Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 858. High Life / Little CatFight Part 1



「 This is different from earlier. Anjou arts self-defense, Anjou Kinuka…Now that you said too much, it would be a shame as a warrior if I don’t face you!!! 」

Kinuka-san moves forward, filled with fighting spirit.

「 My, what’s going on? 」

「 What’s starting? 」

The young ladies give their attention this way.

Kansai Yakuza’s spy, Tendou Otome, does the same.

Ah, she’s whispering something to the young lady who speaks for her.

Tendou Otome slipped in the courtyard as a bodyguard of the young lady of Mizushima holdings.

And so, she has no right to speak along with the young ladies.

It’s probably rare for bodyguards in Kansai to infiltrate, so she’s likely unacquainted with the other bodyguards.

I don’t know whether the young lady is her only ally, but still.

That lady is the granddaughter of the president of Mizushima Holdings, right?

She seems like a minor character for a young lady.

「 Yes, Nii-san. She’s the young lady of the company president of Takahama products. Among the people that came here today, her lineage isn’t that great 」

Luna says while clinging to my back.

Luna’s been reading the minds of the girls in the courtyard since earlier.

「 The young lady of Mizushima holdings is that one. The small girl next to Reika-oneesama right now 」

Oh, there’s a small girl among Rei-chan’s fans, she looks like someone from elementary.

A long curled hair, she’s cute.

「 She knows that Tendou is someone scary, and so she escapes to Reika-oneesama 」

Does she know that Tendou Otome is a spy from the Kansai Yakuza and forced herself to become a bodyguard?

Maybe that’s why she’s not sticking together with her.

「 And the Takahama product young lady is having a lesbian relationship with Tendou, that’s why she’s saying what she’s told 」

Luna whispers.

「 Lesbian? 」

「 Yeah. That Tendou looks like she dragged her to that world. The young lady of Mizushima holdings was too young that it was on Tendou’s strike zone, she wonders 」

Oh, she’s a lesbian, but not into lolita.

「 Also, they needed someone well-connected, like that Takahama products young lady to make dodgy dealings with other young ladies 」

I see. Elementary school girl has few connections.

Takahama products’ young lady should be in high school.

「 But, these are all only from reading the mind of the Takahama products young lady 」

Luna said worriedly.

「 That Tendou seems to know the reach of our power 」

Miko power needs close distance to use.

「 Therefore, she’s taking distance from Yomi-oneesama and me 」

Tendou Otome came from Kansai.

She probably investigated all the secrets Miko power has.

She naturally noticed that the girl hiding behind me is Takakura Luna.

「 ALso… 」

Luna’s sweating on her forehead.

「 That Tendou is showing bloodlust towards Yomi-oneesama and me from time to time 」


「 To be specific, she’s imagining throwing a shuriken at us. A clear image of shuriken hitting my head or chest 」

Luna clings harder.

「 Looks like she’s using fear, so we don’t peek into her mind 」

I see.

She thought of that method to counter the mind-reading power.

If Tendou Otome’s thoughts are filled with thoughts about killing the reader or a clear image of the aftermath, then…

Yomi and Luna won’t be able to peek into her mind in fear.

「 It’s okay. If she tries to do that, the bodyguards in the courtyard will deal with her 」

Edie, who listens to our conversation, said.

「 We have Misuzu and Ruriko in our direction. If she throws a shuriken, everyone will react 」

The bodyguards in here will never let danger come to Misuzu.

Rei-chan and Shou-neechan, Kouzuki SS, will move once Tendou Otome gives them a reason to capture her.

Besides, Kanou house, a family rivaling Kouzuki house in history, is here.

If she commits an act of terror where both Kouzuki and Kanou house daughters are present, she can’t complain if she dies here.

Oh, so that’s why Jii-chan had the lady of Kanou house sit down on Misuzu’s table.

If it’s just Misuzu and others here, they’ll have a grudge against Kouzuki house…

Under the circumstances, she can commit terror acts on Kanou house and Kurama house, and she’ll blur the focal point.

