Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1464. Frowning Face



「 Okay, thank you for riding the van. We’re arriving in front of the Judo Hall soon. Please do not forget your belongings 」

Kinoshita-san parks the car in front of the Judo hall

「 Yo-chan, let’s finish this in five minutes 」

Nei told me.

I don’t know what will be the effect of us getting caught by that middle school teacher at the gate will be.

Even if that teacher tells the other teachers and staff that we’re plumbing contractors who were called in by the judo advisor as Tsukiko altered his memories…

Someone might find it suspicious and come to the judo hall to check.

Besides, you’d normally go to the office to pick up the permit to enter middle school, but we ignored that process.

Currently, it’s better if we quickly clean up the matter of Matsumoto Miki-san’s boyfriend and flee immediately.

「 Anju-chan stay in the car, watch over, if anyone comes over, let us know immediately 」

Nei gives instructions

「 Roger that 」

「 Should we take Izumi with us? Tsukiko, don’t let Izumi do anything unnecessary 」

「 Certainly 」

Tsukiko suppresses Izumi’s movement and speech with her Miko power.

「 Well then, let’s go 」

Kinoshita-san got out of the driver’s seat first, and opened the rear door, taking out her main weapon, the flail.

I also checked the beat-up stick hidden at the back of my uniform.

「 I’ll be going first, then Tsukiko goes Second, and Darling will follow behind. Ryoko will be guarding the rear 」

「 Roger that 」

「 Miki-san, get off too 」

「 O-Okay 」

Matsumoto Miki-san got out of the van as Nei pulled her off.

Everyone except Kurose Anju, who will remain in the car, gathered in front of the Judo hall.

I hear the Judo club members training inside.

Throwing, falling, shouting.

「 If everyone’s training inside, then that means that the entrance is unlocked 」

During training, there’s no sense in locking the door.

「 Yo-chan, you good? 」

Nei said. Edie, Tsukiko, and Kinoshita-san looked at me. Izumi and Miki-san too.

「 Good, break in 」

As soon as I give out the order. Edie opens the door and jumps inside the Judo hall.

「 Haaaa!!! 」

Immediately after, she releases intense Qi inside the Judo hall

The Judo hall members and advisor indoors turned to Edie and stiffened.

Then, Tsukiko walks into the judo hall right after Edie…

Putting the people inside the hall in the range of her Miko power.

「 Okay, quiet down everyone. Please remain in that pose and listen to me 」

Some of the judo hall members are in the middle of grappling, and some are still pinned, but…

Tsukiko gave orders to everyone, and so they watch her in that pose.

「 You must be Sanka-sensei, the judo club advisor? 」

Tsukiko approached the well-built teacher who was teaching the judo club members.

「 We’re from a plumbing company, sir have contracted us to inspect the water supply in the judo hall. The inspection will be over soon so don’t worry about it. Is that clear? 」

「 Oh, yeah, right. I did ask to inspect the water supply, yes 」

Her Miko power rewrites his memory.

「 Okay. By the way, our inspection is a little different from the norm. But since this is just a water supply inspection, don’t mind it too much 」

「 Oh…okay 」

Tsukiko turned to me after gaining the advisor’s approval.

「 Kou-sama, please do 」

「 Thanks, Tsukiko 」

I moved forward.

「 Let’s go 」

Nei holds Matsumoto Miki and moved forward.

Izumi also looks at us, accompanied by Kinoshita-san, ready to use the flail for battle.

「 Tsukiko, is there anyone among them who recognize Miki-san or me? 」

I asked.

The advisors and the judo club members are looking at Tsukiko.

「 No, I asked them all to focus only on me 」

So that’s why.

Matsumoto Miki’s a student in this middle school, and she’s supposed to be dating one of the judo club members here, and yet, none of them are looking at Miki-san.

「 Okay, so which one of them is Kenichi Sakuragi. If you’re here, then come forward 」

「 Kenichi Sakuragi-san, come forward, please answer Kou-sama’s questions honestly 」


One man in a Judo uniform comes forward.

He should be in the third year, yet he’s well-built. A shaved head and pimple-faced.

Then, there’s also the bold personality of martial artists.

I also went to middle school.

The kind of guys who are so bossy just because they do Judo, being stronger than ordinary students.

Now that Edie’s dominating over the school, the guys in the athletic department have matured recently.

「 Are you Kenichi Sakuragi? 」

「 Yes, what about it? 」

Sakuragi replied in displeasure.

「 You have the photo of Matsumoto Miki in her underwear, don’t you? 」

I asked straight out since we don’t have time.

Sakuragi’s face turned stiff.

Miki-san, who’s watching next to Nei, also did.

「 Please answer honestly 」

Tsukiko uses her power.

「 I do, but what about it? 」

Sakuragi admits it.

「 Where is it? Is it on your phone? You didn’t save the image on your computer, transfer it elsewhere, or upload it over the internet, have you? 」


「 It’s on my phone. I didn’t move it or send it anywhere else, but why does that matter? 」

So, only on his phone.

