Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 510. Hug 


Let’s brush our teeth and sleep now.
「 Danna-sama, please come in the middle 」
I lay down in the middle of the futon as told by Misuzu.
「 Nei-chan, you can go next to Danna-sama 」
「 You sure? 」
Nei asks Misuzu.
「 It’s okay. Everyone knows that Ya-chan is the most spoiled 」
I said.
「 What are you talking about! Yo-chan’s also a spoiled boy! 」
Nei lies down the futon and hugs my body.
Nei’s soft breasts fill my face.
「 Yes, I love you, Ya-chan 」
I take a deep breath and sniff Nei’s scent.
Embracing Nei like this makes me feel at ease.
I feel calm.
「 I’ll come here 」
Michi hugs my legs and lies down.
「 Michi, you really love legs. Won’t it be hot inside the futon? 」
「 That’s intentional! 」
Then I can’t do anything.
「 Ruri-tan, you can stay on the other side of Danna-sama 」
Misuzu tells her beautiful cousin.
「 Are you sure? 」
「 Yes, go on 」
Ruriko lies next to me and clings to my back.
「 I love Onii-sama’s back 」
She’s rubbing her cute breasts against my back.
「 I’ll sleep next to Ruriko. Okay, I’ll turn off the lights now 」
Misuzu smiles gently.
Oh, she’s most “Onee-san” among this group.
It’s not the actual age, she holds the qualities of an “Onee-san.”
Therefore, she’s giving everyone priority while she takes a step back.
「 Mii 」
I call Misuzu who’s about to turn off the lights.
「 Yes, what is it, Danna-sama? 」
Misuzu turns to me smiling.
「 Let’s sleep while holding hands 」
I reach out my hand to the futon Misuzu’s going to sleep on
「 Danna-sama 」
「 I want to sleep connected to Misuzu too 」
「 Yes! 」
Then, she turned off the lights.
The lights of the night at Tokyo outside the window illuminates the dim room.
I hold hands with Misuzu who came back to the bed cover after switching off the lights.
「 Good night, Danna-sama. Thank you for today. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I love you, I love you so much! 」
Misuzu grabs my hand tight and tells me.
「 Yeah, good night, Yo-chan, I love you. Today and tomorrow 」
Nei hugs me.
「 Good night Onii-sama! It was a lot of fun today! I love you! 」
Ruriko whispers as she cuddles me.
「 Goodnight. I love you nyan! 」
Michi also rubs her flat chest on mine.
「 Good night, Mii, Ya-chan, Ruri, and Michi. Thank you, everyone. I love you girls, I do 」
I fell asleep feeling everyone’s warmth.
I’m so blessed.
   ◇ ◇ ◇
Hmm, Hmm?
There’s a ringing phone?
「 Yes, it’s Misuzu, ah, yes 」
When I open up my half-closed eyes, I see Misuzu on the phone.
It’s starting to brighten up outside the window.
I guess it’s around five in the morning?
「 Understood. I’ll wake up everyone right away. Thank you, Shou-oneesan.
「 Misuzu, what’s up? 」
I get up while rubbing my eyelids.
「 My parents are heading home 」
「 It seems that their escort from Kouzuki security service has contacted Shou-oneesan. They seem to be driving out of Grandfather’s mansion right now. It appears that they have to attend a meeting with someone today so they’re going home to prepare clothes once more 」
Misuzu’s parents are coming back.
They’re heading over via car right now.
「 They should arrive within 40 minutes 」
If they came home at this moment.
Then they’d arrive to see their daughter sleeping, hugging a man.
There’s a lot of women serving him too.
「 I-Isn’t this bad? 」
「 Yes, it’ll be a sudden encounter with my parents 」
I’m already prepared to meet and greet Misuzu’s parents, but.
For the first meeting to be the day after they were absent and we had sex in their house is a bit.
「 Err, what should we do? 」
My head isn’t working yet.
「 Michi-pon and I will clean up the room. Danna-sama, take Nei-chan and Ruri-tan back to the mansion. Shou-oneesan and everyone in the next room is also preparing to get out 」
Misuzu gives me quick advice.
「 If there’s an extra car parked in our parking space in the parking lot then Father will be suspicious of it 」
Oh right.
「 Shou-oneesan will stay here. Rei-chan will drive the car 」
If only Shou-oneesan’s car is remaining, then there’s no problem if she says that she’s here to guard Misuzu.
