Pure love x Insult Complex Chapter 857. High Life / Ready? Go!



「 I understand your sentiment, but… 」

Shou-neechan smiled at Shie-san wryly.

「 How about you think it over before talking about it again? 」

Shie-san’s startled.

「 Kouzuki SS is an organization under Kouzuki house, Kakka’s personal company. And, you think that we can hire a bodyguard of Kanou house for part-time work? 」

Kanou house has a rivaling status with Kouzuki house.

A bodyguard who protects such a family can’t have a side-job on a company owned by another family.

「 If you do that, you won’t just embarrass Kanou house, it will embarrass me who accepted you as well 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 There’s no side-job in bodyguard work. We can’t give you work during hours where your master is at school 」

Yeah, In case of a prolonged meeting of VIPs…

Shie-san couldn’t go home to welcome back Kanou-san.

「 I’m very sorry 」

「 Besides, we prefer men who have a fierce-look and good physique as uniformed bodyguards. Their job is to overpower the surroundings and have strange people avoid contact with them. If we have someone cute, wearing a schoolgirl uniform, I’m sure that the uniform fetishists will come for you 」

Yeah, like guys who love cute girls wearing uniform.

「 I’m not cute 」

Shie-san said.

「 Oh? From what I see, you look cute 」

Shou-neechan smiled.

「 We deal with criminals like Kyouko Messer after all 」

That’s right, Shou-neechan is a professional.

The weight of her job is different from an exclusive bodyguard who follows their Master all day.

「 At least, we can’t conduct business where you work for us as a side job 」

「 I’m very sorry for the impoliteness 」

Shie-san bows her head.

「 Although, if you want to leave Kanou-sama’s house and work for Kouzuki SS, then that’s a different story 」


「 If that’s what you want, then I will assign you to another young lady. Your Master will change, but the contents of your job will stay the same. You won’t have to quit school either. The young lady I will assign you to also attends the same school 」

Shie-san will leave Kanou house and enter Kouzuki SS.

Then, she’ll dispatch as a bodyguard of another young lady?

「 Oh, but you can’t join our company and get yourself assigned to Kanou house. It would be similar to a big company selling out because they have financial problems. Yet, they remain on the same building as they renewed their lease contract. The world doesn’t work that way 」

If Shie-san leaves Kanou house and enters Kouzuki SS, it is a personal problem.

The bodyguard escaping Kanou house, which she served for years, would be a failure.

Kouzuki SS will gather some rumors about taking in a bodyguard from another house, but it’s not a big deal.

Other than being a personal problem, the idea that there were some trouble between Shie-san and Kanou house would show up.

However, If Shie-san affiliates herself with Kouzuki SS, yet, she continues as Kanou Sakurako-san’s bodyguard, then…

「 That creates more problems for Kanou-sama than me, right? 」

People will think that Kanou house is having problems with the cost of their bodyguards that they asked for Kouzuki house’s support.

Kouzuki SS paying up for Shie-san’s salary but, Kanou house might be paying up Kouzuki SS for their bodyguard service. Or Maybe, Kouzuki house is assisting them for free.

In short, they’ll see that Kanou house is having financial difficulties.

「 I devote my life to Kanou house 」

Shie-san said.

「 Right. Then, don’t say something that stupid again 」

Shou-neechan is smiling, but her words are harsh.

In the end, bodyguards who swore their loyalty to a specific house cannot have a side job as a bodyguard of someone else.

It’s known that if Shie-san were to bodyguard someone else and Kanou-san gets in danger, she will abandon her current Master and head over to Kanou-san.

「 I’m very sorry 」

Shie-san bows deeply.

「 Seki-san, I also apologize for her. My Shie is quite careless. However, Shie has done that due to my lack of virtue. Please forgive us 」

Kanou Sakurako-san bows her head to Shou-neechan, but.

Misuzu stretched out her hand to stop Kanou-san.

