Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 801. Kiyohara Ai / Contact Arc



「 I’ve been waiting! 」

Kana-senpai, in her tennis clothing, is waiting for us on the usual spot behind the gym.

She flips her short skirt around.

Behind Kana-senpai are two girls in their tennis wear, and two girls in their jersey.

They’re members of the tennis club.

One of the girls wearing jersey must be the aforementioned first-year girl.

I mean, I know her face.

She’s the cutest girl among them.

She’s not that tall, and her body’s slender for a sports club member.

Her hair’s a bob cut around her shoulder. However, that’s a lot of bangs.

She’s trying to hide her face.

Oh, this girl looks down so I can’t see most of her expressions, but…

I can see her nose and her beautiful eyes in between her hair.

I can see that she’s beautiful.

This girl must be Kiyohara Ai-san.

Yeah, she’s definitely the cutest among the first-years.

She’s petite, timid, cute like a small animal.

However, why did I not know about her before?

Well, we’re from different classes, but…

「 Where’s the key to this warehouse? 」

「 I borrowed them from Iwakura-san 」

Kana-senpai asks. Nei takes out a key from her pocket.

「 Well, it’s a negotiation where we don’t want open space. That’s why we’re using this place 」

Kana-senpai smiled at Ai-san.

「 Y-Yes 」

Ai-san’s voice is small too.

She’s frightened.

「 Don’t worry. Nei-san is friends with Iwakura-san, our student council president. And she brought a man, Nobu right there. Edie-san over there is absurdly strong, you know that, right? 」

「 Right. I’m strong. Don’t worry 」

Edie smiled.

「 Ah, yes 」

Ai-san replied, mumbling.

「 Right, Nei-san’s scary when you pushed her too hard 」

「 Kiyohara, it’s going to be okay 」

「 Ai, fight! 」

And the two girls wearing tennis clothing are her seniors.

I guess the other girl wearing a jersey is also a first-year.

The second-year girls know about Nei’s legend from last year until this spring.

They still think that Nei is scary.

「 With Nei-san and Edie-san here, even guys from the Judo club has no match! 」

Uhm, what about me?

No, I don’t mind it either way.

「 Now that Nei-san’s with us, you girls can go back to the club 」

Kana-senpai told the tennis club girls.

「 But, I think it’s better if we stay, are you sure that you’ll be fine on your own, Kana? 」

One of the seniors asks Kana-senpai.

「 I mean, it’s better if you’re not here. The other side is a perverted man, after all. It’s a problem if he set his eyes on you 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Well, yeah, but… 」

「 Tsukahara, you made sure to convey that he comes alone, right? 」

「 Ah, yes, I handed the letter Hoshizaki-san made to my classmate that’s a member of the Judo club 」

The first-year girl replied.

「 But, you know, he’s just a pervert, so he might not come alone 」

Kana-senpai smiled wryly.

「 He might bring in friends from the Judo club, but I worry about this case becoming a “women’s tennis club” vs. “judo club” and becoming a bigger problem 」

A pervert’s trying to woo Ai-san might become a dispute between two sports clubs.

「 With that said, I feel sorry for the third-year seniors. If things go badly, they’ll create rumors, and it might influence them in their tournaments. That would be a problem, don’t you think? 」

「 Well, that’s true, but 」

The second-year girls nod.

「 I mean, why is that pervert wanting to date Kiyohara? If you try to make it public, saying that idiot was exposing his delusions of wanting to do some lewd things in the school, then it might involve the tennis club, calling us for having illicit relationships with men and get punished by forbidding us from participating in tournaments. Kiyohara might get suspended, and her future might turn dark 」

Huh, why?

Why would the victim lose their future?

「 Right, that stupid Shindou sent a dick pic after all 」

「 Yes, that, and he does it every day 」

「 Yeah. And he’d spread around that Kiyohara liked it. 」

「 The possibility that Kiyohara gets disposed of grows larger 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 T-That’s a problem. Ai, T-That’s 」

Ai-san says in a small voice while looking down.

「 And that’s why we’ll have that idiot stop stalking Kiyohara and then we’ll make sure that he won’t tell anyone about what happened. Furthermore, we’ll also make sure that he won’t trouble anyone from the tennis club anymore 」

If we don’t silence that idiot once and for all, then…

Then the problems might spread out later.

