Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 662. Let’s go



We part from downtown.

The lights in the down are decreasing. Thus the surroundings are getting darker.

「 Don’t look behind. Three cars are tailing us 」

Shou-neechan says from the driver seat.

I look through the rear mirror.

Yeah, there’s lights from three cars following us.

「 It’s about time they come 」


「 Tsukiko. You’ll be severing your connection with Andou, with Yakuza. Do you mind? 」

I asked. Yomiko replies instead of Tsukiko.

「 Those people worked hard for us 」

「 Be specific 」

「 They guard Mother and Father, and when we go somewhere, they accompany us. They helped out a lot even at festivals in Takakura shrine 」

In addition to manpower, the Yakuza may have supported the Takakura shrine financially as well.

「 Andou Kuzawa-san comes to protect Takakura shrine from Kansai Raijin family 」

Tsukiko said.

In short, he’s a dispatch underling from a big Yakuza organization.

He doesn’t know the real objective of the higher-ups.

If it is as Yomiko said; if the Yakuza were protecting the people of Takakura house, then.

Why were Yomiko’s parents murdered?

There’s no doubt that the Yakuza is involved with the murder of the shrine maiden.

It’s not the underlings but the higher-ups who want it.

「 But, they’re no longer needed if Tsukiko seriously plans to become a prostitute 」

I look at Tsukiko’s eyes.

「 I will protect you and your sisters from now on. So, you have to say goodbye to Andou 」

Even if the underlings of Yakuza like Andou and others try to protect the Takakura house from now on,

As long as there’s a higher-up giving instructions, they can’t be safe.

「 However, the Takakura shrine maidens have been their arbitrator for generations. If we break our relationship with them 」

Yomiko tells me.

「 Then think about that after you finished your training and become real shrine maidens, okay? 」

The Takakura sisters cannot do the significant tasks of shrine maidens right now.

「 If you were to train, the Yakuza’s protection will only get in the way. Am I wrong? 」

「 That’s true. Those people will try to pull us to their camp instead 」

Yomiko still believes that the Yakuza needs the Takakura shrine maidens.

「 Even if Andou-san protects us, they’ll only make the Takakura shrine maidens serve them for the convenience of their group even before we finish our training 」

Tsukiko signs.

「 Andou-san isn’t a bad guy, but the organization’s higher-ups’ orders are absolute 」

「 I don’t want to become a ‘bird in a cage,’ I’ll become the next shrine maiden! I don’t want them to control us, I want them to trust me as a shrine maiden 」

It seems that Yomiko genuinely wants to become a shrine maiden.

Oh, so that’s why.

Tsukiko accumulates strong Qi inside of her and yet she doesn’t show it to Yomiko.

She’s locking out her power to make Yomiko the next shrine maiden.

Yomiko, the daughter of the priest is much more suitable to become the next shrine maiden than herself who’s a daughter of a Yakuza boss as a result of the arbitration.

「 Then, you’ll have to break off your relationship with Andou and others. Okay? 」

I speak in a firm tone.

「 Yes, I understand 」

Tsukiko looks at me.

「 I’ll do everything Kuromori-sama says 」

「 Yomiko too 」

「 I’ll leave it to Sensei 」


「 They’re coming from behind 」

Shou-neechan tells us.

Looking at it, two of the cars following us are…

They’re speeding up.

Then, they go in front of our car.

「 They’re blocking our path 」

The two cars block the lane.

The car from behind comes close to us.

We can’t escape.

「 Shouldn’t we do something? 」

Yomiko said.

The Yakuza in one of the cars in the front gave some hand signals.

「 They intend to bring us over there 」

Shou-neechan’s gaze shows a ruined pachinko parlor.

So they plan to lead us to the parking lot.

「 Well, sure, let’s go 」

Shou-neechan turns the handle, following the car in the front.

◇ ◇ ◇

The night’s dark, no, the moon’s showing up.

We’re forced to stop our car in a street where there’s hardly other cars passing through.

We enter the premise of the pachinko parlor.

The car behind us closed the exit.

「 He’s here. Andou Kuzawa 」

Michi said from the passenger seat.

It’s dark, so I can’t really see who’s inside the Yakuza’s car, however.

Michi felt Andou’s Qi it seems.

「 Goddammit! 」

「 Fuck! 」

Yakuza men come down from their cars.

