Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 796. One week Later Part 1



「 Is it fun watching me put on my makeup? 」

The morning’s soft light…

I’m watching Shou-neechan put on her make up in front of the mirror.

「 Yeah, it is 」

Though they all put on makeup in the morning, Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, and Rei-chan…

They have different methods of doing it.

They all have different brands of cosmetics, as well.

「 It’s a bit embarrassing, but I don’t mind 」

Shou-neechan smiled.

「 Hey 」

「 Huh? 」

「 I won’t be able to kiss once I put on my makeup 」

「 Sure 」

We kiss each other.

「 Ahn~ That’s happiness! I’m filled with energy now 」

Shou-neechan said happily.

I had a round of sex with Shou-neechan last night and this morning.

Of course, I poured it all inside.

「 Yeah. My skin’s glowing looks like I can fight on for today as well! 」

Shou-neechan takes out her lipstick from her cosmetics pouch and applies it to her lips.

She then rubs her lips together to apply on both sides.


Shou-neechan’s beautiful even without makeup, but…

When she puts them on, the cold and dignified side of hers is emphasized.

Shou-neechan’s an easygoing, generous, and kindhearted big-sister, but…

But that look of a stiff and slack less is better for the leader of the guards on-site for Kouzuki SS.

I think of that while looking at Shou-neechan.

「 Danna-sama~ Woof! Woof! Woof! 」

Misuzu calls me from the restroom.

「 You’re called, go 」

Shou-neechan smiled.

Oh geez.

It was Misuzu and Shou-neechan’s turn last night.

Naturally, I also had one round with Misuzu last night and this morning.

「 Please hurry up, or it’ll leak! Woof! Woof! 」

Since we’re living together in the same house, it’s become a daily routine to watch Misuzu pee.

Then, I put on Misuzu’s panty on her before she wears her uniform.

After that peeing appreciation, I’ll put back her panties on her, but…

This morning…

「 You’re still naked? 」

Misuzu, who’s sitting on the toilet seat, is still naked.

「 I mean 」

Misuzu looked up at me with a bright red face.

She’s shaped her legs to letter M and expose her pussy.

The semen I poured inside her drips down to the toilet bowl.

「 Go ahead and pee now 」

「 Yes~ Woof! Woof! Woof! 」

Misuzu loosens up her waist.


Her warm jet of pee is released from her slit.

「 That’s clearer than usual 」

「 Geez, don’t look at the color Danna-sama 」

「 But, the smell is the same 」

「 Iyaan~ That’s embarrassing! Woof! Woof! 」

Misuzu blushes while peeing.

She continues…

「 Misuzu’s tasting my semen almost every day, aren’t you? 」

「 I mean, I want to check on Danna-sama’s health all the time 」

「 And I want to check on Misuzu’s health too 」

「 Uugh~ Woof woof, it can’t be helped then 」

We kissed each other.

While at it, I licked on Misuzu’s nipples.

「 Ahn~ I want to do it again 」

Misuzu said, but…

「 No. We’ll be late 」

I still need to carry the bread we’re about to bake.

Misuzu and Ruriko still need to go to school.

「 Later 」

「 Yes, Danna-sama 」

◇ ◇ ◇

It’s been a week since the confrontation with the Yakuza.

Another Monday, a new week begins.

「 Teii! Tooo!! 」

Oh, Kudou Haruka’s doing her early morning training in the courtyard.

Michi, Edie, and Yomi’s with her.

Kudou Haruka’s wearing her Karate uniform as usual, but Michi and Edie are wearing their uniform.

Yomi’s wearing a jersey.

「 Haruka-san, you need to stop soon. You’ll go to school after breakfast 」

Shou-neechan said from the corridor.

「 Y-Yes! 」

As usual, she’s obedient when it’s Shou-neechan and Rei-chan.

「 I’ll go change clothes right now! 」

She rushes into the mansion.

「 Good morning, Master. Misuzu-oneesama, Shou-oneesama 」

「 Good Morning, Darling! Misuzu and Shou, morning! 」

「 Good morning everyone 」

Michi, Edie, and Yomi are courteous.

Why is it that Haruka’s never got the allowance? She looks like she’s always in a hurry.