「 Kanou-sama, you mustn’t bow your head 」

She smiled.

「 Misuzu-sama? 」

Kanou-san’s surprised.

「 People are watching. They all seem to be having a pleasant talk while dining but, some of them are looking at us 」


We have lots of young ladies and their bodyguards in the garden party tonight.

We also have some Kansai Yakuza spies.

「 Seki-san came here to talk between servants. And so, we must pretend we didn’t hear what happened 」

Shou-neechan is older than Shie-san if we’re talking about their bodyguard duty.

It wouldn’t seem odd if Shie-san bows her head to Shou-neechan during their conversation.

I mean, Shou-neechan never takes off that smile of hers.

Looking from a distance, Shou-neechan, the site chief of Kouzuki SS, answered some questions Shie-san had, and so she bowed her head after.

Shou-neechan talked about Kouzuki SS, giving out training for the bodyguards earlier.

They’ll assume that Shie-san wants to join in the training, or she wants to practice with Rei-chan, along those lines.

However, if the young lady of Kanou house, Sakurako-san…

If Sakurako-san bows her head to Shou-neechan, a servant of Kouzuki house, then it will seem out of place. They will pay their attention.

And they’ll assume that something happened.

「 It is as you say. I’m sorry 」

Kanou-san said expressionlessly.

「 That conversation was between Seki-san and her. We didn’t hear anything 」

「 Me neither 」

Edie smiled.

「 Did you hear anything? 」

Luna and I shook our heads.

Adelheid-san as well.

Edie looked at Anjou Mitama-san and Kinuka-san.

「 We didn’t hear anything! 」

Kurama Arisu says, representing her elder sister, who looks down.

「 Now then, let’s return to the topic 」

Shou-neechan speaks with a bright tone.

「 It would be a problem if Adelheid-san were to have you as an opponent 」


Adelheid-san wants to show off her real strength.

Shie-san suddenly presented herself as an opponent.

「 Why? Can’t I fight her off as my apology for earlier? 」

Shie-san suggests a penalty for herself.

「 Geez. Look… 」

Shou-neechan sighed.

「 If you, from Kanou house, and the bodyguard of Torii house were to fight in the mansion of Kouzuki house, it will become a big deal! 」

Edie laughed.

「 Do you not get it? 」


「 But Torii Mariko-sama already dismissed me? 」

「 That’s only convenient for you! The question of who brought you to this mansion still remains! Kanou house is on a higher status, you know?! If the bodyguard of that family suddenly picked a fight in the courtyard, then the blame goes to Torii house 」

I see. She’s right.

「 You shouldn’t think of your own convenience, think of other people’s standpoint as well. You’re such troublesome girls! 」

Edie admonished Adelheid-san and Shie-san.

「 Besides, you, who’s older, and have a proper master, has a more significant reason why you don’t want to lose compared to her. It’s not going to be a fair fight 」

Shie-san will join the fight with the responsibility of a Kanou house bodyguard in her shoulders.

Adelheid-san, who Torii-san dismissed, has nothing to lose.

Besides, Adelheid-san is still 13.

Shie-san is at 17.

「 Age difference has nothing to do with this. I will win anyway 」

Adelheid-san said, but.

「 The young ladies watching do mind 」

Yeah. They’ll say, “It’s natural that the older one will win against the small,” or “She cannot lose as she holds the honor of nobility.”

And all the other thoughts.

「 Therefore, you cannot fight someone older than you and shoulder heavy responsibility! 」

Edie said.

But is there anyone like that?

「 Nii-san? 」

Luna clings on my legs.

Oh right, Luna’s 12.

「 There’s nobody 」

Edie waves her hand.

「 If I recall, you’re 13 years old, right? 」

Edie points at Anjou Kinuka-san, Kurama house’s bodyguard.

「 M-Me? 」

Kinuka-san’s surprised.

「 Hey, what do you think after hearing our conversation? 」

Ruriko, who’s next to Misuzu, asks Kinuka-san.

