Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 860. High Life / Prey



「 Okay, let’s bring her out! 」

Kinoshita-san smiles and grabs the blacked-out Tendou Otome by her neck.

The cute lady wearing maid clothing carries Tendou Otome without care. It surprised the young ladies in the courtyard.

「 Kinoshita-san! Take off all her clothes while she’s blacked-out and check all of her holes, she might be hiding some explosives inside her 」

Shou-neechan says loudly, making sure everyone hears it.

「 She couldn’t do anything earlier since she got stunned, but she could blow herself up later 」

「 My! 」

「 That’s scary! 」

「 Right, she’s a spy sent in by a crime syndicate after all 」

The young ladies tremble.

「 Roger that! I’ll look it all up! 」

Kinoshita-san smiled.

「 P-Please wait! W-What are you going to do with her?! 」

The young lady of Takahama products, who is under Tendou Otome’s control, shouts.

「 Well, I’ll get her naked, then torture her after that 」

She replies brightly.

「 T-Torture? 」

「 I mean, she’s a spy who infiltrated to investigate the young ladies! 」

And a smile.

「 We can’t find out her secrets and what she found out if we don’t torture her 」

The courtyard became noisy.

「 Y-You were talking to her earlier, weren’t you? 」

One of the young ladies asked her bodyguard.

「 WEll, she was talking about the Kansai company is better than Kouzuki SS 」

「 That was all she told me as well 」

「 For me, she invited to train together next time 」

「 What are you talking about, weren’t you solicited that there’s a better job offer for you? 」

「 Weren’t you the one who got that offer? 」

「 I made sure to refuse. I have my master after all 」

「 I-I did refuse her too 」

Oh, she called out to those dissatisfied with their current Master to gain more control in the party.

「 I didn’t talk to her directly, but… 」

Another young lady speaks to Misuzu.

「 Takahama-san doesn’t trust Kouzuki-sama or Kouzuki SS, and so she persistently recommends the Kansai company 」

「 She told me the same thing. Naturally, I refused 」

「 M-Me too 」

The bodyguards had Tendou Otome.

The young lady of Takahama products invited the young ladies.

Perhaps, focusing on those who don’t belong in Kouzuki group.

「 In the end, this is what we were most worried about 」

Misuzu said.

「 Back then, all of the nobility has a family of retainers assigned as bodyguards. Our bodyguards were assigned from a lineage. However, nowadays, most of them don’t have a family of a bodyguard that serve them 」

Kanou-san and Kurama-san’s house, both of them had a family of servant with a daughter, but…

Torii-san, she had to hire a bodyguard outside.

「 So far, each family only have their bodyguard protect their Master, and there is no cooperation between other bodyguards. However, currently, families hire bodyguards no longer belonging from a family of servants. Someone has to check if they’re good people or else we all would get hurt 」

「 Indeed. To think that a member of a crime syndicate has infiltrated their spy as a bodyguard. This is a big problem 」

Torii-san says with a serious look.

「 No, it’s still better that the bodyguards are students, like us. They can come with evil intent, but we still have a wall 」

Kanou-san said.

「 However, for the other students who don’t have a bodyguard… 」

Misuzu’s school is for the super-high-class young ladies.

If you don’t have the lineage and assets, you can’t enroll in that school.

However, if the students in that school bring their bodyguards, the numbers increase.

Today’s party has about 30 or fewer young ladies in here.

「 Indeed. If the other students were to get hurt because of a spy that infiltrated as a bodyguard, it would affect the honor of the school 」

Misuzu said.

「 When was this one hired? 」

Kanou-san asks.

「 It hasn’t been a week. Isn’t that right, Mizushima-sama? 」

Shou-neechan asks the cute elementary girl who is supposed to be Tendou Otome’s Master.

「 Y-Yes 」

Mizushima-san is trembling.

Margo-san gently hugs her.

「 It’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong 」

「 Y-Yes, f-father told me to bring her along as my bodyguard in school, but… 」

She starts to tear up.