「 Morning. Let’s go eat 」

I call the three.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Good morning! 」

「 Mor’n 」

「 Morning! Papa! 」

Almost everyone was in the dining room when we arrived.

「 Nagisa-oneesama, Nei-oneesama, and I made breakfast today 」

Ruriko shows up from the kitchen.

「 We’ll bring it now, please give us a moment 」

She loves doing all housework now.

The shadow of her past self as a sheltered lady is now gone.

Instead, she’s now living a bright life where she’s doing household chores.


「 Here, Tea. Onii-chan. Shou-oneechan and Misuzu-oneechan 」

Mana brings tea for us.

Mana’s also stable now.

「 Aaah! I overslept!!! 」

Megu comes in the dining room in a hurry.

In the end, I still have to carry in the pastries and bake them in school.

Misuzu’s school is far.

Therefore everyone’s early…

Megu’s morning training in the track and field hasn’t changed at all.

Well, the school’s only a few minutes away from here when we use a car.

Katsuko-nee’s delivering the pastry using her van, and so there are no suspicions even if it’s parked in school.

We’re not using the garage for the faculty, and so we don’t take a lot of time.

At worst, we can drive Megu off to the women’s track and field clubroom.

The seniors would scold her, but…

「 Geez, get yourself together Megumi 」

Yukino, who’s playing with Mao-chan on the table, tells Megu.

Yukino’s got her TV work, and so she’s now strict with time.

「 I am! What about you? Have you done your homework already? 」

Megu counterattacks.

「 Ah, I’m passing on that one! I’ll leave the class at 3 o’clock and head to the TV station! I’ve got a meeting with Snatch and Francie for the next thing 」

「 Hey, just because you’ll be absent in class doesn’t mean you can skip on homework! 」

「 Blah blah blah! I can’t hear you!! 」

Yukino covered her ears and dodge the conversation.

「 Kufufu, Yukino-chan’s so funny 」

Mao-chan laughed.


「 Geez, I hate, hate, hate this! 」

I hear Agnes’ shout in the corner of the room.

「 I hate you, Koyomi-chan!!! 」

Turning around,

Agnes, Luna, Tsukiko…

And then, the child of Kiyomi-san, Tsukiko’s aunt who possessed Miko power…

Koyomi-chan is with them.

Koyomi-chan arrived in the mansion last week…

「 You don’t want to have sex with Papa, lick Papa’s penis, you don’t join in the bath with Papa! You’re not family! Koyomi-chan doesn’t want to join Agnes’ family! 」


「 S-Sorry 」

Koyomi-chan bows her head to Agnes.

「 B-But, I-I can’t do it 」

Yeah, she’s feeling shamed now.

She’s not used to the atmosphere of this house yet.

「 Those who don’t have sex with Papa isn’t a member of this family!! Agnes hates people like those! 」

Geez, this doesn’t look good.

「 Hey, Agnes, don’t say it like that 」

I stand up and head to Agnes.

「 Papa 」

「 Don’t force those who don’t want it 」

「 But 」

Agnes looked at Koyomi-chan, then me.

「 Then… 」

I looked at Koyomi-chan.


She’s just 12, her body’s too young.

She’s short, and her body isn’t growing yet.

She looks like an elementary school girl.

Her hair’s short, and she’s wearing clear-red glasses.

「 I think that Koyomi-chan can’t have sex yet 」

「 But she’s also 12, just like Agnes and Luna! 」

Well, yes, but…

Agnes’ body is developed early because of her half-French race.

Luna’s growing appropriately for her age, but her genital has developed enough.

「 Her flat chest is also the same as Michi-chan! 」

Agnes said.

「 What did you say! I won’t let that go, Agnes-imouto!! 」

Michi’s right there.

「 I may look like flat on the surface, but this world is flawed! My insides are already mature enough! I’m oozing out with femininity!! Isn’t that right, Master?! 」


「 If Michi thinks that way, I’m sure it is right… 」

That’s all I can tell her.

「 Gigugugugu! M-Master! 」

「 Michi, get yourself together! 」

Misuzu silences Michi.

「 Y-Yes! 」

Well then, let’s go back to Koyomi-chan.

