Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 415. To the next stage



「Is it strange?」

Reika who’s dressed in a cute pink maid outfit speaks bashfully.

「That’s not true. It’s cute!」

Kyouko-san said with a serious face.

「 No problem, it’s very cute」

Miss Cordelia too
Eenie and Meenie nods as well.
They’ve got really good teamwork at times like this

「But, I」

Reika’s confused, Nei.

「No, no, you’re forbidden to say『I(Watashi)』from now on. You’ll call yourself『Rei-chan』」
「Also, Rei-chan’s not in the adult group. You’ll be joining the child group, Mana!」
「Yes, Nei-oneechan?!」

Mana replies.

「This is Rei-chan. Take care of her」
「Rei-chan too, get along with those girls, think of yourself as a 10-year-old girl! You don’t need to be polite when you speak, try to imitate how Mana speaks!」

Nei orders.

「Come, come, this way! Rei-chan!」

Mana immediately invites Reika.

「It’s fine, it’s fine! Mao-chan, help me bring Rei-chan!」

Mao-chan comes in front of Reika.

「Rei-chan, let’s play!」

Reika has no choice but to subordinate to this toddler’s smile.

「Ah, okay」

She’s pulled by Mao-chan to the child group.

「Well then, from now on, everyone will call themselves by their own name. Okay?」

Mana immediately declares.

「And then, Mana likes eggs as an ingredient for sushi, what does Rei-chan like?」
「No, “I”!」

Mana scolds Reika

「Rei-chan is Rei-chan」


「R-Rei-chan likes sea urchin eggs」
「Mao is bad with sea urchin eggs but loves salted salmon roe」
「Ruriko loves sakura shimps」

Yeah, everyone’s adapting well

「Agnes, what do you like the most?」

Mana asks with a smile.

「Hmm, Agnes also loves that one」

Agnes points at the salted salmon roe dish

「Yaaay~ The same as Mao! We’re the same!」
「Yes, desuno」

Yeah, that’s a good atmosphere

「Well then, Rei-chan if it’s fruits, what do you like? Mana likesー」

Mana talks to Reika about herself with food first.
Then, Mao-chan gets on board
Ruriko follows up considerately
Agnes is also trying to talk with this member.
They somehow make a friendly group

「Err, uhm, Rei-chan likesー」

Reika answers everyone.
She’s still stiff, but, Reika is getting used to calling herself『Rei-chan』even before anyone notices.

「In the end, I thought that Rei-chan should return her mental age to around Mana’s」

Nei tells me.

「Rei-chan has been trying too much to meet the expectations of her grandfather and the people around her since childhood, trying not to destroy her image to other people, therefore, she doesn’t know herself anymore」
「Yeah. I guess」
「Therefore, she has to go back to being a『cute girl』She has to get along with the other children」

Nei looks at Reika with an elder sister’s eyes.
Oh, the real age doesn’t matter.
Reika’s older, she’s already working fine in the society, and yet.
Nei is Reika’s『Onee-san』now

「With that said, Rei-chan, stay with the child group for a while」

Nei laughed.

「But, there’s one girl who’s not satisfied with it you know?」

Margo-san tells Nei.
Edie who doesn’t understand Japanese is the only one who’s bothered with it.
She must feel like her favorite Mao-chan is being taken away by Reika.

「It can’t be helped!」

Nei speaks to Edie in English.
Edie comes over.
Nei and Margo-san talk to each other in English.
It seems that these two will take care of Edie.

「Yoshi-kun, want to eat? Should I bring over something?」

Megu comes to me.

「I’m fine. What about you Megu, are you eating?」

She’s been arranging and serving dishes with Katsuko-nee since earlier.

「Un, I’m fine」
「I’ll roll one」

I grabbed a Nori and made a hand-rolled sushi for Megu

「Is there anything you don’t eat here?」
「It’s fine, I’m not picky」

Megu takes the sushi from me and eats it.


Nei smiles.

「Ah, did you make one for Megu-chan?」

Nagisa comes over.

「Does Nagisa want one too?」
「Yes, please」

I made another roll for Nagisa


Nagisa eats it.

「Ufufu, I love this」

She smiled.
Nagisa’s plump body goes next to me.

「It’s fun to do something for you but, accepting things from you is very pleasing too」


「Nagisa, that」
「What’s wrong?」
「We haven’t done it for a while」

I’ve been doing it with my other『women』everyday but
I haven’t done it with Nagisa recently

「Want to do it?」

I want to drown in Nagisa’s body.
If it’s now, everyone’s taking care of Mao-chan.
We can get out of this room secretly

「Ah, but not now」

Nagisa said sadly

「It’s Ruriko-san’s first experience later, right?」

Well, that’s true but.

