Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1455. Sex with Kittens – 6 Arisu



「 There we go 」

I sit on the edge of the bed and Arisu leans in, hugging me from the front.

I put my hand on Arisu’s smooth armpit, lift her up and hold her close.

So light.

Her body is surprisingly light.

Kurumi, who’s a year older, does martial arts, so she had muscles and a strong frame, but…

Arisu’s limbs are thin, and her body is slender. Her hips or thighs don’t have much meat.

It’s just that her breasts are starting to puff up more after having sex with me repeatedly lately.

I hug her tightly and feel Arisu’s breasts on my chest.

Her firm breasts are starting to swell.

But, I can feel the hardened nipples.

「 I want to kiss 」

「 Sure 」

I kissed Arisu while embracing her as she requests.

I started with light kisses, and enjoy the feeling of Arisu’s lips.

Then, I put on my tongue and Arisu twirled hers around mine.

We exchanged saliva.


「 I love you 」

Arisu looks at me in the eye and said.

Our eyes aren’t even centimeters apart as we embrace each other.

「 I feel it now, it shivers when I kiss. This is definitely love, isn’t it? 」


「 If Arisu feels that way, then it is 」

「 Yes, I feel it. I’m in love 」

She looks at me with earnest eyes.

「 I’ve been receiving a lot from Kuromori-sama, but I also want to give Kuromori-sama a lot too. That’s what it means to love 」

「 Right, that’s how sex works 」

It’s not just to gain pleasure from your partner but to give pleasure back too.

Then, feel pleasure together.

「 But you know Arisu, there’s something that goes first 」

「 What goes first? 」

「 That is that you’ll understand it once you had sex. That’s why Arisu understands it now 」

I grabbed Arisu’s armpits again and lifted her, bringing her above my erect penis.

「 Err, it’s around here, right? 」

Arisu stretches out her hands and grabs my penis, guiding it to her slit.

「 Please Take Arisu 」

I slowly lower Arisu’s hips. Using gravity to pull her.

「 Ah, aaahn 」

My glans invade Arisu’s slit as her hips descend.

「 Aguu 」

The tip of my glans touches went past her entrance.

Arisu’s moist inside after sharing sexual pleasure with the other girls.

It’s hot.

The younger they are the hotter their insides.

「 Aaaaaaah! Aaahn! 」

My penis is buried inside Arisu.

She’s sitting on my lap, facing me.

I feel Arisu’s weight on my knees and at the base of my dick.

We’ve become one.

「 Aah, Kuromori-sama 」

Arisu seeks a kiss after we made our connection.

Both lower and upper body, Arisu and I are rubbing our mucous membranes together.

Arisu sucks my tongue like a baby wanting milk.

「 Puhaa 」

Arisu breathes heavily as she lets go of her mouth as if she has trouble breathing.

Arisu’s breasts swell and shrink with her breathing.

I can feel it. Of course.

「 Look, everyone’s watching, Arisu 」

I remind Arisu of the gazes watching us.

Arisu’s sisters watched her gently on the bed.

Then, the girl assassins gaze greedily from outside.

Then the two from the girl assassin group, Clito, and Ososo.

「 Yes, everyone’s watching me 」

Arisu embraces me tightly.

「 Are you embarrassed? 」

「 Yes, I feel embarrassed. But, I’m not ashamed 」

Arisu speaks contradictions.

「 After all, everyone’s watching me lovingly, and so I can’t be ashamed 」


I slowly lift Arisu’s body, then lowered it.

Then, I started moving like a piston.

「 Ah, aah, aaahn! 」

Each time I drop her hips, Arisu’s womb touches my glans.

And each knock on the deepest part makes Arisu moan cutely.

「 Ahn~ Afuun~ Aaaahn~ Aaaah! 」

Arisu’s narrow walls wet with love nectar wrapped me and rubs my penis hard.

「 Aaah, I love it! Aaaahn! I love! Aaah! I love it 」

Arisu’s body is firing up.

The small fire deep inside her is spreading.