I looked at Tsukiko, and she nodded. Sakuragi’s not lying.


「 Did you show Miki-san’s photo to anyone? 」

Miki-san trembles. Nei pats Miki-san’s back.

「 Err, uhm 」

「 You showed it to someone, didn’t you? 」

「 I did, what about it? You’ve got nothing to do with it 」

Sakuragi’s opposing.

「 So you showed the photo, how many? Are they here? 」

「 That’s… 」

「 Just answer the question 」

I shouted. Sakuragi;

「 4 People. They’re all here 」

So he showed it to his close friends?

「 But, what about it? You don’t care who I show my girlfriend’s photo to! 」

Sakuragi glares at me.

「 You know that Matsumoto Miki-san’s father died recently and she was having a hard time, don’t you? 」

「 I know, what about it? 」

When his supposed girlfriend was having a hard time…

Not only he made her send an embarrassing photo of herself, he even showed it to his friends.

「 Those who saw Matsumoto Miki-san’s photo in her underwear from this guy’s phone, raise your hands 」

I tell the other club members

「 Raise your hand if that fits the description 」

Tsukiko said. Four boys in judo uniform raised their hands.

「 I’ve checked 」

Tsukiko confirmed their memories.

「 Okay, those who raised their hands, and Sakuragi, bring your phones here 」

I ordered.

「 Dash! Hurry! 」

「 Please bring them 」

Sakuragi and the four other judo club members ran as fast as they could to the locker room and back to the judo hall.


「 I’m sure there’s a good one outside, I’ll go get it 」

Edie went outside and brought in a couple of concrete blocks from outside the judo hall.

「 Here 」

She piles it in front of me.

「 I brought it, but… 」

Sakuragi and the four bring in their smartphones.

「 Show us Matsumoto-san’s photo 」

「 Do it 」

Tsukiko gives the order and Sakuragi opens his phone.

「 It’s this one, what about it? 」

「 Give me your phone 」

「 Do as Kou-sama says 」

I took Sakuragi’s phone.

The screen shows Matsumoto Miki-san taking a selfie in her white underwear.

It’s after her father died, so her complexion is poor, and there’s no color in her eyes either.

Her expression is so bad, yet, he showed it off to his friends?

「 Miki-san, is it this photo? 」

I showed Miki-san the phone.

「 Y-Yes. It’s that one 」

Miki-san answers while Nei supports her from behind.

Her eyes are getting teary.

Sakuragi who’s under Tsukiko’s control, can’t see Miki-san right now.

「 We should get rid of this photo… 」

I brought Sakuragi’s phone to the concrete block Edie brought in

Then, I took out my beat-up stick.

「 Like this!!! 」

I swing my stick and slammed the phone.


The first strike breaks Sakuragi’s phone.

「 What the hell?! 」

Sakuragi shouts, but…

「 Shut up 」

「 Quiet 」

I slammed Sakuragi’s phone over and over again.

Baki! Bako! Gan Dan! Bakan!

Sakuragi’s smartphone is reduced to pieces.

「 Darling, I think that’s good enough, the storage is already shattered 」

Edie told me that the phone is irrecoverable.

「 Oh yeah, this is the sim card 」

Edie picks a card from the wreckage.

「 Give 」

I took the card from Edie and smashed the sim card with my stick.

I’m making sure that it can’t be used again.

「 Next, give me your phone 」

I look at the four guys who have seen the image of Matsumoto Miki-san.

The club members tremble after they saw me smash the phone.

「 Give it to Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko ordered, the judo club members were forced to bring their phones to me.

I smashed their phones with just one hit.

Baki, bako, bagan, baga

But, I made sure that their screens are shattered, and the case is broken.

I’ll leave the SIM card in place so they can reuse it when they buy a new phone.

「 Tsukiko, erase their memories of Matsumoto Miki 」

I asked Tsukiko.

「 No, if they recall Miki-san, then make it so they think of Tokugawa Ieyasu instead. If they still force themselves to remember, then give them Tokugawa Hidetada 」

It’s much easier to overwrite someone’s memory than remove it with the Miko power.

It’s also less likely to break their minds.

「 Certainly 」

Tsukiko touches Sakuragi Kenichi’s head.

「 Okay, I’ve replaced Matsumoto Miki-san’s image in their memories with the portrait of Tokugawa Ieyasu after the battle of Mikatagahara. When they think of Miki-san, all they’ll remember is Ieyasu’s frowning face 」

Then, Tsukiko also touched the heads of the other four.

「 I’m done, Kou-sama 」

「 Okay, retreat 」

We need to hurry and escape

It’s already past five minutes.

Tsukiko then looked at the judo club adviser.

「 Sanka-sensei, the water inspection is over. Once you’re sure that we left, you all will be able to move again. Is that clear? 」

「 Y-Yeah, okay 」

The teacher replies dumbfoundedly as he’s still under Tsukiko’s control