Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 802. Kiyohara Ai / Beatdown



「 Everyone, halt! 」

「 One! Two! 」

The group of 11 people wearing judo uniforms stopped.

「 Next, Shindou-senpai’s song! Start! 」

「 Siryessir!! 」




If you have the mind to do something, you can do it! You can do it! Arab President!!

(Yo! It’s Hard! Aniki’s guts, I mean!)

This is Shindou’s guts!!!

Shindou’s the best in the world!!!! 」

Wow, they practiced this?

They’re in sync when singing.

「 Our Judo club is under Shindou’s control 」

Nei said.

「 That guy’s been practicing Judo since childhood that even the third-year students can’t hold a match against him 」

「 Wait, what about the adviser? 」

I asked.

「 Well, the former adviser resigned last May 」


It’s one of the teachers that were with Shirasaka Sousuke’s faction.

「 Then, that Shindou asked for an adviser who never trained in Judo, just a ghost adviser if you ask me 」

And that leaves him uncontrolled.

「 Then, which one of them is Shindou? 」

I peek at the Judo club members from the gap in the door.

「 I think it’s one of those three 」


I don’t get why, but…

There are three guys wearing sunglasses in the middle of the group.

One of them has long hair along with his sunglasses. And that’s a guy from a judo club.

And the middle one’s wearing some ripped jeans while also wearing a judo uniform.

And the third one has a swimming ring. And the swimming ring has “ZEKAMASHI” written on it. 1

「 Oh, Shindou’s…. 」

Nei, who gathered info for a week peeks in the gap to point out the guy, but…

「 Shindou Seigo has arrived on time!!! 」

「 Yosoroooo!!!! 」

The guy wearing jeans named himself, and the guy wearing a swimming ring followed up.

「 Oh, it’s him 」

Well, I thought that it was him since he’s in the middle, but…

「 Now, let’s begin our match! Match! Match! 」

「 Yosoroooooo!!! 」

What the hell?

「 Can’t help it, let’s turn up 」

Nei said. Ai-san starts trembling.

「 It’s okay. We’ll do the talking, you can wait inside Ai 」

Kana-senpai said with a smile.

「 Yo-chan, stay with Ai-chan 」


「 Well, leave the rest to us 」

Edie’s stretching her arms and legs.

「 Let’s go 」

Nei opens up the door.

Nei takes the lead, then Kana-senpai. Lastly, Edie closed the door.

「 Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Where’s my beloved Ai?! 」

Shindou pushes up his sunglasses and asked.

「 If it’s Ai-chan who doesn’t want your love, she’s inside 」

Nei said.

「 Hey, hey, hey! What the hell was that? I’m asking seriously, and you say something half-baked. My beloved Ai loves me back. There’s no way that Ai doesn’t love me. Or should I say that it’s an established fact that Ai loves me because she’s Ai? Ai is love, and so she is! Isn’t that right? Boys? 」



Their pressure is intense.

However, Nei.

「 Ai there, Ai that, Ai don’t care! You’re all monkeys!!! 」2

She won’t lose in shouting.


「 What the hell? 」

「 Wait, you don’t know the reference? 」

「 Nope 」

Nei’s retort fell flat.

「 Well, anyway, Ai, my love has approvals to go on smoothly. I don’t know the reason why you all are being an obstacle 」

「 They must be envious because Shindou-san and Ai-san are lovey-dovey 」

「 That’s right, women are jealous of the pampered! That’s the truth! Yosoro!!! 」

The guys from both sides tell Shindou.

「 Ooh, I see, you’re frustrated? If you want, then these guys can play with you 」

「 We’ll play with you until you can’t stand anymore 」

「 Be it on the tatami mat or on the bed! Yosoro!! 」

Yosoro to hell!!

「 Besides, I’m right here and calling out to Ai and yet that woman is just sitting there, waiting for me, what the hell?! 」

「 That’s right, why would these three women kidnap Ai-san?! Either way, Hoshizaki and the other seniors at the tennis club must’ve forced her 」

「 I know a lot of parents, siblings, teachers in grade school! Yosoro!!! 」

The three continue to talk to their convenience.