「 Aaaah, aaaaaah! Aaahn! I love you! I love you!! 」

「 Me too! I love you 」

I whispered to Arisu’s ears and…

「 Me too! I love you! I love you! Aaaaah! 」

Ruriko expresses the pleasure from sex as fun.

To Arisu, that pleasure is love.

But, that’s not a problem.

I’m the only man Arisu will have sex with for the rest of her life.

「 Aaaah! I love you! I love you!! 」

I used the cushion of the bed to thrust further inside Arisu.

Arisu’s skin is sweating, and it’s leaking out a smell of a woman.

She’s still young, but Arisu’s a woman. Her body is of a woman.

That’s why I…

「 Hyaa! 」

I stood up from the bed while carrying Arisu’s body.

Arisu’s lightweight so I can carry her.

「 Don’t be afraid. Just hold to me tight 」

「 Yes! Yes!! Aaaah! Aaaah! 」

Arisu trembles as I shake her mid-air.

Her fear turns to pleasure.

Arisu’s insides leak out more love nectar, and it drips from our connected part to the floor.

「 Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaah! 」

Before I reach the limit with my hips…

I turn around and lay Arisu’s body on the bed.

I’m careful not to crush her body.

「 Aaaah!! 」

From sitting, to standing, to missionary.

What’s left is the final stretch.

This will be intense, I speed up my thrusts inside Arisu.

「 Aaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! Noo! I’m! I’m about to!! 」

Arisu’s carried by the huge wave of pleasure.

「 Aaaaaaaaaahh!! Fuaaaaaaaaaaa!! Kuromori-sama!!! I’m!!! 」

Despite trembling in pleasure, Arisu’s eyes still look at me.

Seeing who she’s having sex with.

Feeling the pleasure given to her, and the person she’s giving pleasure to.

「 You can cum, I’m about to cum too. 」

「 Yes!!!! Aaaah!! Yes!!! Aaaah! It’s coming! It’s coming!!!! 」

Then, Arisu…

「 I’m melting!!! 」

Arisu’s whole body is convulsing.

Arisu’s vagina squeezes my penis tight.

「 Cumming! Arisu!! 」


Byurururu! Byururururu!


I rub the tip of my glans against Arisu’s cervix and cum hard.

Inside Arisu’s narrow vagina, my penis pulses repeatedly, spurting out hot fluid over and over.

「 Aaaaaaaaah!! 」

Arisu raised her voice and felt the hot stuff inside her.

「 Aaaaah, uuuuu, aaaah!! 」

Arisu continues to convulse.

Squeezing her vagina repeatedly.

Trying to slurp my semen to the last drop.

「 Aaaah, aaaah, aaaaaaaaaah!! 」

Men’s pleasure in climax ends in only a few seconds, but…

Women have much longer ecstasy than men.

Arisu’s still drowning in the sea of pleasure.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

We were sweating all over our bodies, and I fell exhausted on the bed.

It’s hot, my whole body feels hot.

I can’t calm my breathing.

Arisu’s breasts below me also move up and down from rough breaths.

「 haa, haa, haa, fuu 」

finally, I got to calm down

I looked up.


「 Huh? 」

The girls in the room are all exhausted too.

「 Phew, this is hard. To think that Arisu-san’s ecstasy would be the biggest one 」

Anya got up and said.

「 I’m sorry, I never thought that it would turn like this, so I increased the sensitivity since Arisu-san’s younger 」

Tsukiko speaks while lying on the bed.

Oh, she wasn’t expecting that great of a wave of ecstasy from Arisu.

So instead, she set the level of sensitivity the other girls felt from Arisu’s pleasure.

That’s why everyone drowned in pleasure with Arisu.

Speaking of which, the room smells amazing.

The scent of aroused women’s sweat and their love nectar.

It accumulated so much that if ignited, it would blow up.

「 Kuromori-sama 」

Arisu opened up her eyes.

Her eyes still have the strong afterglow of sex.

「 Aaaah, I love love love you!! 」

Arisu reaches out and embraced me.

