Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 795.All’s Well That Ends Well 


「 Uuuugh, it’s a secret! Please keep that a secret! 」
Michi tells me in the shower room.
「 I know. It’s a secret from Misuzu 」
I say while washing off Michi’s back.
「 Yes, yes, I’ll stay silent about it too 」
Nei’s washing my back.
She’s not using her hands.
She’s using her prided breasts.
Her soft lump of meat smeared with bubbles pushed on my back…
「 Ya-chan, if you do that I’ll get hard again 」
I said. Nei.
「 Then let’s just do it again 」
She laughed happily.
「 I’m welcome anytime 」
「 M-Me too 」
Michi turned to me and said.
「 No, we can’t, we still have to go to school. 」
The prep for the bakery is ready, other than that, loading it in and baking them is business as usual.
「 You can take it easy, you know! Yo-chan’s been working hard since yesterday! You can skip a day in class and flirt with us all day instead 」
Nei smiled.
「 Agnes would be happy if you do that, and Tsukiko-san and the two won’t be attending school for a while 」
There’s still the worry about the Kansai Yakuza.
Takakura sisters cannot go outside without bodyguards.
Tsukiko said that she’ll help out in Nagisa’s shop, but Margo-san will be with them.
Yomi and Luna would be shopping for their daily necessities, but Kouzuki SS should be with them.
「 And that’s why Yo-chan~ 」
「 No. I’m not taking a day off from school. I feel sorry for those who were looking forward to eating my products, and I just go absent 」
I’ve decided to become a baker.
And so, I cannot close down for my convenience.
「 Besides, the products for today… 」
Yesterday, while I was out…
Katsuko-nee, Agnes, Mana, and Ruriko prepared the dough.
「 Bread is precious, it must be delivered to its customers 」
I’ll never let it go to waste.
「 I knew Yo-chan would say that 」
Nei hugged me.
Oh, she was testing me?
「 I love that serious part of Yo-chan~ 」
Nei’s voluptuous body hugs me tight.
「 I need to return to Misuzu-oneesama’s side 」
Michi speaks in a sad tone.
She’s Misuzu’s bodyguard, yet she spends a night away from her.
「 But, Misuzu-oneesama and I will be staying over the mansion by tonight… 」
If Misuzu’s staying here, then Michi’s also with her naturally.
「 I think Misuzu would be staying over Jii-chan’s house once a week 」
Switching with Yoshiko-san.
I don’t think that it should only be Yoshiko-san staying by Jii-chan’s side all the time.
But, Yoshiko-san wants to be with Ruriko…
「 Yes. And I will have to accompany Misuzu-oneesama 」
Michi said, but.
「 No, you don’t have to be with her every time. Like, you can swap with Edie sometimes. Just like how it is today 」
「 Master? 」
「 It’s ‘Yoshinobu-sama’ right now, isn’t it? 」
I grab Michi’s naked chest from behind.
Ooh, her nipples hidden in the bubbles are hard.
「 Y-Yes, Yoshinobu-sama! Ahn~ 」
「 And then, we can have more time that we’ll keep a secret from Misuzu, right? 」
I bite Michi’s ears.
「 Hyaaaan~ 」
「 I’ll sweet talk Misuzu about it 」
I mean.
Perhaps, Misuzu also thinks that Michi should have sex with her absent.
I promised Misuzu a time where we’re alone before…
「 Y-Yes! T-Thank you~ 」
These two are becoming independent in a good way.
Misuzu and Michi’s master-servant relationship is beautiful, but it’ll only suffocate them if they’re always together.
「 Uhm, I’d like to ask Yoshinobu-sama something… 」
「 Sure, I’ll keep it a secret from Misuzu though 」
I whisper to Michi’s ears.
「 Kyaauuuuu 」
Michi trembles in my arms.
「 I-I feel like I’m becoming a bad girl 」
「 Sure, you’re mine anyway 」
I said.
「 And Yo-chan is my Yo-chan~ Kufufufu 」
Nei happily takes out the showerhead.
「 Okay, let’s rinse off 」
Onee-chan rinses off our bodies.