The other guys are just taking the rest pose, looking up at the sky.

「 Oh? We asked Shindou-kun to come alone, and yet you brought in this number of people 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Are you stupid? Judo club is a team game 」

「 One for all!! 」

「 All for Shindou-san!!! Yosoro!!!! 」

No, what Judo team? You guys are 11 people.

「 These guys are my servants. Basically, my limbs. Therefore, they’re with me wherever they go 」

「 Naturally! 」

「 Naturally! Yosoro!!! 」

Stop with that Yosoro already.

「 Oh? So you guys go to the toilet together at the same time? 」

Nei asks with a dumbfounded look.

「 Naturally! 」

「 We’re with Shindou-san no matter what! 」

「 Rain or shine, we’re with Shindou-san! Yosoro!! 」


「 Anyway, it’s your guy’s fault hat my three-month lovey-dovey plan with AI-san is getting late. I’m going to ask you to stop hindering our love time. My plan of going to a love hotel with Ai-chan in one week should be ongoing by now 」

「 And it’s not just one shot! It would be a continuous pounding!! 」

「 It’s Ai-san who’ll look disheveled though! Yosoro!! 」


「 Hey, Rensoho! 」

Shindou glares at the guy who screams Yosoro every time.

「 Y-Yes, Shindou-san? 」

The guy’s surprised.

「 Who told you to say something that clever? 」

「 N-No, I-I’m sorry Yosoro 」

The guy bows his head in panic.

「 Stupid, I’m praising you!! 」


「 Pounding dishevels the woman.3 Kukuku, that was hilarious. That’s a good pun! I’ll give you the Shindou prize this week! 」

「 T-Thank you very much! 」

「 Hey, Kawachinokami, give Rensoho the prize. Give him one Oolong tea! 」

Shindou calls the long-haired sunglasses guy.

「 Certainly, uhm, Shindou-san 」

「 What? 」

「 My name isn’t Kawachinoka, but Kawauchi Mamoru 」

「 I don’t care whichever 」

「 I should’ve been Hasutaka Suona, yet he’s calling me Rensoho. If it were Renhousou or Hourensou, then I’d understand 」

「 All you have to shout is Yosoro!!! 」

「 Yosoroooo!!! 」

What’s this relationship?

「 Aaaah! Uuuuu 」

Looking at my side, Ai-san’s trembling.

「 It’s okay. Kana-senpai and the girls will deal with it 」

I call her out.

「 O-Okay 」

Ai-san replies in a small voice.


「 Ai-san, do you really want to cut ties with that man? 」

I asked.

「 I-I, Uhm 」

Ai-san mumbles as she looks down.

「 I…have…someone else…I like 」

I see.

「 T-That’s why…Shindou-senpai….is a problem….I-I…. 」

It can’t be helped then.

Then, as for the outside.

「 They’re getting troublesome now, should I beat them up? 」

Edie asks.

「 I won’t take two minutes, they’re just 11 」

It looks like she’s observed the strength of the Judo club members.

「 What the hell did you say?! You foreign bitch, don’t look down on the Judo club! 」

Shindou glares at Edie.

「 Look at the ground. It’s concrete! If I use my Judo skills on you, your face will get smashed!!! You’d lie down here and twitch your unconscious body. Like a drunk old man! 」

「 That’s right!!! You’d fly off 30 meters in the air then fall flat on the concrete ground! Hey!!! 」

「 Judo is an international sport! If you say that again, you’ll give Judo a bad name!! Yosoro!!!! 」


「 I’m sure that it’s an easy victory for Edie, but I don’t think that he’d give up on Ai-chan just because he’s beaten to a pulp once or twice 」

Nei sighed.

「 That’s how much of an idiot they are 」

「 Right, they’re at the level where they don’t understand even if they die 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 What did you say?! You all try to speak for your convenience and looking down on Judo?! Take that back, or I’ll punish you three!! 」

「 No, Shindou-san, start it already 」

「 That’s right, let’s take them to the judo hall. Yosoro!! 」

「 What did you say? 」

「 Well, Judo hall has tatami mats on the floor. You can use your pinning techniques on them too 」

「 We also have beds in the clubroom! Yosoro!!! 」

These guys.

