Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 424 Middle school student-sisters will serve!



「Ruriko, open your legs」

Have to wash up her genital too.

「Yes, Onii-sama」

Ruriko blushed. Then she opened her legs.
Her hairless pussy swells from having four consecutive sex.

「Yeah. It might hurt but endure it」

I take the shower head from Mana and pour down hot water.
I split up my fingers to make a V shape then spread Ruriko’s slit, until inside.


Ruriko raised her voice.

「Are you okay?」
「It stings a bit」

The part where the hymen’s torn might have some scratches.
I wash it with my fingers gently.

「Onii-sama’s hands are so gentle. It feels good」

Ruriko smiles at me.

「Right? Mana also had Onii-chan wash me up after our first time having sex!」

Mana tells Ruriko.
Though, with Mana, I raped her outside the mansion.
It was raining so she covered in mud.
Mana was also in a state of dazed after I rape her, so I had no choice but to wash her body with all I’ve got.

「Onii-chan was kind to me back then!」

Mana’s the horror of the rape from before erased from her memory.
The memory from where she took a bath with me may be the only memory that comes back.

「I love you Onii-chan!」

The naked Mana clings to my back.
She kisses the back of my ears.
Mana’s cute breasts press against my back.

「Hey, did it feel good having sex with Ruri-oneechan?」

I look down on the naked body of Ruriko lying down on the tiles of the shower room.
It’s a naked body of a healthy 15-year-old girl.
It’s small but, her breasts have a good shape, her pink nipples still caved in.
Even though I poured in my semen four times, the slit is still perfectly closed. It looks like she’s a virgin.
Thin and long legs.
It’s usually a fair white skin but, it’s reddish from the hot water.
Ruriko looks at me worriedly.

「Yeah, it felt good. Thanks, Ruriko」

I thank Ruriko for giving her virginity.

「I’m the one who should be thankful of Onii-sama. Was I able to do it properly?」
「Yeah, we did have sex properly」
「Uhm, I’m very sorry that I had Onii-sama do everything」

Ruriko has seen me have sex with Misuzu and Michi, so,
She seems to think that hers was immature.

「 Don’t mind it. It’s Ruriko’s first time」
「Yes! You can study a lot from now on!」

Mana said, then she touched my penis.
Even though two beauties sandwich me, I’m not getting erect. As expected of four consecutive rounds,

「Onii-chan, Mana will clean this up」

Mana puts soap in her hand and washes my penis.

「Okaay, let’s clean it beautifully!」

Mana smiles happily.

「Ah, me too. It’s gotten dirty because of me」

Ruriko says, minding the love nectar and virgin blood on my penis.

「No! Ruri-oneechan had a lot of sex already, right? It’s Mana’s turn now!」

Mana gently washes up from the tip of the glans to my balls.

「Ufufu, get big, get big」

Mana gently flushes the soap bubbles with shower.

「Mana, maybe not now, I just had it with Ruriko」

To be honest, I want a bit of a rest.

「Besides, if possible, I’d like to have sex with Mana in front of Agnes」

Mana has gotten quite close to Agnes today.
Their age is close, and if she sees the kind Onee-san, Mana have sex with me.
She might want to do it too.

「Yeah, right! Let’s do it in front of Agnes-chan too!」


「But before that, we do it here! Mana can’t hold back anymore!」

Uhm, Mana-san!?

「You want to do it here and in Agnes’ room?」

Mana smiles.

「Really, you serious?」
「Yes! I mean, let’s do it now!」

Mana pokes my glans.

「But, I just did it four times you know?」
「It’s only four times, right? That’s completely fine!」

I did Mana 10 times in one night, right.

「It’s fine, you can do it Onii-chan, you’re terrific after all!」

No look

「See, it’s big now!」

Even unconsciously, my penis got hard from Mana’s caress.

「Ufufufu, time to eat!」

As if she’s eating ice cream;
This 14-year-old girl licks up my glans.
Making sounds with her lips

「Mana might love doing fellatio」

Mana says while sending me an upward glance.