「 Well then, it’s Ya-chan’s turn 」
「 Of course~ 」
I took the showerhead from Nei,
Then, I rinse off her beautiful body.
「 Ufufu, this is happiness~ Yo-chan. Mitchan~ 」
「 Yes, Nei-oneesama 」
Michi replied to Nei with a smile.
「 Okay, well let’s go and brush our teeth 」
Nei said. Then the three of us brushed our teeth in the shower room.
「 Hey, Yo-chan, open your mouth 」
Nei turns the showerhead to my mouth.
I took some water, gargled, then spat it out.
「 Okay, your turn Ya-chan 」
「 Okay~ 」
This time, I face the showerhead to Nei’s mouth.
「 Mumumumu, kuchu kuchu kuchu, peh 」
「 And Michi now 」
「 Y-Yes 」
The three of us had fun naked.
That’s happiness.
◇ ◇ ◇
We left the shower room and put on some bathrobes.
「 Well then, I’ll go to my room and change  」
Nei said while wearing a bathrobe.
Everyone’s staying over my room, and so there are only bathrobes here.
「 See you later! 」
Nei kissed me, then left the room.
Michi’s changed to her uniform.
I’m also wearing my school uniform.
「 It’s nice that Michi’s not asking for anything weird 」
I muttered. Michi;
「 Huh? I’m aware that I hold some weird preferences though? 」
She knows that she’s a high-level masochist.
「 No, I mean, Michi’s not asking me to put your panties on 」
Misuzu immediately fawns on me for that.
「 Do you not like that Yoshinobu-sama? 」
Michi’s surprised.
「 Not really, but it’s a case-by-case basis. Especially when there’s a lot of people, if one asks for it, everyone will follow and ask me to put their panties on them 」
Yeah, they’d go “Me too,” “Me too.”
「 To be honest, if 5 or 10 people asked me to do that, it’s a lot of trouble 」
It’s all I can watch and touch with cute girls’ lower half, but…
I feel like a kindergarten teacher or a hospital nurse.
「 Actually, sometimes, I think that it’s a lot of trouble. Oh, but keep that a secret from Misuzu. I want to fulfill her wishes as much as possible 」
If she discovers that I think it’s troublesome, then Misuzu would hold back.
And I don’t think that’ll get better.
「 I want Misuzu to not worry about me and ask me to put her underwear on her 」
「 Understood, I’ll keep it a secret 」
Michi nods.
「 Yes, it’s a secret for the two of us 」
「 Certainly, Yoshinobu-sama 」
Michi happily replied.
◇ ◇ ◇
After putting on our clothes, we went to the corridor.
First, head to the dining room, it’s breakfast.
「 Sei! Haa! 」
Looking outside the corridor windows…
Kudou Haruka, wearing her karate clothes, is training her thrusts in the garden.
「 What are you doing? 」
I open the window and call to Haruka.
Haruka noticed Michi, and I are together.
「 Ah! Michi! What are you doing! Hurry up and come here! 」
She ignored me and shouted at Michi.
「 Aneue, what are you doing? 」
「 Isn’t that obvious?! It’s morning training! Haa!!! 」
Haruka takes a roundhouse kick pose.
「 Last night, I practiced too much that I fell asleep. I woke up earlier, and that, who was it? Katsuko? That one brought me from the basement to here! 」
Oh, she doesn’t remember Michi knocking her out.
「 Hey now, Martial artists train when they have free time! It’s all training!! Hurry, Michi! 」
「 I still have to go to school and guard Misuzu-oneesama… 」
She speaks to her sister with a cold look.
「 I must hurry and eat breakfast, and go back to the Kouzuki mansion 」
She needs to make it in time with Misuzu and Ruriko.
I mean, once the car starts and Edie’s dragged in there…
Edie won’t be able to make it in time with school, either.
「 Oh, I see 」
Haruka glared at Michi.
「 By the way, what about you, Aneue? 」
Haruka’s attenting the same school as Michi.
She was hospitalized for a while, but…
Haruka is Ruriko’s bodyguard before the incidents.
