Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 416. Passion (熱情 / Netsujou )



The dinner and clean up’s done in Agnes’ basement.
Mao-chan, Agnes, Edie, Reika, and Nagisa are playing in the bed.
Everyone’s making origami which was brought by Nagisa.
Agnes has completely merged with everyone.
She’s no longer looking up at Shirasaka Sousuke’s statue.

「The masturbation at a regular time was just told by Shirasaka Sousuke, Agnes doesn’t seem to do it by her own will」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「But that girl is already 12 years old, the feeling of masturbation has already been enough. It’s about time we stimulate her that way」

No matter how late, tomorrow night…
I have to ravish Agnes in front of Shirasaka Sousuke’s eyes.
I want her to feel happy than feeling a painful rape.
Meanwhile, the other group is.
Nei, Mana, and Megu gather around Ruriko.
They’re filling up Ruriko with knowledge about sex.
To make Ruriko even a bit less afraid of her first experience.

「Anyway, it hurts at first but once you’ve done it several times, Onii-chan will make you feel good」
「Yeah, in my case, it felt good on the second time. Yoshi-kun did it so kindly after all」
「Well, you just have to endure the first one! Enduring the pain is somewhat pleasing!」

Mana, Megu, and Nei talk about their experience.

「Is that so? Speaking of which, Michi-sama has said『The pain feels good』」

Ruriko answers

「Well, that girl’s a strong M after all」

Mana repeats what Nei said.

「Ah, but, I can share sympathy with her, Mana also likes the bit of pain when Onii-chan does it a bit strongly. It feels like he wants Mana so much」
「Right, I think I’m the same」
「What? Megu and Mana are masochists?」

Nei laughs.

「Nei-oneesan, don’t you feel like that?」

Mana asks, Nei.

「Nope. I like having fun, I love flirting and taking it easy with Yo-chan. Having sex on Sunday afternoons, and while in bed, laughing together, eating snacks, then sex again. Doing that kind of thing until sunset, just laid-back」

Ah, I want to do a relaxing act like that.

「Ruri-chan, it feels very great to hug Yo-chan when both of you are naked. Both hugging and being hugged by Yo-chan!」

Nei laughs.

「When did Nei-oneechan do that?」
「That’s right, we didn’t know that at all」

Megu and Mana interrogate Nei.

「Shut up, masochists」

Nei turns sullen for a moment but.
She laughed as if she remembered something.

「Nufufu, masochist Megu-chan」

Megu’s dumbfounded.

「Not that, when I say『Masochist Megu-chan』you reply with『Sharanra!』」
「Just do it! Masochist Megu-chaaan~!」

Nei laughed out loud.
What’s that?
Margo-san comes over.

「Katsuko-san. Seki-san just contacted. 『Kakka』 is going to arrive earlier than planned」


「I see, how early?」
「Around 30 minutes」

Then, Margo-san looked at me.

「He seems to want to talk to you」

Before I have sex with Ruriko?

「Should Ruriko come too?」
「No, just you, therefore he doesn’t want Ruriko-san to be notified about his early arrival」

Jii-chan is deliberately pushing Ruriko aside.
But still, he’s worried about his granddaughter.
Therefore, he wants to talk to me before Ruriko’s first experience.
He’s concerned about Ruriko


I replied

「Then, we have to hurry up preparations」

Katsuko-nee sighs.

「Sorry but, Katsuko-san is the hostess of the mansion for today. Please」

Margo-san smiles at Katsuko-nee.

「Margo-sama made Ojou-sama angry after all」

Katsuko-nee pouts as she says it.

「Made angry, what?」

I asked.

「Look, you used Iwakura-san in today’s operation, didn’t you?」

Iwakura-san was made to work as a prostitute.

「Well, Minaho knows that she can’t abandon the『brothel』right now but, Minaho herself doesn’t want to be the head of the『brothel』anymore」

Though, it’s an inevitable reality for Kuromori to resume the brothel.
Minaho-neesan’s personal wish is to not engage in prostitution business anymore.

「Therefore, we should be able to manage ourselves without Minaho in the future」


「Margo-sama was the one who proposed that Ojou-sama has to work outside the mansion and that we’ll setup tonight by ourselves!」

That’s why Minaho-neesan is in the school tonight?
Ah, if it’s about monitoring Miss Cordelia’s gang, Kyouko-san alone is enough.
And yet, Minaho-neesan stays in the school.