But, if they see the Benz, Minaho-neesan’s car.
That car needs to leave the condo before Misuzu’s parents come back.
「 Got it, I’ll wake them up now 」
I try to get up but…
「 Hmmm, Yo-chan, good morning! 」
Nei kisses me.
「 Good morning Onii-sama!! 」
Ruriko piles on my lips.
「 Hey, Michi, why are you licking my penis? 」
Michi looks up at me while licking.
「 It’s morning 」
No, look
「 Err, that’s not a morning wood unless it rises up naturally! Not now! 」
Michi gets up.
「 Good morning, Master 」
She puts her hands on the floor and bows her head.
「 No, there’s no need for that now! 」
「 Ahn, me too, good morning, Danna-sama! 」
Misuzu kisses my lips.
「 Me too 」
Geez, you girls are helpless.
「 Yeah, good morning 」
I kiss Michi.
After that, it was a huge fuss.
Misuzu washes her face in a hurry and brings the clothe hang to dryer yesterday.
Meanwhile, Misuzu and Michi are putting away the futon for guests while they’re still in pajamas.
It’s still in the middle of the early morning, so it’s not strange of Misuzu and Michi stays in their pajamas.
「 Place the sheets in my room, let’s not put them in the washing machine for now 」
Misuzu gives instructions.
Anyway, we have to erase any signs that there were people here last night.
「 If they ask Kouzuki security service, then they’ll immediately know that we stayed here tonight, but Mii-chan’s father is distant from Kouzuki house 」
Nei said.
Misuzu’s father is Jii-chan’s second son, he may be a member of Kouzuki house, but he doesn’t belong to Kouzuki group.
He’s a state bureaucrat.
Right now, he’s accepting the guards of Kouzuki security service because of Ruriko’s father’s unnatural death but, he doesn’t know the particulars of the guard.
Misuzu’s father didn’t ask for the guards by himself.
If nothing obviously strange happened then, he wouldn’t be asking Kouzuki security service.
「 I know that it’s not good if I’m here but isn’t Ruri okay? 」
Ruriko is Misuzu’s cousin.
It won’t be strange if she stays at Misuzu’s house.
「 I think that would shock father the most 」
Misuzu said.
「 Having Ruri-tan and I stay here without him knowing 」
「 Why? 」
I don’t get it.
「 Ruriko and I are both candidates to succeed Kouzuki house. Then, my father dislikes that kind of disputes. That’s the reason why father refused to join in Kouzuki group 」
「 Yo-chan, I don’t think you get it, but there’s a lot of people who have complicated feelings with other relatives. They may be relatives, but they might be the closest stranger for them 」
Nei said.
「 For Mii-chan’s father, he would feel like Ruri-chan’s sheltered here without consent of Kouzuki-ojiichan He’s a national bureaucrat, he should be unrelated to the fight inside Kouzuki group, and yet, Ruri-chan’s father suddenly died, and then, she hid in this house without him knowing, he won’t feel well with that 」
I see.
Well, looking at Misuzu’s father’s perspective, it’s a nuisance that his brother died suddenly and that he has to be present at the relatives’ meeting overnight.
「 Father’s also just bad. Even though father can live in this gorgeous apartment all because of Grandfather’s power, and yet 」
Misuzu said.
「 I also thought of it. Japan’s government officials don’t have a high salary, do they? 」
Nei said.
「 Yes, Father seems to be assisted by Grandfather on a lot of things 」
Speaking of which, Shou-oneesan said that Jii-chan comes here often.
「 Even if he doesn’t belong to Kouzuki group, his relationship with Kouzuki family can’t be broken. It might be inevitable however 」
Misuzu says lonely.
   ◇ ◇ ◇
Now then, we’re prepared, so we get out to the entrance.
Minaho-neesan’s already waiting over.
「 Yes, looking good. You have a face who had a breakthrough 」
Minaho-neesan first looks at my face and said.
「 I will stay here as Misuzu-sama’s guard. I asked Reika to drive 」
Shou-oneesan said looking a bit sleepy.
「 Good morning. Shou-chan! 」
Nei hugs Shou-oneesan and kisses her on the cheeks.
「 What? 」
Shou-oneesan is confused.
「 Rei-chan, good morning! 」
Nei kisses Rei-chan too.
「 Good morning, Minaho-chan! 」
She hugs Minaho-neesan and kisses her cheek.
