Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 663. Dreaming



「 Hey, don’t fucking joke with me! 」

Andou’s enraged from what I said.

「 Tsukiko, get off the car. Michi, stay cautious 」

「 Yes, Master 」

I don’t think there would be any remnants of the Yakuza since Kouzuki SS completely wiped them out, but still.

It’s better to be careful.

First, Michi comes out of the car.

Michi checks the surroundings with her Qi.

「 No problems 」

Michi said it. I don’t have doubts.

「 Okay, get off, Tsukiko. I’ll follow you. Right, Yomiko, join in as well 」

I give orders. Tsukiko;

「 Y-Yes, Kuromori-sama 」

She gives it all up and goes outside.

I followed.

Then Yomiko-san,

Shou-neechan stays in the driver’s seat in case of an emergency.

The car’s engine is still turned on.

「 O-Ojou, t-that clothing?! 」

Andou, a tied up Yakuza noticed that Tsukiko’s only wearing a bath towel, covering her naked body as she gets off the car.

She’s wearing panties, but her bra’s stripped off.

「 D-Don’t look. Andou-san 」

Tsukiko’s trembling in shame

「 O-Ojou 」

Andou’s speechless.

「 We had car sex lessons, so it’s natural for her to be naked 」

I tell lies on purpose.;

「 This is a pleasing body. She feels nice to touch, and since she’s a virgin, her tightness is the best. I can’t get bored no matter how many times I cum inside her 」

I hug Tsukiko’s body from behind.

「 N-Noo 」

「 Hey! Bastard! Let go of Ojou! 」

Andou’s eyes show anger, however.

「 There’s no way I would. I still want to do it after all 」

I massage Tsukiko’s breasts under her bath towel.

「 I gave Kouzuki-san my word to turn the Takakura sisters to bitches who’ll open their legs happily to any man by tomorrow 」

I’m acting as the brothel man hired by Jii-chan.

「 You bastard, you’re just a brat 」

「 Does age have to do with anything? I’m a man of Kuromori, the house that runs a luxury brothel. It’s my job to turn virgins to prostitutes 」

I lick Tsukiko’s cheeks in front of Andou’s eyes.

「 Uuugh 」

Tsukiko’s crying, trembling in shame and fear.

「 Hey now, Tsukiko, didn’t I tell you earlier? If you or Yomiko can’t serve customers well, then we’ll also sell Luna’s body 」

I speak in the setting Andou can believe in.

「 You bastard! You even want to get Luna-ojousan involved here!? 」

「 Want? No, no, I already did 」

I tell Andou.

「 Luna-ojousama’s still 12! 」

「 Yeah, it took me quite a lot of time to break her hymen. She was crying, screaming that it hurts. Oh right, I left her still bleeding 」

「 B-B-Bastard!!!! 」

Andou’s putting strength to his body, trying to free himself from the ropes that are binding him.

「 That’s why Luna’s the only left out for car sex lessons. I’m so kind, aren’t I? 」

I reach Tsukiko’s breasts under the bathrobe while speaking.

「 She’ll be my exclusive sex slaves for a while. However, if Tsukiko and Yomiko aren’t selling that much, I’ll sell Luna. I’m sure that pedophiles would swarm in bidding 」

I can feel Tsukiko’s raw breasts, her nipples on the palm of my hand.

Oh, it’s getting hard.

Tsukiko’s aroused.

「 T-That’s not what you said earlier. A-Are you not keeping your promises?! 」

The half-naked Yomiko shouts in surprise from my behind.

It seems that she doesn’t understand why I started acting out this play.

「 No, Yomiko-sama. We have to follow Kuromori-sama 」

Tsukiko tells her little sister.

「 For now, please keep quiet and endure everything. If we can endure all of this, Luna-sama will not need to become a prostitute 」

Tsukiko’s participating in my play.

She’s telling Yomiko to shut up and watch.

「 We have to follow Kuromori-sama’s orders, no matter what it is 」

Tsukiko tells me.

「 O-Ojouuuuuuuuu!!!! 」

Andou screams.

「 I’ll do more embarrassing, hurting, and lewd things to your body 」

「 Please do 」

「 I’m going to pour in my sperm inside your womb again 」

「 Anytime. Please do as you wish, Kuromori-sama 」

「 That’s cute, Tsukiko 」

I hug Tsukiko.

Then I kissed her lips.

「 !!! 」

Andou can’t even speak from the shock.

His mouth is opened wide like an idiot as he watches our kiss.

「 Come to think of it, that was our first kiss 」

I whisper to Tsukiko’s ears when I let go of her lips.