「It’s better to save up energy. Let out a lot inside Ruriko-san」

Nagisa said with a smile

「Women feel happy when men ejaculate a lot. They feel sad when there’s only a little semen」
「It’s fine. It’s Ruriko’s first time having sex so she doesn’t know about the amount of semen」

I said.

「Since it’s her first sex, give her the perfect impression. It’s a once in a lifetime thing for women」

Nagisa’s first time was rape;.

「Make it a wonderful experience」
「Got it」

I answered Nagisa.

「『Kakka』will be watching so I think it might be a bit tough」
「Therefore, Minaho-san and Kyouko-san is transferring Miss Cordelia to the school」

It isn’t just to monitor Shirasaka Sousuke.

「We already think of them as allies but Kouzuki security service doesn’t. If Miss Cordelia’s here, Yazawa-san will oppose『Kakka』on coming to this『mansion』 don’t you think?」

Therefore, Miss Cordelia and the two will be going to the school beforehand.

「Therefore, Kyouko-san will be going to monitor. Minaho-san can’t move since Shirasaka Sousuke’s there. Therefore, we have to welcome『Kakka』with only us」
「I see」
「We’ll leave the in-house guarding to Margo-chan, well,『Kakka』has Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san, the guards of Kouzuki security service around the mansion are also strengthened so there’s no problem」

The fact that Jii-chan is coming is quite big.

「Therefore, please rest while you have time. If it didn’t go well with Ruriko-san, it would be your penis’ fault, and『Shige-chan』will get angry」

Nagisa said, then laughed.
I have to concentrate on Ruriko for now.
Earlier, Megu made me cum in the shower room, but.
I pray that the energy I ate this dinner will increase the semen I produce.

◇ ◇ ◇

Dinner time ends.

「Well then, we’ll be going to school」

Kyouko-san and others stand up

「Please, take this. Ojou-sama’s dinner is a bowl of seafood. The soup and salad are here」

Katsuko-nee puts together several Tupperware in one bag

「Okay. We’ll deliver it, then we’ll bring this wine to drink」

Even though they seem to have emptied several wines, Kyouko-san doesn’t seem to be drunk at all. She’s strong against alcohol.
On the other hand, Miss Cordelia’s face is already red.

「Ufufu, alcohol is delicious tonight!」

She hugs Kyouko-san and kisses her

「Geez, Cordelia, you become a kissing demon when you get drunk!」

Kyouko-san smiles wryly.
She looks at me.

「However, the kissing demon is just the first stage, the second stage, she stips!」
「Kyouko, don’t say that!」
「Then, on the third stage」
「Geez, yes, I’ll keep it a secret」

Kyouko-san hugs the drunk Cordelia.

「Well then, we’re going out」

Eenie and Meenie follows the two
These two don’t seem to be drunk at all.
True, they drank, but.

「Kyouko-san, I’ll drive you out」

Margo-san stands up
True, it’s not good to drive when drunk

「I’m fine. We won’t use a car, we’ll walk on foot」

Even though the police and Kouzuki security service are watching over.

「Won’t that make it clear to them?」

Is it to make it clear that Miss Cordelia retreated?

「Let’s hurry, it’ll be tough when Cordelia’s on the second stage」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「Much more if it reaches stage three!」
「Hurry up, if we’re going then let’s hurry, Kyouko!」

Miss Cordelia kisses Kyouko-san again

「I, want to do it, soon」

Miss Cordelia’s eyes are craving.

「Me too, Cordelia」

This time, Kyouko-san kissed him.

「With that said, take care of the rest, Margo!」

Margo-san replied.

「This is Ojou-sama’s dinner, this is the snacks for the drinks」

Eenie and Meenie receives the bag Katsuko-nee hands over.
These people.
They don’t talk but they understand Japanese.
No, it would be troublesome if they speak it fluently

「Now then, well then everyone. Have a fun night」

Then, Kyouko-san, Miss Cordelia, Eenie and Meenie exits.

「What do you think was Miss Cordelia’s third stage?」

As soon as we can’t see them anymore, Margo-san asks me.

「I don’t know at all」

I can’t know what’s the habit of a drunk international criminal.

「Kyouko-san told me before, it seems that she shoots with her pistol. She targets various things」


「When she put an apple on the head of her subordinate and tried to pretend to be『William Tell』Kyouko-san stopped her with all her strength. Said『You’ll be like Burroughs』 So, instead, 『Try to shoot that sign』or『Aim at the letters of that banner』Kyouko-san designates target so she doesn’t hit people. Kyouko-san said that it’s 『Nasu no Yoichi』」

Haa, that’s troublesome

「She’s just glad to be with Kyouko-san again. Therefore she gets drunk faster than usual, I guess」

Margo-san said.

