Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1462. If it’s for your sake.



The white van carrying us drives through the city early in the morning.

「 Do you guys feel sleepy? Everyone gets up early in the morning in our place 」

Nei, wearing white overalls, ask Matsumoto Miki-san, who’s sitting down.

We wake up early in our mansion for baking and self-defense training by Edie and the girls.

Misuzu and the young lady school group, then Mana and the private middle-school group have to leave and drive to their school early so they avoid congestion.

「 I’m not a sleepyhead either, so I’m fine. Father’s very strict about it 」

Matsumoto Miki-san’s father has already passed away.

That’s why she and her sister asked for our help so they could continue their music studies.

「 I see, that’s great, but… 」

Nei smiled at Miki-san. Even when Nei’s disguised by wearing overalls, she’s still beautiful.

「 You can sleep, we’ll let you know once we’re there 」

Kinoshita-san says from the driver’s seat. She’s disguised in a work shirt, hat, and sunglasses.

Tsukiko in the passenger seat is also wearing work fatigues. She doesn’t have bad eyesight, yet she’s wearing black glasses. I know that it’s a disguise, but surprisingly, the glasses look good on her.

「 Ah, Anju-chan, please stay awake. Your job is to monitor behind us 」

「 Yes, I’m doing that 」

Kurose Anju, wearing a jersey, is looking backward through the rear window of the van, not needing Kinoshita-san to tell her.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone tailing us.

「 Anju-chan, don’t get too close to the window, we don’t want them thinking that we kidnap cute middle schoolgirls 」

Nei laughed.

「 Yes, it’s called “Hi-Aceing,” although, this van isn’t a Hi-Ace 」

Kinoshita-san laughs from the driver’s seat.

「 But we’re kidnapped nyan 」

Izumi mutters with a sour look.

Seems like she’s holding a grudge against me who didn’t allow her to go to school with Marika and Maki, and taking her with us.

「 Izumi, shut up 」

I glared at her.

「 Uuu, I’m sorry nyan 」

The singing girl in a high-school uniform rounded her body and shrunk.

「 The next time you say something stupid, I’ll strip you naked and throw you outside 」

「 I won’t do it anymore nyan 」

No, I’m sure that you’re going to say something unnecessary again.

It’s dangerous if I don’t keep a watch on her.

「 By the way, how do we get inside Miki-san’s school? 」

I asked Kinoshita-san.

I haven’t heard the details of the plan yet.

Kinoshita-san, Nei, and Edie already had a briefing beforehand.

「 We’re just going there and wing it, no plan 」

Kinoshita-san replies brightly.

「 You never know what’s going on at an unfamiliar middle school, in an unfamiliar part of the city 」

Edie, who’s next to Kurose Anju, said.

「 You can’t look up where the cameras are placed or where the guards are stationed over the net. 」

Right… you can’t find that on their school’s website.

There’s no way there’s a website that details the security system of a middle school in town.

「 For now, Nei did some research, and it’s for sure that our target is participating in the Judo club’s morning practice. We’ve set up so we arrived 40 minutes after the morning training starts 」

「 I’ve seen the Judo kids on social media, they’re doing morning training every day, and since Sakuragi-kun seemed healthy last night unless he overslept, he should be at the morning training 」

Nei said, and opened her laptop.

「 Oh, I see some posts from 20 minutes ago. His friend in the Judo club told him to not forget the manga lent over. There’s an image, and it looks like it’s from the club room. Checking the location of the image, yep, it seems that Sakuragi-kun is at school 」

Hearing the middle school boy that she was dating, Matsumoto Miki-san looked at Nei, who was checking on her screen, with a confused look.

「 I checked the path from the gate of the school to the judo hall. We just need to pass inside the grounds and we should be fine 」

「 Yes, I know where it is so there should be no problems. 」

Nei said. Kinoshita-san replied in high spirits.

「 The only problem is how to get inside the school 」

「 Do we park the car somewhere and enter through the back gate or climb the fence? 」

I asked. Edie.

「 That won’t do, there are cameras around the school. Even if it goes well at the moment, we don’t want to get in trouble with the police 」

「 It would be bad if we have footage of me breaking in or getting through the back gate 」

「 Right… 」

「 Basically, the plan is to get through the main gate with the van 」

Kinoshita-san’s eyes look at me through the rearview mirror.

The main gate? They have cameras there too, right? 」

「 But, if we go inside through the front gate, then they see that we’re going in for a legitimate reason, right? 」

I asked. Nei replied.

「 For now, we’re going to pretend to be a construction company that’s hired by the school while we’re going in 」

Kinoshita-san smiled.

「 Either way we’re going to use whatever reason to get inside, and once inside, we can just lie however we want 」

I see. So that’s why it’s the “Mariko Equipment” sign that’s on the van.