「 Yes, Kuromori-sama 」

「 Was that your first time piling your lips with a man? 」

「 Yes 」

「 Is it also your first time showing your naked body and having touched like this? 」

「 Yes 」

「 Seems like I’m also your first sex, all of Tsukiko’s first times are mine 」

Tsukiko’s still a virgin.

However, I want Andou to assume that her body’s soiled already.

Andou who’s at the lower end of the Yakuza doesn’t know the real purpose of the Shrine maidens of Takakura house.

For him, shrine maidens must be pure.

If I defile Tsukiko, then she’s no longer qualified to become a shrine maiden.

「 Well then, let’s start our outdoor sex lessons. We’ll have sex in front of this guy. You’ll show your embarrassing appearance to this man 」

I touch Tsukiko’s crotch.

「 Y-Yes. I’ll do everything you say 」

I use my finger to trace Tsuko’s panty.


「 Oh what, Tsukiko, you’re already wet 」

Kuchu, kuchu.

「 I-I don’t know 」

Tsukiko’s blushing.

「 Well, it can’t be helped. We’ve been having sex ever since you lost your virginity yesterday morning. It must be your body learning the taste of a man 」

I grind and stimulate Tsukiko’s crotch on top of her panty.

「 Auuuu 」

Tsukiko leaks out a hot sigh.


「 Oh right, I forgot. There’s still one “first time” I didn’t take from Tsukiko yet 」

Saying that; I pull down my zipper and expose my erect penis.

The cold night air and the light coming from the moon touches my glans.

「 Tsukiko. Lick it 」

「 L-lick, is it? 」

Tsukiko’s hesitating.

「 You saw Mana lick it earlier, didn’t you? This is your fellatio lesson 」

Even though I say that Tsukiko doesn’t know what she should do.

「 Like this. Watch and copy what I do 」

Michi kneels before me.

Then, she sucks on my penis.

Ooh, Michi’s mouth feels warm and moist.

It feels pleasant.

「 Yes, you’re doing well, Michi 」

「 Master taught me after all 」

Michi continues to serve me skillfully with her tongue and lips.

「 H-Hey! 」

Andou’s stubbed.

Michi’s petite in appearance. She even has a flat chest.

She’s a 15-year-old, Japanese-like beauty.

That Michi is showing off her skillful fellatio techniques.

「 Do you know now? 」

Michi lets go of my penis and then asks Tsukiko.

「 Y-Yes 」

「 Then, do it 」

Michi switches positions with Tsukiko.

「 Like this. You hold Master’s magnificent thing with both hands. Then, you treat it with love with your lips 」

Tsukiko’s hands hold my penis, trembling.

「 Hurry up and lick it 」

「 Y-yes, excuse me! 」

Tsukiko’s lips approach my penis, showing a face of pain.

「 Wait! Wait! Ojou!! You can’t do that!! 」

Andou screams from the bottom of his lungs, but Tsukiko’s lips.


It kissed with the tip of my glans.

「 Then, stretch out your tongue and lick it 」

「 Y-yes 」

Michi instructs Tsukiko, then she sticks out her tongue to lick the tip.

「 Then, inside your mouth 」

I grab Tsukiko’s head and thrust in my waist.

「 Nguu! 」

「 Start sucking it like it’s a lollipop 」

Michi instructs Tsukiko.

「 O-Ojou 」

The tied up Andou falls to despair as he watches the girl he swore to protect now fellating me.

「 I’m sorry! Ojou! I’m sorry! 」

Andou seems to think that he’s unable to protect Tsukiko.

「 You have nothing to do with this 」

I say while I keep Tsukiko sucking me.

「 Aren’t you just some underling in the gang? 」

「 I-I 」

「 Didn’t the old man who looks like a boss say it earlier? Your organization wants to kill Tsukiko and the two 」

I said. Yomiko who’s looking at her sister serve me with her lips is taken aback.

「 That can’t be true! The Takakura shrine maidens have been their arbitrators for generations 」

「 And that’s why they want to blow away the tradition and cut off the shrine maiden bloodline 」

「 But, the “Miko power” 」

「 That’s right; they’re afraid of the Takakura house’s “Miko power” The boss of that group experienced the real arbitration from the shrine maidens, hasn’t he? 」

I said.

The Takakura sisters’ late mother has shown her power against two of the group heads in conflict.

Tsukiko is born as the child of arbitration when the conflict was over.

「 That’s right. Boss Oodori should know the “Miko power” well 」

「 He knows it well that he wants to kill them, right? 」

Tsukiko stops moving.

She looks up at me while holding my penis in her mouth.

「 Continue 」

Michi urges Tsukiko to continue her service.

Tsukiko moves her tongue again.

