Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1463. Passing through the Main Gate



「 Darling, don’t make that face 」

Matsumoto Miki-san’s in the van on the way to middle school.

Edie, who was listening to our conversation, looked at me and laughed.

「 Sex is a fun thing to do, so you shouldn’t look so serious, or worried when we’re having a fun talk 」


「 What’s important with Kurumi and Arisu is that Darling enjoys sex with them. If Darling is having fun and feeling good, then they’ll feel the same way, if you don’t enjoy it, then it won’t be fun for us either 」

「 Right. I think Edie’s right 」

My worries won’t solve anything.

「 Yes, you just have to enjoy sex 」


「 Man, boss is just so intriguing 」

Kinoshita-san laughs from the driver’s seat.

I look at Matsumoto Miki-san and Izumi, and they seem to be shocked.

Kurose Anju also seems to be concerned about our situation while pretending to be concentrating on the rear.

「 It’s my first time seeing people talk so seriously about sex 」

Izumi mutters.

「 Izumi, didn’t I tell you to shut up? 」

「 I’m sorry nyan 」

Izumi shrinks.

「 But, I think that’s great. It’s quite amusing 」


「 I used to think that Barbie-san and others were the craziest and most outlandish people in the world, but Boss is a different breed. As expected. Hats off 」

No, Barbie-san and Ruby-san are much more amazing.

They’re riding motorcycles half-naked, wielding flamethrowers and such.

「 It’s just breaking through, currently, we’re trespassing in a middle school for a middle school girl. Boss is just amazing because you’re just human, yet you do silly things with such seriousness. I think it’s absurd and amusing. And Exciting 」

「 R-Right… 」

Kinoshita-san’s in high spirits so I guess that’s okay.

「 By the way, how do we break in? What’s our plan after reaching the judo hall? 」


「 I have a small flamethrower on board, should we light things up? 」

Kinoshita-san said. Matsumoto Miki-san’s surprised.

I looked at the case in the cargo area.

Oh, this one.

「 Hmm. Depends on the situation. We might just burn down the judo hall if they got me angry 」

「 You’re joking? 」

Matsumoto Miki-san looks at me.

「 No, we’re just putting that on our options 」

「 Right, if the situation goes badly, then we can just set it on fire and take advantage of the commotion to escape 」

「 In that case, we’ll just leave this car. I already got permission from Margo-oneechan 」

Edie and Nei said.

「 To think that you’re going to abandon a car for just a picture of a middle school girl, that’s so romantic. 」

Kinoshita-san laughs again.

Miki-san’s face is turning darker, but Nei;

「 Don’t worry too much about it, I did burn down a kendo hall before 」

Oh right, there’s that.

This was before I entered high school, Nei and Margo talked about burning down the kendo hall.

That case started the legend of Natou Nei, the delinquent.

「 By the way, we’re arriving soon 」

Kinoshita-san, I looked out of the window and see a building that seem like a school.

「 We’re parking for a moment 」

Then, the van parks on the shoulder of the road, looking for the front gate of the middle school we see.

「 It’s okay, it’s not uncommon for construction workers to park their cars on the side of the road early in the morning to adjust their hours. 」

Kinoshita-san said and took out tiny binoculars.

She looked at the main entrance.

「 It’s still early morning so there don’t seem to be that many students. There are cameras around. It’s attached to the pole on the upper right of the gate. Then, there’s a camera at the far left of the school grounds. I’m sketching it 」

Then, Kinoshita-san took out a sketchbook and drew quickly the situation around the main gate.


「 Uhm 」

Matsumoto Miki-san speaks up.

「 I’ve been wondering for a while now… 」

「 What is it? 」

Nei, who was sitting next to Miki-san, answered.

「 Why aren’t you asking me when it’s my school? 」

We haven’t asked Miki-san anything about her middle school.

「 Oh, there’s no point to it 」

Nei smiled.

「 B-But, that’s the school I go to every day 」

Miki-san looks uneasy. She can’t see the end of our thoughts.

「 Well yes, but how many times have you been in school at this time of day Miki-san? 」

「 What? 」

「 How many times have you walked through the front of the main gate at this time of day, Miki-san? 」

「 That’s… 」

Only the sports club arrives early for morning training.

Miki-san isn’t from any sports club.

「 We’re not letting Miki-san’s knowledge give us bias. Thus, we’re handling the situation without any prior information 」

Nei said.

「 Okay, I’m done. The cameras are here and here. You don’t have to be conscious about it, but just make sure the cameras don’t see your faces 」

Kinoshita-san gives me a sketchbook of the situation around the main gate.

「 Thanks 」

I look at the sketch to check the location of the camera with Nei and Edie and show it to Kurose Anju.

「 Izumi, you don’t have to look at it. I mean, don’t show your face. Hide until I tell you it’s good 」

Izumi tries to peek at the sketch so I gave her an order.

「 Izumi-san, please hide for now 」

Tsukiko from the passenger seat guides Izumi using her Miko power.

「 I-I understand nyan 」

Izumi hides in the trunk of the van.

「 Also, unfortunately, the gate isn’t wide enough for our car to get through 」

True, it’s open only enough for students to enter.