「Because, when I lick it like this, Onii-chan’s getting big inside Mana’s mouth!」

Kissing the tip of the glans and licking up the back of it.

「Does Mana’s mouth feel good, Onii-chan?」

Mana sucks while devoting her hands on the rod.

「 Is Mana helpful to Onii-chan?」

I pat Mana’s cheeks.
There’s still soap in my hands.
White bubble’s stick to Mana’s nose.

「Yeah, that feels good. It feels good, Mana」
「Please don’t abandon Mana」
「 Don’t say something stupid」
「Yeah. I know that Onii-chan won’t do that but, it makes me worried sometimes」

The naked Mana holds my erect penis with both hands as she says that.

「Therefore, have a lot of sex with Mana, Onii-chan. Messing up Mana is fine. When Mana takes Onii-chan inside, that’s what eases me up. If you let out a lot of semen, I’m happier」

For Mana, sex is a confirmation of her bond with me.
Mana thinks that I will abandon her when I don’t want her body anymore, so she trembles in fear.

「Look, I heard it from Katsuko-oneechan today, ordinary people, when they have sex, both men and women often close their eyes」

Mana licks my glans as she speaks.

「But look, whenever we have sex, you always see at Mana, right? Therefore, Mana’s looking at Onii-chan too!」

I see I thought that was normal, but,
Some people have sex with their eyes closed too.

「And then, the『Uuh!』Face Onii-chan face, when he ejaculates inside Mana, is adorable. Looking so pleased. Looking at that face, it makes me feel so relaxed. Makes me think that Onii-chan and I are loving each other」
「Me too, I like how Mana seems so pleased in the middle of sex.」
「It doesn’t『seem pleased』I feel good!」

Mana said.

「I love you, Onii-chan」
「Yeah, me too, I love you, Mana」
「Geez, this is embarrassing. My heart’s tightening so much!」

Mana returns to fellating me.
Ah, my erection revives.

「Ruri-oneechan, can you get up?」

Mana tells Ruriko


Ruriko’s just watching my interaction with Mana silently.

「Let’s serve together!」
「But, I」

Ruriko thinks that it’s Mana’s time now, so she needs to watch.

「Mana wants to do it with Onee-chan!」

Mana says still.

「Mana loves Onii-chan. Everyone Onii-chan loves, Mana loves! Therefore, I want to get along with Ruri-oneechan!」
「I won’t be selfish anymore. Onii-chan punished me after all! Michi-oneechan might like to be punished by Mana loves to do smiling and loving sex! That’s why let’s do it together」


「I understand, if you’re okay with me」

She said, then gets up from the tiles.

「You okay, Ruriko?」

Ruriko’s waist is paralyzed from losing her virginity.

「Yes, I’ve been warmed up by the shower, Onii-sama, please lend me a hand」

Ruriko reaches for my hand.
I take that hand and pull her up.
There we go!
Ruriko gets up.

「Well then 『Middle School Student-Sisters』will begin to serve!」

Mana declares.

「If Michi-oneechan’s here it would be perfect though!」

Yeah, that’s true, but

「Well, fine, we can do it with three next time. For now, we can start serving with the two of us」

Am I going to do the three girl’s version too?
Right, they would.

「Ruri-oneechan, on my side, stand on your knees」

The two naked middle school girls kneel side by side in front of my crotch.
They look up at me.
I compare the two.
In height, Ruriko who’s a year older is a bit taller.
But, Mana’s got way more breasts.
Ruriko’s nipples are still sunken but, Mana had hers sucked out by me so many times that it’s already an erect nipple.
Among my『women』, Michi’s another middle school girl, but
Looking at this, Michi may be the one whose growth is most delayed.
In the first place, Michi’s tremendously light, and she has a flexible body.

「What do you think? Both of us have a good body, right? It’s all for Onii-chan! You can push us down anytime you want!」

Mana read my mind, so she says that.

