Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 916. Night of Fun / Sprite



「 Well then, go ahead, Yo-chan, Edie, Tsukiko-san! 」

Nei calls out to the group heading to Tendou Otome’s room.

「 Uhm, me too 」

Haiji-san said, but…

「 You can’t 」

Edie stopped her.

「 Yeah. It’s Yo-chan’s challenge on how coolheaded he can make his judgments 」

「 Darling can’t concentrate if you’re present. Your emotions overcome you 」

If Haiji-san is with me, then I will always mind her emotions.

I will not look for my judgment but instead, look at what Haiji-san is thinking.

Her opinions will influence me.

「 We’re all obedient girls who will follow what Yo-chan decides 」

「 We won’t push our opinions either 」

「 Me too 」

Nei, Edie, and Tsukiko.

Although, it’s scary.

Entrusting everything to me is such heavy pressure.

Furthermore, Tsukiko can read my thoughts.

「 Yes. Therefore, please don’t lie to yourself 」

Tsukiko said.

If we can’t use the girl as a prostitute or bodyguard, then I can’t say that I want to save the girl.

Although, I can take them as sex slaves if I feel pity.

I can’t lie.

「 If it’s Yomi, then she might fail to notice Kou-sama’s feelings, but it will not happen with me 」

Tsukiko’s two years older than me.

She’s also succeeding as the Takakura shrine maiden, and so she can look at everything with a cool head.

If it’s Yomi, she might get caught in her emotions, but Tsukiko isn’t that naive.

「 Ugh. I’m also coolheaded! 」

Yomi reads my thoughts and said.

「 Oh, sorry 」


「 Ah, we have the medical test results! 」

Kinoshita-san looks at her pc and said.

They sent it through email.

The medical tests.

Oh, it’s Tendou Otome and the girls.

「 Show it to me. Nei, Edie-san, come 」

「 Sure~ 」

「 Okay~ 」

Minaho-neesan, Nei, and Edie goes behind Kinoshita-san and looked at the screen.

I mean, why am I not called?

Well, it would be hard for me to understand some medical reports.

「 Oh 」

「 Oh, so that’s the results! 」

What’s going on?

「 Nei, tell them. Don’t tell Kou about the others 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Roger that 」

Nei salutes jokingly.

「 Okay, here’s the map of this building. This is where we are right now. Tendou Otome-san’s room is in here 」

Rei-chan takes a piece of paper and starts pointing fingers.

「 We can’t give you the map for security purposes. Memorize it here 」

「 Leave that to me 」

Edie trained as an assassin in the cult, and so…

She can memorize the blueprint of the building at that moment and grasp the internal structure immediately.


They’re only telling us where Tendou Otome’s room is.

They’re keeping us out of Tendou Sadao and Iroukuchou Ichirou’s room.

In any case, something happens, although it’s unlikely…

Even if Tendou Otome’s group captures us and orders us to bring them to their parents,

We don’t know where Tendou Sadao’s hiding, and so we can’t do anything.

It’s all under their assumption as well.

「 I gave instructions to Kouzuki SS guards to let you through as you move 」

Rei-chan said.

「 Okay. Once again, let’s go! 」

Nei smiles.

「 Haiji-san, watch from this room. Yomi, look after Haiji-san. MInaho-neesan, Rei-chan, we’re heading out 」

「 Take care 」

「 Make logical decisions 」

Rei-chan and Minaho-neesan send us off with a smile.

「 See you later! 」

Kinoshita-san also sends us off with a smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 This way 」

We take an elevator, go a few floors down, walk through a corridor, and climb upstairs this time.

Then, another elevator.

Oh, this has the same complex framework as the hotel used when fighting against Cesario Viola.

It’s an ordinary building for the ordinary people, but one button can close down a fire door as a barrier, and the interior becomes a labyrinth.

Although, this place is close to Kouzuki main mansion, and so the bodyguards are waiting for orders in this place.

When the enemy attacks, this is where Jii-chan and Misuzu would take shelter.

「 Then, a curve 」

Not a single member of Kouzuki SS showed up while we’re moving.

All the floors should have someone standing by, but…

They’re watching us come through the surveillance cameras.

Rei-chan sent her instructions, and so they let us pass through.

However, I don’t know where the bodyguards are standing by in the corridors.