「Kouzuki-san isn’t a customer of Kuromori for tonight’s visit but the people of Kouzuki security service thinks so, don’t you think?」

Margo-san said.
Kouzuki security service doesn’t know Jii-chan’s relationship with us.
When Jii-chan visits this『mansion』
They obviously think that he’s renting a prostitute in『Kuromori』
Normally, the one who welcomes the head of Kouzuki house, Jii-chan.
Has to be Kuromori Minaho, the current representative of『Kuromor』
Yet, Minaho-neesan doesn’t come back from the school.

「I think that it’s optimal for future simulation. Whether we can do it without Minaho or not」

Margo-san is thinking ahead.
Just because『Kuromori』 can’t stop its prostitution business right now.
It’s just cruel to keep Minaho-neesan as the head of work.
Therefore, Margo-san and Katsuko-nee are considering that Minaho-neesan can’t operate the『brothel』

「Kouzuki security service around the mansion will consolidate itself so there’s no worry. Only Kouzuki-san’s limousine comes in the mansion」
「Is Morimoto-san’s coming?」
「It’s fine. I contacted him so he’ll be here soon. Morimoto-san’s the limousine driver and the secretary. I think that Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san, and maybe Yazawa-san will come as well but I’ll take care of the guards」
「Is it better if Nagisa helps out too?」
「It’s better if Nagisa-san’s not involved. She’s retired alraedy」

Katsuko-nee and Margo-san are still working in this『brothel』
They think that it’s not okay to ask help from Nagisa who has cut ties with it already

「Both the reception room and the VIP room are cleaned during the day so there’s no problem. The special room too」
「Special room?」

I ask Katsuko-nee.

「That’s the only room in this mansion that’s most suited to have Ruriko-san lose her virginity」

I understand what Katsuko-nee meant by that.
Ruriko’s exiled from Kouzuki house and became my slave, but
That’s a fake.
Even now, Ruriko’s still the successor of Japan’s most famous family, Kouzuki house.
Not Misuzu, not Yoshiko-san, Ruriko will be the next head of the Kouzuki house.
That’s what Katsuko-nee thinks.

「Let’s go up for a bit. Let’s take a look in the room while we have time」

Margo-san tells me.

「Right, inspect it in advance」

Ah, somehow, I’m suddenly feeling a heavy pressure.
Me taking away Ruriko’s virginity has a greater meaning than I thought.
Misuzu, the third granddaughter of Jii-chan, lived with her parents.
Ruriko and Yoshiko are separated from their parents and raised carefully in the hands of Jii-chan.
As expected, Ruriko is the one personally taught by Jii-chan how to be a leader, his desired successor.

「Do you like Ruriko-san?」

Margo-san said as she looks at my face.

「Well, I do」
「Do you want to have sex with her?」
「I do. I don’t want to give her to anyone else」

Margo-san smiles.

「Then that’s enough. You do what you want. It’s good to not worry about politics」
「We’ll take care of the adult world. At that time, Minaho will come too. Don’t worry」

Margo-san said.

「That’s right. Let’s play our respective roles」

Katsuko-nee too.

「Give Ruriko-san a wonderful first experience. And, have fun. Just concentrate on that」
「Yes, only Kouzuki-san will be watching your sex. We won’t watch the live feed, it’ll be completely closed out」

It’s really different from Misuzu.
They’re not just『not watching』, they really『 can’t watch』
The first experience of the successor of Kouzuki house.
Other than the current head, Jii-chan.
To trick that kind of reality.
Margo-san told Ruriko today「just the two of you」on purpose.
In order to not make Ruriko realize that she’s special.

「Anyway, let’s go up first. We can leave this place to Nagisa-san」

MArgo-sn waves at Nagisa.
Nagisa nods with a smile.
She seems to have been told in advance.

「Huh, Onii-chan, where are you going?」

Mana noticed us who are trying to leave the room.


I don’t know how to reply.

「He’s going to change his outfit. I found some interesting clothes!」

Katsuko-nee follows up with a smile.

「Yeah. I’ll borrow him for a while!」

Margo-san too.
Then, Ruriko comes over.


Showing a bright smile.

「What’s up?」
「I may still be a lacking slave but, I will do my best」


「Hearing about Mana-san and everyone’s story, Onii-sama is very kind so, I thought he might be holding back on Ruriko」
「Holding back?」

Ruriko takes a short breath.

「Uhm, it may be rude to say this but」

Ruriko’s big eyes look at me.

「Please stop going easy on me because I’m a daughter of Kouzuki house」
「Ruriko, you」
「I was banished out of Kouzuki house. I’m not allowed to live as anything but as Onii-sama’s slave」
「No, Ruriko」
「I was bought of Onii-sama for three thousand yen. As I’m sold, I’m owned by Onii-sama. I won’t be selfish. Rather, I want to be of help to Onii-sama」

Ruriko’s eyes are serious.