「 Yes, I know, it must’ve been scary to be with her… 」

「 Yes. She was so scary and tormented me when I say something 」

「 It’s okay now 」

「 Yes~ 」

The young girl clings to Margo-san.

Tendou Otome is a lesbian but not a tinycon.

Therefore, all she did was threaten her.

If she were sexually abused, then the reaction would’ve been intense.

「 Yes, you don’t have to worry anymore. Your father will not receive any penalties, I believe. However… 」

Misuzu said.

「 He sent someone he knows is a spy into a lot of Kouzuki house…Other families in here will surely punish Mizushima holdings even without Kouzuki house doing anything 」

「 Indeed, I will report this once I return home to father! 」

Torii-san, who can’t read the mood, declares immediately.

「 I-Indeed 」

「 With all these events happening, I don’t think our company will transact with Mizushima-san’s family anymore 」

「 Me too, I will have to tell Father and Grandfather about this 」

The young ladies of Kouzuki house spread that mood.

「 However, Mizushima-san herself is a victim. You won’t receive anything harsh. If it becomes a disaster, Kouzuki house will adopt you 」

Misuzu said.

「 What a horrible father, letting her daughter go through all this horror 」

Misuzu turned to Shou-neechan.

「 We cannot let Mizushima-san go home now. Let her stay at our house tonight. Prepare a room for her 」

「 Certainly 」

Shou-neechan bowed her head to Misuzu.

「 Oh, looks like she won Misuzu’s favor 」

Edie smiled.

「 What do you mean? 」

I asked Edie.

「 Misuzu knows her age. I think she’s 12 」


「 Agnes, Luna, Mana, and Yomi will enroll in Misuzu’s school soon. If that happens, it’s better to have friends who are already in that school. Especially for Agnes 」

It will be Agnes’ first time attending school.

「 Also, she’s got the social standing good enough to bring a bodyguard with her. Then, we can assign Yomi as her bodyguard 」

Right, Luna is Agnes’ bodyguard.

Yomi will take the role of Mizushima girl’s bodyguard when they enter school.

「 She’s now under Kouzuki house’s protection, and so it wouldn’t look strange if her bodyguard belongs to Kouzuki as well 」

I see.

「 Also, there’s also Misuzu’s taste 」

Edie whispered.

「 Misuzu wants to watch Darling violate that girl while she watches 」


「 Misuzu must be itching to do that already 」

That sweet and cute girl?

I looked at Misuzu…

「 As for Takahama-san, you did it yourself. You will receive a punishment for your deeds 」

「 Y-Yes 」

The young lady of Takahama products nodded.

「 You can return home now. I don’t want to see your face anymore. I believe that everyone feels the same 」

「 That’s right! 」

「 You’re cooperating with a spy! 」

「 You wanted to sell us off?! 」

「 What will you do if we got kidnapped!? 」

The young ladies concentrate their blame on her.

「 I’m very sorry but, we would like to ask you a few questions over there 」

One of the Kouzuki SS maid uniform ladies called out the young lady of Takahama products.

「 We will ask you what you told the spy and the extent of it 」

「 Right. Do it fast. Along with the spy 」

The young lady of Takahama products got dragged by a maid.

Kinoshita-san carried the blacked-out Tendou Otome with one hand.

That girl following behind, must be the bodyguard of Takahama-san.

She doesn’t look strong. She’s probably just a friend assigned as a bodyguard.

Therefore, she took an interest in Tendou Otome, who has the charm and was baited.

「 Looks like Misuzu didn’t like that girl. Well, she’s not that cute 」

Edie laughed.

Yeah, Misuzu doesn’t seem like she wants me to violate Takahama-san.

「 But, the spy will depend on Darling 」


Tendou Otome?

「 It’s a waste to throw her away, right? 」

Yeah, she can use Qi. She’s a waste of war potential if abandoned.

However, will she become our ally?

「 She’s somewhat of beauty, and also has a good body 」

Edie said and smiled.

No, but.


「 Nyanyanyanyaaaa!!! 」

「 Haihaihaihaihaihaaa!!! 」


I forgot about them because of the spy fuss.