Torii-san is away from the table, eating alone in the catering area, but…

We can’t go to the food even if we’re hungry.

We’ll close our distance with Tendou Otome.

It would be dangerous to approach her unprepared.

「 Michi’s dealing with Yomi now 」

Edie said, then I looked at Michi and Yomi, slightly further from us.

「 As soon as that woman sends her bloodlust on Yomi, Michi will send back the same 」

「 What do you mean? 」

「 If that woman throws out a shuriken for real, then Michi will throw a shuriken at her too 」

In short, if she moves to kill Yomi, then Tendou Otome’s life is forfeit, Michi warns.

However, Yomi’s clinging to Michi, trembling.

It can’t be helped. Yomi and Luna don’t have experience in fighting.

「 Still, as expected of Michi, she’s good at this 」

Edie smiled.

「 What do you mean? 」

「 You’ll get it a bit later 」

Edie said and laughed again.

「 Now then, this is the second part of the exhibition match! 」

Shou-neechan speaks loudly.

It’s been 20 minutes since the party started.

Just in time for a sideshow.

「 Okay, please look this way, everyone! 」

As expected, fighting in the garden party would be dangerous, and rubbish might get in their food.

Adelheid-san and Anjou Kinuka are facing each other in the front garden.

The foothold is made of stone, and it’s slightly taller than the courtyard.

With that, the young ladies and bodyguards can see the fight between the two nicely.

Somehow, this looks like some world championship fight.

「 A deathmatch between both 13-year old bodyguards! Let’s see who’s stronger 」

Shou-neechan’s hosting the fight in high spirits.

「 On the red corner, the bodyguard just dismissed from her work by Torii house. Now she’s free. Europe’s representative, Adelheid Katori-san! 」

Adelheid-san glared at Shou-neechan in discontent.

「 On the blue corner, she can’t lose for her master’s house, and for herself! Japan’s representative! Anjou Kinuka-san! 」

Kinuka-san is exposing her fighting spirit with a blank look on her face.

「 Everyone, this will be fun, cheer for them 」

Rei-chan tells her fans.

「 Right. Who do you think will win? 」

Margo-san said, then the young ladies look at Adelheid-san and Kinuka-san.

「 Hmm, I think… 」

「 Hmm, if I recall, Torii-san’s former bodyguard has an A-rank license, right? 」

「 But you know? Seki-san mentioned that her license isn’t that big of a deal 」

「 Right. To think that Torii-san’s family could hire her 」

The young ladies aren’t holding back, Adelheid-san is displeased.

「 As for Kurama-san’s bodyguard, she looks cute 」

「 She jumped at Kyouko Messer earlier 」

「 Eeeh? But she’s as cute as a cat 」

Kinuka’s embarrassed from getting called cute.

「 But, Kurama-san’s house is closing down 」

「 It must be hard for her to find a new Master 」

「 Oh, so that’s why she’s fighting off the A-rank girl 」

「 Indeed 」

Sure enough, the young ladies understood it that way.

「 Ufufu. Looks like it has become interesting while I was away 」

Torii-san comes back to Misuzu’s table while carrying a mountain of sandwich on her plate.

「 Here, have something to eat everyone. Somehow, there were lots of troublesome talks that we didn’t have time to eat, so I brought some for us 」

Torii-san tells Misuzu, Ruriko, and Kanou-san.

「 Thank you. Kanou-sama, let’s eat 」

Misuzu takes the initiative and grabs a sandwich Torii-san brought.

It’s Misuzu’s method of returning gratitude with gratitude.

「 I’m still full 」

Kanou-san doesn’t move. That’s her way of life.

「 Seki-san, I would like to have a word with everyone before we fight 」

Adelheid-san said.

「 Oh? What is it? 」

「 In case I won against her, then please recommend me to another nobility’s house as a bodyguard through Kouzuki SS. If that’s not possible, then could you contract me as a top elite of Kouzuki SS? 」

Top elite?