「Ruri-oneechan! Let’s begin our double fellatio!」
「Err, Mana will lick the bottom of Onii-chan’s penis, so Onee-chan take care of the tip!」
「Err, we have to lick it, right?」
「Yes. We’re both going to lick it! Therefore double fellatio」

Mana, explain that first.

「Okay, then start !」

Mana’s tongue licks my sensitive balls.
Ruriko’s tongue goes to my glans.
I just had it washed now, and since Mana licked it up, Ruriko fellates without any resistance.

「Wow, ah!」

My voice leaked out unconsciously
The texture of the tongues and their body temperature are different.
So women are this much different.

「Ufufu, look, Ruri-oneechan, Onii-chan looks like he’s feeling good」
「Yes, so cute. Onii-sama」

The two beauties continue to attack

「Okay, it’s about time we switch Mana will take the tip and Onee-chan will go with the lower one」

Yeah, Mana’s tongue use is slightly rough. But that’s good on its own
She sucks up the tip of the glans without hesitation.
She also licks up the precum leaking from my penis.
On the other hand, Ruriko’s tongue is delicate, gentle.
Staring up at my face from below, checking everything to see what kind of reaction I do when they stimulate somewhere.
Undoubtedly, one day, they’ll be the world’s best fellatio master.

「Ruri-oneechan, take care of the penis」

Mana lets go of the glans and turn to my back.
No way?

「I’ve heard about this from Katsuko-oneechan too. It seems that the gap between the anus and the penis feels good too」

Mana licks up at the line from the balls to the anus.

「Wow, that’s a big hit! Then, I’ll lick the anus too!」

The second-year middle school girl licks my anus.

「Ehehe, this feels that good? Onii-chan?」

It’s about time I fight back「」

「Mana, stick out your ass! I’ll do the same!」
「Eeeeeeh! Mana doesn’t need it! There’s no need to!」
「It’s an order! Come!」
「Mana, what are you?」
「A slave.」 Onii-chan’s sex slave!」
「Then hurry up and do as I say!」

Mana stands up timidly.

「Put your hands on the wall and spread your legs a bit」

Mana does as she’s told.

「Straighten up your legs and stick out your ass. Lower your head a bit, yes, like that」

I squat down in front of Mana’s ass.
All of Mana’s embarrassing parts shown before me.
I blow wind on it.

「Aaaahn, this is embarrassing. Onii-chan」

Mana shook her ass cutely when I blow wind on her skin.

「Ruriko, lick Mana’s nipples」
「Lick the nipples like a baby, make her feel good」
「Certainly, Onii-sama」

Ruriko moves her head below Mana’s chest.

「Mana-san, excuse me」

Then, she sucks up Mana’s nipple from below like a calf sucking her mother’s udders.

「Aaaahn, that tickles, Onee-chan!」

Using that opportunity, I attack Mana’s slit with my tongue.

「Uwa! What’s this, it makes me shiver!!!」

Mana’s back twitched.
Next, her anus.

「Iyaaaan, it’s embarrassing. Shameful. This is disgraceful 」

I lick it up.
Sucking it with my lip, leaving a kiss mark on her white skin.

Drip, drip.

Warm liquid drips down from Mana’s slit.

「Mana, you’re wet」
「Yes, I’m getting wet!」

I grab Mana’s ass and open it up.


I insert my tongue into Mana’s slit.
It’s gotten drenched already.
I can smell dairy products, and it has a sweet, sour taste.

「Mana, your pussy’s delicious」
「 Don’t say that, it’s embarrassing!」

Mana’s face dyes in shame.

「Onii-chan, I want it already」

Mana mutters.

「Do me, please ravish Mana, Mana wants to be raped by Onii-chan!」

My sex slave.
She desperately searches for words to get me excited.

「Please, Onii-chan, pierce Mana!」

My penis has completely recovered.