I looked back at the stone-paved area.

Adelheid-san and Kinuka-san.

They’re still fighting.

「 Unyaaaa!!! Nyaoooon!! 」

「 Haihaihai!! Haiiyaaa!!! 」

The iron claw cat punch and shoe blade fight.

The two have their uniform and skirt torn apart.

Their panties exposed, sweating all over.

Kinuka-san’s sister, Anjou Mitama-san, watches the two with her arms folded.

「 Don’t worry, Kinuka! No matter what happens, your big sis is watching Kinuka! 」

「 Hainyaaaa!!! 」

「 Kuuuuu!! 」

The fight between 13-year-old girls continues.

But, the fuss about Tendou Otome just settled down.

Everyone’s fed up with the fight already.

「 Danna-sama! 」

Misuzu calls me.

「 Danna-sama, what do you think? 」

The young ladies are waiting for my instructions.


I think I can use Michi in this situation.

「 Michi, end the fight between them 」

I ordered Michi.

「 Yes! Master! 」

Then, Michi…

「 My disciple, Yomi. Do what Master says 」

Michi orders Yomi.

Instead of Michi, Misuzu’s bodyguard stopping the two from fighting.

Michi sees that it’s better to show her rank by ordering Yomi, her disciple.

「 Yes! Kudou style martial arts, Yuzuki Yomi, will abide by orders! 」

Yomi shakes her huge breasts and salutes to Michi.

「 Okay, go! 」

「 Haha! 」

Yomi gets close to the two until she’s in the distance where she can use her Miko power.

「 W-What’s starting? 」

The young ladies and their bodyguard got interested, as Michi sends in Yomi.

Okay, looking good.

「 Both of you look this way! 」

Michi clapped her hands.

「 ?!!!!! 」

At that moment, Adelheid-san and Kinuka-san reflexively moved. Then, Mitama-san also looked at Yomi.

「 Fish! 」

Yomi grasped the three.

「 Okay, the fight is over! 」

The three fell exhausted.

「 Now spin. Wan! 」

The three spin around and then looked up at the sky.

「 Wan! 」

「 Wan! 」

「 Wan! 」

They made a cute bark.

「 Okay, now sit down, do it obediently 」

Adelheid-san, Kinuka-san, and Mitama-san…

They all do what Yomi told them and sit down on the floor.

「 Wait, what’s going on? 」

「 Hypnotism? 」

The girls are surprised.

「 No, it’s martial arts 」

Michi speaks with a serious face.

「 If one master’s Kudou style’s secret techniques, then you can use Qi to do that 」

Right, our objective is…

To have the young ladies and bodyguards lump Miko power together as Kudou style’s Qi manipulation technique.

That it’s not a superpower for people in a lineage.

「 Yes, for example… 」

Michi goes to Kuromiya Motoko-san, the spearmanship tutor of Kuromiya style, while everyone’s looking at her.

「 Could I ask for your cooperation? 」

Michi said. Kuromiya-san…

「 Me? 」

「 Yes, Let’s have a fair and square fight in front of everyone 」

She speaks without expression.

「 Rock, paper, scissors game. 」

「 Rock, paper, scissors? 」

Kuromiya-san looks at Michi with a curious face.

「 I’m sorry. Then, I will explain what that game is first 」

「 No, I know that much at least 」

Kuromiya-san puffed her cheeks.

「 Then, does everyone know that game? 」

Michi asks everyone.

「 Uhm, sorry, what is rock, paper, scissors game? 」

There is?!

I guess this is to be expected from a group of young ladies.

「 Ah, t-then I’ll explain it to you 」

The bodyguard of the young lady begins explaining.

It looks like she thinks that her master shouldn’t be that ignorant.

「 Then, why do you want to play that with me? 」

Kuromiya-san asks Michi.

「 I will win. We’ll play ten rounds, and I’ll win all ten. No, I can win a hundred games straight 」

「 That’s stupid 」

Kuromiya-san is surprised.

「 Then, please test it 」

「 Okay. If you’re going that far 」

The two face each other.

「 Jan, ken, pon! 」

Michi won.