「 I-I, no, I didn’t hear anything 」

Kinuka-san replies, but…

「 Earlier, you two tried to challenge Kyouko-san for your Master’s honor, right? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 That’s right. We showed our spirit to serve Kurama house! Right? Big Sis! 」

Mitama-san nods as her sister called her.

「 And that’s the reason we attacked Kyouko Messer from the sky 」

「 Unfortunately, they avoided it 」


「 It was all to show that Kurama house…Misato-ojousama and Arisu-ojousama have us sisters with them! 」

「 We will never go easy on those who are impolite to our young ladies! 」

The sisters declared.

「 So that’s how far you’re willing to go to stay with Kurama-san 」

Ruriko said.

「 But, if things stay as they are, Kurama-sama’s house will collapse 」

「 Our loyalty remains even if the family is no more! 」

「 No more! 」

Anjou sisters show no hesitation.

「 But, you would instead continue working than have the house collapse, right? 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 Look at your masters 」

Well, Anjou sisters say that they’ll protect Kurama house even if they collapse, but…

Kurama sisters prefer that their house doesn’t collapse at all.

「 Earlier, this girl got told that she can’t work in Kouzuki SS if she wants to stay with her master 」

Edie pointed at Shie-san and said.

「 But you girls, have you ever thought of helping out your Master’s house than protect them by selling off your skill? 」

Selling off their skill?

「 I have no idea how much Kurama-san’s family is in debt, but… 」

Ruriko said.

「 If you were to sell yourselves to another family, then shouldn’t the funds help them a bit? 」

Edie continues.

「 However, if that happens, we… 」

「 We will get separated from Ojou-sama 」

Anjou sisters show troubled faces.

「 It’s not like you’ll serve other houses forever. You can take it for a limited time 」

「 Besides, shouldn’t it be only one of you two serving Kurama-san instead? 」

Just one of the sisters working away?

「 If it’s in our company, we have contracts that have that terms. However, you must show that you have the skill 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Do you mind, Misuzu-sama? 」

「 Not at all. Grandfather entrusted hiding the young bodyguards for Kouzuki SS to Seki-san 」

Misuzu shows approval.

「 As that girl’s Master said, the young ladies in here think that you challenged Kyouko Messer because you want to abandon Kurama house and work for another house 」

Torii-san thought that way. I’m sure others had the same thought.

「 That’s…we… 」

「 Others don’t care what your true intentions are. You can show your real motive, but they’ll only guess the truth 」

Everyone thinks that way, and so they accept it as that.

「 In short, you girls are in the same state as this girl who just got dismissed 」

Shou-neechan points at Adelheid-san.

「 Furthermore, the younger sister is the same age as her. Both look young and have no house to carry in their shoulder 」

Shou-neechan knows all of the bodyguards that came in today.

She doesn’t see Torii house as nobility but an upstart.

Kurama house, which is about to collapse, has no honor to protect.

「 Furthermore, everyone knows how Kinuka-san fought earlier, and so I think that it’s a great match if we have you two fight as a sideshow 」

If it’s a battle between two cute 13-year-old girls…

「 W-Wait. Don’t make conclusions without asking us first 」

Kurama Arisu-san is angry.

「 Kinuka is my bodyguard. Isn’t that right, Onee-sama? 」

「 I-I… 」

Kurama Misato is still all shook up.

「 Unfortunately, we couldn’t discuss it with Misato-san and Arisu-san 」

Ruriko said.

「 You two don’t have anything anymore 」

Minaho-neesan said that.

Misato-san’s going to become a prostitute.

And I’ll train Arisu-san along with her.

It’s already decided.

That means, Kurama house and Jii-chan already talked it out with Minaho-neesan.

