Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 509. A fortuitous encounter



I step out of the bath, but since we’ll have sex after the bathroom, we’ll take a shower later again.

Well, the sweat, love nectar, and sperm and the pee sprayed around so it can’t be helped.

「 Here, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko wipes my back with a bath towel.

At that time, Michi squats down and wipes my legs without saying anything.

I wipe Nei and Misuzu with a towel.

Everyone’s smiling.

When I wiped off Nei and Misuzu, I also wipe off Ruriko and Michi.

It’s a natural thing to do.

「 Now, legs 」

I kneel, still naked, and try to wipe off Ruriko’s feet.

「 Ah, I’ll do it myself there, Onii-sama 」

「 Don’t mind it, Michi’s wiped mine too 」

I lift Ruriko’s feet and wipe the sole of her feet.

Then, I also take the moisture in between the fingers.

「 Michi too 」

「 Thank you 」

I wipe Michi’s legs cleanly.

But still.

Looking up from below, everyone’s lovely and cute.

These four naked beauties still startle me even this late.

「 I love you Onii-sama 」

Ruriko hugs my back while still naked.

Her moist smooth and silky skin, and the soft feeling of her breast pressed against my back.

「 Ehehe, me too! 」

Nei clings to my arms.

Her huge breasts press me.

「 I love you. Nyan~ 」

Michi clings to my feet.

「 Everyone, I’ve brought pajamas 」

Misuzu brings pajama for all.

「 Michi has hers as she lives here, but the rest are mine. Ah, I brought a yukata for Danna-sama 」


Well, right, I feel sorry borrowing Michi’s father’s pajamas.


What’s with this goldfish pattern yukata?

For now, I’ll wear it.

「 Kyahahaha, that’s so cute Yo-chan! 」

Nei laughs.

Since it’s for women, I just have to close the front, and it’s done, but…

Somehow, it feels so uncool because of the hem of the sleeve.

「 Onii-sama, that’s cute 」

Ruriko also laughs.

Well, I can’t do anything about it since there’s nothing else to wear.

「 More importantly, Misuzu, what about my underwear? 」

Where’s my underwear?

「 Yes, I’m doing everyone’s clothes in the laundry. It’ll dry up automatically so it should be ready by morning 」

Oh, I see.

「 I can lend everyone else underwear but for Danna-sama 」

Misuzu lending me underwear is a bit.

「 Yo-chan’s penis can’t fit into Mii-chan’s small panty at all! How about you lend him a bra instead? Lol 」

Nei laughs loud.

「 Nei-chan, please don’t say that even as a joke! 」

Ruriko gets angry.

「 Onii-sama is a very masculine and cool man, it’s cute for him to wear a women’s yukata but it’s just bad taste to make him wear women’s underwear 」

「 Ah, sorry, that was a joke though Ruri-chan 」

Nei tones down and apologizes.

「 Please don’t give Master a strange hobby 」

Michi says, but.

Michi, you’re the one who’s pushing hobbies to me.

Like that horse riding machine, or molesting sex in the veranda.

「 Yeah, I know. By the way, I can’t wear your pajama Misuzu 」

Nei tried wearing Misuzu’s pajama, but…

The chest part isn’t closing at all.

Her huge breasts are bouncing outside.

「 What’s this!? am I going to fight a “No Bra Dan?” 」

What’s No Bra Dan?

No, I don’t want to know.

「 Even the trousers are digging on my skin. 」

Nei’s well-developed ass makes Misuzu’s pajama look it’s about to burst.

「 Ah, I’ll bring a yukata for Nei-chan too then 」

Misuzu runs pitter-patter.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Hauuuuu 」

Michi holds the warm milk with both hands and drinks it.

「 Michi always drinks warm milk before going to bead when she’s staying over 」

Misuzu says while laying futon on the living room.

Ruriko’s helping out too.

「 It’s a paradise! 」

Michi extends her tongue like a cat and licks the milk.

「 After drinking that grab some toothbrush for Danna-sama and everyone else. You know where the guest toothbrushes are, right? 」

「 Yes~!! 」

Misuzu instructs, Michi nods.

「 Father has a lot of work related friends who stay over, so there’s always toothbrushes ready for the guests 」

Misuzu said.

「 Therefore, our house has the upper floor zone locked by design. I close my room whenever there’s a guest 」

Misuzu hates men, or rather, she has a phobia of them.