They’re no longer using this place, they moved to a new building that’s better than this place.

「 And it’s in this room 」

Edie stops in front of a door.

「 Darling, are you ready? 」

I take a deep breath.

「 Yeah, ready 」

I already am accustomed to this tension.

No, I’ve experienced it before…

…but, I can’t get accustomed to it.

Tension is necessary.

「 Edie’s the vanguard, next, me, then, Tsukiko and Ya-chan behind. Also, if you sense any threat, tell everyone right away, Tsukiko. If you think that you can’t make it, then use your power 」

There’s a high possibility…

…That Tendou Otome comes after us as soon as we open the door.

Edie should be okay, but…

Tsukiko and Nei will be in danger, so they should stay behind.

「 Certainly 」

「 Got it, Yo-chan 」

We take our formation.

「 Well then, can you open it up? 」

Nei looks at the camera on the corridor.

This room should have an electronic lock, and so the room from earlier have to unlock this.

「 We’re ready now! Open the door 」

I said.

「 Darling, it’s much more fun if you do it like this 」

Edie knocks on the bulky metal door…





The electronic lock opens.


Then, the door slowly opens sideways.

「 Heey~ How is it going? 」

Edie smiled at the surprised Tendou Otome.

「 Y-Youuuuuu!!!! 」

Tendou Otome’s face turns red in anger.

「 What the hell were you doing until now?! 」

She stands up and tries to get close to us.

The three girls over there complained to her all this time, and so…

She wants to release her stress to us.

Her discontent is exploding.


「 HAWOOOO!!! 」

Edie shoots a lump of Qi towards her.

「 Nuuuuu?! 」

Then, Tendou Otome fell to her ass.

Not just Tendou Otome,

The girls behind her, the blonde, red, and perm haired girls also trembles from the Qi.

The twins near the wall, and the plain girl, look at us in surprise.

Tokuda Sonoko-san and Shigeyo-san who are exhausted as well.

「 You should know that we have our situation too. We’re not always going to fit our time with yours 」

Edie speaks clearly.

Meanwhile, our group is inside the room.

「 CLOSE! 」

Edie speaks in a low voice, then the door closed down.

「 Ah, w-wait! 」

Tendou Otome said that but it’s too late.

The door closed down and locked automatically.

「 We’re here to explain the situation and discuss what’s after 」

I speak calmly.


「 Don’t think of doing anything dangerous. You can’t do that 」

Tsukiko smiled at Tendou Otome.

Oh, she thought of taking us hostage or hurt us.

「 The order carved in your mind to follow my orders is still in effect 」


When Tendou Otome’s captured during the party…

Tsukiko gave that order.

「 Kou-sama, there’s nobody that has the same strength as Tendou Otome-san 」

She scans the minds of the girls in the room.

Oh, if what Tendou Otome told us is true, then…

The girls in this room should have some who learned martial arts together with Tendou Otome.

「 It’s okay if all of them comes after us, I can take them all alone 」

Edie continues her stance.

「 So, what do you want? 」

Tendou Otome finally speaks.

「 The agreement was you’ll save these girls if I cooperate, wasn’t it? 」


「 Yeah, that’s what I want to do. That’s why I came here to talk 」


「 Fuck talking, give us something to eat! 」

「 T-that’s right! Give us something to drink, be tactful! 」

「 That’s right. I don’t know who you are but give us a bit of service here! 」

Hearing that I came here to talk, the blonde, red, and perm haired girls start complaining.

Knowing that we’re not going to cause harm, their attitude changed immediately.

「 I mean, who are you?! 」

「 Hey, bring us Cola! Cola! 」

「 I want sprite! 」

Seriously, what hopeless girls.

「 We’re victims here! Our parents forced us here! 」

「 That’s right! You’re breaking the law by keeping us here! 」

「 Are you related to Kouzuki house?! If that’s the case, give us a first-class hotel dinner! 」

「 That’s right! Bring us money 」

「 Don’t fuck with us because you’re rich! 」

「 Say something?! Hey!! 」

The girls bluff.

But, they’re afraid.

They’re trapped in a room by a greater power.

And since Tendou Otome, the one strongest among them, lost to Edie’s fighting spirit, then…

Tsukiko’s mysterious atmosphere…

Nei’s beautiful face filled with composure.


They throw their complains to me as I look like I’ll take them.