「 I’ve already determined to live in martial arts, and so the school’s no longer a priority 」
As soon as Haruka said that…
「 No, you can’t do that. You should go to school 」
Rei-chan appears in the garden.
「 I came here to pick you up. I’ll bring Michi-chan and Haruka-san 」
She simled at me.
「 F-Fujimiya-san, I-I 」
Haruka’s a girl who wanted to join in Kouzuki SS.
And so, she’s weak when it comes to the aces of top elite.
「 Listen to me, hurry up and change clothes right now! 」
Rei-chan holds her cane and speaks.
「 Y-Yes! Right away! 」
Haruka trembled.
「 Ah, where did I put my uniform? 」
I don’t know about that.
If I recall, you were wearing your uniform when you came here. Haruka.
「 Haruka-san~ I washed your uniform. It’s in here!! 」
Katsuko-nee opens the window in the dining room and said with a smile.
She was watching.
Well, I thought so.
「 Then, let’s go there. I’ll partake in the breakfast as well 」
Rei-chan smiled at me.
◇ ◇ ◇
「 Ah, good morning 」
Yukino’s sitting in the dining table and is stirring some natto.
「 You know, recently, I’ve been eating Japanese food for breakfast 」
「 I see 」
「 I mean, when I was living with Kouzuki SS, the meal menu they have is a choice of Western or Japanese, but… 」
Yukino’s been living in Kouzuki SS women’s dorm, under surveillance since last May.
「 Back then, I prefer Western food, but recently, I’ve been craving for some heavy breakfast that has some rice in it 」
She continues to stir the natto.
「 Ah, morning Onii-chan. Michi-oneechan, sit down, food is about to be served 」
Mana comes from the kitchen.
Then, Yukino.
「 Yukino-oneechan, if you overeat carbs, you’ll get fat, you know? Don’t you know about the diet where they take out the rice and other carb related food? 」
「 I don’t care~ Half of it goes to my child anyway 」
Yukino said.
「 Oh, that’s the worst thought process. If it becomes a habit, you’ll get fat after giving birth 」
Nagisa, who has experience in childbirth and Mao-chan, comes in.
Tsukiko, and Margo-san’s with them.
「 Good morning, Margo-san 」
「 Yeah, morning 」
「 Morning! Papa! 」
「 Yes, Morning, Mao-chan 」
「 Good morning, Kou-sama 」
We give our morning greetings.
「 Where’s Yomi and Luna? 」
「 Still sleeping. The fatigue from the past few days finally came to them 」
Tsukiko replied.
「 Yeah, let’s leave them be for now 」
「 Agnes-chan’s with them 」
Mana smiled wryly.
「 She’s been with Luna-chan and Yomi-chan until late at night, having fun 」
She’s just happy that she made some friends.
Luna’s a docile girl, but Yomi’s an energetic one.
The sisters were playing with Agnes.
「 Then, let’s leave Agnes to sleep for now as well 」
「 As for me, I’ll be going to the flower market 」
Nagisa said.
And that needs to be as early as possible.
The flower market opens at 7.
「 And I’ll be their bodyguard. Tsukiko-san’s going to Nagisa-san’s shop, right? 」
「 Yes, my best regards 」
Tsukiko bows to Margo-san.
They should be safe as Margo-san’s with them.
Tsukiko can also read the minds of people around her, and so…
I’m sure she’d notify Margo-san if there’s any danger.
「 Morning, Yoshinobu 」
Minaho-neesan’s awake.
She enters the dining room together with Rei-chan.
「 Rei-chan, what’s the status? 」
I asked.
Are the Kansai Yakuza still looking at us?
「 There’s no enemy movement for now 」
I see.
「 If there would be any movements, it would begin by afternoon 」
「 The old men in the top of the chain takes a lot of time to decide on anything. It’s only the big-shots who came to Tokyo yesterday, and so they can’t decide on the consensus of the whole Kansai Yakuza 」
Yeah, the people Jii-chan brought to the hotel yesterday…
They’re mostly the big-shots in the group.
They need to hold a conference before they decide anything.
