Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 794. Please keep it a secret! / Sex with Michi



「 I see, kufufufu 」

Michi laughs.

「 I must not ask from Master but instead, wait for Master to seek me. Nothing but waiting. I could send Master some sexy appeals but never ask for it directly. Even so, my body needs to be prepared so I could entertain Master anytime 」

Err, hey, Michi?

「 That’s how a genuine sex slave should be. It’s Master’s personal semen toilet! I want to become like that! No, I will become like that 」

Michi’s getting aroused alone.

「 Yeah, next time, I think that’s a good idea 」

Nei smiled at Michi.

「 Next time? 」

「 I mean, you want to have sex right now, don’t you? 」


「 Yes! I can’t hold it anymore! 」

She prostrates herself on the bed.

「 Uhm, my womb has been itching since earlier 」

While watching Nei and I have sex.

「 Therefore, I’ll ask for it just this time! Please! If possible, please violate this Michi! I’m begging you 」

No, you don’t have to beg like that.

What are you? A samurai or something?

「 She said. Yo-chan, you should get off me by now 」

Nei said.

「 It’s about time Mitchan had her share 」

Nei still wants to be a big sis. No matter what.

「 Yeah, go tit 」

I get off Nei’s body.

「 A-Ahn~ 」

My penis slips out from Nei’s pussy.

White semen starts dripping out.

「 Oooh, what a waste 」

Seeing that, Michi sticks in her face to Nei’s crotch.

「 Aaahn~ Don’t puff puff that! 」

「 Kun kun kun kun!!! 」

Michi makes sounds like a thirsty puppy.

She uses her tongue to lick off my semen from Nei’s slit.

「 Uuuugh, Master’s smell is making me shiver!! This bitter taste is splendid! 」

Michi seems to like the smell and taste of my semen.

「 Aaahn, don’t suck it out!!! I’m losing Yo-chan’s warmth inside 」

Nei said bashfully.

「 Geez, don’t mind me now! Go to Yo-chan and lick off his thing instead 」

「 Yes, certainly 」

Michi nods while having some of my semen on her nose.

「 Master! Serve! Serve! 」

Now she’s coming for my crotch.

Then, she puts my glans in her mouth.

Letting out a lot of salivae…

Then, she licks off my penis smeared with semen and love nectar.

Chupa! Chupa! Chupa!

This little girl knows how to make lewd sounds on purpose.

「 Kufufufufu! I can feel Master’s thing growing bigger inside my mouth 」

She holds my penis from the root with both hands and moves her mouth and tongue freely around it.

Michi licks the back of my glans while stroking the root lightly.

Caressing the glans with her fingers, kissing my whole penis.

She looked up at me to see my expression.

She’s checking where I feel it, but…

This Japanese style beauty’s cute lips serving on my penis is just…

It makes me shiver.

Blood’s gushing to the tissues that make my penis erect.

「 Really, Mitchan got better in fellatio 」

Nei lies down on the bed and says in admiration.

「 It’s the basics of service after all 」

Michi replied.

「 Master, how is Michi’s tongue? 」

Michi rubs her cheeks on my penis that’s wet with her saliva.

「 Yeah, it feels incredible 」

I pat Michi’s hair.

「 Thank you very much. Michi is your woman prepared to serve Master anytime, anywhere, as long as you ask for it 」


「 If Master’s arousal rises up, then please release it to Michi. Michi will deal with it no matter where or when 」

「 That’s what you want to do, right? 」

I try to tease her.

「 Yes. That’s right. I want Master to violate me in the middle of traffic, where there’s a lot of people. I want to be that sex tool to deal with Master’s desires when you suddenly want to have sex 」

Michi continues her talk.

「 While in the middle of the crowd, suddenly, but it is by Master’s right to swiftly insert his penis inside me and then violate me intensely. Ignoring my will, playing with my body like a doll, having sex like a beast, then pouring all the semen inside my womb under the gaze of the people 」

S-She really is a pervert.

「 Then, when we’re done having sex, Master loses interest and ignores me, then leave me off. Even though semen’s dripping out of my slit… Master just says that he doesn’t need me anymore 」

Michi’s breathing roughly now.

Even so, her fingers don’t stop stroking my penis.