「I’m a woman who can’t do anything. I don’t have any ability to make Onii-sama happy. I was born resting on the laurels of Kouzuki house, I didn’t learn anything about housework or cuisines. I’m a foolish girl」
「You can just learn from now on」
「Yes, I will. I will learn for Onii-sama. But now, I’m just too miserable」

Then, Ruriko holds my hand.

「I’m not confident in sex either. But, Mana-san taught me that sex is the best way for a woman to please men I saw Misuzu-sama and Michi-sama be naked with Onii-sama, I already understand that sex is a very important thing」
「Mana-san, Megumi-san, Nei-san too, they’re all doing it It seems to be an act to make Onii-sama pleased, to feel pleasure as a woman. I will do my best, I will surely become a woman who can satisfy Onii-sama through sex. Therefore」

Ruriko grips my hand tighter.

「Please don’t hold back. Please treat Ruriko as a slave. Ruriko is Onii-sama’s slave I feel proud as a slave!!」

This 15-year-old beauty tells me strongly

「Please do as you want with my body, Onii-sama. I will do anything Onii-sama wishes for. Even if it’s embarrassing, I will be fine」

I hug Ruriko.
Ruriko’s body is trembling slightly

「Ruriko, aren’t you trembling?」

I whisper to her ears.

「I’m trembling with excitement」

Ruriko replies.
Actually, she must be afraid of sex.

「Are you really sure?」

I asked, Ruriko.

「Yes. I am thankful that I was chased out of Kouzuki house」
「If I stayed as a daughter of Kouzuki hose, I will keep my selfish misunderstanding that I’ll become the successor of Kouzuki house in the future, and I think that I will live such a miserable, tasteless, and dry life」
「Ruriko, you?」
「Even if I was truly nominated to be the head, I think that I’ll be just a cold-hearted head that doesn’t think of the people of Kouzuki group. I misunderstood myself as a special being and made fool of everyone else. Even though I don’t know any means to survive, even though I’m just a powerless girl, yet, I was such a foolish girl who doesn’t know her position and yet having opinions about the future of Kouzuki house」

Ruriko talks while clinging to me firmly

「It’s natural that Kouzuki-sama abandoned me and sold me off. I finally understand it」


「There are various people in the world, they all desperately try to live. I’m not the only one who’s suffering from my own birth, that’s suffering from the bloodline and environment. Everyone gently told me!」

Ruriko turns backward.
Nei’s smiling.
Mana too.
Megu, she’s trembling.
Agnes and Mao-chan from the distance as well.
『What’s happening?』 They look this way dumbfounded.

「I really want to be everyone’s『family』 And, more than anything」

Ruriko’s moist eyes look up at me

「I want to be Onii-sama’s slave properly! I want to have sex soon and please Onii-sama!」


「Everyone has taught this slave who can’t do anything, gently, warmly, I really didn’t know anything. Everyone’s so kind to this woman who can’t do anything, I feel so miserable, pathetic!!!」

This must be Ruriko’s pride.
Ruriko doesn’t like the situation where everyone’s kind to her.

「I’m a slave, I, don’t want this to go on, therefore!」

Ruriko cries in my chest.
I know how fearful Jii-chan, Kouzuki Shigetaka is.
He didn’t just entrust Ruriko to me normally.
But instead, he sold her off as a slave for 3000 yen.
Ultimately, was it to drive Ruriko this far?
The pride of being raised as a lady of a noble.
Ruriko herself doesn’t want to be treated kindly. She says that she wants to be treated as a slave properly
Though she’s aspiring to be a slave.
This pride is definitely the pride of the daughter of Kouzuki house.
My slave is as expected, an extreme Ojou-sama


I tell Ruriko

「I think I was too kind to Ruriko. You’re my slave already」
「Yes, Ruriko is Onii-sama’s slave」
「Yeah, then I’ll treat Ruriko as I want. I might want something Ruriko doesn’t want to do」
「Please ask for more, that would make Ruriko happy!」
「I might do something horrible」
「I will endure anything for Onii-sama」
「It might hurt」
「Yes, please do it to Ruriko」

I stroke Ruriko’s soft cheeks

「Good, then we’ll prepare」
「Yes, Onii-sama」

Ruriko’s trembling stopped.

「Ruriko, prepare your body and mind. Listen to everyone carefully」
「Yes, I will listen to their story. To make sure I do my job properly」
「It’s fine, if it’s Ruriko, you can do it properly」

I hug Ruriko once again
Nei and others are looking.

