Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 423. Refrain Blue



「Fufu, everything’s come unbound thanks to you. You have my gratitude」

Jii-chan tells me.
I wonder if this would take off Jii-chan’s obsession to Ruriko?

「Hold onto Ruriko firmly. So I won’t feel anything strange anymore」
「Even if I don’t hold her, Ruriko will stay by my side. Right, Ruriko?」
「Yes, Onii-sama」

Ruriko smiles.


Jii-chan nods lonely as he looks at us.

「This is fine, yes」

Jii-chan looks at the red jewels, and gold accessories made for Ruriko sadly.

「That, can we have that for Ruriko?」

I tell Jii-chan.

「It’s a souvenir for Ruriko’s deflowering」


「Doing that would make me happy」
「Yes. I will treasure it, Kouzuki-sama」.

Ruriko answers Jii-chan

「Anyway, I’ll lead the way Ojii-chan, come with me!」

Nei tells Jii-chan

「Yo-chan, you should go to the shower room for now. You know where it is right?」

Err, the shower room where I had my body washed with Misuzu and Michi is,

「Yeah, I know how to get there from this room」
「Then, you go with Ruriko, and I will guide Ojii-chan!」

There are no prostitutes in this『mansion』now, and Jii-chan isn’t a『guest』either
But, Jii-chan’s old so someone should come with him appropriately.

「Thanks, Nee-san」
「Ufufu, Yo-chan’s gotten so strong! I fell for you again. My heart’s beating so fast still!」

Nei smiles at me.

「I love you Yo-chan! You’re my Hero!」

After saying that she gently kissed my cheek.

「Uhm, Onii-sama」

Ruriko whispers to me.

「What should we do about her?」

Ah, Yoshiko-san?
Yoshiko-san’s limp from despair.
As expected, it would be bad to have Yoshiko-san go with Jii-chan to the『training site』where the female secretary is.
That said, making her go to the shower with us is,
Yoshiko-san is in despair that Ruriko’s become my girl.
The door’s knocked.


I replied.

「Excuse me」
「Coming in」

The girls who came in are Megu and Misuzu.
Both of them are wearing the Greek myth style white fluffy outfits.

「Uhm, Minaho-san told us to take care of Yoshiko-san while Kouzuki-san goes to that toom」
「Grandfather, please leave Yoshiko-sama to us!」

Ah, I knew it, Minaho-neesan’s watching from the school.
Then, this place too.
Megu, who’s the most common in the family and have good manners, and
Misuzu, someone Yoshiko-san knows since before.
Did they leave her to take care of Yoshiko-san?

「Yoshiko-sama, we have prepared tea in the reception room, please come with us」

Misuzu smiles.

「Misuzu-sama, please stop using『-sama』on me」

Yoshiko-san says in a dark voice.

「I’m Ruriko-sama’s vassal!」

In the end, Yoshiko-san hasn’t accepted the reality that she’s Jii-chan’s granddaughter.

「That doesn’t matter to me. I have nothing to do with whatever kind of life you chose to have」

Misuzu said clearly

「Grandfather, do you mind?」


「I trust you but, don’t be rough on her. Yoshiko’s shocked from a lot!」

No way, me doing Yoshiko-san?
Give me a break!

「I won’t do anything like that! We don’t have such treachery!」

Misuzu answers.

「No thanks. There’s no way I would do that you know? I already have my hands full of these girls」

I tell Jii-chan.

「Megumi-san and I will be with her alone in a separate room until Grandfather comes back. There won’t be contact with others. Danna-sama and Ruriko would like to take a break」
「Umu, then that’s fine. Yoshiko, wait with Misuzu and her」

Jii-chan orders.

「Yes, Kouzuki-sma」

Yoshiko-san has abandoned the role of『one of Jii-chan’s granddaughters』released to the public.
In the end, she’s just a servant of Kouzuki house who’s following Jii-chan’s orders.
It seems she doesn’t want to admit that she lost her master, Ruriko.

「Then please, Misuzu, Megu」
「Yes, Danna-sama」
「It’ll be okay, Yoshi-kun」

Well, leaving it to the two of them, it won’t be a problem.

「Well then, follow me Ojii-chan!」

Nei guides Jii-chan


Jii-chan leaves with Nei.
He must still have feelings for Ruriko remaining but, he didn’t look at Ruriko on purpose.

「Then, Danna-sama, we’ll be going as well. Ruriko, congratulations」

Misuzu smiles at Ruriko.