「 Don’t mind what Agnes is saying. I, no, everyone in here won’t force you to do anything, Koyomi-chan. You can live the way you want, Koyomi-chan 」

Koyomi-chan stares at me through her red glasses.

Oh. I see.

She’s reading my mind.

「 Papa that means that Koyomi-chan can’t join in Agnes’ family 」

Agnes says, but…

「 That’s for Koyomi-chan to decide. We cannot force her to join in our family like that 」

「 Uugh 」

Agnes groans.

「 Didn’t Agnes take a lot of time before joining the family? 」

She’s closed her heart and doesn’t speak at first.

「 That’s not true. Agnes loved Papa since birth! 」


Agnes’ memories are like that now.

The memories when Shirasaka Sousuke kept her has disappeared.

No, I have to be careful here.

Her memories may come back suddenly.

「 Listen up. Koyomi-chan just came to our house recently, give her some time, okay? Agnes 」

I embraced Agnes.

Agnes hugs me back.

「 Uuu, I understand 」

While embracing Agnes…

「 Koyomi-chan. You can stay here for how long you want. You can stay here with everyone. Your cousins, Tsukiko and the girls are in here. You’ll return to school soon 」

They’ll take an entrance exam in Misuzu’s school by next month.

And Agnes needs to catch up in terms of scholar ability.

Tsukiko and the girls won’t have problems there, but…

Nevertheless, we want all of them to pass.

「 There’s no need to worry. As you can sense, Kou-sama’s not a bad person 」

Tsukiko smiles at her cousin.

「 That’s right. Nii-san’s kind. He’s taken us in consideration 」

Luna puts her hand in Koyomi-chan’s shoulder.

「 Y-Yes. But, I… 」

Koyomi-chan hangs her head.


It can’t be helped. It takes time.

Her mother died so suddenly, after all.

「 Uugh, Papa, I want to have sex! 」

Agnes grinds her waist on me.

「 Not now. We’re eating, and I still need to go to school 」

I’ve learned that I can’t just be “kind and listen to what people tell you.”

「 Uuugh, But I want to do it! 」

Agnes rubs her small body to me.

「 No. But once I’m back, we can do it 」

「 Really? 」

「 Yeah. I promise 」

「 Uuuuu 」

「 Therefore, you must study until I come back home from school, okay? 」

「 Study? Uuuugh 」

Agnes looks like she’s not eager to study.

「 Are you okay with that? If this goes on, Luna and Koyomi-chan will go to school, and then they’ll tell Agnes “You’re not going to school, so don’t get close to us” 」

「 T-That’s a big problem! 」

Agnes looked at Luna and Koyomi-chan.

「 I don’t want Luna to play with Koyomi-chan when I’m not here!! 」

No, they’re not going to play, it’s studying.

But, becoming friends with Luna did a good influence on Agnes.

「 Then, you need to study so you won’t lose to Luna and Koyomi-chan, okay? 」

「 Uuu. I don’t want to lose to Koyomi-chan 」

And Koyomi-chan’s existence provokes Agnes.

Luna listens to what Agnes tells her obediently, but…

Now that Koyomi-chan’s here, a factor that Agnes can’t order shows up…

Furthermore, Koyomi-chan is Luna’s cousin, they’ve been together for long…

And that’s why Agnes is feeling jealousy towards Koyomi-chan…

「 Kou-sama, I’ll take care of Agnes-chan 」

「 Yeah. We’ll look after her since I’m also studying 」

Tsukiko and Mana tell me.

Mana’s determined to go to school.

「 Since I’m the closest to their age, I think that teaching them elementary school lessons is easiest for me 」

Mana’s in her second year of middle school, she was in elementary just a few years ago.

Well, if we’re talking about that, then I was also in elementary school a few years ago.

But, Mana said that she’ll do it, I’ll leave it to her.

「 Yeah, thanks, Mana. Tsukiko, Luna, you too 」


「 Yomi, I’ll leave things to you too 」

「 Sure thing, Sensei! 」

Those we’ll leave in the mansion today are all studying for their entrance exam.

Minaho-neesan’s closed herself in her room since last night due to her information analysis work for Kouzuki SS.

Margo-san’s going to America.