「 If students are going in through the gate early in the morning for their training, then the main gates should be open by now, right? 」

「 It’s just that the gate might not be wide enough for us to get in, when that time comes, Anju-chan can pretend to be a student and open the gate 」

Edie told Kurose Anju.

So that’s why Anju’s wearing a jersey that looks similar to Miki-san’s uniform.

It’s so she could impersonate a student there.

「 Well, if a school teacher finds you, and it becomes trouble on the spot, then… 」

「 Yes, I’ll deal with it 」

Tsukiko said.

We’ll force it with the Miko power.

「 However, I can only use my power when I’m near them 」

Miko power doesn’t reach others from a distance, or through phone calls or videos.

「 We’ll deal with it with our teamwork when the time comes. 」

Edie’s right, we can only have to adapt to the situation.

「 That’s the current plan on invading the middle school. 」

Nei speaks brightly, but Matsumoto Miki-san remains gloomy.


「 Miki-san, you do realize that we have to take your photos back from this Sakuragi Kenichi, right? 」

Miki-san sent a photo of herself in underwear to a middle-school boy whom she’s supposed to be dating because he asked for it.

「 I understand that, but still 」


「 I just don’t know if it has to be this way 」

This Judo club guy named Sakuragi asked Miki-san to date him, and she said okay.

However, after her father’s sudden death, she had a hard time.

It seemed like she hasn’t done anything that resembled them dating.

She felt indebted to Sakuragi for that.

Nominally, Miki-san and Sakuragi are supposed to be lovers.

That’s why she sent him a photo of her in her underwear.

Even now, she feels bad that we’re about to swoop down on Sakuragi who’s in the middle of morning training.

It’s about inconveniencing the person that she’s supposed to be dating.

「 You don’t have to mind it, Miki-san 」

I said.

「 This is something I want to do and I’m doing it on my own, so you’re not responsible for this 」

「 Yes. Whatever you may think Miki-san, we’re just doing what Yo-chan wants to happen 」

「 You don’t have to think about it 」

「 But… 」

Miki-san isn’t convinced.

「 We’ve talked about this last night, I just do what I want to do. I want Miki-san as my woman, and I don’t want any other men to have embarrassing photos of my women, so I’m taking it away. I made that decision. Miki-san only has to follow me 」

「 That’s just unfair. You don’t even let me refuse 」

Miki-san glares at me in anger

Miki-san wouldn’t have been able to continue studying music without the support of Ruriko and the Kouzuki house foundation.

She’s still in middle school, and she lacks achievements in competitions, thus, she can’t receive a scholarship from any other source but Ruriko’s.

They were able to repair their relationship with their grandfather, which was a problem, and she may be able to get support from him, but…

We just had a conversation that she’s receiving a scholarship grant, and so, Miki-san can’t just tell her Grandfather that she turned down the offer.

「 Yes, you can’t refuse. I think Miki-san already knows that long ago 」

Miki-san has been in our mansion last night and this morning.

She knows the size of our family.

The fact that we have fearsome power.

「 Uhm, I don’t know if I should say this but… 」

Kinoshita-san speaks while driving.

「 You know, I was with Miki-san for quite a while yesterday so I know that Miki-san’s surprised to see the change in her sister immediately after having sex with boss, bot… 」

Miki-san looked at Kinoshita-san in surprise as her sister is mentioned.

「 There was no change, it’s just that your sister showed her resolve. She made up her mind already. That’s what that was. 」

For Maki to continue her music career. She will live together with Marika. She chose to become my woman. To be part of our family. To take Izumi as her pet.

She grasped it all.

She accepted it and accepted that it will be her way of life.

That includes the fact that her sister, Miki will also become my woman.

「 That’s why it might be harsh to say this to Miki-san, but, you need to make up your mind soon. You can’t escape anyway 」

Kinoshita-san said.

「 To be precise, it’s not like you can’t, but you won’t. Boss is the type where once he decides to accept someone, he’ll take care of them to the end 」


「 Miki-san, you should understand that what’s happening right now is for your sake. This troublesome, and illegal stuff we’re doing in the morning. Look at all these people gathered here 」

「 I didn’t ask for it 」

Kinoshita-san said. Miki-san rejects.

「 Yes. Miki-san didn’t ask for it. Boss gave the orders. But, it’s for Miki-san’s sake 」

Kinoshita-san laughs as she says that.

「 So you should think about the implications of that 」

◇ ◇ ◇

Miki-san fell silent.

The car was silent for a while.

After a while, I speak to Nei.

「 Speaking of which, Kinoshita-san mentioned this morning that Ya-chan watched last night, right? 」

Watching us have sex last night through the cameras.

「 When I have nothing to do, I just watch Yo-chan 」

Nei said.

「 Well, last night I was looking up information about Sakuragi-kun and Miki-san’s middle school, but after I’m done, I watched. Up until Yo-chan slept 」

I heard that the girl assassins, who observed me having sex with my women, have complained a lot, especially Anne Roze.