「We’re now real『sisters』starting now, let’s help each other!」
「Yes, Misuzu-oneesama, Megumi-oneesama. I may be an inexperienced little sister, but please continue to guide me」
「We welcome you, Ruriko-san」

Megu has accepted Ruriko too.

「Then, let’s go, Yoshiko-san」

Megu calls Yoshiko-san, but,

「Ruriko-sama, I」

Ruriko looks at Yoshiko-san.

「Please stop calling me『-sama』too. I’m no longer a girl from Kouzuki house. Yoshiko-sama is the daughter of Kouzuki house. Please don’t make such a face!」

Those words hurt Yoshiko-san’s heart further.

「No, I’m Ruriko-sama’s attendant forever. A vassal. Someone like me cannot be a daughter of Kouzuki house」
「But, please do your best. I can no longer be on Kouzuki-sama’s side anymore」
「Why, Ruriko-sama?! Why are you so captivated by this man!? Ruriko-sama’s a born noble!!」


「I wasn’t captivated, Onii-sama has accepted me, and I have accepted Onii-sama. He’s the man I will dedicate my life to, that is all」
「There’s no way that’s true! Ruriko-sama, Kouzuki-sama, both of you are wrong!」

Yoshiko-san desperately tries to persuade Ruriko.

「I made my choice in my life. I will go on this road. Yoshiko-sama, thank you for everything so far」

The naked Ruriko,
Puts her hand on the carpet and bows to Yoshiko-san.

「Please don’t do that!!!」

Yoshiko-san’s speechless.

「Sorry, I’ve already left your road. I will choose to go with Onii-sama. Yoshiko-sama, please proceed with your own life too」

Ruriko said.


Yoshiko-san shouts, Misuzu;

「Yoshiko-sama, whatever you say now is meaningless. Take some time to cool your head」
「It’s an order, I’m Kouzuki Misuzu you know?」

To dampen the stubborn heart of Yoshiko-san,
Misuzu uses her last card.

「You won’t listen to my order?
「I also ask of you. Please follow Misuzu-oneesama」

Ruriko also 『requests』Yoshiko-san

「I would like to have some time alone with Onii-sama」

She stares at Yoshiko-san

「C-Certainly, Ruriko-sama」

She responded as Ruriko’s vassal in the end.

「Then, let’s go, Yoshiko-sama」
「Leave it to us, Yoshi-kun」

Megu and Misuzu sandwich the depressed Yoshiko-san out of the room.
She turned to Ruriko one last time, but,
Ruriko doesn’t turn to Yoshiko-san.


The door closes.


Ruriko breathes out.

「Yoshiko-sama’s in confusion now. Who she is, how can she live after this」
「Ruriko’s the same yesterday」
「Ruriko yesterday, weren’t you depressed, worrying?」

I can see the current Yoshiko-san overlapping with Ruriko, depressed in the waiting room on the funerary venue.

「That might be」

Ruriko mutters

「Back then, I also lost my identity and felt empty」
「Therefore, Yoshiko-san has to stand up on her strength just like Ruriko」
「But, in my case, Onii-sama has helped me」
「 Don’t Yoshiko-san have Ruriko too?」

I smile at Ruriko

「It might be impossible now but, no, it’s fine to take time. If Yoshiko-san can find her way, we’ll think what we can do for her. I’m sure that there will be some way we can support Yoshiko-san」

Ruriko nods.

「Onii-sama, Eei!」

She pulls my arm and jumps.
She kisses me on her own accord.
Again and again.

「Onii-sama, I love you, I love you, I love you!」

Ruriko clings to me, and I tumble on the carpet.
Ruriko’s kisses don’t end.

「Hey, Onii-sama」

Her moist eyes look at me.

「What is it Ruriko?」
「Please do it one more time!」

Ruriko pushes her breasts against my chest.
She reaches for my penis.

「But, it hurts, doesn’t it, Ruriko?」

Receiving ejaculation inside her three consecutive times after losing virginity.
Her vagina must be hurt a lot.

「It’s okay even if it hurts」

Ruriko slowly rubs my penis.

「No, I’d want to be hurt, I can now understand what Michi-sama was lecturing」

No, Michi’s a masochist.

「I want it, by all means, Onii-sama」


「Because, aren’t we alone?」

Jii-chan’s no longer watching.
Ruriko doesn’t know that Minaho-neesan’s watching us.
She thinks that nobody’s watching us now.