Nagisa’s got to attend to her shop.

Katsuko-nee’s with me for the bakery.

Well, she’ll be watching over and come back if the situation needs her, but…

But Tsukiko and Mana will look after Agnes and the girls.

Mana’s going to cook lunch, so I don’t need to worry about that.

「 Papa, done already? Mao’s hungry 」

Mao-chan tells me.

「 Yeah, done. Let’s go eat! Breakfast! 」

「 Ayy! Now now now, eat eat eat!!! 」

Nei pushes the wagon in from the kitchen.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Well then, I’m going ahead Yoshi-kun 」

Katsuko-nee stopped the van on the side of the main gate.

Megu asks for a kiss before getting off.

「 Yeah, good luck on your morning training 」

「 Yes! I’ll train a lot and please Yoshi-kun with my proportions 」

We kiss each other.

「 Don’t think about that, think of training to make records! You’re in the track and field club after all 」

Yukino said from the back of the van.

「 Geez, I get it 」

「 Then hurry up, Megu 」

「 Yes~ 」

Megu runs to the school grounds in the morning.

Yeah, that’s a beautiful form.

「 Still, she’s become surprisingly stable. Megu-chan 」

Nei says while watching Megu from the passenger seat window.

「 Tsukiko-san’s counseling is showing its effect. She couldn’t lie after all 」

Katsuko-nee’s right.

Even if Megu lies, Tsukiko can read her mind.

「 Yeah. Tsukiko-chan’s mentally strong, and I think that she’s the best in it. What do you think, Yo-chan? 」

Nei asks me.

「 Tsukiko’s got her Miko power hidden all this time 」

She’s kept a lot of secrets from her sisters.

Even so, her mind remains strong.

「 Tsukiko-san taking Megumi as her boss, Megu finally broke through 」

Edie laughed.

「 If that’s the case, then great, but… 」

Katsuko-nee said as she starts driving to the bakery.

「 Well, Megumi’s the type that relies on someone or else she’ll flop 」

Yukino said.

「 Now that she has two people she can consult for advice, she feels at ease. Coz, you know, she can’t talk to you when it comes to your relationship with her, right? It’s easier for her to speak to a reliable big sister 」

「 I’m sorry for being an unreliable big-sis then! 」

Nei apologized to Yukino.

「 What are you talking about? You’ve got a different genre so you can’t do anything about it 」


「 If it’s a serious talk, then Tsukiko-san’s the girl. Or if you want to attack someone, ask Edie. If it’s a dangerous person, Yuzuki or Katsuko will deal with it. That’s my list 」

Yukino smiles.

「 What about me? 」

「 If everything’s already a mess, then I’ll ask you! You’re that kind of nuclear warhead that deals with things at times like that 」

Yukino thinks Nei’s like that.

「 Yo-chan~ Is it just me, or is Yukino-chi’s making fun of me? 」

Nei turned to me.

「 W-What are you talking about?! You’re the untouchable blonde-haired delinquent! Everyone in the school still remembers that you’re the queen of fear! That image change won’t change it that easily! You’re still scary! 」


Nei stopped the blonde hair back in May, but…

She started being my salesgirl, selling off pastries with a smile starting after summer vacation…

That means it hasn’t been a month since then.

「 As for me, I’m the second blonde delinquent! Get yourself together, first-gen 」

Yukino’s taken over Nei’s blonde hair characteristic.

She’s unable to make connections with anyone in school, just like the previous Nei.

I’ve got to do something about that one too.

「 Okay, we’ve arrived 」

The van arrived at the delivery entrance of the bakery.

「 Okay, Ya-chan and Edie, help me carry them in. Yukino, come in and drink some tea 」

I won’t let the pregnant carry the luggage.

「 Okay. I’ll go prepare tea then 」

I get off the car and open the door to the bakery.

This place hardly has any students lurking around.

Making sure that nobody’s looking, Yukino entered the bakery first.

「 Darling, I’ll bring them in! 」

Edie stacks three trays of dough and brings them over.

「 Yeah, please do 」

Nei also hands over the loading tray for the pads.

I took that and bring them to the bakery.

Meanwhile, Nei prepares the oven.

It’s the usual morning.