「 Okay, everyone, surround them. Then, let’s take them to the judo hall. 」

「 We’re going to do some mufufuf, fuehehehe 」

「 C-Can we Yosoro too? 」

「 Other than Ai, sure. Ai is my woman. However, this Shindou would be the one to take the first ride! Do you get it? 」

「 Naturally! Yosoro!! 」

「 Hey, start spreading out and tie them up! Those who do well can go for a second round!! 」

Kawachinokami orders the club members.

「 Geez, it can’t be helped then 」

Edie starts readying her fist,

「 Oh, what are you doing over there, I wonder?!! 」

This bright tone…

It’s Katsuko-nee?


「 Oh? You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you bought our pastry today! Also, you always come and buy our products 」

She calls them out, ignoring the three guys wearing sunglasses.

「 By the way, you guys don’t want to do this at all, don’t you? I mean, you guys are forced to do this, right? You don’t actually want to do anything with these girls? 」

She smiled at the club members.

「 H-Hey, what? Don’t just show up suddenly and say something for your convenience! 」

「 You guys shut up 」

Yomi, who’s standing next to Katsuko-nee, said.

Luna’s next to Yomi.

The two are holding each other’s hands and boosting up their Miko power.

「 Okay, everyone, look at me 」

Yomi speaks to the Judo club members.

Their eyes are taken away by the beauties that suddenly appeared.

「 Okay~ Lock On!4 Katsuko-san, you can begin 」

Yomi said. Katsuko-nee.

「 All of you who don’t actually want to do it can go back to the Judo club and begin training. Look, it’s still club activities time 」

Katsuko-nee’s voice echoes in the minds of the judo club members.

「 Forget about Shindou-kun and these two. Judo club never had these three people, to begin with. You can forget about these three and work hard on your Judo training 」

「 Do what Katsuko-san told you, okay? 」

Yomi emits her power to make people obey her.

Luna’s pouring her power to Yomi, and so the Judo club members are swayed by the power.

「 Okay, everyone begin!!! 」

Katsuko-nee said happily.


The club members other than Shindou and the two followed Katsuko-nee’s orders.

「 And head back to the Judo hall!! 」


They line together and start running.

「 H-Hey! Wait!!! 」

「 Shindou-san’s giving orders!! You won’t like how this will end if you don’t follow him!!! 」

「 You guys!! That’s not Yosoro!!! Hey!!!! 」

However, the Judo club members start running, not looking back at Shindou.

「 One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! 」

「 One two! Pills and medicine! 」

「 One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! 」

「 One two! Pills and medicine! 」

I don’t know what they’re chanting, but they’re going back to the Judo club.

「 W-What the hell? 」

The two henchmen were dumbfounded.

「 Nei-san, that’s cruel of you 」

Yomi smiled.

「 Why would you not use Yomi’s power on this? 」


「 Shouldn’t this be Yomi’s turn on the stage, right, Luna? 」

「 Yes 」

The shrine maidens wave their hand to me in the middle of the warehouse.

「 Well, even when we had this, I thought that only those in school should deal with it 」

Nei reflects.

「 Was that okay then, Nei-san? 」

Yomi smiled.

「 Yeah. What do you think, Edie? 」

「 Leave it to me. Yomi’s reliable at this 」

「 Ah, you don’t have to worry anymore, Kana-chan 」

Nei talks to Kana-senpai.

「 Err, I think I know this girl, but… 」

Oh right, she’s acquainted with Luna already.

「 My name is Yomi, Luna’s big sister 」

She bows her head.

「 I’ve been under this family’s care all the time 」

「 No, I’m the same 」

Kana-senpai’s perplexed with the too-energetic Yomi.

「 Then, let’s hurry and clean this up 」

Yomi turns to Shindou and the underlings.

「 Okay, look into my eyes~ 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Ah? 」

「 Yosoro? 」

The three were dragged into Yomi’s big pupils.

「 Okay~ Lock On! 」

Yomi charmed the guys.

