Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 861. High Life / Main performer entry



Is that all the problems solved for now?

We have restrained the Kansai Yakuza spy, who sneaked in.

And the young ladies managed to accept that their bodyguards will have a network centered around Kouzuki SS>

Nobody can infiltrate Misuzu’s school using a bodyguard next time.

And they believe that Yomi’s Miko power is a Qi skill in Kudou arts.

Then, replacing Tendou Otome, the granddaughter of the president of Mizushima holdings will get Yomi or Luna as her bodyguard.

The remaining will become Agnes’ bodyguard. Her appearance belongs to the young ladies, and so she has to enter with the title of a young lady.

She can’t serve others.

That part of her is similar to Yukino, her sister from a different mother.

Also, Mana and Tsukiko will have to change schools somehow.

But the progress for this day makes me feel relieved.


「 It’s okay, Onee-sama. Kinuka and Mitama are okay 」

「 To think that these girls force themselves too hard, I’m such a coward 」

Kurama sisters come close to us.

As usual, the big sister is depressed, and the little sister is cheering her up.

Oh right, there are these sisters too.


「 Yes, please sit in here, Mizushima-san 」

Misuzu calls out Mizushima-san with a smile.

「 I’ve always thought you were a cute girl back then. What’s your name? 」

「 Mizushima Karen 」

The cute 12-year-old girl replied nervously.

「 I see. Karen-san it is… 」

Misuzu was originally into yuri.

Jii-chan raised her and Ruriko to hate men.

Perhaps, she’ll never accept any other man than me for the rest of her life.

Furthermore, she had her time as Nagisa’s pet, her teacher in yuri.

I know that she wants to keep some cute pets for herself.

Tendou Otome had no interest in girls out of her age, and so she didn’t make a move on Mizushima Karen-san, but…

Oh, Yakuza pressured Mizushima holdings to send in a bodyguard of their picking.

If Tendou Otome made a move on Mizushima Karen-san, then her Grandfather would refuse to cooperate with the Yakuza anymore.

Anyway, it’s sure that this cute girl is still pure.

「 Danna-sama, don’t you think she’s cute? 」

Misuzu smiled at me.

「 I want a daughter like this 」

I’m recognized as Misuzu’s fiance, and so that line is seen as nothing but cute.

Misuzu’s fawning on me, wanting to bear a cute daughter in the future.

But in reality…

Misuzu is asking me if I want to keep Mizushima Karen-san.

Something like a girl finding a cute puppy in a pet shop.

While I worry about my reply…

「 Onii-sama, speaking of which, I’d like to introduce another girl to you 」

Ruriko also speaks to me.

「 She’s my junior, but she doesn’t have a bodyguard, so she’s not present. I will introduce her sometime later 」

You mean?

「 I believe you promised me to answer one of my requests… 」

Ruriko said.

「 That girl has something she wants to consult with Onii-sama no matter what 」

Consult what?

Ruriko’s junior, she’s still a daughter of nobility despite having no bodyguard, you know?

A daughter of nobility doesn’t have anything to consult with an ordinary high-school boy like me.

「 I believe it’s a problem that only Onii-sama can solve 」

Only me?

I guess it’s about sex.

「 Oh, that one 」

Misuzu smiled at Ruriko.

「 Yes, Misuzu-oneesama 」

「 Then, I would ask for the same, Danna-sama. Please grant Ruriko’s request 」

Misuzu shows approval as the wife.

That I can violate Ruriko’s junior.

「 I believe that I will have to consult Danna-sama about various things with Karen-san 」

「 I would like to look after Karen-san too 」

「 Indeed, if you’d please, Ruriko 」

In the end, Misuzu and Ruriko are both daughters of Kouzuki head family.

They both have Jii-chan’s blood in them.

They learn the pleasure of dominating other people.

And on the other side, these girls desire me to dominate them.

Just like how Jii-chan introduced Misuzu to Nagisa with her lesbian practices.

And Ruriko living in a world where she has no knowledge about sex.

One mistake and these two could’ve become man-eaters.

That’s how much libido they have.

「 Yeah got it 」

I shouldn’t stop carnivores from chasing after their prey.

I will fall to hell together with them.

I accepted them with that resolve.

「 You guys have a good relationship 」

Torii-san is surprised.

「 Yes. I love Onii-sama too 」

Ruriko replies with a carefree smile.