The other girls look scary, and so they release their frustration on me.

「 Do consider that you’ll never meet with your parents again 」

I said.

「 W-W-What?! 」

「 W-What do you mean by that?! 」

「 Hey! Stop with the jokes now! 」


「 Kouzuki house has decided to dispose of them. There won’t be a bone left. That’s all 」

「 Papa will?! 」

Tokuda Sonoko-san mutters.

「 Wait! I don’t care about what happens to me but please, please spare Papa! 」

She desperately pleads.

「 Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about that. That’s Kouzuki house’s decision. They’re going to punish everyone who tried to cause harm to them 」

「 But, Papa. Papa’s a timid man, he only came because people threatened him 」

I recall her poor father that I saw from the screen earlier.

The other Yakuza oppressed Tokuda.

「 That’s irrelevant. I don’t care, nor I will 」


「 If we don’t dispose of all of them, then people like your parents will spawn again. Stupid people will come after Kouzuki house to make threats unless they kill off people who meddle with them 」

Therefore, it’s necessary to put down that Tokuda as well.

If he dared to refuse Tendou Sadao, then…

No, if he had the wit to not let Tendou Sadao dominate him, then…

It’s his fault that he’s receiving the same treatment.

「 Aren’t you involved in this place because of your weak father? 」

They brought her to Tokyo from Kansai.

The other parents raped her to waste time.

「 I don’t care about me, but Papa! 」

「 And I don’t care about you either! 」

I shouted.

「 We have to dispose of your father to make sure that there’s no second coming of people like you! 」

The room quiets down.

「 D-Don’t yell on Sonoko! 」

Tendou Otome complains, but.

「 You shut up 」

Edie stops her.


「 Sonoko-san, you may not care that you’ve become a plaything for the old men for your father’s sake, but… 」

I stared into her eyes.

「 If we become generous here, another sacrificial pawn from Kansai will come here, and bring another girl like you, and rape her 」

If they discover that we spare lives because their daughter pleaded, then…

The Kansai group will send more Yakuza with daughters here.

「 Sonoko-chan, let’s end it with us. I don’t want anyone to get through the same hell as we did 」

Shigeyo-san, the other violated girl, speaks.

「 I also don’t want Father to die. But, we can’t do anything now! They already said that this won’t end unless our fathers die 」

「 Yep. Well, that’s how it is 」

Nei speaks to the girls.

「 You can cry and beg all you want but nothing will happen. This is a battle between Kouzuki house, a great family, and the Kansai Yakuza. Nobody will come and save your parents 」


「 Don’t make it that simple! 」

「 Do you think we’ll keep quiet when our parents are dying?! 」

「 Stop bullshitting me!! 」

The three girls screamed!

「 Then, do you want to die together with your parents? 」

I asked calmly.

Their faces froze.

「 H-hey, wait 」

「 W-What are you talking about?! 」

「 What are you going to do with us?! 」


「 You know the secrets of Kouzuki house. We have enough reasons to kill you all

The girls…

「 H-Hey, w-what the hell?! 」

「 S-Someone, call the police, Omawari-san! 」

「 Japan can’t allow such absurdity to happen!!! 」

Yes, if it’s the surface.

「 Sorry, but we belong to the underground. We’re people of Kuromori. We don’t care about the laws in the surface 」

「 Do you not understand why the people from Kouzuki SS, a company on the surface, didn’t come to see you? 」

「 It’s because it’s the crime syndicate who will deal with your parents 」

「 And that’s us 」

The girls tremble in fear.

「 Wait! You promised me that you’ll save them! 」

Tendou Otome speaks in confusion.

「 Well, that was our intention. And that’s the reason why we’re here. But… 」

I look around the room.

「 If leaving these girls alive will become a handicap, then don’t you agree that we have to kill them off? 」


「 B-But, look, you can use that woman with a scary look in her eyes to erase our memories, right?! I thought that’s what you were going to do?! 」

「 That’s right, Tsukiko can read and alter memories. But… 」

Edie said.

「 Don’t you think it’ll take less time to kill you all instead of deliberately altering your brains, right? 」

「 I-I don’t! It’s better to alter our memories! 」

Tendou Otome insists.