「Mana put your hand on those mirrors instead of the wall」

Mana faces the mirror.
I stand up.
I take a position in front of the mirror.

「Ruriko, look」
「Yes, Onii-sama」

Ruriko’s eyes are already fiery.
She’s trying to learn from Mana’s sex even a bit.
Ruriko’s an honor student.

「Okay, you can see my face over the mirror, right?」
「Yes, Onii-chan」
「You can see us get connected really well too」
「Yes, hurry, faster, come inside Mana!」

I grab Mana’s small ass.
Push in the glans into Mana’s slit.


Mana raised her voice.
My penis penetrates into her hot and drenched soft meat.

「I-It’s coming iiiin!」

My dick is inside Mana.

「Afu, afu, ah!」

Mana’s mouth reflected in the mirror opens and closes like a fish.

「Can you see it. We’re connected」
「Yes, I can see it. Onii-chan’s pleased face too, aaahn, Mana’s making such a lewd face, even though Ruri-oneechan’s watching!」

Ruriko’s gaze is so hot.

「Ruriko, can you see it?」
「Yes, Onii-sama’s big thing, all, went inside Mana-san’s small entrance!」

Ruriko before losing her virginity is only forced to watch sex, so she didn’t seem to observe correctly.
But now, her big eyes are looking interested and curiously.

「Ruriko was like this earlier too」
「T-That is right, I’m filled with surprise !」
「Ahn Don’t look at me like that! Ruri-oneechan!」
「Look at her with those eyes as much as you want. Mana loves having sex while being watched.」

Hearing what I said, hot love nectar overflows from Mana’s crotch.
She’s also a bit of a masochist, so she gets aroused.

「Here, I’m moving」
「Un, shove it a lot!」

Her meat’s thin but I grab her resilient ass.
I slowly sway Mana.
Feeling the rubbing of meat inside, Mana’s face in the mirror shows a look of pain.
Mana’s breasts sway according to my movements.

「Aaah, amazing, I’m being ravished. Onii-chan’s violating me!」

Mana stretches her legs, sticks her ass, welcoming me inside.

「Amazing, I’m doing such outrageous sex」

Standing sex in the shower room,
She’s looking at herself having sex.
She sees herself, and Ruriko too.

「Aaaahn, I’m becoming a pervert!」
「Then be one, I allow you!」

In addition to a simple forward and backward motion, I turn my penis and rub it against Mana’s inner walls.

「Aaah, that’s great!」

Mana’s pleased.

「Does this feel good, Mana?」
「Yes, it feels good, Onii-chan」

Her eyes in the mirror look at me.

「Onii-chan, Onii-chan, hey!」
「What’s up, Mana?」

I ask Mana without changing the rhythm of my waist.

「This, watching the mirror, standing, having sex from behind, you’ve done this with someone else before?」

Though I’m surprised, I keep the rhythm.
I thought that it would be wrong if I stop there.
Mana looks at me in the mirror while I poke her.

「Yeah, I did」

I can’t lie to Mana.

「With Yukino-san?」

Mana’s got some excellent intuition


I answered.

「Which is better, her or Mana?」

Is Yukino still a subject of insecurity for Mana?
No, she just can’t help it.
She’s her sister after all.

「Mana feels way better」
「Yeah, Mana’s my『woman』after all」

I kiss Mana’s back
I lick up her spine.

「Yukino’s not my 『Woman』」

I tremble at the words I say with my mouth.
That line is all.
I have to protect my『women』with all my life.
I can no longer keep engaged with women like Yukino.

「Right, Onii-chan, that’s right !」

Mana in the mirror smiles.

「Onii-chan, do it more intensely, you can break Mana!」

Aah, Mana!
I decided to immerse myself in fucking Mana.
I concentrate on having sex with this 14-year-old girl.


I let go the hand holding Mana’s ass and grab Mana’s breasts tightly from behind.

「Aaaaahn, this feels good! Ravish me! More, do Mana more!」

I speed up.