「Everyone, take care of Ruriko. Could you play with her for a bit longer?」
「Got it, Onii-chan」
「Leave it to us, Yoshi-kun」

Nei, Mana, and Megu replied with a smile

「Ruriko, go over there」
「Yeah, we still have a lot to tell you!」
「Yes, Yoshi-kun will be arranging something」

The three who became my women recently invites Ruriko.
I have no more hesitation towards Ruriko.

◇ ◇ ◇

Lead by Katsuko-nee, we go to the special room.
In there is a really gorgeous room.
The furnishing of the room is, an expensive wooden furniture in the middle, the wallpapers and curtains are bright red, and it’s filled with gold and metal accent embroidery.
The bed also has a canopy, it’s King size.

「Normally, the sheets are red-velvet, but it’s white for today」

Katsuko-nee said

「It’ll be dyed in red with the virgin blood」

I see.

「Katsuko-nee, this room is naturally…」
「Yes. The hidden cameras are here and there」

I will have sex with Ruriko here while being watched by Jii-chan.

「Also, about taking photos of Ruriko-san before and after sex」
「I will take it as usual. But of course, I will be leaving before it begins, and I won’t come until I’m called after the end. Do you want commemorative photos?」


「Please. Katsuko-nee. I think that Ruriko would be glad to be the same as everyone」

I ready myself.

『Katsuko-san, Seki-san called. They’ll arrive in ten minutes』

Margo-san’s voice comes from the speaker of this room.

「My that’s a problem, we have to hurry」
「What should I do?」
「You can wait in the reception room. Morimoto-san and I are enough to pick them up at the entrance」
「Which reception room?」

I still don’t know all the rooms of this mansion.

「Ah, this way, follow me」

Katsuko-nee guides me.

「Wait in this room, when『Kakka』comes, stand from your seat and greet him. Can you do that?」

The reception room is also a good room.
Somehow, the atmosphere reminds me of the US’s president’s room.
It doesn’t have the huge honorable flag though

「Okay, I’ll wait」

I take a seat on one of the sofa.

「Ah, not there, sit on that sofa. This has a seat of honor and lower seat」
「Yes. You’re on the welcoming side on this『mansion』so be careful」
「Then, see you later」

Then, Katsuko-nee heads out.
I’m left alone in the reception room.
I feel a bit nervous


I take a deep breath.
Ruriko’s resolved herself, me too
After a while.

『Kouzuuki-san has arrived. Wait in there』

The hidden speaker in this room is on the fireplace?
That fireplace is a fake, it doesn’t really have a fire.
A few more minutes of silence.

Knock knock.

The door of the room’s knocked.

「Come in」

I replied in a dry voice.


The door opens.

「This way」

Katsuko-nee bows her head.
Jii-chan holds a big bag in his hand.


Jii-chan enters the room.
I stand up.


The words don’t come out well

「What are you getting nervous about?」

Jii-chan smiles.

「Come in」

He calls to another person outside


Replying in a loud voice, Yoshiko-san comes in
Yoshiko-san’s wearing a white one piece.

「I’ve come to this mansion so many times long ago but it’s my first time accompanied by my granddaughter」

Jii-chan smiles wryly

「Here, Yoshiko, take a seat」

Yoshiko-san closed up her mind completely
She doesn’t look at me.

「Kouzuki-sama, would you prefer tea with brandy as a drink?」

Katsuko-nee asks Jii-chan

「Just tea, The doctor told me to stop drinking brandy」

Before, when Jii-chan was a regular of this mansion, his drink is tea with brandy.
And now, he refused the brandy.
He refuses to drink alcohol as he killed his second son.

「I will prepare it right away」

Katsuko-nee smiles at Jii-chan.

「I’ll put your bag here」
「Yes, thanks」

Jii-chan replies as he looks at the bag Katsuko-nee put down.

「Then, excuse me. 」

Katsuko-nee bows and withdraws.
The door is closed quietly

「Hey, are you not seating?」

I’m still standing

「Ah, yeah」

I take a seat on the sofa in a hurry

「Now then, how is Ruriko?」

Jii-chan asks, showing a probing eye.

「Yeah, she’s fine. She made a cake with everyone at noon, and now she’s having fun with everyone」
「 Has she eaten dinner properly?」
「Yeah. It’s fine. She seems to have the appetite」

Or rather, she’s eaten the hand-rolled sushi in big bites.

「There are a lot of girls of the same age as Ruriko so they’re all kind to her」
「I see, then fine」

Jii-chan glares at me.

「Hey, you, I have two requests for you」


Jii-chan’s eyes look at the bag.