「 Therefore, the students at the bakery would be dealing with it instead of the women’s tennis club 」

Nei laughed.

「 Kana-chan is also a helper in our storefront. We should be okay, even if the Judo club starts a dispute, it won’t hinder our business 」

「 Right, we don’t enter a fall tournament or rookie games 」

Well, we create baked products and sell them in school…

They can’t ban us from competitions.

「 But, they might cause trouble to the bakery instead? 」

The second-year girl asked Nei.

Nei’s a repeater, and so even the second-year girls pay respect to her.

「 Yeah, the Judo club might hinder the sales of the bakery 」

「 They could apply pressure on the other students to boycott your shop 」

The tennis club girls worry.

「 Nono, they can’t do that 」

Nei smiled.

「 I mean, we have Katsuko-san boom at this moment 」


「 The guys in the Judo club in our school won’t reach 20 persons, right? They can’t win against the pressure of Katsuko-oneesan’s fans 」

Well, yeah.

Katsuko-nee’s famous among boys and girls.

「 Well, we also have Edie as our final weapon! She could turn the tables against 4 or even 5 members coming at her together 」

「 I’ll mess them up! 」

Edie smiled.

「 R-Right, I guess that’s okay 」

The tennis club girls are convinced, it seems.

「 With that said, you girls can go back to the club. Good job on sticking with Kiyohara. Ah, be sure to take the path where there are people until you reach the tennis court. If anyone strange tries to get close, scream. Okay? 」

Kana-senpai told the three.

「 O-Okay, Kana 」

「 I-It’s okay, Hoshizaki-senpai. If the guys from Judo club attack us, then we’ll scream that they’re molesters 」

「 That’s right, we won’t let the Judo guys make contact with us 」

In the end, Ai-san’s case,

It’s a guy forcing himself to her.

It’s a problem where the guy thinks that he’s already dating her.

Therefore, if it becomes a problem and spreads in the school.

The guy could spread around rumors that could put Ai-san at a disadvantage.

But, as for the other tennis club members.

There’s nobody among them in direct dispute with the Judo club.

If the Judo club guys were to call out on the tennis club girls and bring them somewhere…

The Judo club would be at fault.

「 Anyway, be careful 」

Kana-senpai told the girls.

「 By the way, did you see the pics sent on Ai-chan’s phone? 」

Nei asks the three.

「 T-That’s 」

「 Uhm 」

「 Err. 」

Ah, they saw it.

They saw the stupid guy’s dick pic.

「 I just saw it earlier too 」

Nei laughed.

「 I mean, that was too small! Lolololol 」

Nei laughed.

The girls from the tennis club are speechless.

「 Senpai, that was small? 」

「 Don’t ask me, I don’t know! 」

「 I only saw my father’s when we were taking a bath together on my younger years 」

「 You don’t know how an erect one looks like, right? 」

The girls whisper at each other…


「 Well, now that you mention it, it was definitely small 」


Kana-senpai, you’ve never seen anyone else’s dick but mine, right?

「 What do you think, Ai? 」

Edie asks Ai-san directly.

「 Ah, aaaaah, I-I don’t know 」

AI-san said with her face blushing.

「 Do you think that was small or big? 」

Edie saw it too?

Must be Kana-senpai showing it off while I was cleaning up the bakery.

I mean, Kana-senpai sent the dick pic from Ai-san’s phone to hers.

「 I-I think it’s big… 」

Ai-san replied, while trembling.

That confirms it.

She’s definitely a virgin.

「 Unfortunately, a true man’s dick is bigger than that 」

Nei said, laughing.

「 Oh, I-I see 」

「 Nei-san said it, it must be true 」

「 So that was small 」

「 Why would he send that pic to Kiyohara if he’s just small? 」

「 Maybe, everyone in the Judo club is small? 」

「 No, maybe Nei-san’s partner is on the big side 」

「 Yeah, it’s Nei-san after all 」

The girls from the tennis club blushed.

Nei’s setting is that she’s a delinquent, they don’t think it’s strange for her to have experience in sex.