「 And so, Kouzuki house is at peace. There’s no need to worry about internal squabble 」

Misuzu told Kanou-san and smiled.

「 I’m not worried about such a thing 」

Kanou-san speaks in displeasure.

However, she has no other table to sit down as her family rivals Kouzuki house.

Now then, as for the courtyard.

Calm returned after apprehending Tendou Otome and the young lady of Takahama products.

Oh, Michi’s still doing rock, paper, scissors tournament.

Yomi also got dragged into it.

Michi uses her Qi, Yomi, with her Miko power, and they continue to win all the games.

The young ladies and bodyguards are enjoying that as a sideshow.

「 Geez, if that’s the case, you should become her disciple too! 」

「 I mean, I would like to learn the same! 」

Oh, I think that more young ladies and their bodyguards would want to join with the training Kouzuki SS will give them.

If they can help each other out, they can get along better.

Especially when training with martial arts and self-defense.

Oh, got to keep Kudou Haruka in check.

If that girl thinks that she could promote herself to the young ladies, she’ll say “I can do Karate” and keep on pushing herself.

「 Hmm, on the contrary, I think that could be an excellent camouflage 」

Luna said after reading my thoughts.

「 Really? 」

「 Yes. I think that Haruka-san making a fuss among the bodyguards is just enough 」

Oh, I see.

Among the daughters born in generations of a bodyguard that serve families…

Some of them aren’t that strong.

Though they’re called bodyguards, they’re just a companion in school, and most of them are just friend-bodyguard to counter bullies.

「 Michi-oneesama’s techniques seem funny for now, but most of them won’t follow when told to train 」

Luna’s right.

Not all of them excel, like Kuromiya-san, a martial artist, Anjou sisters, and Adelheid-san.

Most of them are on Kudou Haruka’s karate level.

「 It’s okay, Nii-san. If Haruka-san gets overconfident, we have people to stop her 」

Michi, her little sister, and Rei-chan are here.


Why is nobody talking about Luna, who’s with me?

Luna’s changed from the pantsuit for bodyguards to a school uniform.

Her hairstyle changed, giving her a disguise.

“Oh? Who’s that?” or

“Is that a relative of yours?” or something like that.

I thought that they’d ask, but…

Torii-san, who asks anything out of curiosity, isn’t asking anything.

「 That’s because Nii-san doesn’t recognize me 」

Luna said.

「 The young ladies don’t talk to anyone but themselves and their bodyguards, right? 」

Now that she mentioned it.

「 Nii-san is Misuzu-oneesama’s fiance, but you don’t belong in nobility. Therefore, they don’t talk directly to you, and they don’t look at what’s over here. That’s basically it 」

I-I see.

That’s why nobody’s complaining about my presence at an all-girls party.

I mean, they try not to look at me.

I see.

Jii-chan recognized me, but for now, I…

Kuromori Kou isn’t a member of the nobility.

Torii-san talked about how we get along earlier, but…

It wasn’t about Misuzu and me, or Ruriko and me, but…

In the end, it’s about Misuzu and Ruriko’s relationship.

Misuzu and Ruriko, who should be having a struggle with succession, are getting along.

She’s ignoring me.

I see.

「 Nii-san, you’re not offended? 」

Luna asks.

「 Why? 」

「 I mean, they’re ignoring you? 」

「 No, this is their world, see? Now that I understand the reason, why would I get angry? 」


I grew up where my mother ignored me.

Compared to that…

「 Right… 」

Luna clings to me.

「 I’m here. Nii-san 」

「 Yeah, Luna 」

Luna’s body embracing me is warm.

I pat Luna’s head.


「 Misuzu-sama 」

Shou-neechan comes.

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 Kaan-sama’s bestowing her presence 」

「 Kaan-sama? 」


「 My? Kaan-sama’s also present? 」

Even Kanou-san is surprised.

「 Yes, she’s been inside the mansion, watching everyone 」

Shou-neechan said.


You mean surveillance cameras?

Like Minaho-neesan and Kyouko-san?

「 I was aware 」

Torii-san smiled.

「 She called me last night that she’ll come today 」

Then that means…

Kaan-san is related to Torii-san?

「 If she’s present, then please send my regards, so she won’t find it impolite 」

Misuzu tells Shou-neechan.

「 That’s… 」

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 She said, ‘please keep Tsukiko-san, Yomi-san, and Luna-san away from the venue’ 」

She knows the Takakura sisters?