「 I heard that Kouzuki SS has exclusive contracts with the top elites compared to regular employees. Bodyguards personally controlled by Kouzuki Kakka 」

Adelheid-san smiled.

「 Yes, Reika and I are top elites. We have a different employment term than ordinary employees. Different wage as well 」

Shou-neechan smiled.

「 But, I don’t think you can become a top elite 」

「 My skills excel over others! 」

She says herself.

Her sense is different from the Japanese people.

「 I will prove that by knocking this girl out! 」

Adelheid-san takes a deep breath and stands ready.

「 Yo! A-rank License! 」

Margo-san shouted! The young ladies laughed.

「 I’ll show how strong A-3 graduates of the Academy are! 」

Adelheid-san doesn’t lose heart.

On the other hand, Kinuka-san.

「 Huff! Huff! 」

She’s loosening up her body.

「 Hey, you. How about you show your real strength this time? 」

Margo-san said.

「 Huh? 」

「 What does that mean? 」

The young ladies ask Margo-san.

Margo-san, who had a beautiful fight with Kyouko Messer, allied with Rei-chan, has said.

The bodyguards listen out of curiosity.

「 Well, I think Kuromori-kun knows more than me 」

Margo-san, what me?

The girls in the courtyard looked at me.

「 Kuromori-kun, you went to greet Kyouko Messer-san when Reika-san’s giving everyone a lecture, haven’t you? Saying thanks for coming today 」

Misuzu’s the host for today’s event.

Kyouko Messer’s appearance is just a play to stir up the event.

Then, after the exhibition match ended, Kyouko-san went away, so…

It wouldn’t be strange if I go and meet Kyouko-san to show gratitude as Misuzu can’t leave the venue, and I’m Misuzu’s fiance.

「 What did Kyouko-san say? She must have some impressions she told you about the bodyguards gathered in here, has she? 」

Margo-san said. The bodyguards send a strong gaze at me.

They all want to know Kyouko Messer’s impressions.

「 Err, Kyouko-san, if I recall… 」

I searched my memory.

「 If I recall, she mentioned three talented girls among the bodyguards that came today 」

I said. The bodyguards became noisy.

「 Ah, that excludes Edie, Michi, the two from Kouzuki SS, and Margo-san. She mentioned that there are three girls she wants to hire among the bodyguards that have come 」

I don’t know who that is, though.

「 Is that everything Kyouko-san and everyone said, Kuromori-kun? 」


Margo-san, you were listening to our conversation in that room from outside?

It was Minaho-neesan, Kyouko-san…

And Miss Cordelia in that room!

「 Also, Miss Cordelia. Oh right, Miss Cordelia is Kyouko-san’s partner. She asked “What about the bomber sisters?” to Kyouko-san 」

「 That means Anjou Mitama-san and Kinuka-san… 」

Misuzu added.

Oh right.

「 Yeah, Kyouko-san loves playing jokes, and so I thought that Miss Cordelia was just asking about Anjou-san after their strange attack, but… 」

That wasn’t it.

「 Miss Cordelia don’t recommend people for that reason… 」

That means.

「 They acknowledge Anjou sisters enough to get recommended? 」

And their gaze gathers around Anjou Mitama and Kinuka.

「 I thought so too. When they showed that they are willing to fight and started that absurd attack, it confirmed the sisters’ ability 」

Shou-neechan said with a smile.

Skylab Hurricane Mixer was a smokescreen?

It was to not let people become aware of Anjou sisters’ real ability?

「 But, isn’t that a bit reckless against Kyouko Messer? 」

「 Right. No matter how you much you hide it, it will show itself 」

Margo-san said.

「 I won’t tell you to fight with respect on your opponent. That form is just a distraction 」

Rei-chan tells the Anjou sisters.

「 Is that so? Then, please show us how you fight seriously. If not, it’s not just you, Anjou Kinuka-san, it will affect your master, Kurama-san’s honor as well 」

Misuzu said.