「 Okay, you, the guy wearing jeans, who do you love? 」

Yomi asks. Shindou;

「 Kiyohara Ai, we’re dating 」

He replies in a low tone.

「 Wrong. You’re not in love with that person! The one you love is Iwakura Yukiyo-san 」

「 Iwakura Yukiyo? Wait, the student council president? 」

「 That’s right, and furthermore, you don’t just love her, you worship her. You’ll do anything for Iwakura-san! Even throwing your life away for her. You’ll listen to any of her orders! 」「 T-That’s 」

「 All your replies have to be “SIR YES SIR!” 」

Luna pours in her power to Yomi.

And Yomi changes that to her power to make them obey, and it controls Shindou.

「 A, huh? Wait? 」

「 Okay, what’s your answer? 」

「 S-Sir! Siryessir 」

「 Your Master is Iwakura Yukiyo. Is that right? 」


Then, Yomi brainwashes the remaining two.

「 Well then, you guys can shut up for a while 」

Yomi told the three…

「 It’s okay now. Come here, Yukiyo-san 」

Katsuko-nee calls out on the grassy patch.

「 Excuse me 」

Oh, that’s where Iwakura-kaichou was hiding.

「 I didn’t believe it earlier when you told me about it Katsuko-sama, but this is indeed a scary power 」

Iwakura-san said as she looks at Yomi.

「 If we can brainwash people, then it would be fun in a lot of ways. Ufufufu 」

She smiles as she’s come up with some plans.

「 Oh, you can’t use these, Yukiyo-san 」

Katsuko-nee shows her face as Minaho-neesan’s close aide in Kuromori as she looks down on Iwakura-kaichou.

「 If you were to do things your own way then Ojou-sama might use this on you instead 」

Katsuko-nee snorts.

「 That’s. Minaho-sama will do that? 」

「 Naturally, If the dog doesn’t listen to what she’s told, then it’s much better to reconstruct the brain than train it again 」

Katsuko-nee threatens Iwakura-san.

「 I may look like I’m smiling all the time, but you know what it means to anger me, don’t you, Yukiyo-san? 」

Iwakura-kaichou knows Katsuko-nee from her prostitute age.

How messed up and insane Katsuko-nee was back then.

「 Y-Yes. Katsuko-sama 」

Katsuko-nee’s in a superior rank among Minaho-neesan’s toys.

「 An order from Ojou-sama; These three boys from the Judo club would be entrusted to Yukiyo-san. You’re to train them and use them however you want. Lady Yanagihara wants some young dick slaves. You’re to sell it to her in a month 」

「 C-Certainly!! 」

Iwkaura-kaichou’s eyes shine when she’s entrusted with a job.

「 Also, Suguwara-shacho wants a homo slave. He loves guys from the Judo club, so you should give one of these three to him. I’ll leave the choice to you 」

「 Yes! 」

「 Then, as for the last one, you can do whatever you want with him. You can take him as your pet or sell him off to a client 」

「 Then I’ll sell him off. I also know someone who looks for a homo slave 」

「 Be sure that it lives up to the quality of Kuromori goods. If you shipped it untrained, it’d put Ojou-sama’s name to shame 」

「 Yes, I’ll bear that in mind 」

Oh well, with this…

Iwakura-kaichou won’t be messing with us for a while.

「 Then, bring these boys. We can use this warehouse for today, right? 」

「 Yes, please use it as you will 」

Iwakura-san told Katsuko-nee, then she looked at Kana-senpai.

「 Who would’ve thought that you would become our ally, Hoshizaki-san 」

「 I’m only sticking with Nobu. It’s not that I’ve become Iwakura-san’s ally 」

Kana-senpai replied.

「 Sure. By the way, I’ll nominate you as the next student council president 」



「 I’m sure that you’re a suitable successor 」

「 What do you mean by that? 」


「 Ufufu, I can give all of the authority I have over the shadows of this school 」

「 Shadows? 」

「 It’s natural that Kuromori passes that authority to a member of Kuromori house 」


  1. Shimakaze
  2. There’s a joke on the original, but I don’t get it either
  3. Midareuchi, Midareru
  4. Soiya