If she doesn’t want to get in close distance with those with Miko power, then…

「 I understand. 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 Danna-sama, if you’d please 」

「 Is she that much of a VIP? 」

That she’s watching the party alone in a separate room.

That Shou-neechan purposely came to contact Misuzu about her arrival.


「 Kouzuki house, Kanou-sama’s family, and Kaan-sama’s family are the big three of our school 」

Similar to Kanou house, a family rivaling Kouzuki house?

「 An owner of Memoru group 」

Memoru? Memoru bank, Memoru mobile, Memoru metals, Memoru heavy industry.

I think their enterprise is as big as the Kouzuki group.

That means.

Both in social standing and assets…

「 Someone we can’t be impolite with 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 Okay 」

I looked at Michi.

「 Michi, have Yomi stand back. Bring her back to the waiting room 」

Michi is Yomi’s superior if we look at their relationship in Kudou style school.

I have to order Michi.

「 Certainly. Michi obeys Master’s command 」

「 Eeh? But I want to play more 」

「 Indeed, our bodyguards never showed anything other than paper because of her order 」

「 Yes! It’s all paper! 」

The young ladies speak.

Misuzu stands up.

「 Everyone, Kaan-sama has come 」

「 My, Kaan-sama?! 」

「 Kaan-sama is in Kouzuki-sama’s mansion!! 」

The young ladies show surprise and excitement.

「 Then, please return to your seats 」

Misuzu said. Everyone return to their seats.

「 Now, let’s go 」

Tsukiko, wearing a maid uniform, takes Luna.

「 Luna… 」

「 Yes, it’s okay, Nii-san 」

Yomi also returned.

Margo-san has come.

「 Looks like I should withdraw as well 」

She smiled.

「 Well, I already found some sponsors. I have achieved my objective. I will come with the three, don’t worry 」

「 Thanks. Margo-san 」

「 Margo-san, that’s the entrance, please return to the waiting room 」

「 Yeah got it 」

Shou-neechan pointed out, evacuating Margo-san and the Takakura sisters so they won’t meet Kaan-san.

「 Okay, ready. Have we confirmed with Kaan-sama’s bodyguards? 」

Shou-neechan talks to the walkie-talkie.

That means she won’t come in unless the Takakura shrine maidens are out of the location.

「 Roger. Everyone, Kaan-sama has come, please welcome her with applause! 」

Shou-neechan tells the girls in the courtyard.


Coming from inside the Kouzuki house…

「 Hello, my friends! 」

A tall and beautiful lady shows up with a smile.

She’s wearing a party dress, just like the other young ladies.

No, it’s just that…

Her back and front are open.

It’s a daring dress where if you look from the sides, you’ll see everything.

Something like an actress in Academy Awards.

Although her proud look and flashy beauty, slender physique and filled with confidence.

Such a beautiful lady is coming in, but…

「 Welcome, Kaan-sama! 」

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san from the other table greet Kaan-san.

The other girls are applauding.

Kaan-san makes her high-heels sound as she walks to Misuzu’s table.

Behind her is a tall woman wearing a black male clothing.

She’s the bodyguard.

「 Onee-sama, this way! 」

Torii-san offers her seat.

Kouzuki, Kanou, and Kaan are the big three, and so they have to be together.

Torii-san made the smart move, seeing that it would be rude to stay in the same table.

「 You should stand up. Give Onee-sama a seat 」

Torii-san said. Kurama sisters leave their chairs immediately.

「 My, as tactful as always, Mariko 」

Kaan-san smiled.

「 Yes. If it’s for my precious Onee-sama, then I… 」

Torii-san blushes.

「 Mariko is my student in stocks! She’s got a lot of good points about her, so I keep on loving her! 」

Kaan-san tells the girls in the courtyard.

「 We’re not blood-related, but Mariko is my sister in heart! Therefore, Mariko’s enemy is my enemy! Hear that? 」

Kaan-san laughed.

「 Then, what’s up. How have you been, Mariko? Wait, did anyone try to bully you? 」

You were watching the whole situation in the waiting room.

Kaan-san asks Torii-san cheerfully.

「 No, Onee-sama. Kouzuki-sama has been especially kind for me 」

Torii-san replies.

「 Oh, is that so? Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama, I thank you for looking after Mariko 」

Kaan-san said. Misuzu…

「 Thank you for coming today 」

She bows her head.

Ruriko does the same.

Kanou-san’s attitude toward her is clearly different from others.