「 Nei? 」
「 Yo-chan told us that since we’re family then let’s get along even more! 」
Nei smiles.
「 That’s right., Good morning, Shou-chan! 」
Misuzu also hugs Shou-oneesan and kisses her cheek.
「 Misuzu-sama?! 」
「 No-Sama! We’re family now! Rei-chan, good morning to you too! 」
She also hugs Reika and kisses her.
「 U-Uhm 」
「 It’s okay, just reply “Good morning, Misuzu,” there’s no one else here but family! 」
Misuzu said.
「 Goooo, go, good morning, M-Misuzu 」
Reika said.
「 Yes, thanks, Rei-chan. I love you 」
Misuzu smiles.
「 Minaho-chan, good morning to you too 」
Misuzu bows her head.
「 I may still be an inexperienced little sister, but please take care of me, Onee-chan!! 」
「 Are you sure? 」
「 It doesn’t matter, I’m Danna-sama’s woman. A member of the family Therefore I’m Minaho-chan’s little sister 」
Misuzu declares with a smile.
「 Minaho-chan, can I hug and kiss you too? 」
Misuzu smiles. Minaho-neesan:
「 Go on 」
「 Then, once again, Good morning, Minaho-chan! 」
Misuzu hugs and kisses Minaho-neesan.
「 Me too please 」
Ruriko also comes forward.
「 Good morning, Minaho-chan  」
She hugs Minaho-neesan tight then kisses her.
「 Shou-chan, Rei-chan too, good morning! 」
Ruriko also gives the two hugs and kisses.
「 U-Uhm 」
Seeing the timid Michi. Minaho-neesan:
「 You too? 」
「 Y-Yes 」
Minaho-neesan laughs.
「 Sure, come! 」
「 Excuse me, good morning, Minaho-chan! 」
The small Michi hugs Minaho-neesan and kisses her.
「 Good morning, Rei-chan, good morning, Shou-chan1 」
She also greets the two with a hug and kisses.
「 I’m deeply moved! 」
Rei-chan’s eyes are moist.
「 So I’m truly everyone’s family 」
「 That’s too late to ask! 」
Nei laughs.
「 Besides, Rei-chan, there’s still one left! 」
Nei looks at me.
「 Ah, yes. I’m ready now. Please! 」
Rei-chan stiffened her body and closed her eyes.
「 Don’t close your eyes, you won’t be able to tell who’s kissing you 」
Ruriko tells Rei-chan.
「 Ah, yes! 」
At the moment Rei-chan opened her eyes, I hugged her suddenly.
「 Good morning, Rei-chan! 」
I kiss Rei-chan’s lips.
「 Hauuuuuu! 」
Rei-chan’s eyes turned round as she looks at me.
「 Thanks as always. I love you, Rei-chan 」
I whisper to Rei-chan’s ears and bite her ear.
「 Awawawawa 」
Rei-chan lost strength from surprise and squat down on the floor.
「 Geez, are you okay, Rei-chan?! 」
Nei reaches out for her.
I head to Shou-oneesan.
「 I’ve talked to everyone. It seems that the way of calling creates walls with each other, so I thought of changing it to a friendlier way of calling to break those 」
「 Yes, it’s a good attempt I think 」
Shou-oneesan smiles at me.
「 How do you want me to call you then? 」
「 Shou-oneechan will do. No, Shou-neechan is better 」
「 Good morning, Shou-neechan 」
I hug Shou-oneechan’s body and kiss her.
Shou-oneechan also responds with a passionate kiss.
「 Yes, I’m awake now 」
「 Let’s do it every morning 」
「 Yes, sure 」
Shou-neechan smiles.
「 Minaho-neesan 」
I stand before Minaho-neesan.
「 I-I don’t need a kiss in the lips 」
Minaho-neesan said, but.
「 Good morning, Minaho-neesan! 」
I hug Minaho-neesan’s slender body and kiss her lips.
「 H-Hey?! 」
Minaho-neesan tells me in surprise.
「 It’s love. I love Minaho-neesan! 」
I hug Nee-san once again.
「 Yeah, me too, Minaho-chan! 」
Nei cuddles Minaho-neesan from behind.
Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi too, they all hug Minaho-neesan.
「 Minaho-chan is everyone’s Onee-san! 」
「 I-I! 」
Minaho-neesan is at loss of words.