Jii-chan induced it though.

「 I asked grandfather to make my lock, so it won’t open even when they try to pick it. I didn’t give my parents a duplicate key either. Also, I make sure Michi’s staying over when there are guests 」

She’s thorough on protecting herself.

She doesn’t trust even her father’s friend.

Even her father.

「 I’ll give it only to Danna-sama 」

And yet, she says that she’ll give me a key to her room.

「 There was a girl who stayed in America in our class, and she told us her story 」

Ruriko speaks.

「 On the day she returns to her country, the host father of the family gave her a key to the house. “Our house is already your house too so come back when you want,” he said 」

I see.

「 Americans are like that. They’re conservative, an enthusiastic middle-class Christians. But, I know Cesario Viola, I know men who raped girls who came from various countries for a homestay 」

Nei said.

「 America is extreme. If there are softhearted kind people, then there are also perverts beyond saving that exists too 」


「 Misuzu-chan, is two futon enough? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 Yes, either way, Danna-sama will sleep with everyone closely. If we lay down two, it’ll be enough 」

Misuzu laughs.


Somehow, I’m feeling uneasy from this.

「 Huh, Mii’s house have people stay here sometimes, right? 」

There are too many toothbrushes for guests available.

「 Yes, as I mentioned earlier 」

Then, those guests are mostly men.

Misuzu’s alarmed enough to have Michi come and stay when there are visitors.

Then that means.

「 Could it be that there are also pajama for visitors 」


「 Huh? 」

She tries to get away with a “Teheepero.”

Why did you make me wear a female Yukata then?

「 It’s okay, Yo-chan. It’s cute. Cute is justice! 」

Nei appears in a graceful light purple yukata.

「 The obi is painful, so I’m using just a waist string 」

It’s a bit casual that it’s lewd.

She sits on the sofa next to me.

「 Kimono’s amazing you know, even if the body type is different, you can manage to wear it somehow. Also, the length of the skirt can be adjusted 」

Nei’s naked under this Yukata.

The chest part is a little open. I can peep on her cleavage.

「 Hmm, what’s up? 」

Nei smiles.

「 No, I just thought that Ya-chan’s so beautiful 」

There’s the scent of the bath coming from Nei’s nape.

「 Geez, we just took a bath together!! Do you like this more than naked? 」

Nei who’s wearing a yukata envelops a smell that’s so erotic.

「 It’s boring to see one always naked, right, Danna-sama? 」

Misuzu sits on the other side.

「 Oh, I moved a bit, so I feel hot 」

Saying that she removes a button on her chest and fan some wind in it.

Hey, I can see your pink nipples.

「 Yo-chan 」

Nei leans on me on the right.

「 Danna-sama 」

Misuzu holds my hand on the left.

「 I knew it. This room has a breathtaking night view 」

「 Yes, it’s so romantic that we can watch the night view with Danna-sama 」

I never saw much nightscapes.

「 Oh my, Yo-chan’s sky tree is rising! 」

My penis under Misuzu’s goldfish pattern Yukata.

「 Let’s see, Misuzu will look at it 」

Misuzu splits the yukata and exposes my penis.

「 Ruri-chan, look at this. This is in the middle of getting lively, and the technical term is “half-erection” 」

Is that even a technical term?

「 My, it looks cute! 」

Ruriko comes close and looks at it carefully.

Michi also comes while still holding the cup of milk.

「 And then, you do this 」

Nei puts saliva on her index finger and caresses my glans.,


「 My, it’s big again! 」

Ruriko’s observing in surprise.

「 If you lick it up then it’ll grow bigger! 」

No, Nei.

「 What do you want, Yo-chan? 」

Nei’s eyes are wet.

「 Yo-chan, you’re tired doing sex now, aren’t you? It’s problematic if we retake a bath after this 」

Nei smiles.

「 Should I do it with my mouth? I’ll give fellatio and have you cum in my mouth, how about it? 」


True, it’s going to be harsh on my stamina if I do another one here, but…

If I’m going to cum from licking, then…

「 Y-Yeah 」

I said.

「 Well then, Mii-chan and the two will lick it. I’ll play with Yo-chan’s upper half 」


「 Come here, have some breasts, and kisses too! 」

Nei then takes my hand to her chest and kisses my ears.

「 Are you sure, Nei-chan? 」

Misuzu asks Nei.