「Onii-sama, please make Ruriko able to have babies!」


「Ruriko, could you become as lewd as you can in front of me?」
「Yes, if that’s what Onii-sama wishes for, anything!」

Red blood still flows on my penis.

「Aaaah, Onii-sama’s gotten big!」

The fingers of a 15-year-old girl touch my bulging glans lovingly


Libido fires up again.
I bury my face with Ruriko’s breasts.
Licking up both her nipples,

「Onii-sama, do you love breasts?」
「Yeah, I do」
「I also like being licked by Onii-sama!」

I try to suck out her sunken nipples.
The center’s hard, but it doesn’t rise from the areola.
Ruriko’s nipples are still growing.
I crawl my tongue from her nipple to her belly.
I lick up her cute navel.

「Ahn, Onii-samaaahn~」

Dammit, so cute!
I want to put it in right away.

「Ruriko, get on all fours」
「All fours?」
「Yeah, like this」

I raise Ruriko’s body.
And have her on all fours on top of the carpet.

「Open your legs a bit more, yes, stick out your ass」
「This is embarrassing. It feels like Ruriko’s a dog」
「Yeah, I’m going to fuck you like a dog」

I go behind Ruriko.
Then I place my erect penis on her opening.

「Looking like this?」
「I’m coming in, Ruriko」
「Is it okay to go inside? Reply properly, Ruriko!」

Ruriko sways her ass.

「Please come, Onii-sama!」

I grab Ruriko’s waist.
Then thrust it into Ruriko’s pussy!

「Does it hurt?」
「It hurts, but this is fine. Make it hurt!」
「Then say『pierce me』. Say『Please ravish Ruriko』」
「Pierce, please pierce me. Please ravish Ruriko!」

I stir around Ruriko’s insides.
Ruriko’s pussy is already melting with semen and love nectar.

「Aaah, aaah, hyaaan, yaaan, Ahn, iyaann~!」

Ruriko’s pants are even cute.
I’m ravishing her again.
Deep inside the vagina of this beauty.

「Nuaan, hamu , uuu, iyaaa, iyaaaaan!!!」

The seed of lust doesn’t seem to have disappeared inside Ruriko’s craving flesh.
It’s just burning even more in our first doggy style sex.

「Onii-samaa, Onii-samaaaaaahn~!」
「Rurikoooo, Rurikoooo!!」

I swing my waist and massage her breasts from behind. Rubbing her hard nipples
I lick Ruriko’s back while having sex with her.


Her back seems to be an erogenous zone.
Ruriko’s body trembled a lot.

「Onii-sama, I don’t want to stay like this. I can’t see Onii-sama’s face like this!」

Ruriko shakes her head.

「I don’t want that. I want to see Onii-sama’s face, Ruriko wants Onii-sama to see her face too!!!」

Aah, Ruriko!

「I get it. I get it already!」

I pull out my penis and lay Ruriko on her back.
Then, I cover on Ruriko’s body.
Ruriko opens up her legs on her own.

「Come! Onii-sama!」

I jump into Ruriko!


Ruriko’s pained face.
As expected, it must have hurt having a foreign body inside her.
It must be painful for the virgin body to be spread out by my penis.
But, I ravish inside Ruriko without any mercy.

「Hii, hiiiiihn, Aguuu!」

Every time I reach the depths of her vagina, Ruriko looks in pain.
It’s better to end fast.

「Ruriko, it’s going to get more intense!」
「Yes, please!」

I speed up moving my waist.
I roughly ravish Ruriko.

「Ahn, aaaaaaah, ahn, ahnmu, uuu, ahn, ahn, haan!」

Ruriko who’s enduring it is so lovely
No matter how painful it is, she follows my first order.
She’s looking at my eyes.

「Hyaaan, yaan, ahn, aaaahn, ahn, aaah, Onii-samaaa!」

I make Ruriko’s breasts dance violently
Our dance is reaching the end.

「Aaaah, I’m about to cum, I’m letting it out, Rurikoo!」
「Give it, please, Ruriko, inside, Onii-sama’s hot stuff, I want more of it!」

I won’t hold back.
I release it all deep in her pussy as usual!!

「Ah, it’s coming out, the hot thing, is deep inside Ruriko!!」

The fourth shot’s quantity doesn’t have that much.
I lay on top of Ruriko.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

Ruriko hugs my exhausted body tightly.

「Onii-sama I love you!!!!!!」

◇ ◇ ◇

「I’m sorry, Onii-sama」

After we have sex just with the two of us,
Ruriko’s unable to stand.
As expected, worked her too much after losing her virginity.