   ◇ ◇ ◇
「 Then, we’ll visit the mansion by around noon 」
Misuzu came to see us off the elevator.
「 Uuuuh, Master, nyan!! 」
Michi’s also staying here.
「 Hey now, we’ll see each other later. Edie’s waiting too so hurry up 」
I pat her hair.
「 Certainly 」
Michi replies bashfully.
「 Then, Shou-neechan, take care of the two 」
「 Yes, leave it to me. Reika, take care of them 」
「 Yes! 」
Misuzu, Michi, and Shou-neechan remain, we depart.
The elevator descends to the basement.
We go back to the parking lot from last night.
Minaho-neesan rides the Benz.
「 Minaho-chan, want me to ride in front? Ride next to Yo-chan! 」
Nei calls Minaho-neesan who opened the passenger seat?
「 N-No thanks, I’ll take the passenger seat 」
Minaho-neesan immediately sits to the passenger seat.
「 Kufufu, it’s working, it’s working! 」
Nei laughs.
「 Yo-chan’s passionate kiss is making Minaho-chan’s heart sway! 」
No, no.
That’s not true.
「 Yo-chan, get in the back. You’re still tired, right? It’s better to lean and sleep? Do you want Ruri-chan as your pillow? I’ll sit in the middle 」
There’s police and Kouzuki security service outside.
Looking from their side, the most important person in the car is Ruriko.
It’ll look strange if Ruriko’s sitting in the middle of the backseat.
I guess I have to sit composed.
「 Then, let’s go 」
Rei-chan on the driver seat said.
The Benz’ engine starts and revs up.
Unlike last night, nobody was checking us at the gate of the parking lot.
Well, that’s obvious.
Coming off the condo’s front, a voice comes from the device Rei-chan has on the dashboard.
『 It’s me, Seki. The car that just came out has Fujimiya-san driving it. Only Ruriko-sama will return to the original point. Please escort them 』
Shou-oneesan overlooks our movement from the condo above.
I can’t see Misuzu’s veranda from here but.
「 Ruri-chan, wave your hand! 」
「 Okay~ 」
Nei said, Ruriko looks out from the seat and wave her hand at the cars of Kouzuki security service with a smile.
『 Okawa, roger that. How many cars should I send after them? 』
『 Shigefuyu-sama’s escorts will be heading here so we’ll be okay. Misuzu-sama will stay at home until noon. Send all vehicles to escort Ruriko-sama. And then, when you arrive at the fixed monitoring point then how about you guys switch with the morning team? 』
Oh, the surveillance team have shifts.
Well, that’s obvious.
The fixed monitoring point is in front of the mansion?
『 Yes, that really saves us. The next team will take over 』
『 I think so too. Shigefuyu-sama’s about to arrive in two minutes, so it’s okay. Fujimiya-san, are you okay with that also? 』
Rei-chan takes the microphone from the device. Oh, it’s the kind of cord that extends a lot.
「 Fujimiya, roger that. Okawa-san, please take the lead! 」
『 Okawa, roger that 』
A car from Kouzuki security service attaches on the front and back of the Benz.
The police car is.
Since all of the cars on standby started to move, they followed behind us.
『 Fujimiya, the fixed monitoring point will do?! 』
The voice of the lead car suddenly becomes arrogant since the other party isn’t Shou-neechan.
Indeed, Shou-neechan is the only one among Jii-chan’s three full-time guards whos in charge of the Kouzuki security service on-site. The on-site people are doing well so far.
But, Rei-chan.
「 Okawa-san, I’m still a top elite you know 」
She speaks to the device in a low voice.
「 If you speak like that next time, I’ll blow away your car with my cane 」
Rei-chan’s a lone wolf as a guard since the start.
She’s not flexible, not teaming up with anyone.
Rei-chan’s like that, even though she’s feared with an alias of “beat to death swordswoman,” some veterans on the field comes at her with this arrogant attitude.
Since I only see cute Rei-chan recently, so I forgot about that.
Seeing Rei-chan like that, Ruriko:
「 Rei-chan, please lend me the microphone! 」
「 Ruriko-sama!? 」
「 Hurry 」
Stopping at the red light, Rei-chan hands over the microphone to Ruriko.
Ruriko pushes the switch of the device as she learned from watching Reika.
「 This is Kouzuki Ruriko. Everyone, I appreciate your efforts. I’m always thankful to you all. I feel sorry to have you work on your feet this early too, by the way, 」
Ruriko said.