「 Even so, I’d hurry back and put on my panty and chase after Master’s back. And then, I wait for Master to use me as his semen toilet once more. Ooh, I wonder how fun it must be 」



「 Oh, for example, Yo-chan’s waiting for someone, and since it took a bit of time, he goes and says, “I’m going to pee for a bit,” then order “Michi, take off your panty and spread your legs,” something like that? 」

Nei said.

「 Yes! I want to have that kind of ‘toilet girl’ feel 」

Michi said happily.

「 Hmm. But that’s hard. If Yo-chan’s dick is big, everyone wants a piece of it. I mean, Edie could guess it right away. The Takakura sisters can read Yo-chan’s thoughts. Besides, Agnes would surely touch Yo-chan’s crotch while on the train and ask directly, “Papa, do you want to have sex?” 」

Yeah, the girls always look after me.

「 Yes, and I’ll do my best not to lose to them! 」

Michi stuffs my dick in her mouth again.

Just what’s going to happen to me?

To this Michi who has such desires…

「 Yo-chan, don’t take it seriously 」

Huh, Nei?

「 Don’t mind it. That’s just Mitchan’s delusions. Just listen to it and say, “Oh. I see” 」

「 O-Okay 」

「 But, if there is a chance, try and fulfill that 」

Nei smiled.

「 Yes! Michi is Master’s toilet! 」

Michi sucks on my glans intensely.\

「 Aahn~ It’s delicious. Why is Master’s penis so cute~ Ahn~ So cute! 」

Err, calling my dick cute…

I mean, it’s a cute girl saying it…

「 Yeah, it really is cute! It belongs to Yo-chan after all 」

Nei even calls it cute.

「 Master, can we start doing it already? 」

Michi looked up at me.

「 I’ll be the top. I won’t burden Master 」

She wants to go with a cowgirl position?

「 Err, do I not need to lick Michi’s slit? 」

「 If Master wants to do it, then sure, but… 」

Michi says with a passionate look.

「 I want it right now 」


「 Let’s kiss first. Then, I’ll massage and lick your chest 」

「 ??? My chest is nothing exciting however? 」

「 But I like Michi’s breasts 」

Though it’s flat, there’s swell.

Then fiddling around her small nipples.

「 Y-Yes. Thank you. P-Please do

I embrace Michi and give her a kiss.

Michi naturally asked for my tongue.

Ooh, Michi’s mouth is warmer than Nei’s.

The feeling of her tongue is also different.

Women’s body is different.

Their flavor changes.

「 Hauuuu, Master…!! 」

I grope around Michi’s small chest.

「 More, make it hurt 」

Then, since you offered it, I use my while palm to enjoy her growing breasts.

Then, I lick both sides in turn.

「 Haa, I-It feels good! Aaaah!! 」

Michi’s breathing turns hot.

「 Licking on my nipples….T-This is the moment I was born for! 」

「 Right. Michi’s also my woman. 」

「 Yes!!! Aaaahn! My heart is of a woman’s! 」

Michi’s body is trembling.

「 That’s right, before being a ‘semen toilet,’ you’re a woman 」

「 Y-Yes! Aaaaah! Master!!! 」

Michi wants to serve me in cowgirl position as a slave, but,

「 I’m going to do it with you Michi while hugging like this 」

「 Eeeeeh?! I-I!! 」

「 That’s what I want to do, and so, lift your waist and prepare for insertion 」

「 Y-Yes! 」

Michi follows.

「 Ah, I’ll help out 」

Nei guides my glans to Michi’s slit.

「 Aaaah, I can feel the heat!!! 」

「 Here it goes!! 」


「 Haguuu 」

Michi’s entrance is narrow, as usual.

Her body’s small…

Her trained lower half clamps hard.

「 Michi! Loosen up!! 」

「 Aaah! Certainly!!! 」


My erect penis pierces through Michi’s insides.

Her warm insides wrap me up.

「 Kuuuuu! Afuuuuuu!!! 」

As we continue to hug each other…

I skewer Michi.

Michi accepts my thing to the root.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

Michi’s breathing roughly, her mouth’s open wide.

Her eyes are looking intoxicated.

「 What do you think of this kind of sex? 」

I ask Michi.