「 Doesn’t matter, and it’s better for you girls to learn more about fellatio. It’ll lessen Yo-chan’s burden. He still thinks that he needs to have sex with you girls by all means, right? 」

「 That’s because… 」

If it’s not sex, then they won’t feel pleased.

「 We’re happy just seeing Yo-chan looks pleased. If we only have sex earnestly every time, then Yo-chan will be exhausted 」

「 That’s true 」

Misuzu squats before me.

She opens up her pajama and exposes her cute breasts.

「 Danna-sama, allow me to serve 」

She puts my penis in her mouth.


「 You don’t need to move, Yo-chan. We’ll do everything 」

Nei’s hot tongue invades my mouth.

Our tongues entwine.

「 Now, touch my breasts, the hole on the side of the Yukata is open so that Yo-chan can feel my breasts! 」

Nei smiles.

「 Ruri-tan, do you want to try? 」

Misuzu invites Ruriko to fellate too.

「 Yes 」

「 Ruriko opens up the chest part of your pajama top, the proper manner of licking a penis is to show your nipples. If he thinks it’s cute, then Danna-sama will touch it 」

「 Understood 」

Ruriko also exposes her chest.

「 Go on Yo-chan, touch them 」

I stretch out my hand and rub Misuzu and Ruriko’s breasts. I massage and compare.

「 Fellatio doesn’t use much stamina as sex, so when there’s no time or when you don’t want your clothes to be disheveled, then it’s a licking tournament 」

Nei tells the two.

「 You can do it even in a cramped space 」

Please don’t teach them a lot of strange things.

「 Ah, don’t do it in the car. You might bite Yo-chan if unlucky. Don’t do it inside the plane either. Doing it inside the toilet then suddenly an air pocket hits the teeth, that’s not a joke 」

「 Oh my, Onii-sama’s thing withered 」

「 Ah, sorry Yo-chan! Did you imagine that?! 」

I did, Nei!

「 Sorry, sorry, rryso, rryso! 」

Nei buries my face in her voluptuous breasts and gently pat my head.,

「 Don’t make that face1 We’ll never hurt Yo-chan! 」

Nei gently smiles at me.

「 We’ll treasure you. Yo-chan’s mind and body

「 Yes, we love you 」

Misuzu rubs my penis on her cheek.

「 Me too, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko’s pink nipple is rubbing against my glans.

「 U-Uhm 」

Michi stands behind Ruriko, calls me.

「 Huh, what’s up Mitchan?! You don’t want to lick too Mitchan? 」

Nei asks while smiling.

「 If going to the toilet then I’d like Master to rape me! 」

「 Oh, it’s a delusion contest?! Then sit next to Yo-chan! 」

Michi sits on the left side Misuzu was sitting on earlier as Nei told her.

「 Then, what’s our delusion!? How do you want Yo-chan to ravish you? 」


「 Uhm, it’s in a filthy public toilet in the park 」

「 Okay 」

Nei nods.

Unfortunately, Michi, I already did that with Yukino.

「 Mitchan. Could you be a bit more creative? 」

「 If so, then in the snack hall of our school 」

「 Snack hall? 」

「 Ah, it’s a cafeteria for the students 」

Misuzu lets go of my penis and explain what Michi said.

Ruriko continues to suck passionately.

「 Yes, there’s a lot of school girls during lunch. Everyone from elementary to high school uses the same snack hall 」

That’s indeed filled with the scent of women.

「 I’ll bring in a cardboard box in there and hide Master inside 」1


「 My, it’s getting big again 」

Ruriko rejoices.

「 I’m going to hold down my voice desperately in the noise of the schoolgirls while Master bangs me from behind like a dog. Again, and again, until the lunch break ends, ejaculating inside my womb so many times 」

「 As expected of Mitchan, what a cute pervert! Yo-chan’s dick has recovered completely! 」

「 And then, I will return to my classroom and take classes while feigning ignorance as semen’s overflowing from my crotch 」

Michi says while showing a smile on her whole face.

「 What about me? 」

「 Yes? 」

「 Like, Michi, what’s going to happen to me who’s left in the cardboard box in the snack hall? 」

Perhaps I’ll be naked, after ejaculating so many times in short time, I’ll be limping on the ground, panting.

「 It’s okay. I will retrieve Danna-sama without fail 」

Misuzu says with a smile.

「 It’s okay. It’s just a delusion Yo-chan. All it needs is to be arousing and entertaining 」

Nei laughs.