「 Right. That one was small. Too small that it’s useless. Out of the question 」

Edie smiled.

「 Edie-san. 」

「 Well, she’s American 」

「 Haa, she’s advanced 」

Well, that’s how they concluded with Edie…

「 Wait, Kana, since when? 」

Kana-senpai’s friend in tennis club is surprised.

「 It’s inevitable. I’m beautiful, so I won’t stay a virgin for long! 」

She smiled and said it nonchalantly.

「 Well, that’s true, but… 」

「 Ah, just saying it before you think of anything, I’m not jumping partners! The guy who took my virginity is the same man I’ll always love. That man satisfies me, and I don’t plan on doing it with other men 」

「 Me too 」

「 Me too~ 」

Kana-senpai said. Nei and Edie agreed.

「 Oh, I see 」

「 Must be hard at the bakery having all these ladies around you 」


This girl thinks that I’m Kana-senpai’s sex partner.

「 Hiroko, that guy has a fiance, and he’s living together with her 」

「 Oh, he’s engaged, right… 」

The whole school knows that Megu and I are engaged.

They won’t think that I’m having sex with girls other than my fiance.

「 Hurry up already. If you take your time, they might come 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Oh, you’re right, let’s go 」

「 Then, Nei-san, Edie-san, Bakery-kun, take care of her 」

「 Kiyohara, fight! 」

The three from the tennis club depart by taking a jog.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Anyway, let’s go in for now 」

Nei said. We enter the warehouse.

There are no windows.

It’s dark.

「 I’ll turn on the lights. 」

Nei turns on the switch.


「 Huh, this is surprisingly clean 」

Kana-senpai thought.

「 Yeah. This is a secret base for Iwakura-san and the student council 」

Nei said.

「 They gather here and party at times 」

Party, you mean orgy?

Iwakura-san’s student council is a group of sex slaves.

Oh, so that’s why.

There’s even a bed here.


There are some hooks and ropes on the ceiling.

Iwakura-san’s hanging someone there.

「 Really? I see. I guess everyone in our club can fit in this place. I’ll borrow this for the tennis club next time 」

「 Yeah, just ask Iwakura-san, and she’ll give her approval anytime 」

Iwakura-san is no match against Nei.

All of Iwakura-san’s misdeeds were passed to Nei instead.

Last May, Iwakura-san tried to deal with me using assassins, on which she leaked Nei’s personal information, and it led to a lot of trouble.

「 We can’t hold a party after a tournament in our clubroom. It’s a changing room, and so there’s no food or drinks allowed. Right, Ai? 」

Kana-senpai calls Ai-san.

「 Ah, yes 」

As usual, her voice is small.

「 Now then, let’s go sit over there for now. Edie, check the surroundings 」

Nei gives instructions.

「 Sure thing 」

Edie opens the entrance slightly and checks for Qi outside.

「 Well, time for self-introductions! I’m Natou Nei 」

「 Ai, go greet them 」

Kana-senpai said. Ai-san.

「 K-K-Kiyohara A-Ai 」

She said, looking down.

「 That’s gloomy of you. Didn’t your teacher at elementary tell you to look at the eyes when talking to someone? 」

Nei smiled wryly

「 S-S-S-S-Sorry 」

Ai-san’s still looking down.

「 Well, that’s okay, I’m Nei and this guy’s 」

Nei walked then hugged me from behind.

「 He’s our Yo-chan 」


「 Ah, Y-Yoshida Yoshinobu. 」 Hello 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Ai-san doesn’t look at my eyes.

「 And I’m Edie 」

Edie said while guarding the entrance.

「 Kana-chan, time? 」

「 There’s ten minutes before the appointed time 」

Kana-senpai replied to Nei while looking at her phone’s clock.

「 Well, let’s go start asking Ai-chan a few questions then 」


「 You know? We came here after hearing Kana-chan’s story, but… 」

Nei looked at Ai-san.

Ai-san’s looking down as usual.

「 Therefore, we only know the story from Kana-chan’s eyes. But, hearing only from another person’s view causes problems, see? That’s why we would like to ask it from Ai-chan directly 」

Ai-san doesn’t respond.