She’s rubbing her cheeks with mine.

「 Arisu-san’s still young right? Are you sure about getting a girl this young awakened like that? 」

Anya looked at me laughingly.

「 Oh? I hear that women can get even more sensitive until they’re about 35 」

Shou-neechan, who recovered, tells Anya.

「 Still, she’s able to climax at that age, I wonder how far it will go when she’s 35 」

Hmmm. That’s scary.

Then, Arisu speaks to me.

「 Uhm, Kuromori-sama, Kuromori-sama, Kuromori-sama, you see, you see, you see… 」

Arisu’s still under the influence of ecstasy, she speaks to me like she’s regressed to an infant.

However, her expression is so pure, so cute.

「 I…I figured it out…Arisu knows it now…ufufufu 」


「 Earlier, Kuromori-sama said that sex is about giving and taking, and I figured out what’s behind that. 」

Arisu smiles at me.

Right now, my penis is still inside Arisu.

Arisu’s womb is overflowing with my semen.

「 After that, it melts away. It’s about melting together, I’ve become one with Kuromori-sama… 」

She said and laughed.

「 I belong to Kuromori-sama, after all, we’ve become one, and I’m happy. I’m blessed. I want to tell all the people in the world. That I’m happy 」

That may be just Arisu’s misunderstandings due to the pleasures of sex.

If I pull out my penis from Arisu now…

Our bodies aren’t one anymore.

Arisu and I become individuals.

We didn’t melt together.


「 It’s my first time discovering it, happiness is such a feeling. I love it. I’m loved. I’m loving it. I love you, thus I feel happy! 」

I can’t deny Arisu’s smile.

「 Arisu, what do you want me to do? 」

I asked.

「 Yes, if possible, I want Onee-sama…Onee-sama and I to serve Kuromori-sama! 」

Misato’s a prostitute cadet.

「 Should I call in Mitama and Kinuka? 」

Mitama and Kinuka were originally the bodyguards of Arisu and Misato.

Back then, I did it with the four, no, Karen was also there so that’s five of them. I had sex with all five of them together.

「 I want to do that, but next time, I like to serve Kuromori-sama with just Misato-oneesama and me 」

We didn’t call Mitama and Kinuka here either.

If Kinuka and Mitama were here, Arisu can’t help but behave like their master.

Without Mitama and Kinuka, she could indulge in sex to the fullest tonight as a girl.

「 That’s okay, but, it doesn’t need to be sex just so you could meet Misato 」

They’re blood sisters.

「 But, Misato-oneesama has her duties 」

Yeah, Misato’s a prostitute cadet. She’s under the impression that she’s not allowed to meet through me apart from sex training.

「 No, Misato’s still earning even without having sex 」

In fact, even if a young lady of nobility has become a prostitute, her body won’t be sold to a customer.

Minaho-neesan’s clients, the old men from the noble families who had ties with the Kurama house in the past are buying Misato’s time.

As for what they do with Misato with the time…

「 Misato plays Go with her customers. And she earns using that 」

Not just playing Go with the old men.

The old men noticed Misato’s talent in Go, so they’ve been making her learn Go in earnest these days.

Even hiring professional Go teacher.

「 Arisu, how are your Go skills? 」

「 I enjoy playing them with Misato-oneesama 」


「 Then, you should play with Misato, I’ll tell Minaho-neesan 」

I’m sure that the elderly of the nobility are also worried about the younger sister of the Kurama house.

They’ll welcome her learning together with Misato.

「 Is that okay? 」

Arisu’s eyes open wide in surprise.

「 Yeah, Arisu’s also doing her best 」

I pat Arisu’s head.

However, Arisu…

「 It’s fun to play Go, but, I still want to serve in sex together with Misato-oneesama 」


「 I want Misato-oneesama to feel the same happiness I felt tonight 」

Saying that Arisu smiled at me gently.

「 I want Misato-oneesama to feel it in her mind and body this giving and taking, and what’s after that… 」

Our sex tonight has changed Arisu.