「 Well, even if they know the outline from yesterday, it was Sunday. They don’t make big decisions on Sundays. That’s how the old men’s world work. Therefore, they’ll be arriving late on Monday, and the meeting would start by 10 or 11. That’s the earliest time 」
「 I see. 」
「 And in the meanwhile, chief Yazawa’s men are moving one after another 」
Rei-chan said.
「 Kyouko-san and the group seems to be doing something too 」
Margo-san smiles wryly.
As expected, they’re in Japan.
「 Either way, there’s no need to worry. Us adults will deal with it 」
Minaho-neesan tells us.
「 They said they’ll deal with it, so that’s good enough, for now just sit down! Let’s go and eat! 」
Yukino tells everyone.
My phone rings.
A call at this time…
「 Hello? 」
『 Good morning! Danna-sama! 』
And it’s Misuzu.
「 Err, I’m having a meal right now. Give me a moment to exit 」
I don’t think I need to let the people in the dining room hear Misuzu’s peeing sound.
『 No, I know that Danna-sama’s busy this morning… 』
Oh, okay.
『 Can you give the phone to Michi? 』
「 Michi, Misuzu wants to talk to you 」
Michi’s body trembled.
「 C-Certainly 」
Michi takes the phone from me while trembling slighly.
「 I-I have the phone now. Good morning, this is Michi 」
Michi’s bowing her head while talking on the phone like she’s a salaryman.
「 Ah, no, uhm, yes, I’m sorry, no, just once. Just one creampie. Yes, it’s true, only once. Uhm, Master, was tired last night, and so, ah, yes, that’s right. I slept on the same bed with Master until morning, naked, yes, I’m sorry 」
Misuzu’s curious as it’s a night where she’s absent.
「 Mitchan, gimme 」
Nei, who’s wearing her school uniform now shows in the dining room.
Then, they took the phone from Michi.
「 Yes, it’s Nei-oneechan, everyone’s big-sis! Yeah, morning greeting? Yes, morning, Mii-chan 」
Oooh, Nei?
「 Last night, I was there sleeping with Yo-chan too. And so, if you’ve got complains, don’t direct it to Mitchan but to me, okay?~ I mean, I don’t need to report every detail of how we had sex earlier this morning to you, right?~ Nei-oneechan thinks that power harassment is bad, do you get it? 」
Nei scolds Misuzu in high-tension.
「 Yes, ah, okay. As long as you understand. Mitchan is your little sister, not your underling. If you don’t get the difference, then someone scarier is coming for you 」
「 Gimme, Ya-chan 」
「 Ah, Yo-chan wants to talk 」
I take the phone
「 Hello 」
『 D-Danna-sama 』
Misuzu seems to be depressed with Nei’s threatening attitude.
「 Misuzu, don’t disappoint me 」
『 Y-Yes?! 』
「 I know that Misuzu’s a better woman than that 」
『 Yes, I’m sorry, I… 』
「 As long as you understand 」
『 Yes, I’ll be more dilligent to meet up with Danna-sama’s expectations
「 Yeah, I’m expecting from you 」
Don’t be just kind.
To guide them in the right direction.
『 Ah, Danna-sama. Edie’s, wait, Edie?! 』
『 GOOD MORNING Darling! I love you today as well 』
『 Hey, going from the sides is unfair! Edie! 』
Oh, Edie.
She’s cutting the line after she saw Misuzu’s state.
As usual, what a good girl.
「 Morning, Edie. I love you too 」
『 YES! YES! YES! 』
『 Geez, Edie, I’m talking to Danna-sama 』
『 Hello, good morning Onii-sama, this is Ruriko 』
『 Yeah, morning Ruriko 』
Ruriko also joined in.
I mean, Edie’s holding down Misuzu, and so…
『 Uhm, I’ll be showing up in television 』
Huh, Ruriko?
『 It’s Grandfather’s idea. The Yakuza has a lot of connections with the media, and so I will be showing up on Television and solidify the image of Kouzuki house before they could try and start a negative campaign 』
I see.
Ruriko and Misuzu were first introduced to the media back in May.
Back then, it’s just a video of them bringing a bouquet of flowers to the Russian politician…
Ruriko and Misuzu didn’t attend a press conference, but…
『 There would be a broadcast tonight where they introduce me in the old building of the Kouzuki mansion 』
It’ll show the good image of Kouzuki house being a family with a long history.