Then, Anya and the girls had a debate with them, and I fell asleep because I was tired.

「 No, skip Anne Roze’s part, I want to hear the one before that 」

last night, Kurumi and Arisu had intense sex.

「 Oh that part, I think Yo-chan is on the right track 」

Nei smiled.

So it’s as I expected.

Misuzu, Mana, and the girls mentioned that Kurumi and Arisu started seeking intense sex because they were getting accustomed to it.

The more they have sex, the better they become, and even though they’re still young, they’re already feeling it intensely.

But I…

「 I’m a little worried about Kurumi and Arisu 」

I tell Nei honestly.

Misuzu and Mana’s reasoning is understandable, but I’m still feeling worried for Arisu and Kurumi.

Although it’s often just an illusion to feel well, it’s better to think that there’s some kind of problem that exists when you feel uneasy.

You can’t be too optimistic.

They’re my precious family.

「 I don’t think that Yo-chan should be too worried, but Yo-chan’s concerns are valid. Those girls accumulate a lot of stress 」


「 Do you remember Agnes’ early days? 」

Agnes had been confined in the basement since her birth.

That’s why she was stressed out a lot when we took her out of the basement and had people around her.

「 What about Agnes? 」

Agnes had been seeking sex with me every day for a few months.

She was basically addicted to it.

However, she managed to de-stress, and now she’s accustomed to having people around her enough that she can go to school.

「 Is Kurumi and Arisu the same? 」

I asked.

「 I mean, last night, even Shou-neechan who’s usually calm was acting weird, right? 」

Speaking of which, Shou-neechan straddled on top of me while everyone was watching and came hard at the end.

「 Shou-oneechan seems to have cleaned up things so she’s been stressed out 」

Shou-neechan’s had a hard day’s work dealing with the rebels inside the Kouzuki SS attacking our school during the festival.

She knows the actions of the rebel forces in advance, but she suppressed them to drain the pus out of the place, so she was in a lot of headaches.

「 That’s why Shou-neechan was so disheveled last night 」

Now that she cleaned up everything, she got to sigh in relief.

「 Although, it’s actually a gathering of girls who have been stressed out a ton recently who had sex with Yo-chan last night 」

I recall the group last night.

Anya, Sakurako, Motoko, Tsukiko, Shou-neechan, Rei-chan, Kurumi, and Arisu.

Nei thought that those girls have accumulated stress.

「 So well, the most disheveled among them were Shou-oneechan, Kurumi-chan, and Arisu-chan 」

「 The three of them had the most stress accumulated? 」

「 I think so 」

Nei affirms.

I know Shou-neechan’s situation.

「 I think I have an idea about Shou-neechan and Arisu 」

Arisu also was in a situation where her family had fallen, she was separated from her sister and parents, and she was the only one who became my sex slave.

Moreover, she has to keep her dignified attitude in front of her former subjects, Mitama and Kinuka.

Well yeah, that’ll stress her out.

「 But, Kurumi’s… 」

She’s the bodyguard of Motoko, the daughter of the Kuromiya house. She and Motoko came together to become my concubine.

She’s always with Motoko, smiling all the time, making delicious meals in the kitchen of the mansion, and yet…

「 Kurumi-chan is still young 」

Nei said.

「 We’ve become family, through her Master, and of course, that girl has a strict personality, she already made her resolve, but… 」


「 It doesn’t mean that her heart was ready for it 」

She’s prepared to live with Motoko for the rest of her life, to become my woman.

But, her heart doesn’t feel the same way

「 So, what should I do then? 」

I asked Nei.

「 The same thing with Agnes 」

The same thing with Agnes?

「 Yo-chan, just have sex with them like before They’ll calm down soon enough 」


「 I think getting a bit dependent is okay, as long as it doesn’t reach the point of addiction. If you force anything on them, then it’ll break their hearts. So, I think that it’s okay for them to depend on Yo-chan for a bit. No person would die from having too much sex 」

It’s not bad for those who have weak hearts to depend on something.

It’s a safe mode so their hearts don’t break.

「 So, you can just enjoy it Yo-chan. Get even more silly in sex. I mean, those girls are enjoying it, and it relieves them of their stress 」

「 Right… 」

I said. Nei reached to me and pat my head.

「 We depend on Yo-chan, and Yo-chan can depend on us too. 」 We’re Yo-chan’s big sister you know 」

Nei said. I realized something.

Nei mentioned last night that it’s a gathering of those who have accumulated stress.

I see.

I guess I’ve also been stressed out recently.

Even now.

From Nei’s eyes…

「 As for Kurumi, she needs to be put separately from Motoko sometimes 」

I suggested.

「 Arisu also was able to vent out a lot since we separated her from Mitama and Kinuka yesterday 」

「 Right, Onee-chan agrees. Last night, she was scared so Motoko-san was with her, but I think getting Kurumi-chan alone would do her good 」

Nei pats my head and smiled at me.