Shrine maidens have the power to make others comply with their will.

And perhaps, they also can read other people’s minds.

That boss experienced that power.

Perhaps, all he feels is fear towards the shrine maidens.

「 Instead of letting the Takakura shrine maidens live and try to use them, it’s better to kill them to weed out the seeds of anxiety 」

「 That’s 」

「 That is why the other Yakuza group who hijacked the Takakura shrine has decided to kill the whole shrine maiden bloodline while they have the opportunity 」

I start my offensive.

「 Someone who has a higher position than Andou mentioned it, didn’t he? The orders were to kill us 」

This just happened earlier.

Everyone clearly remembers it.

「 On the other hand, the other Yakuza group chasing you, the one who’s set to take over the Takakura shrine are the young generations who don’t know how dreadful the “Miko power” is, right? That’s why your parents, the priest and the shrine maiden were murdered 」

They don’t know, that is why they are reckless.

「 They think of the shrine maidens as decorations, so they placed someone from the branch family as the new priest. They don’t understand what’s a “Takakura shrine maiden” 」

What’s important isn’t the bloodline of the Takakura house.

It’s the blood and skill Tsukiko and her sisters’ mother, the wandering shrine maiden’s tradition.

They didn’t know that so they killed the current shrine maiden.

They were thinking that they can manage by having someone from the branch family become the priest and shrine maiden.

「 When that happens, their puppet priest will keep his position, and the daughter of the former priest, meaning, you girls, will be in their way. As long as you’re alive, the other Yakuza might come in and take back Takakura shrine, incorporating you three. That’s why the hijacking group is trying to kill you too 」

Yomiko fell silent.

Tsukiko continues to fellate me.

「 That’s why Jii-chan brought you to Tokyo. If you stay in Kyoto, you would’ve died for sure 」

I reasonably explain the story.

It might’ve been more complicated than that.

In the first place, the murder of the sisters’ mother might also have Andou’s organization involved with it.

「 Then what should we do? 」

Yomiko mutters.

「 You can’t do anything. You’re already mine. You’ll serve me, that’s all you have to think about. In exchange, I will protect your lives 」

I said.


「 Andou-san, was it? You have to give up. You can’t protect Tsukiko and her sisters at all 」

Andou glares at me.

「 And you think you can?! 」

「 Yeah, I can 」

I look at Andou.

「 I’m not someone who’s under the Yakuza’s control 」

「 What did you say?! 」

「 Am I wrong? What can you do alone? Do you think you can protect the sisters?! 」

Andou fell silent from the reality in front of him.


「 Why will Sensei protect us? 」

Yomiko asks me.

「 Is it because Kouzuki-sama gave an order? 」

「 No. This is the contract between you girls and me 」

I turn to Yomiko and said.

「 You sisters came to us with the contract to become prostitutes. Jii-chan is just an introducer. The contractors are you girls and me. Right? 」

I look straight to Yomiko.

「 If you become our prostitutes, then we’ll protect your lives. That’s natural. We’re in that kind of contractual relationship 」

Tsukiko listens to my story while sucking on my penis.

「 We don’t work for free. Free service never exists. However, once you made a contract, we’ll protect your lives 」

I tell the half-naked sisters under the moonlight.

「 What’s left is only your mind and body. I’m not interested in the “Miko power” at all. What I only acknowledge as valuable are your bodies and mind 」

「 Mind, is it? 」

Yomiko asks.

「 We’re a high-class brothel. We don’t need a cheap prostitute who sells only her body. No matter how beautiful your body is, if your mind doesn’t accompany, then you’re not needed in our brothel 」

That’s what I think.

I need to aim for the ideal brothel.

「 Listen, this is a contract. Since we’re to risk our lives to protect you, you must give your mind and body to us as well. By doing so, we can become equal 」

「 Equal? 」

「 That’s right, Yomiko. You’ve always thought that you must be treated as special because you are a member of the Takakura house. 」

She accepts her life to be protected by Yakuza like Andou as natural.

「 However, that’s not the case. The reason you were allowed the special treatment because your mother had the “Miko power” and the Takakura shrine’s authority, right? That’s not your own. Those only backed you, empowered, protected 」

I looked at Andou

「 Like this guy, he’s calling you “Ojou” and “Ojou-san” In short, you girls are just extras. Right now, you’re just a little lass with no power 」

「 I-I 」

Yomiko looks at me in pain.

「 Your “Miko power” is still immature. You’re not a shrine maiden right now, how about you start to understand that?! 」

Michi’s sealing off Yomiko’s power.