「 Indeed. I’ve come to visit. I wish I was here earlier, however. But, I, someone from Kaan house, couldn’t be in the same place with Kyouko Messer, or the spy of a crime syndicate, and etc. 」

Spy and etc. She means the Takakura shrine maidens with the “etc.”

「 With my standpoint… I think you understand, Misuzu-sama 」

She smiled at Misuzu.

「 You’re right. We’re sorry for that, Kaan-sama 」

Misuzu had no choice but to apologize.

She knows everything happening behind the scenes.

Our relationship with Kyouko-san, Kansai Yakuza’s hostilities with us.

「 Okay, then I will take a seat. Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama, take a seat. You make it look like I’m giving you two troubles 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Everyone takes a seat.

「 How do you do. Kaan-sama 」

「 Yes, how do you do as well, Kanou-sama. Are you in good health? 」

「 I’m fine 」

After Kouzuki house, Kanou-san greets Kaan-san.


「 U-Uhm, Kaan-sama! 」

Kurama Arisu, who stood up, talks to her suddenly.

「 S-Stop it! Arisu! 」

Misato tries to stop her, but…

「 Sorry, but my reply is no 」

Kaan-san smiled and replied.

「 Your Kurama house, were affiliated with Kouzuki-sama, right? Kouzuki-sama couldn’t save your family, and so, do you think that Kaan house, a family unrelated to yours, could help you out? 」

Oh, I get it now.

Kaan san has been watching from the start.

Back when Jii-chan refused the Kurama sisters. Even before the lecture started.

She’s been in a separate room, waiting all this time.

「 Besides, it’s natural for your house to collapse. If you think about what your father did, it’s natural that Kouzuki-sama would abandon you 」

Kaan-san said.

I wonder what Kurama house did.

That they went to deep in debt that they had to sell their daughter to become a prostitute.

「 H-However… 」

「 Arisu, I told you to stop already! 」

Kurama Misato stops her little sister.

「 I’m very sorry for her 」

She bows her head.

「 Indeed, she’s rude 」

Kaan-san snorts.

「 Seki-san, could you lead the Kurama sisters to a room? 」

Misuzu tells Shou-neechan.

「 Yes, Misuzu-sama 」

Shou-neechan gave instructions, and one of the maids comes over.

「 Come, let’s go 」

Kurama Arisu’s making a face that she doesn’t understand what’s going on.

「 Arisu. If we stay here, it will only hurt Kaan-sama. And it will cause trouble for Misuzu-sama as well 」

「 Misato-oneesama 」

「 Please don’t go home yet, we still have something else to discuss 」

Misuzu says with a smile.

「 However, Grandfather’s decision is absolute. We have no power to help you 」

「 Thank you. The sentiment is enough 」

Misato-san bows her head to Misuzu.

Then, speaking to the girls in the courtyard…

「 Everyone, I believe that this will be our last meeting. Arisu, and I… I’m very thankful for everyone’s kindness and friendship. Please stay healthy everyone 」

Misato-san said and bowed her head.

Arisu-san did the same.

「 I-I will not forget everyone. Therefore, please remember Misato-oneesama and me. Thank you, everyone, 」

She bows her head.

「 Let’s go, Arisu 」

「 Yes, Onee-sama 」

Kurama sisters left the courtyard.

「 Misato-sama! 」

「 Arisu-sama! 」

Anjou sisters try to follow their Masters, but…

「 Don’t follow us 」

「 Indeed, this is goodbye for you as well 」

Kurama sisters tell the Anjou sisters, holding back their tears.

「 I’m sorry. The current Kurama house cannot pay for your retirement 」

「 Therefore… 」

Kurama Misato-san looks at Misuzu.

「 Misuzu-sama, could the Kouzuki SS find a new master for these two? 」

「 Well, you can leave them to me 」

Misuzu replies.

「 That’s! Misato-sama! 」

「 We have been Ojou-sama’s servants since we were born! 」

Mitama-san and Kinuka-san shout.


「 We’re no longer young ladies if our family collapses 」

「 Goodbye, stay healthy 」

Kurama sisters subdue their emotions and head inside the mansion.

Their backs are trembling.

But, they’re not looking back at their bodyguards.

「 W-Wait! 」

「 Wait! 」

「 You can’t… 」

They try to chase after them, but Edie stopped the sisters.

「 If you chase after them, it will become much harder for them… 」