「I understand that. She’s a person who can’t drink when she lost sight of the person she can feel at ease from the bottom of her heart. I also understand her cheery feeling」

Nagisa said.

「She really loves Kyouko-san」

Now, she can’t help but have fun going to beat gangs with Kyouko-san.

「Now then, we have to clean up, Megu-chan, Mana-chan, and Ruriko-chan, help me wash the dishes. Nei and others will be sweeping up」

Katsuko-nee gives orders.

「Uhm, W-What should I do?」

Reika asks.


Nei glares at Reika

「W-What should Rei-chan do?」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「Rei-chan, look after Mao-chan and Agnes」
「Nagisa, you stay with Rei-chan」
「Okay, Katsuko」

Nagisa goes to Mao-chan and others

「Now, let’s play here so we won’t bother everyone else working」
「Okay, Mama!」

Mao-chan smiles

「Rei-chan, Agnes-chan, let’s go!」

Pulled by Mao-chan, the to head to the back of the room.
Yeah, if Nagisa’s going to look after then, there’s no problem.

「Mana-san, how do you wash this?」

It must be Ruriko’s first time to wash dishes in her life.
In the first place, the watering hole in this basement isn’t suitable for dishwashing though
They can only wash it with the shower head.

「Err, sorry, Mana actually hasn’t done this before too. Megu-oneechan!」
「Yeah, then take a look」

Mana’s also an Ojou-san who had helpers in her house.
On the other hand, Megu, since Yamamine house is poor, she can easily do housework.

「You wash the plates like this. There’s no need to rush, be careful not to drop the plate and brake it」

From the relationship of the child group.
This time, learning from the elder sisters.
It’s a good experience for Ruriko.
If possible, I’d like Agnes to experience it too, but
Well, I guess that’s not possible for now.
For now, it’s better to spread the circle of people around her using Mao-chan.
It’s not possible to use her when it comes to the night part after all.
Mao-chan who’s too young shouldn’t be learning about sex yet.

「 Yo-chan, use vacuum in this area!」

On the other hand, Nei gets the vacuum cleaner at this place.
Margo-san’s already started cleaning while giving instructions to Edie.

「Yeah, leave it to me」

I receive the vacuum cleaner.

◇ ◇ ◇

The dishwashing and the cleaning are almost finished.
Mao-chan is jumping around on Agnes’ bed.
Nagisa’s watching over, Agnes is laughing too.
Reika too.


Mana comes over.
I kneel and pull the vacuum cleaner’s cord

「What’s up, Mana?」

That said, Mana hugs me from behind.
She’s pushing her small breasts against me.
Ah, I get it.
I promised Mana that we’ll have sex.

「Mana, look」

I try to say that we can’t do it now, but

「I know, you’re holding off your semen for Ruri-oneechan’s first experience, right?!」


「But, a promise is a promise, so do it with Mana later!」

Mana smiled.

「Right. Sorry but wait for a bit longer」

I said

「Un, I’ll wait!」

Mana pushes her breasts to me even more.
She kisses my ear from the back.

「Hey, Onii-chan, do you know double fellatio?」


「Katsuko-oneechan taught me, it’s when two girls lick one penis she said」

Mana’s breath hits my ears.

「Onii-chan, do you want to do that?」


「I want to do it with Mana」

This girl is like a small devil.

「Who do you want Mana to team up with? Mana wants to do it with Ruri-oneechan」

Mana smiles obscenely

「Ruri-oneechan is the same as Mana, Onii-chan’s slave. We’re sex slaves!」

I look at Ruriko.
Ruriko seems to be learning some housework from Megu.
She’s listening to Megu’s talk seriously

「Onii-chan, you can do anything you want with Mana and Ruri-oneechan. We’re sex slaves, you can do even more lewd things! You can make Mana cry, because of Mana’s your cute slave, Onii-chan!」

Then, Mana lets go of me.

「I’m going to teach Ruri-oneechan about lewd things right now! I’ll educate her firmly so she can see nothing but Onii-chan」


「Hey, Mana?」
「What Mana wants from Onii-chan is to not hold back with Mana. Therefore, I’ll make Ruri-oneechan a slave Mana wants to become. Then, Onii-chan won’t hold back anymore, right? You’ll treat Mana like Ruri-oneechan?」

No, look

「What do you want to be?」

I asked her bluntly

「Mana wants to be bound by Onii-chan more」


「Yeah, I want my whole body and mind to be a complete slave」

Then, she flips up her skirt.
Mana’s not wearing any panty like it’s natural.
Her hairless slit is wet with love nectar.

「Then, I’ll wait! I’m next to Ruri-oneechan!」

Mana said.

「Please ravish Mana tonight as well!」