「 Please get along 」
She speaks in a dignified voice.
Then, Ruriko hands over the mic to Rei-chan.
『 Okawa to Fujimiya-san 』
「 Fujimiya, come in 」
Rei-chan replies.
『 Sorry about that, let’s get along in work 』
「 I’m the one who had a slip of the tongue. Let’s get along 」
   ◇ ◇ ◇
Our convoy drives through the early morning road.
「 Yo-chan, you can sleep 」
Nei said.
「 Yeah, well, I’m awake now 」
Today’s the last day of the holiday.
There’s a lot of things left to finish.
「 By the way, how did it go with Minaho-chan? Did you drink? 」
Nei asks the two in front seats.
「 Yes, it was a delicious drink. I knew it, Kyouko-san has a good sense when it comes to alcohol 」
Minaho-neesan says with a bright face.
「 It was a fearsome night 」
Huh, Rei-chan?
「 I knew that I’ll be driving a car today but. 」
「 The two don’t get drunk no matter how much they drink. They keep on talking on a serious tone with a usual face 」
「 It’s an occupational disease, both Shou-san and mine 」
Minaho-neesan calls her Shou-san now.
「 That person is Kakka’s guard, but she’s still a woman, so there’s a lot of cases she’s invited to drink alcohol, isn’t there? 」
Yeah, she’s also a beauty.
It’ll usually end up with “Well, take a seat and drink,”
「 But if she gets drunk then she can’t do her work as a bodyguard, can she? Therefore she has a constitution where she won’t get drunk no matter how much she drinks 」
「 Besides, in her position, even if she drinks with someone in private time, there’s a possibility that she’ll be called by the work suddenly. It’s not that she doesn’t get drunk, she can’t get drunk 」
「 In my case, there’s always someone who recommends a prostitute to drink in the brothel. But, you don’t know what the other party will do if you get drunk you know? 」
When Minaho-neesan became a prostitute, it was during Shirasaka Sousuke’s rule.
「 If I don’t keep my consciousness then I won’t be able to escape if I enter a horrible situation 」
Shirasaka Sousuke and his friends are mad perverts.
If you get drunk in alcohol in front of those guys, you can’t complain if you get killed.
「 Therefore, I know the taste of alcohol. I don’t get drunk 」
「 If it’s a place where she can be at ease, and she’s with a person she can trust then Minaho-chan can get drunk 」
Nei said.
「 I wonder 」
「 Yes. I want to drink good alcohol and smile with Minaho-chan! 」
「 Right 」
Minaho-neesan’s sad yet smiling face is reflected on the rear mirror.
「 Uhm, Nei-chan 」
Ruriko speaks up suddenly.
「 I’ve always wondered, Nei-chan has called Minaho-chan as “Sensei” until now, right? 」
「 Oh, you see. Minaho-chan’s a school teacher at Yo-chan and my school 」
Minaho-neesan looks in the back seat due to the progression of the talk.
「 My is that so?! 」
Ruriko smiles.
「 In that case, we can have Minaho-chan teach Agnes-chan! 」
「 Agnes-chan has always been trapped inside the basement and never went to school, right? Even if she goes to school someday, she has to be taught primary education 」
Right, Agnes needs a teaching staff.
Agnes is already 12.
If she can’t learn at least at the elementary school level, then she can’t enter school.
「 If Minaho-chan’s the teacher then there’s nothing to worry about 」
Ruriko laughs.
「 Wait a second! 」
Minaho-neesan panics.
「 Uhm, it’s true that I’m a school teacher, but 」
「 Actually, I’m not a teacher, I don’t even have a teacher’s license 」
「 I’ve attended college correspondence courses, but I’ve read a lot of books 」
Just like how Nagisa studied to have a flower shop,
she studied to become a teacher too.
「 But, I didn’t graduate from middle or high school in the first place 」
Minaho-neesan was turned to a slave when she was kidnapped when she was 12.
「 No matter how much I studied, I don’t have qualifications to take an exam. The real me is still kidnapped, missing 」
Her family register is Yuzuki Minaho.
「 That’s why I’m supposed to be an English teacher, but I’m not teaching any classes right? Even as a homeroom teacher, it’s my first time taking charge of your class 」
That’s right!!
Minaho-neesan became our homeroom only to make Yukino fall.
「 Therefore, I’m not qualified to teach 」
Minaho-neesan smiles sadly.