「 Should I come out as well? 」

Michi asks me, but.

「 No, not now 」

I stop Michi.

「 There’s ten of them, I think I can control them by myself 」

「 Just stay inside for now 」

「 I’ve locked the doors and windows 」

Shou-neechan tells me.

「 Look!? I knew it! 」

Five guys who got off their car and surrounded our car.

Then, they looked at the window of the backseat.

They checked Tsukiko and Yomiko’s faces.

「 Aniki! Ojou and the other is definitely inside! 」

A subordinate shouted, then Andou Kuzawa comes down from the car on the back

He slowly approached our car and to Tsukiko’s side.

「 Ojou, we’ve been looking for you 」

Tsukiko only looks straight ahead. She doesn’t turn to Andou.

「 Alright, let’s go. We’ll be sure to keep Ojou safe 」

「 Ojou, please get off the car! 」

「 Yomiko-ojousan too! Please! 」

Yomiko’s confused by the Yakuza’s voice.

「 Was it Kouzuki? Or Kuromori? Either way, don’t be misled by the Tokyo people. We, the Kansai locals know what’s best for Ojou! 」

「 Open the door! 」

「 Let’s go eat Yomiko-ojousan’s favorite spaghetti! 」

「 You can eat cake too! 」

It seems like those approaching the car are Yomiko and her sisters’ bodyguard at times.

The remaining Yakuza seem to be looking at our situation from a bit further location.

「 We know, you must be worried about Luna-ojousan. We’ll definitely rescue Luna-ojousan 」

「 So please, open the door and come down 」

「 We’re begging you Ojou, do you even trust them? 」

Andou bows his head to Tsukiko across the glass window.

「 Tsukiko 」

Yomiko looks at Tsukiko worriedly, but.

Tsukiko doesn’t respond.


「 Hey, hey, hey! Andouuuu!! How long are you going to do that?! 」

A Yakuza who’s watching from behind comes in walking heavily.

「 Tsukahara-san, we’re trying to persuade Ojou right now, could you wait for a bit longer? 」

Andou turns around from his attitude towards Tsukiko and intimidates Tsukahara.

I mean, he seems to be getting fired up.

「 What? What? What did you say?! Persuade?! Was that a fucking persuasion?! Ojou?! Please! Ojou!! Really?! 」

「 You fucking said it now!> Tsukahara-san! 」

The two glare at each other.

Is this what they call a glaring fight?

「 Are you a fucking idiot Andou?! Who cares if they’re schoolgirls?! Nor I give a damn about your persuasion but hurry up and drag them out!! 」

「 Doing that would be rude to the Takakura shrine maidens you know! Bastard! 」

「 What shrine maiden?! They’re just little girls! 」

「 Huh? The fuck you said? Tsukahara-san! Are you trying to mock the daughters of Takakura?! If you fucking want them out, then think of some other goddamn ideas you fucker! 」

「 The fuck did you say?! Did I fucking hear you say that? Hey! Hey! Hey! Andou! Fucking Andou! 」

「 Stop adding “Fucking” before my name you fucker! 」

The two grabs each other’s collars.

「 Wait! Wait! Wait! Aniki! Andou-aniki! 」

「 Boss Tsukahara! Please calm down! 」

「 You two have no reason to fight right now! 」

「 Look! Ojou! Takakura Ojou! Please come out and help Aniki! 」

「 Tell them to not fight for your sake! 」

「 Please! Ojou! 」

「 Yomiko-ojousan too! Please 」

What’s with this farce?


「 Haa, Andou, you’re fucking useless. Look now. People from the main office came 」

Tsukahara looks at the road.

Oh, six cars are coming towards us.

「 Ojou, please hurry up. We can do something about them right now. Please hurry 」

Tsukiko doesn’t respond.

People coming from the six cars close down to the pachinko parlor one after another.

「 Ooh! Well done! 」

An old man with short mustache and sunglasses comes down from a big black Benz.

「 Tsukahara and Andou, was it? I’ll remember your names. Yeah. I will tell my boss about you two. You no longer have to worry. Leave this to us, and go back to Kansai now 」


「 Though you say that, you intend to take all of the achievement for yourself, don’t you? Boss Kaneko 」

Tsukahara tells the short mustache Yakuza while laughing.