「 Big sis! 」

Kinuka-san looked at her sister.

Anjou Mitama-san.

「 Go ahead. If you show your real strength, I don’t think they can steal all of Anjou style’s art 」

「 Kinuka? Mitama? 」

Kurama Arisu-san calls out to her bodyguards while embracing her afraid sister.

「 There’s no need to worry. You can leave the foreigner of that degree to Kinuka 」

「 Me! 」

「 But I don’t want you to fight for a show! 」

Arisu-san looks at Misuzu.

「 Misuzu-sama, please stop this fight! 」


「 That’s for the fighters to decide 」

She looks at the two 13-year-old martial artists facing each other.

「 I have no other way out. I will show my real strength to the people, even if it means beating up a kid 」

「 I will take you down for the honor of my Master and my Arts. Also… 」

Kinuka-san speaks.

「 For calling me small. I’m not a kid! 」

「 I learned from the Japanese dictionary that they call people like you kid 」

Adelheid-san laughed.

「 The dictionary’s wrong, my body is as great as my heart! 」

Kinuka-san says while having a blank expression.

「 My body is already curved, my heart is starry! Tenka Fukumetsu! 」

「 Eeei! Stop saying something I don’t understand! 」

The two take a stance.

The two bodyguards attract all the girls in the venue.


「 Wait a second! 」

The girl who does what Tendou Otome tells her raised her hand.

It’s the young lady of Takahama products.

Tendou Otome plans to do something here?

「 Uhm, I would like to make one thing clear before this farce begins… 」

Takahama products’ young lady speaks.

「 Oh, what is it? 」

Since it’s a young lady speaking…

Misuzu deals with it, not Shou-neechan.

It’s a conversation between young ladies.

「 Well, you see, this fight is, under Kouzuki SS’, no, Kouzuki house’s control. It makes me feel that Kouzuki-sama is trying to take control of all our bodyguards 」

The young lady of Takahama products said with a malicious smile.

「 It was explained earlier. Kouzuki house has no ambition of such. We only show the real problem and suggest that it would be beneficial for everyone to learn from the professional bodyguards of Kouzuki SS 」

Misuzu said.

「 That’s right, Reika-sama is only teaching us self-defense 」

「 I don’t think it’s a bad idea to borrow the establishments of Kouzuki SS for cooperation between bodyguards 」

Rei-chan’s fans and the young ladies of the Kouzuki group said.

「 However, it’s not okay that our bodyguards only participate in Kouzuki SS’s professional organization and nowhere else. I can only see it as Kouzuki-sama trying to take control of us no matter what 」

Tendou Otome is grinning.

「 Then, what do you suggest? 」

Misuzu asks.


「 I think that our bodyguards should have themselves involved not just with Kouzuki SS but other professional bodyguard organizations as well 」

Other organizations?

「 My family says that it’s not all about having a good relationship with Kouzuki-sama. Our families compete with various branches of Kouzuki group, and us daughters are joining with Kouzuki SS 」

Yeah, some of them are daughters of rivaling business against the Kouzuki group.

「 Now that you mentioned it 」

「 My gather probably won’t like me getting involved with Kouzuki SS 」

「 My family too 」

And the girls from that family start agreeing.

「 But, is there any other bodyguard organization that can bundle up the bodyguards of young ladies? 」

One of the young ladies speaks doubtfully.

「 Yes, there is 」

Takahama products’ young lady smiled.

「 Imperial Guard, a public company! 」


「 Have you heard of that company? 」

「 I don’t know 」

The young ladies speak unanimously.

「 No wonder. The imperial guard is a company based on Osaka 」


「 They’re a company of bodyguards for the nobility in Kansai area 」

Takahama products young lady said.

「 And Imperial Guard is opening their company in Tokyo soon 」

Osaka, Kansai, opening in Tokyo.

Oh, Tendou Otome’s smiling.

