, she twitched.

Kurumi gently squeezes my penis inside her.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 What a hopeless girl 」

Kurumi couldn’t move. Our hips are still stuck.

Motoko and Rei-chan worked together to lift Kurumi’s body.

「 In three 」

「 One-two 」

Kurumi’s body is petite and light. My penis just slips out of Kurumi’s slit as they pull her out.

「 Excuse me 」

Arisu immediately licks my reddish glans which was glistening with Kurumi’s love nectar.

Arisu already took off her nightgown, she was naked.

She kneels before me and is devoted to fellating me.

Arisu’s body is also aroused after feeling Kurumi’s pleasure.

She’s sweating, and her skin is flushed.

It’s Arisu’s turn next.

「 Would you like to take a rest first? How about water? 」

Arisu looked up at me and said.

「 I’m fine. That aside, I want it inside Arisu already 」

I replied.

「 I also want it inside me soon 」

She stood up.

She sits right next to me on the bed.

I embraced Arisu’s slender body from the front.

It’s not slender, but rather, thin.

If I embrace her tighter, she’s likely to break.

「 Aah 」

I licked Arisu’s nipples.

Arisu’s young nipples got stiff in no time.

I lick them both until they got wet with my saliva.


「 Arisu, how do you want to do it? 」

I looked Arisu in the eye and asked.


「 I want to be carried. Please do me while hugging 」

Arisu wants to have a sitting position with us facing each other.