「 Right, all the details I know where only coming from the first-year girls in the club who Ai-chan talked to, and so I don’t have the clear understanding of the events 」


「 That Shindou from Judo club stalks Ai every day, and it makes you suffer, but that’s information coming from the members of our club. Like, he’s preparing for an ambush, or following you around. Also, sending over perverted images on Ai’s phone and such. I can get the intent from the circumstantial evidence such as the emails saying “You’re my woman, let’s have sex already,” or “Send nudes” 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Therefore, I know that you’re troubled about it but, if possible, I’d like Ai to explain the details directly 」

「 U-Uhm, t-that’s 」

Ai-san mumbles.

「 What I want to know the most is what Ai feels about Shindou for real? 」


「 I mean, Shindou’s talking about formally dating Ai, doesn’t he? I heard that those who were coming with you as bodyguards hear Shindou say that 」


「 Therefore, I’d like to know. Maybe, did Ai say something that could make Shindou misunderstand in any way, shape, or form? 」


「 For example, something you did that doesn’t have that intention, but the other side thought that you’re giving consent that you’re dating him, do you remember anything? If there’s one, it’ll become troublesome. Men like him get stubborn once they think they’re right 」


「 U-Uhm… 」

「 Do you remember one? 」

Kana-senpai asks.

「 S-Shindou-senpai, I-I 」

「 Yes, what about that idiot? 」

「 A-Ai…He asked me to date him, uhm, suddenly, on the bus stop, uhm, H-He was waiting for me… 」


「 Then, what did you say, Ai? 」

「 A-Ai, uhm, Ai doesn’t understand what Shindou-senpai said, and then, couldn’t understand, t-too scared, I don’t know what to say 」

Ai-san replies, timidly.

「 T-Then, S-Shindou-senpai 」

「 What did he do? 」

「 Then, I’ll wait for your answer in ten seconds, he said… that if I don’t respond in ten seconds, it’s an automatic yes… 」


「 B-But, Ai…Ai don’t understand what he means by that okay, and so my head was filled with ??????… then, I couldn’t answer, my body was just trembling…then… 」

Ai-san’s spine trembles.

「 Then, Shindou-senpai said “3,2,1,0! Time over!!” Then, he said, “As per the match rules, Kiyohara Ai is now my woman! Good job!” 」

W-What the hell?

「 Then, what happened? 」

「 I, I don’t know what was going on at all, my head couldn’t process them all, unable to speak, my body couldn’t move, then… 」


「 The bus came, I told Shindou-senpai “Goodbye Senpai” and went in the bus 」


「 U-Uhm, S-Shindou-senpai is a senior, so… 」

She unconsciously greeted him off.

「 Then, what about him? 」

「 S-Shindou-senpai told Ai, “I love you, MY SWEETHEART! BYE! See you tomorrow” happily, but, it was scary, d-disgusting, I…. 」

Ai-san’s pale, trembling.

「 Geez, not refusing, and greeting him off, that’s why Shindou thinks that you agreed to date him 」

「 S-Sorry, I-I… 」

Ai-san apologizes to Kana-senpai while looking down.

「 No, you don’t have to apologize. It’s just that Shindou was a crafty one. Seriously, he’s such a shitty guy for laying his eyes on you 」

「 Sorry, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! 」

Ai-san bows her head and continues her apologies.


「 They’re here 」

Edie, who’s watching outside, said.

「 Edie, how many enemies? 」

I asked Edie.

「 Ten, no, eleven! 」


I went next to Edie and looked at the gap in the door.

「 How’s it, Nobu? 」

Kana-senpai asked me.

「 It’s true, there’s 11 of them. They’re all guys wearing judo uniform 」

The mysterious group wearing judo uniform…

They’re in the Judo club, yet, for some reason, they’re holding a flag with our school’s badge.

Furthermore, these guys…

They’re singing. All of them.

「 ♪Of we were to die, then we’ll gather the demons in the gate and fall them into a straight line. Danchou!

(And then kick them! Their weakness is their eyes!)

And a huge, huge, huge, explosion!!! Dadaaaaa!!!!

(Full throttle! Cyclone!!!)

We are the strongest! We are the strongest! Strongest Judo Club! Victory!!!

Shining Steel! The Exploding Judo club!!! Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! 」