「 Therefore, I believe that half of us can be under Kouzuki SS’ care and the remaining half can sign a contract with Imperial Guard 」

So that’s what she’s here for.

Perhaps, Imperial guard is managed by the Kansai Yakuza.

The Yakuza bosses may assign the bodyguards for the nobility in Kansai.

Those guys are coming to Tokyo, and they might take half of the young ladies in Tokyo as a hostage.

「 This isn’t progressing 」

It wasn’t Misuzu who answered.

Torii Mariko-san.

「 Oh? Mariko-san, are you in favor of Kouzuki house taking control? 」

Takahama products young lady said.

「 That’s not the case 」

Torii-san smiled.

「 Well, for now, please talk about the data of that imperial guard company 」


「 Capital stock, employee count, business bank, primary clients, recent trade situation, you can’t progress this conversation if you don’t have the data 」

Torii-san said.

「 At least, we know what kind of company Kouzuki house and Kouzuki SS is. Kouzuki-sama’s home will stay safe unless the whole of Japan is sinking. Kouzuki SS is a company that will never go bankrupt 」

Torii-san looks at Misuzu.

Kanou-san beside her as well.

Kanou-san’s family lineage is too great that her house can go on the decline. Still, other families will give them an honorary position just to make sure they don’t fall to ruin.

Kouzuki house will probably become like that someday.

They won’t break down as long as Japan lives.

「 And you’re introducing a no-name company from the Kansai Area to oppose Kouzuki SS. Are you sane? 」

「 They’re a famous company among the Kansai nobility! All of the families there use Imperial guard! 」

Takahama products’ young lady persistently asserts.

Tendou Otome’s face is looking harsh now.

「 Oh? Equity investment is my hobby, and so I know the names of companies in Japan, but I never heard of Imperial guard 」

Torii-san smiled.

「 Sugimura-san, if I recall, your family belongs in Kyoto, right? 」

Misuzu asks one of the young ladies.

「 Yes, that’s right… 」

「 Then, do you know that company? Imperial Guard 」


「 No, I never heard of them 」

Hearing that answer, the young lady from Takahama products show confusion.

「 And whose bodyguard does Sugimura house use? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 Kouzuki SS 」

「 Indeed, we have our bodyguards dispatched in Kansai area 」

Shou-neechan said.

That means, she’s exaggerating when she said that the Kansai nobility uses Imperial guard.

「 Takahama-san, you don’t seem to know so let me enlighten you 」

Misuzu said.

「 Kouzuki house’s main mansion, this place, is officially named as a Tokyo mansion 」

Tokyo Mansion?

「 Kouzuki house rose in Tokyo during the Meiji era, but we’re formerly a family from Kyoto 」

She smiled.

「 And we still have the mansion three times as large as this one in Kyoto. Grandfather and we visit them a few times a year. In short… 」

The young lady of Takahama products trembled.

「 We know the bodyguard state of affairs in Kansai Area 」

She knows that the Imperial Guard is not a trustworthy company.

「 I-I’m very sorry for the mistake! 」

The young lady of Takahama products comes back to Tendou Otome in a hurry after bowing her head.

Tendou Otome clicked her tongue.

Oh, that’s not just a maneuver to shake up.

She has more schemes to use.

「 Now, Haiji, now that the tedious interruption is over, give it your all and fight! 」

Torii-san tells Adelheid-san.

「 If you show us a good fight, I might not dismiss you anymore! 」

Adelheid-san looked displeased.

「 I will not return to Torii-sama anymore! 」


Kiko, Kiko. Kiko, Kiko.

「 What are you doing? 」

Adelheid-san asks Kinuka-san, her opponent.

「 Putting on iron claws on my wrist. 」

Kinuka-san puts some dangerous weapons on her wrists.

「 What’s with that Wolverine-like nails? 」

Adelheid-san asks. Kinuka-san crosses the iron claws in front of her.


A dry sound of metal echoes.

「 I was asked to fight seriously… 」

The 13-year-old small girl sets-up her iron claws.