「 O-Otome-san, what do you mean altering?! 」

「 Like, opening our brains? 」

「 N-No! I don’t want that! 」

「 Idiot! It’s better than dying!!! 」

Tendou Otome hushes the three.

「 I mean, we have so much compassion that we came here to look at you all 」

Edie smiles.

「 Compassion? 」

「 That’s right, it’s easy to alter your memories by operating your head, and make you all forget the memories before coming to Tokyo 」

「 Yes, you can leave that to me 」

Tsukiko speaks softly.

「 But, what will happen to you after that? You won’t your parents who came to Tokyo with you. How can you live as orphans? 」

The Yakuza daughters begin to tremble.

「 If you return to Kansai, then the people in your father’s organization will come and chase you around asking “Do you know anything that happened in Tokyo?” 」

Nei said.

「 I mean, if your parents, who were sacrificial pawns, show that they failed, then I don’t think that the bosses in Kansai will look after you girls. The organization will not feel sorry for you and secure the livelihood of the survivors 」

「 Or should I say that the Kansai organization will cut them off, saying, “We don’t know anything about that, those who came to Tokyo did it on their own.” Therefore, you’re now in the worst place 」

These girls can’t live in the areas under the Kansai organization’s control.

「 Right~ You girls should think that you can’t live in Kansai anymore 」

「 With that said, do you have any relatives in another region? Acquaintance? Do you have anyone to take you in? None? 」

I asked.

「 If you have no place to live, then it will be hard for you 」

「 We could spare you, but you’ll still die a dog’s death 」


「 D-Don’t you have more than enough money since you’re from Kouzuki house?! Can’t you prepare enough money for us to survive for a while? 」

Tendou Otome said.

「 Like I said earlier, we’re not Kouzuki house but Kuromori!

「 And crime syndicates don’t do charity work. 」

Tendou Otome looked at me.

「 But, you had a good relationship with that young lady, Misuzu 」

「 Misuzu nor I don’t have any personal assets. The assets of Kouzuki house all belong to Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan’s managing Kuromori 」

I can’t do anything.

「 I’m not asking you to do charity! We’re going to pay it back! 」

Even so, Tendou Otome clings.

「 The nine of us can live somewhere far away. The nine of us will work hard and repay the money we’ve borrowed! So, please, can you provide us with money that can let us start a new life?! I beg you! 」

Tendou Otome bows her head.

It looks like she wants the nine daughters of Yakuza who lost their parents to live together.


「 But, Otome-san 」

「 We can’t do that 」

「 I mean, where are we going to live? We can’t return to Kansai 」

The three don’t agree with her.

「 Okinawa, Hokkaido, it doesn’t matter. 」

Tendou Otome asserts.

「 If we don’t want the Kansai people to find us, then we need to go somewhere far away! We can run away on an island! 」

「 I don’t want that! 」

「 Island? Impossible 」

「 I mean, we’re surrounded by the sea, right? 」

「 Why not?! Sea’s the best. If it’s in Okinawa, we can free diving every day, if we’re in Hokkaido, then we can see the ice floe!! 」

Oh, they’re just like their parents when thinking.

「 It’s absurd 」

「 Impossible 」

「 I mean, I can’t 」

「 But that’s the only choice! 」

I look at the other girls.

The twins look dumbfounded.

The plain girl continues to look down.

Sonoko-san and Shigeyo-san show a face of despair.

They’re losing their parents and they can’t return to Kansai anymore.

That said, they don’t think they can live together with Otome somewhere far away


「 Very well. I don’t know if I can lend you money but I’ll talk to Minaho-neesan 」

「 Yo-chan? 」

Nei looks at me in surprise.

「 We can’t talk in this room, let’s bring Tendou-san in a room where we can talk 」

That’s a lie.

Minaho-neesan’s watching this room through the cameras.

「 A-Are you sure?! Really? 」

Tendou Otome asks, but…

「 I’m just the middle-man. You’re the one to persuade her 」

「 Oh, R-Right. Okay. I’ll do that 」

Tendou Otome turned to the girls in the room.

「 Anyway, I’ll go talk to them. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that we can be together! 」

She says to inspire herself.

However, Sonoko-san and the girls don’t look at her.

「 Ah, then, please do, Otome-san 」

The blonde said.

「 Also, if possible, ask them for something to eat 」

The red-haired said.

「 Ah, I want Sprite! 」

The perm haired girl added.