「 Leave that half-assed power and accept what you have right now 」

「 What I have? 」

「 It’s your mind and body 」


「 I acknowledge the value of your mind and body 」

Yomiko thinks for a moment.

「 Therefore, a prostitute? 」

「 That’s right 」

「 Are you going to make Luna a prostitute as well? 」

「 She won’t become a prostitute, but Luna will use her mind and body to serve me as well. I won’t have someone keep her alive. She needs to win it by herself 」

That’s right.

Living is not a given.

「 That’s how we lived. We make our path for our own lives 」

Kuromori is that kind of criminal organization.

Even if we commit a crime, we need to work out bodies to survive.

Yomiko thinks for a while.

「 Tsukiko, move a bit. I’ll do it too 」

She tells Tsukiko.

「 I would like to learn how to serve Sensei’s penis as well 」

Saying that; she kneels next to Tsukiko.

「 Yomiko-sama? 」

「 I will use my mind and body as the price to protect my life 」

Then, she crawls her tongue on my penis, replacing Tsukiko.

「 Like this? 」

「 No, like this. Take a close look 」

Michi shows them an example.

「 Oh, I see. Okay. Thank you 」

「 Not at all, I’ll teach you anything you don’t know 」

Michi says with a straight face.

「 Okay, Tsukiko, lick here, Yomiko, here 」

「 Master, I’d like to lick up your butt 」

「 Yeah, I allow it, Michi 」

The three beauties serve me under the moonlight.

Before long.

「 I’m about to cum. Tsukiko, receive all of my semen in your mouth 」

「 Yes, Kuromori-sama 」

Tsukiko puts my penis inside her mouth.

I stroke the root of my penis with my hands.

「 I’m cumming, cumming, cumming!!! 」

「 Hey! Stop! You can’t do that to my Ojou!! 」

Andou’s lost all his energy.

「 I’m letting it out! Tsukikooooo! 」


The hot liquid flows into Tsukiko’s mouth.

「 Nguu!! 」

Tsukiko’s face distorts.

「 Don’t spit it out 」

I said. Tsukiko desperately holds herself.

「 Uuuugh, uuugh, ugh! 」

I pour my all inside Tsukiko’s mouth.

「 Then, stay like that 」

I hold Tsukiko’s cheeks with my mouth and pull out my penis.

「 Open your mouth, then show me the stuff I poured inside your mouth. 」

Tsukiko raises her face and opens her mouth.

Her pink tongue is filled with my cloudy liquid.

「 Show it to Andou as well 」

Tsukiko shows her mouth to Andou.

「 O-Ojou! 」

Andou’s on the verge of tears.

「 That’s good enough. Close your mouth, then mix your saliva with my semen. Then, you combine it in your mouth 」

Tsukiko follows my instructions.

「 You should remember this as well 」

Michi tells Yomiko.

「 Yeah; should be good enough. Swallow it. Don’t spill a drop 」

Gulp, gulp.

Tsukiko’s throat makes sounds.

「 Once you drank them all, open your mouth and show it to me 」

Tsukiko opens her mouth.

It seems that she swallowed all of the white liquid.

「 Tell Master “thank you for letting out a lot” 」

「 Thank you for letting out a lot 」

「 How was the taste? 」

Michi asks.

「 It’s bitter 」

「 You’ll soon feel that it’s delicious 」

「 Are we going to do this every day? 」

「 It’s not just every day. It’s whenever and wherever Master wants it. Don’t forget that you have offered your mind and body to Master 」

「 Yes 」


「 Then, show your mouth to Andou 」

「 Certainly 」

Tsukiko shows her mouth to Andou again.

「 Ojou! Ojou! Ojou! 」

Andou looks at me angrily.

「 You bastard. I’ll never forgive you!! I’ll kill you!! 」

「 Sure, have it your way 」

I said.

「 Telling you beforehand, our brothel has the authority. We won’t sell prostitutes to anyone who has money. We pick our customers, do you understand? 」

「 What do you mean? 」

「 It means that even if you come in as a customer, we will not sell Tsukiko to you. Even if you reach great success in life and become a big boss, you’ll never be able to embrace Tsukiko. Forget about Tsukiko already 」

「 I can’t just give up on her you brat!!!!! 」

Andou yells while shedding tears.


「 Please give up on me, Andou-san 」

Tsukiko tells Andou.

「 If you feel sorry for us sisters, then please think of us as dead and give up on us 」

「 O-Ojou?! 」

「 This is goodbye. Thank you for everything so far, Andou-san 」

「 Thank you 」

Tsukiko and Yomiko bow their heads to Andou.

「 That’s! That’s! Ojouuuuuuu!!! 」

Andou’s scream of grief echoes in the darkness of the night.