「 Was I someone with such small balls? Worry not, worry not. Leave this to Kaneko. Okay? 」

「 While we’re at it Kaneko-san. I’m moving under the head’s orders 」

Andou said.

「 So what? Are you so amazing now that you can complain about someone at the headquarters? 」

「 That’s not what I meant 」

「 To think that a young novice like you is trying to disobey seems like this Kaneko is being looked down on. That’s sad. Really sad 」

「 Hey Andou! You can’t be rude to boss Kaneko! 」

Tsukahara gets in between, fearing that he might get reprimanded as well.

「 Go on, apologize. Beg for Kaneko’s forgiveness! Idiot! 」

However, Andou.

「 Even if the other party’s a boss, I cannot back off. I’ve been Takakura Ojou’s bodyguard for long 」

He resists right in front of them.

「 Is that so? Is that so? Really, is that so? So you won’t listen to me by all means? 」

「 I’m very sorry 」

「 Then, you’ll die together with these girls. Are you okay with that?! 」

The small mustache boss waves his hand, and the Yakuza comes down with guns in their hands.

「 Kuromori-sama 」

Tsukiko looks at me.

「 It’s okay 」

I hold Tsukiko’s hand.

「 But, Sensei, if I recall, this car 」

Yomiko speaks worriedly.

Yes, Shou-neechan did say it earlier.

This car isn’t bulletproof.

「 What does this mean? 」

Andou asks the boss.

「 Oh, you don’t get it? This is the higher-ups’ decision. 」

Kaneko boss laughs.

「 We’ll dispose of everyone in the Takakura bloodline. That means massacre! 」

「 Why?! The boss from the headquarters know that the Takakura shrine maidens are a special existence, don’t they?! 」

Andou’s surprised.

「 That’s what the top decided! They’ve made their decision, so you can’t complain, can you?! You really are a useless bastard!!! 」

Kaneko spits.

「 Hey, do you mind?! We’ll be shooting this car with bullets! Everyone in that car along with the Takakura ladies will die! Then, we’ll burn this car! 」

Then, he looks inside the car.

「 That guard from Kouzuki looks beautiful, I sad to kill her together with the Takakura ladies. Actually, I’d like to have some fun and fuck for tonight but, the top gave an order to deal with things as soon as possible. Don’t think badly of us 」

Then, he looked at me.

「 Oh, hey there boy. Don’t bear a grudge on us, okay? Well, don’t worry. I think that you won’t have any regrets in life since you’re dying with such beauties on your side. Right? 」

He speaks things on his own convenience.

Then, Kaneko looks at Andou and his men.

「 And so, what about you? Your Aniki seems to want to oppose me to the end, if you’re going to follow him then I’ll have to shoot you together with everyone! So, what do you want to do?! 」

Kaneko shouts Andou’s underlings look at each other’s faces.


「 A-Aniki 」

「 W-We 」

They take distance from Andou.

「 Sorry, my kid was just born 」

「 Me too, I can’t disobey the headquarters 」

「 I’m sorry, Aniki! 」

「 I cannot die and leave my parents 」

「 Sorry 」

Andou looks at his subordinates.

「 Yeah. I know. You’re only going this far. Thanks for everything so far. But 」

He glares at Kaneko.

「 I will not back off here! If I do, I will not have a face to show! 」

Then, he looked at Tsukiko.

「 Ojou. If you’re going to die, then I’ll go with you 」

What the hell?!

So you just want to be shot together with her?

Are you going to accept that?

「 Shou-neechan 」

I give instructions.

「 Yes, they’re rushing in! 」

Shou-neechan mutters.

Perhaps the communication device has been turned on since earlier.

『 Don’t move! That’s far enough! 』

A voice comes from a loudspeaker then bright lights wrap the location.

It’s not just one light source.

There are rays of light scattered, surrounding us.

It seemed like there’s a large light projector on the vehicle.

There’s at least five of them.

「 What?! What?! What?! What?!! 」

Kaneko shouts in panic.

『 This is Kouzuki SS. We have you surrounded by a fully armed team! 』


Bodyguards wearing a helmet and bulletproof vest appears at the same time.

I think they’re approximately 100 people.

Oh, they’re all holding an automatic rifle in their hands.

「 They thought that Kouzuki SS wasn’t doing anything 」

I muttered.