「 This position is a big problem, Master! Aaah~ 」


「 If Master’s doing this kind of gentle sex, then Michi will fall for Master even more!!! 」


「 Then that’s good 」

I thrust upwards.

「 Hauuuuu!!! Aaaah, aaah, aaah 」

I violate Michi in a rhythm as I embrace her small body.

「 Aaaah, aaaah! Master!!! 」

Michi’s breathing roughly as we’re having sex as I embrace her.

「 Michi’s just like me 」

「 Me? 」

Michi looks into my face after hearing my mutter.

「 Yeah, you’re not used to people loving you. You’re not confident about it. And so you want to spread your love instead. And an excessive amount of it 」

Not feeling the reason for a living unless…

Unless I devote myself to giving my love to others.

「 Therefore, you want me to rape you one-sidedly instead of us making love with each other. You want me to take everything from you, right? You think that you’re worth nothing after all 」

「 I… 」

I hug Michi tight.

「 Michi, you’re so cute you know 」

Michi’s cheeks blushed.

「 I-I’m not cute!! 」

「 No, no. You’re cute. Michi 」

I give Michi a gentle smile.

「 I’m not cute. If you say that, I… 」

Michi’s bashful.

「 What will happen? 」

「 Aaaahn~ My chest is feeling tight!! 」


「 Michi’s cute! 」

I speak as I thrust in my waist.

「 Haguu! 」

「 Michi, you move too 」

「 Y-Yes! Master!!! 」

Michi grabs my shoulder and starts swinging her hips.

I grab Michi’s ass and thrust forward.

Guchu! Gucho! Gucho!!

Vulgar wet sounds echo from the part where we’re connected.

Michi’s love nectar gets my crotch drenched.

「 Master! Kiss! Kiss me!!! 」

Michi sticks out her tongue.

「 Aaaah! 」

I accept Michi’s tongue.


Our tongues and genitals, both upper and lower body mucous membranes, rub each other.

It feels good.

My head’s going dizzy.

「 Aaaaaaah! M-Master!!! 」

Michi looks at me with pleading eyes.

「 What’s wrong, Michi? 」

I continue the rough rhythm in sex.

I can see Michi’s sweat coming from her nape to her chest.

「 Aaaaah! I-I!!!! 」

Michi’s insides wriggle.

The explosion to ecstasy is close.

「 U-Uhm, I really love you, Master!!! 」

Michi struggles to speak.

「 Yeah, I know 」

I smiled and said.

「 I also love you Michi 」

「 Y-Yes! I know!!!! 」

Michi’s eyes hold tears.

「 Therefore, this is okay. Michi can stay by my side all the time 」

「 Yes! Yes!!! Certainly!!! 」

The tears spill from Michi’s eyes.

Tears and sweat melt together on top of Michi’s small chest.

Michi really sweats and cries a lot.

Even so, she hides her thoughts and doesn’t show it to people.

「 Michi and I are family 」

She’s family, before anything like “slave.”

「 And my family never stops 」


「 Y-Yes!!! P-Please, take care of me!!! Forever!!! 」

Nei, who looks at us, bursts into laughter.

「 Oh, what? is that some marriage consent Mitchan? 」

Yeah, she’s like a girl who accepted a proposal.

「 I-I-I-I!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

Michi’s face is so red that it surprised me.

「 I-I cannot do that, Misuzu-sama’s!!!! 」

「 Ignore Misuzu for now. It’s okay, I can see that Michi’s also my wife 」

「 W-W-W-Wife?! N-No, I!!! 」

「 Hm, why not? I mean, I’m also Yo-chan’s Big-sis-cum-wife That’s what everyone’s endgame is anyway 」

「 B-But, I-I-I-I!!! 」

Oh, this is the source of Michi’s insecurities.

「 Let’s keep it a secret from Misuzu then… 」

「 Hooe?!!? 」

Michi’s surprised.

「 Michi’s also my wife when Misuzu’s not here 」

Michi had sex with me in front of Misuzu most of the time.

If she’s Misuzu’s loyal retainer before being my woman…

Then Michi’s mind is deeply stuck.

Therefore, she claims the status of a servant, self-deprecating herself right away.

She and Misuzu can’t accept the equal status as my woman.