「Onii-chan is the only one for Mana. I love you. I love you, I love you Onii-chaaaaaaan!!」
「Mana, Mana, Mana!」
「Looooook, Ruri-oneechan, Mana’s being a proper sex slave, you see? Can you see how Mana looks like as a slave?」

Ruriko’s massaging her breasts.
As expected, she’s not touching her secret part.
Her flushed face, rough breathing.
Ruriko’s aroused from my sex with Mana.

「Yes, Mana-san, is a slave, this is how a slave looks like, isn’t it?!」
「Yes! Mana is Onii-chan’s, sex slave! Onii-chan can do me anytime, anywhere, if he wants to do it, he’ll use Mana!!」

Mana’s young body is sweating a lot.
Her ignited body is about to explode soon.
I spurt towards it.

「Onii-sama, you’re too intense, aaah, I will be doing this kind of sex as well!」

Ruriko’s also burning up.

「Yes, I’m going to do this with Ruriko too! I’ll do this, okay, Ruriko!」

I tell Ruriko.

「Yes, let’s, please do it, Ruriko wants to be done like this too, I want to be messed up by Onii-sama!!」

My whole body’s sweating like a waterfall.
Sweat floats on my forehead fall to Mana’s back.

「Ah, aaaaah, what should I do, Onii-chan, this feels good, I might cum 」

Mana’s face in the mirror is puzzled by the pleasure.

「It’s coming, the wave, a big wave is coming, what should I do, what should I do, Onii-chan!」
「Let’s cum together, okay, Mana!」

A hot spring rises from inside me too.

「Yes, together, let’s do it together, aaaaah, it’s coming up right now, it’s rising!!!!」

Mana’s pained eyes look at me.

「Onii-chan, Onii-chan, my Onii-chan, ah, aaaah, C-Cumming!!!」

Mana’s insides clamp tightly!

「Cumming, cumming, cumming!! Mana’s cumming!!!!」

I’m at my limit too!

「Cum, I’m letting it out, I’m cumming, Manaaaa!!!」
「Let it out, please let it all out inside Mana!!!」


「Ahn, so hot, it’s coming in!!!!!!!!!」

I ejaculate inside Mana.
While I keep pushing in my waist.
Pushing the glans to her womb, pouring in the hot liquid inside!

「I love this moment! It’s spreading! It’s boiling inside my stomach! More, please finish up Mana! Onii-chaaan!」

I pour it into Mana until the last drop.

「Hiiiiii, Mana’s feeling so good, so goooooooood!」

Then, Mana leans on the mirror and squats slowly.
Her ass looks like it’s sinking down.
I also relax my body while still connected to Mana.

「Aaaahn, ahn, Ahn!」

Mana’s still in the reverberation of climax.
Mana’s narrow insides are clamping, winding.
Inside it, is my penis which quickly withered as expected from the fifth ejaculation.
Unable to endure the convulsions of a 14-year-old vagina, it’s pushed out of the opening

「Ahn! It came off!」

Semen overflows from the slit where my glans come out.
Ruriko’s watching that situation.


Ruriko speaks her impression, as she observed my sex with Mana objectively.

「So real sex has to make you shout so loudly」


「N-No, Ruriko, that’s just Mana being noisy」

I tell Ruriko while breathing roughly.

「But, Onii-sama, you were shouting too. At the end」
「Well, that was just to match with Mana」

I say it for the time being.
Or rather, it’s painful.
My breath.
I fall on the floor.

「Let me take a break」

As expected, it’s tough doing it five consecutive times.

「It’s fine to shout out anything! You can just shout out what comes to your mind, what you feel=!」

Mana slowly raises her body and tell Ruriko.

「Letting my emotions spring up?」

Ruriko asks.

「Yes, you can let that all out as you want! No, you must! It’s okay, no matter what it is, Onii-chan will accept it all! Therefore, we have to be honest with our own hearts」

Mana smiles at Ruriko.

「That’s how our sex is!」