And she won ten in a row.

「 Huh? How? 」

「 That’s amazing 」

The girls in the courtyard are impressed.

Furthermore, her opponent was Kuromiya-san, someone who isn’t related to Kouzuki house and is a warrior at heart.

They can’t think of it as a play.

「 I’m displeased. I never lost this much 」

Kuromiya-san said.

「 I love winning fights above all else 」

「 I’m sorry for that 」

Michi bows her head.

「 Kurumi, try it out too 」

Kuromiya-san orders Mikuriya-san, her bodyguard.

「 Yes, Motoko-ojousama 」

Mikuriya-san tried to fight Michi, but…

In the end, it was Michi’s complete victory.

「 Does anyone want to try it out themselves? 」

Michi said.

「 M-me! I’d like to try it! 」

「 I’d like to challenge as well 」

The young ladies or the bodyguards ordered by their Masters challenged Michi.

However, Michi wins all of it.

「 Is that practical use of Qi from your style? 」

Kuromiya-san asks Michi.

「 Yes, Kuromiya-sama 」

Michi replied.

「 If you can sense Qi, then you can read how people will act to an extent. In rock, paper, scissors game, there are only three choices. I can tell what the other party will choose if that’s the only scope 」

「 That’s a great deal in martial arts. After all, you can read your enemy attack before they do it 」

Kuromiya-san accepted it as usable in combat.

「 Even if the opponent has various thoughts in mind if you can read if they will move on left, or right, or which part they aim at, then… 」

「 Yes. You will never lose 」

Michi looked at Kuromiya-san’s eyes and replied.

「 However, you need to have the speed to deal with the enemy attack, not just guess where they’re coming from 」

「 Oh, you’re right. If you notice how they will attack, you need to deal with it, or you will lose 」

It looks like they’re keeping the concept within the rock, paper, scissors game for the young ladies who don’t know martial arts.

「 And if you have the ability, you can do that next 」

Michi tells Mikuriya-san.

「 Next fight, you can only use rock 」

「 What? 」

「 Then, game! 」

And on the next ten rounds, Mikuriya-san used only rock and lost.

「 B-But I wasn’t thinking of using rock??? 」

Mikuriya-san is surprised.

「 During our match earlier, I already grasped the Qi you release when you’re going to use rock. And so, this match, as soon as you decide which to use in the game, I change it to rock with the same Qi 」

Michi’s Qi is strong.

Mikuriya-san got pushed by Michi’s Qi and forced to use rock all the time.

「 If you can attack with Qi in that instant, they choose their move. You can cloud their judgment 」

Kuromiya-san looks at Yomi.

「 I see, so that’s what she did 」

「 Yes, and that is also the same skill I used to stop Kyouko Messer. Aim at the moment they decide their next move and release a strong Qi. Then, you can stop their muscles for a moment 」

「 And it was the same Qi skill you used on that spy? 」

Kuromiya-san asks.

「 That’s a keen insight 」

Michi replied.

「 But, you repelled her Qi attack 」

Kuromiya-san smiled.

「 That explains why they stopped moving, but I don’t think it explains why they spin around and barked like that 」


「 And that belongs to the secret techniques of Kudou style 」

She looked at Kuromiya-san’s eyes and said.

「 Okay. I will become your apprentice and learn it myself. But in exchange, I will teach you the ways of our style as well 」

「 I’m looking forward to it 」

The two smiled.

「 I will surely learn and master Kudou style martial arts! 」


Kuromiya-san is a martial artist, and it became a cushion.

With this, the young ladies and bodyguards…

They’ll concentrate on Kudou arts, not Michi.

Yomi and Luna will become Kudou style, user bodyguards.

Miko power will blend in as a Qi skill used in martial arts.

「 That young lady said something outrageous 」

Edie says from my side.

「 Recently, Michi and I decided… 」

Decided what?

「 If anyone wants to join in our martial arts family, then she has to have sex with Darling 」


「 I mean, it’s inevitable, having sex with Darling is the best way to learn how to control Qi 」

Edie smiled.