「 Yeah. Let’s take Mii-chan out of the picture again. I’ll be sure to create the opportunity 」

Nei smiled at Michi.

「 But, I!!! Aaaaaaahn!!! 」

I thrust from below and poke at Michi’s cervix.

「 Are you afraid of keeping secrets from Misuzu? 」

I whisper to Michi’s ears.

「 Y-Yes! After all, I’m…!!! 」

「 You’re my woman before being Misuzu’s bodyguard 」

「 Hauuuuu 」

Michi’s body trembled.

「 Therefore, if I say that it’s our secret, then it’s our secret 」

「 I’ll stay silent about it too 」

「 Auuuuuu 」

Michi’s feeling confused while aroused in sex.

「 You want to keep secrets, don’t you? 」

「 M-Master!!!! 」

「 Say Yoshinobu-sama, Michi will call me that when Misuzu’s not present 」

「 Y-Yoshinobu-sama 」

「 That’s right, and now that’s a secret 」

At that moment, Michi;

「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaaaahn! Yoshinobu-sama! M-My Yoshinobu-sama!!!! 」

She seeks me.

Just changing the way she calls me loosens the binds Michi has in her heart.

The relationship between Misuzu, Michi, and I are born with the “Master” call.

That’s not because she accepted me as her Master,

Because Misuzu, her Master’s partner, is me, thus, she calls me Master.

It’s only when Misuzu’s looking.

Therefore, I’ll fix it by creating a new relationship and call.

In places where Misuzu’s absent…

「 Yoshinobu-sama! I love you! I love you! Yoshinobu-sama!!!! 」

Michi screams like a madwoman while crying.

「 Hmm. Mitchan, how much do you love Yo-chan? 」

Nei stirs up Michi.

「 I love him!!! Michi loves Yoshinobu-sama the most!!! I’m the number one among all 」


Michi’s exposing her genuine emotions.

「 Michi loves Yoshinobu-sama the most!!!! 」

Her guilty conscience towards Misuzu is gone.

「 Yeah, that’s good. Michi’s so cute 」

「 Aaaah! Yoshinobu-sama? Is Michi cute? Cuter than anyone?! 」

「 Yeah, Michi’s cute right now 」

Michi’s exposed her thoughts while crying…

「 Aaaaah, I’m so happy!!!! 」


Michi’s leaking out warm water.

「 Yooo, Mitchan’s peeing out of happiness!! 」

Yeah, she’s peeing.

「 I’m so happy that I’m peeing!!! 」

Michi shouts.

Oh, Michi’s insides are clamping.

「 Y-Yoshinobu-sama!!!!! 」

Michi’s leaking out her pee…

「 Are you going to cum, Michi? 」

「 Y-Yes!!! Michi’s about to cum! Cumming!!!! 」

Michi speeds up her waist.

I’m about to reach it too.

「 Then, cum! Cum all you want, Michi!! 」

「 Yes!!!! Yoshinobu-sama!!! 」

「 Aaaah, I’m going to cum too!!! 」

「 I-Inside! Please pour it in until I make a baby! Yoshinobu-sama! Please give it to Michi!! 」

「 Yeah, let’s keep it a secret from Misuzu! 」

「 Yes! A secret! We’ll keep it a secret!!! 」

Then, Michi…

「 Kyaaauuuunnn!!! Aaaaaah! Yoshinobu-sama!!! Michi! I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming! Haaauuuuuu!!! 」

「 I’m going to cum too!!!!! 」

We hug each other tightly…

「 Aaaaaaaah! So hot! Yoshinobu-sama’s!! Aaaaaah!!! 」

I gush it out inside Michi like a water supply hose!!!!

「 Aaaaaahn! I-I!!! I-I’m making a baby!!!! 」

Michi’s vagina feels the rampaging male fluid inside her, and her body convulses.

「 I-I have to keep this a secret from Misuzu-sama…A secret… 」

Michi feels independence from Misuzu by carrying a secret.

「 Aah, more, more. Give me more of the hot stuff, Yoshinobu-sama!! 」

「 Yeah!! 」

I reach Michi’s womb until I poured the last drop.

「 Aaaaah! M-My Yoshinobu-sama!! 」

Michi and I hug each other…

Then, we kissed each other…