「 May I too? 」

Huh, Ruriko?

「 When I was a child, Grandfather took me to a party 」

Ruriko talks with a smile. She doesn’t forget to stroke my penis with her fingers.

「 In that party, there were dishes put in big desks lined up vertically. I was a bit bored, so I hid under the desk. Since white tablecloth is set to cover the tables in that party, it’s oddly unexpected to have someone below it 」

Is that so?

「 Then, I was watching the legs and shoes of the people at the party from below the table. It’s fun to see various types of women’s shoes. After a while, I saw Yoshiko-sama’s feet looking for me, so I came out from under the table. It was fun. It feels like I was invisible. Nobody was aware of me 」

I see, so Ruriko back then was a prankster.

「 I want Onii-sama to ravish me during a party. Under the table 」


「 Even though there’s a lot of people around, not only the people who come to the party, there is a lot of hotel and guard staff too, yet nobody notices. Even if Onii-sama and I make love so much, nobody will! 」


She doesn’t like the life as a daughter of Kouzuki house, monitored all the time.

「 Okay, let’s do that for real! 」

Nei said.

「 Nei-chan? 」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「 You want to do it in reality, right? 」

Nei smiles.

「 But 」

Ruriko’s already an adult.

She’s too beautiful, and she stands out too much.

If she suddenly disappears in the party’s seat to have sex.

「 Leave that to Onee-chan! We’ll manage somehow! 」

Nei declares.

「 Uhm, what about my snack hall? 」

Michi asks Nei.

「 That’s rejected! 」

「 Eeeeeh, Nei-chan!!! 」

Michi’s head trembles.

「 Because it’s too suspicious if you have sex with Yo-chan inside cardboard on a crowded student cafeteria! 」

「 Hamuuu! 」

Michi’s drained of strength.

「 It’s impossible to do it in a snack hall but let’s do something at the school festival, Michi-pon 」

Misuzu said.

「 Our school is a prestigious school, founded 130 years ago. There should be no students who had sex inside the school in their history 」


It’s the super Ojou-sama school for the daughters of the bigshots of the political and economic world.

They don’t even hire young male teachers.

They only hire male teachers not young, married and have a family, and have passed various investigations. I heard that all the other teachers are females.

「 Let’s be the first students to do so! 」

Misuzu said.

「 Although the school regulations forbid illicit sexual relationship, ours is an act of pure love, in the first place, there is no item in the rules of the school that says we can’t have sex in the school grounds 」


「 I’ll add this to my instructions to Michi. Please look for places where we can invite Danna-sama to have sex. No, please find it by all means. At least five locations! 」

「 Five locations? 」

「 That’s right. It’s boring to do it in only one place, right?! 」


「 Certainly 」

「 Speaking of which, Ruri-tan, Danna-sama had embraced me inside a car too 」

「 Inside a car? 」

「 Yes, Katsuko-chan was driving, then, when inside the car, you can feel the slopes and the bumps through Danna-sama connecting with me, it was thrilling. You have to mind if you’re watched by the other cars outside 」

「 What’s that! I never knew that 」

Nei looks at me.

No, didn’t Nei hear that from Misuzu before?


She’s pretending not to know and make a lot of noise

to excite Ruriko and Michi.

「 Yo-chan, you did that? 」

「 Ah, yeah 」

I nodded.

「 Geez, I’m not angry at all, but do it with me next time too. Okay? 」

「 Yeah, of course 」

「 Do it with Ruriko too. I’m sure it’ll feel good! 」

Nei said with a smile.

Nei’s a good Onee-san.

「 I want to do it on top of a truck compartment 」


「 I*’d like to do it on the portable shrine on a festival 」

You’ll get cursed.

「 Mitchan, I guess it’s time for you to back off from your illusion 」

Nei said.

「 Hamuuu 」

「 Hey, Yo-chan, what kind of sex do you want to do? 」


「 Yeah. Try saying your delusions. If it’s feasible, then we’ll manage to do it somehow! 」


「 All of the things I dreamt of came true 」

I pat Misuzu and Ruriko who’s licking my penis.

「 To think that these beautiful girls are having sex with me, even the situation now feels like a dream 」

I can’t wish for more than this.