「 Kurama house can no longer guarantee the pay nor the necessities for these two bodyguards 」

「 We don’t need those! 」

「 We are serving our young lady by our own volition 」

Ruriko said. Anjou sisters protest, but…

「 I’m talking to Kurama-sama 」

Ruriko replies gently.

「 Mitama, Kinuka, quiet down 」

Kurama Arisu-san tells her servants.

「 Ruriko-sama, I’m very sorry. Please continue 」

She bows her head

「 I-I’m very sorry 」

Kurama Misato-san said.

「 Your bodyguards follow you on their own volition. In reality, Kurama-san no longer has the power to have them follow you 」

「 It is as you say 」

Misato-san starts tearing up.

「 Therefore, these two are free. Naturally, they’re not paid their wage, but they’re free to continue as Kurama-san’s bodyguard if they so choose. And they’re also free to sell their skill to another house to save Kurama house 」

「 That means we no longer need to ask Kurama-san about it. See? 」

Misuzu said.

It’s the Anjou sisters’ problem whether they want to sell their skills or not.

Therefore, Kurama sisters were ignored.

「 Or should I say that it’s a problem if a servant continues to serve a Master who can’t give anything to them, don’t you think? 」

「 But, Kinuka, Mitama were with me since we were born! 」

Arisu-san said.

「 That’s right! We have been Misato-sama and Arisu-sama’s bodyguard since birth! We swore to Ragaraja to protect them forever! 」

「 I pledged to Vaisravana! 」

These sisters.

「 No, you should leave us 」

Kurama Misato-san said.

「 O-Onee-sama! Why?! Kinuka are our… 」

「 Yes. They worked splendidly./ That is why we cannot let Mitama sink along with us 」

Kurama Misato-san looks at Shou-neechan.

「 Seki-sama, I believe that Mitama is suited for Kouzuki SS’ work. Could you look after the two? 」


「 It’s for them to decide. I believe Misuzu-sama already mentioned that 」

Yes, it’s for the Anjou sisters to decide whether they will sell themselves or not.

「 We will not go anywhere! 」

「 We’ll stay as Misato-sama’s subordinates forever! 」

Hearing that, Kurama Misato…

「 Then, Mitama, Kinuka, as your Master, I order you two… 」

She says while tears drop from her eyes.

「 Take Kouzuki SS’ offer 」

「 Misato-oneesama, I don’t want this. I don’t want to separate from Kinuka! 」

「 Me too! 」

「 Me too! 」


It looks like the young ladies noticed the fuss.

If this goes on.

「 Even if you say that. Kouzuki SS cannot hire them if we don’t know their skill 」

Shou-neechan said loudly.

Kurama Misato, who settled that their house is collapsing, is now letting Kouzuki SS take their bodyguards. That’s what everyone thinks.

「 You need to be strong if you want to get in Kouzuki house 」

Edie continues the play.

「 And so, you need to show off your skill by fighting off this girl! Then we’ll talk 」

She pats Adelheid-san’s back.

With that, they’ll see Adelheid-san as someone trying to promote herself to Kouzuki SS>

「 Anjou Kinuka 13 y/o vs./ Adelheid Katori 13 y/o. Ready! Go! 」

The sideshow begins.

The young ladies observe as it’s amusing for them.

「 W-Wait a second! 」

Adelheid-san said in a panic.

「 The conversation moved on its own but, I cannot fight someone that weak 」

She speaks loudly, but that’s not an act.

「 I’m an A-rank license holder graduate from the academy! I feel sorry fighting this girl! 」

Adelheid-san said with pride.

It looks like she loves attention.

「 So you say, but what about you, Kinuka? 」

Edie smiled.

Kinuka’s clearly angry.

「 I cannot let that statement pass by 」

「 K-Kinuka? 」

Kurama Arisu-san’s surprised.

「 This is different from earlier. Anjou arts self-defense, Anjou Kinuka…Now that you said too much, it would be a shame as a warrior if I don’t face you!!! 」

Oh wow.

Kinuka-san’s fired up!!!