「 As expected, we need to go through the main gate where the cameras are. Anju-chan, let’s go! 」

Kinoshita-san looks at Kurose Anju

Kurose Anju’s wearing a middle-school PE uniform, she can go through the main gate and open it wide enough for the car to pass, and then we’ll drive inside.

That’s the kind of strategy we’re going with.

「 And so, Anju-chan, sorry but please go to the Judo hall on foot, you’ll stand out so you don’t have to run. But please join us in five minutes 」

「 Roger that 」

Kurose Anju moves from the rear of the cargo area to the sliding door of the van.

She’s trained as a bodyguard, so she should know the buildings inside the middle school are located.

「 If anything happens we’ll be on your back, so stay calm 」

「 Yes 」

Edie motivated her and then, Kurose Anju opened the sliding door and went out.

She went to the main gate and slowly opened it, trying not to stand out.

A male student was walking to school in front of Anju, dressed in a school uniform.

There are no students behind her.

「 Yes, don’t rush, take a nice tempo. But still, Anju walks too cleanly 」

Edie’s right, Kurose Anju’s walk is too elegant for someone swearing jerseys.

「 She was in a boarding school for the upper class in Switzerland until before summer 」

Nei’s right. Kurose Anju was serving as Ishigami Mizuki’s bodyguard while attending school in Switzerland.

「 That school definitely taught her how to walk elegantly like that 」

「 It’s great that she walks beautifully, but she doesn’t look like a middle school girl at all 」

I look at Kurose Anju’s small butt and muttered.

「 I’ll give Anju some lessons on various ways of walking 」

Edie came from an assassination cult in New Orleans, so she has that mastered.

「 Okay, touchdown 」

Kurose Anju reaches the main gate.

「 Look at her, she’s adjusted her strides so the other students would be gone by the time she’s there. That’s impressive 」

Yeah, she arrived at the main gate just as the students were breaking off from the gate.

Then, Kurose Anju touches the edge of the gate.

She braces her legs and pushed them.

The huge gate slowly opens.

「 We should start moving now 」

Kinoshita-san turns on the engine.

Then, she pushes the accelerator.

We’re driving slowly.

By the time Kurose Anju opens the gate enough for us to get in…

We passed through the gate.


「 Hey, you, what are you doing? 」

I see a huge man who looked like a middle-school teacher running towards Kurose Anju from the left side of the gate, which is a blind spot from the outside.

「 Don’t open the gate without asking! What year are you on? 」

「 That’s Otani-sensei, he’s a medical guidance staff 」

Matsumoto Miki-san says from inside the van.

「 Damn, he’s hiding from where the students can’t see and checks on their clothes and stuff 」

Nei said.

That teacher looks scary, this is bad.

How do we deal with it?

「 Kinoshita-san, just continue driving, then stop the car as soon as you enter the main gate 」

Tsukiko said, and she opened the passenger seat in a hurry.

「 Roger! 」

Kinoshita-san accelerates the car to plow the car between the teacher and Kurose Anju.

「 There we go! 」

Kikikiki, the brakes squeal.

「 W-What the hell?! That was dangerous you know! 」

The teacher’s attention turned from Kurose Anju to our van.

「 Good Morning. We’re here to inspect the water supply 」

Tsukiko then speaks from the passenger seat.

「 W-Water supply? 」

「 Yes, Sanka-sensei, the Judo club advisor told us to check the judo hall as there might be a leak 」

Tsukiko uses her power.

「 I think Otani-sensei is aware of that, yes? 」

The medical guidance teacher…

「 Ah? I think I heard about it. Yeah. Right, the judo hall is… 」

His memories are overwritten.

「 Yes. So, there should be no problems if we go inside, the inspection will only take 30 minutes. There should be no problems with this company’s car on campus in the meantime 」

「 Yes, I don’t think there’s a problem with that 」

「 If there are any other staff in the faculty room or if anyone asks about it, then please tell them that It’s just a plumbing company coming for inspection 」

「 Yes, I got it. I’ll answer them that 」

「 Then, please return to the staff room. Inspecting the attendance today is over 」

「 Right. I’ll do just that 」

The teacher turns around and walks to the building.

He’s completely forgotten that he saw Kurose Anju.

「 How? 」

Matsumoto Miki’s surprised.

「 Oh that? Tsukiko-san is one of those you call a hypnotist 」

Nei explains wrongly while laughing.


「 Anju-chan, get in, we’ll get there sooner 」

We already stopped the car, so we should take Kurose Anju with us now.

「 I’m sorry. I was surprised 」

Kurose Anju says while getting inside

It seems that she’s reflecting on being unable to react when the teacher suddenly appeared.

「 Don’t mind it. We’re used to it 」

I told Kurose Anju.

I was like that too.

Back when I had just joined the Black Forest.

「 Okay, let’s drive off now 」

Kinoshita-san drives the car again.

Our car’s inside the middle school, so we’re driving slowly.

This time, we headed to the judo hall without any stops.

We cut around and went to the back of the school building.

It’s on the side of the gym.

「 Okay, thank you for boarding our trip. We’re reaching the judo hall, Judo Hall is our next stop. Please don’t forget your belongings while you unboard 」


We’ve reached the judo hall where Matsumoto Miki-san’s boyfriend is.

It makes you think that what you see is a coincidence.

I wonder what that means…