「 Sorry, this isn’t a dream Yo-chan. This is reality 」


「 You see, humans pursue happiness no matter what their situation is. Even at the peak of joy, one searches for even more happiness 」


「 Yo-chan, you still seem to think that this was a dream. We’re not. This is a reality. That’s why it’s okay for Yo-chan to pursue even more happiness. For us, your family, and above all, for yourself 」


「 Danna-sama, although I said that we’re joking on our discussion in the bath earlier if you find a girl you want to have sex with, then please tell me. We will bring her to Danna-sama. We’ll offer her. You may embrace that girl to your heart’s content. We don’t mind if we lose time as a result 」

「 Mii, what are you talking about?! 」

「 That is how much I love you! I’ll do anything for you. I’ll do anything no matter how fearsome it is! 」


「 Me too. Yo-chan did a lot of fearsome things for my sake 」

I killed Cesario Viola with this hand.

「 Me too. It’s delightful to have sex with Onii-sama, and I even have a lot of family members, Michi and Nei-chan for example. I think that Onii-sama’s eyes on ascertaining people are reliable, if Onii-sama chooses a girl, then Ruriko welcomes her. The family members increases! 」

「 I’ll regulate all the sex slaves. Kufufufu 」

No, Michi, that’s not regulating, you intend to train them, right?

「 That’s why Yo-chan has to think of his happiness more and more! 」

Nei said.

My happiness?

「 Danna-sama, what kind of things do you wish for in the future? 」

In the future?

「 Tomorrow, we’ll be back at the mansion, and I have to embrace Megu and Mana first you know? 」

「 Yo-chan? 」

「 No, everyone here’s now bright and cheerful, but those girls aren’t yet. Also, Katsuko-nee and Nagisa too. Agnes, she might be trembling from helplessness too 」


「 I also have to talk to Edie a bit more to have her become family, I’m also worried about Rei-chan. Shou-oneesan too, we only keep on bothering her, Margo-san too. And above all, Minaho-neesan. I’m concerned about Minaho-neesan. As for Kyouko-san, there’s no need for me to worry about her 」


「 Family first, I still haven’t made everyone in the family smile. My pursuit of happiness is for later 」

I said, Misuzu.

「 I’m sorry, we were too happy that it seems that we have become too merry 」

「 I’m very sorry. I had too much fun with Onii-sama that I forgot about the people in the mansion 」

「 I’m very sorry 」

The three apologizes to me.

「 No, it’s okay. That’s a different thing 」

I said.

「 Yo-chan, you don’t care about Yukino-san anymore? 」

Nei looks at my face.

「 Well. That girl’s just beyond saving 」

I said.

「 I can’t be depressed because of her. If I feel down, then everyone’s face will become gloomy 」

I look at Misuzu, Michi, Ruriko, and Nei, and smiled.

「 I have a family that loves me this much. Thank you. Tonight, I finally understood that. It soaks deep in my heart. I 」

These girls genuinely love me.

They allow me to be by their side.

They say they want me, and they need me.

「 I love you all 」


「 Yo-chan 」

She hugs my chest.

「 I will definitely bear Yo-chan’s child. I won’t have sex with anyone but Yo-chan 」

「 Me to, I will never betray you, I will never forsake you. I want to be a woman worthy of you! 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 I am already Onii-sama’s salve. I will be happy. I will use this life of mine. I love you, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 I, Nyanyanyanyan!! 」

Michi clings to me.

「 Ruri-tan 」

「 Yes, Misuzu-chan! 」

Misuzu and Ruriko resume fellating me.

「 Please feel good a lot 」

「 Onii-sama, please release it in Ruriko’s mouth 」

「 Master! Michi will bear Master’s child too!! I’ll give birth to a lot of kittens!! 」

「 Yo-chan! My Yo-chan!!! I love you!!! 」

In the end, Misuzu’s mouth squeezed one round.

I released inside Ruriko’s mouth once more.

「 Onii-sama, please look, Onii-sama’s semen is inside Ruriko’s mouth. 」

Nei taught Ruriko how to show me the white liquid in her mouth.

「 Okay, Ruri-tan, swallow it, dilute it with your saliva and drink it 」

Ruriko swallows it and smiles.

「 Does it feel disgusting, Ruriko? 」

「 It’s’ Onii-sama’s thing! I will serve from now on any time, anywhere! 」

Ruriko says with a smile.

「 Me too 」

Michi licks the semen that remained in Ruriko’s lips.

「 Bitter. But that’s what’s good 」

Michi laughs.


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