All units of Kouzuki SS are dispatched to sweep up the Yakuza who infiltrated Tokyo in pursuit of the Takakura sisters.

Shou-neechan, the person-in-charge on-site used us as a bait to attract the enemies.

It’s natural that they’d respond like this.

『 Seki-san. This is team 4 and 7, we have already suppressed the four groups and 12 cars from enemies coming this way. Unit 5 and 13 are tracking three more groups 』

A report comes from the communication device.

「 Seki, roger that. Now that we have suppressed the enemy forces, it’s about time we take down the head. Suppress those at Shinagawa hotel 」

『 Team 6 is on their way 』

Hearing the interaction between the cars, Kaneko boss;

「 H-How did you know the hotel we’re staying in! 」

「 You were looking down on Kouzuki SS, that’s how 」

Shou-neechan smiles.

「 Kuh, we have pistols! You’re our hostage in this place! 」



That’s the sound of wind being cut.

「 Gueee!! 」

「 Mugyaaaaa!! 」

「 Dokichooo! 」

Boss Kaneko’s underlings who have guns fall down one after another

「 Pleased to meet you 」

Three guards are standing in the place nobody was before.

「 I’m Kouzuki SS’ top elite, Invulnerable Jun 」

「 Likewise, Quiet Chosaku 」

「 Minamida Haruo 」

「 Well then 」

Then, the savagery began.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Everyone’s suppressed and secured 」

The commanding officer salutes to Shou-neechan outside the car.

Seems like they’re bringing some transport vehicle to bring in the Yakuza they took down.

All the other Yakuza were stuffed in the vehicle, and Andou remains.

「 Well done. That’s good enough. Withdraw 」

「 Roger! 」

The commanding officer tells his subordinates.

「 All hands, withdraw! 」

The light shining on us disappears.


Kouzuki SS’ large-sized vehicles drive off one after another.

Then, once again, only the moon lights the parking lot.

Left in the pachinko parlor are the cars the Yakuza used in and us.

And, Andou remains.

Although, Andou’s whole body is tied up in ropes and his hands are cuffed.

He’s sitting on the pipe chair Kouzuki SS guy brought in on the cold asphalt.

「 Why was I left behind? 」

Andou looks at Shou-neechan and said.

「 It’s to make you give up on the daughters of Takakura house 」

I opened the window of the car and replied from inside the vehicle instead of Shou-neechan.

「 Give up, you said? 」

Andou gives me a displeased look.

「 To be exact, this is for Tsukiko and Yomiko to have the self-awareness that they can’t go back to their lives anymore, I guess 」

The two look at me with anxious faces.

「 We’ll make these two our prostitutes 」

「 Bastard! What do you think of the Takakura shrine maidens?! 」

Andou glares at me.

「 Are you really making ladies who serve god prostitutes?! 」

I knew it.

Underlings on Andou’s level don’t know the exact jobs of Takakura shrine maidens.

He only thinks of shrine maidens as chaste ladies.

「 It’s too late though 」

I tell Andou.

「 I’ve already sampled Tsukiko and Yomiko. They already did their first step on becoming a prostitute 」

「 What did you say?! 」

Andou’s speechless.

「 How long has it been since you’ve lost sight of the sisters? 」

I smiled.

「 Yeah, they were virgins. The two, no, I mean three of them. Luna was really tight 」

「 B-Bastard! 」

「 The three of them were crying so hard when they lost their virginity that it was a lot of trouble. Tsukiko cried more than Luna, who’s the youngest 」

Tsukiko and Yomiko are looking at me dumbfounded.

They don’t understand why I’m lying to Andou.

「 That was cute. I made them adult women. Tsukiko, Yomiko, and Luna, I gave them plenty of my semen deep inside their wombs 」

I tell Andou.

「 Bastard, I’ll kill you 」

「 And so, we’ll be having sex every day for at least a month to teach them how to work as a prostitute 」

I start out my plan.

「 Everything’s over now. Takakura shrine maidens’ history is now over. They’re all now defiled, I deflowered them all. You really were late 」


「 Do you think I’d believe that?! 」

He glares at me while trembling in anger.

「 Then, how about I show you the proof. 」

I look at Tsukiko.

「 Tsukiko, we’re having sex here. Get naked 」

Tsukiko shivers.