『 The filming staff is only talented females that Shou-oneesama personally picked. And they’ll check the editing and all of it 』
I can leave that to Shou-neechan and not worry about it.
『 Therefore, before the broadcast tonight… 』
Huh, Ruriko?
『 Please violate Ruriko! 』
I can imagine Ruriko’s smile over the phone.
『 Ruriko cannot have enough courage to show on Television unless there’s Onii-sama’s fresh semen inside 』
『 Hey, that’s unfair! Ruriko! 』
I can hear Misuzu’s shout over the phone.
「 Okay, I’ll be heading there after school 」
『 Thank you very much, Onii-sama! 』
「 Could you give the phone back to Misuzu? 」
『 Yes 』
Ruriko seems to have returned the phone to Misuzu.
『 D-Danna-sama?! 』
「 And I’ll have you after Ruriko 」
I said.
「 We’ll be watching Ruriko’s show while having sex. Okay? 」
『 Yes, I’ll be waiting! 』
I can tell that she’s smiling over the phone.
「 Then, later 」
『 Yes, goodbye. Oh, wait, Danna-sama 』
「 What’s up? 」
『 I love you~ Chu~ 』
After hearing the kiss, the call ended.
「 And that’s a lot of trouble for today as well 」
I sighed and put down my phone.
「 Oh, is it hard for you, Yoshinobu-kun? 」
Margo-san looked at me and smiled.
「 No, I’m happy about it 」
I replied with a smile.
「 Thank you all for waiting, breakfast is ready! 」
Katsuko-nee pushes the wagon from the kitchen.
Megu’s with her.
「 Megu-chan cooked this rolled omelets! 」
Megu’s wearing an apron on top of her sailor uniform.
She brings the rolled omelet plate to my front.
「 G-Good morning, Yoshi-kun 」
Megu’s nervous.
「 Yeah, good morning, Megu 」
I replied with a smile.
「 C-Could you taste test this? 」
「 Here, some chopsticks Onii-chan 」
Mana hands me chopsticks.
「 Sure 」
I take a bite from Megu’s rolled omelets.
「 W-What do you think? 」
「 Yeah, it’s delicious 」
「 I’m glad 」
Megu’s eyes spill tears.
「 I-I’m able to do something by myself 」
「 Therefore, I… 」
I see…
She wants to set her foot on the ground.
And she’s ready to cultivate her character with the other women.
「 I know that I’m not unique. But I want to stay. I want to live together with Yoshi-kun 」
「 Sure, keep at it 」
That’s all I can say.
That’s Megu’s decision, her life.
「 I’ll support you 」
「 Yes, watch over me. Yoshi-kun 」
Then, Megu;
「 Gimme one too 」
Yukino pinches a piece of Megu’s rolled omelet.
「 Yeah, that’s delicious. Surprisingly, you’re suited to be a wife, Megumi! 」
「 Yukino 」
「 And now, let’s go eat! We can’t start the morning with a hungry stomach! 」
Right, this is just the start.
A point…
「 Yeah, let’s go eat 」
「 Thank you for the meal 」
「 Okay, we also have salad here 」
「 Mao, do you want tea? 」
「 Yeah. And Papa too! 」
「 Margo, this is the outline of the strategy coming from Shou-san 」
「 The details are further explained later 」
「 Geez looks like it’s going to get noisy 」
「 Hey, leave some for me too! 」
Kudou Haruka wearing her uniform, jumps in.
「 Hurry up Yo-chan, or you’ll get late 」
「 Delicious 」
「 What are you doing?! Hurry up and eat. Stupid! 」
And all of the women that aren’t here right now…
「 Yeah, thank you for the meal 」
I greet everyone in the family.
And again…
My daily life begins.
「 Margo-oneechan, how do you translate Shakespeare’s “All’s well that ends well” 」
Nei asks while we’re eating breakfast.
「 If I recall, that’s in our English class today 」
「 It’s “終わりよければ全て良し” 」
Margo-san replied while smiling wryly…