「Err, let’s leave the luggage her for the time being, and we’ll come back to pick it up later」

The said luggage is the silk undershirt and the golden accessories Jii-chan prepared for Ruriko
I can’t let Ruriko wear this anymore. Can’t make her have it.
We put them on the table of the room.

「Ruriko, wear my bathrobe」

I cover Ruriko with the bathrobe.

「But what about Onii-sama? I don’t mind staying naked」
「 Don’t be ridiculous. I’d be troubled if you catch a cold」

I pass Ruriko’s arm through the bathrobe.
Now then.

「Want another princess carry?」

If I’m going to carry Ruriko to the bathroom like this, then,

「I’m fine even with a piggyback ride. It would be easier for Onii-sama」


「No piggybacks.」
「Because, I’ll carry Ruriko on my back, and have knees on my hands. If I do that, the semen inside Ruriko would be,」
「My, I see」

It would drip from her slit, dirty my back, and the corridor.

「Therefore, It would be princess carry」

I open the door first.
Then, I pick up Ruriko’s body.
I get out of the corridor.
I’m naked and Ruriko’s wearing only a bathrobe.

「I love this」

Ruriko brightly says while she hugs me.

「Then, don’t increase your weight too much. Then, I’ll do it again」

If it’s on Ruriko’s physique, I can carry her like this.
I’m not confident on Nei, Katsuko-nee and, Nagisa’s plump body.
Megu too, she’s slender but tall, so it would be hard to balance.
If it’s Mana or Michi, it would be fine.
I carry Ruriko to the bathroom while having such thoughts.

「Onii-chan, you’re late!!」

Mana’s waiting with an imposing stance.

「What’s up?」
「I can’t wait, so I got up!」


「Done giving Ruri-oneechan’s first time, right? Did you enjoy it, Onii-chan?」
「Y-Yeah, well」
「How many times did he do it Ruri-oneechan?!」
「Err, four times」

Ruriko answers honestly

「Then, you can take a rest!」

Mana gives me an aggressive look.

「Onii-chan promised! You haven’t done me today yet !」
「Anyway, let’s have a shower right away, Mana will join in!」

Mana smiles.
Can I rest?

「Come in!」

The three of us take a shower.

「How’s below?」
「Nagisa-oneechan’s watching over so no worries」

Mana answers as she scatters her clothes.
Nagisa’s taking care of Agnes, Edie, and Reika?
They’re all problem children, so I have to go there sooner

「What about Mao-chan?」
「She’s already asleep. It’s past ten already!」

I see the toddlers are on the bed now

「Anyway, put down Ruri-oneechan there. I’ll shower her」

I lay down Ruriko on the tiles of the shower room.

「I’m sorry, Onii-sama」
「 Don’t mind it. We’ll be together for long. Don’t fuss about every single thing」
「Yes, I will repay this bond with my lifetime」

As I said, don’t fuss about it.
Mana stares at me.

「Onii-chan’s lovey-dovey!」
「Nope, I」
「Uuu, please be lovey-dovey with Mana too!」

It can’t be helped
I hug Mana and kiss her.
I massage Mana’s small breasts.

「Yes.」 I hate it if you don’t do it with Mana a lot」
「Yeah, I love you Mana」
「Me too, Onii-chan」

Mana thrusts her tongue to me.
Our tongues twined.

「Love, love, I love you!」

Mana’s mood’s finally fixed.

「Then, I’ll wash up Ruri-oneechan first!」

Mana twists the shower faucet.
Shuba, sasasasasasa!
The water turns warm right away.

「Make sure to not put on Ruriko’s face」
「I know!」

The warm water cleanses up Ruriko’s body.

「Oh, this feels good. Thank you, Mana-san」

Ruriko smiles

「Come, Onii-chan, rub her with soap!」

I see, there’s virgin blood after all.
I pour in body soap on the sponge.

「I’ll wash up Ruriko」
「Yes, thank you」

I rub Ruriko’s soft naked body with the bubbly sponge.
Yes, it’s smooth.
It’s a fair skin without any wounds.
The elasticity of a 15-year-old body is fantastic.
The water flicks on her young bare skin.

「Ufufu, ufuffufu」

Ruriko laughs.

「What’s wrong, does it tickle?」

I asked.

「No, I’m just happy!」

Ruriko tells me showing an innocent smile.

「So happiness feels like this, Onii-sama!」


「I’m so filled with Onii-sama’s love! Aah, what a lucky woman I am!!」

Ruriko said, then she laughed again.