Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 917. Night of Fun / Reality wall



「 Okay, open the door 」


Edie said, then the electronically locked door opens up.

「 Nei, Tsukiko, go first, I’ll watch over 」

Edie will stand guard to make sure the three girls or Tendou Otome doesn’t escape.

「 I won’t leave behind my friends. I know that it’ll only get worse for us if I do that 」

Tendou Otome speaks calmly.

「 Look after Sonoko and Shigeyo 」

She glared at the three and said.

「 Yes, got it 」

「 I mean, Otome-san. Seriously, bring us something to eat when you get back 」

「 Uhm, if possible, Sprite too 」

The three girls replied, but…

Sonoko-san, Shigeyo-san, the twins, and the plain girl doesn’t respond.

「 Anyway, trust me, I’ll negotiate with them to guarantee our lives at least 」

Tendou Otome promised the girls in the room.

「 Okay, that’s enough talk Tendou-san, we’re going! 」

Nei prompts Tendou Otome.

Edie and I left the room last.

The three girls stare at us.

「 Okay, let’s close it down 」

「 CLOSE! 」

The door closes from Edie’s signal.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Now, hurry up and bring me to your boss! It’s that disgusting woman, right?! I’ll negotiate with her 」

Tendou Otome intends to negotiate with Minaho-neesan, but…

「 You don’t have to do that 」

Edie denies it.

「 What do you mean? 」

Tendou Otome shows a doubtful look, but…

「 That room is soundproof, and so the girls inside can’t hear our conversation in the corridor. And we can’t hear what they’re talking about right now 」

Edie said.

「 Then what is it about? 」

「 I don’t think you know about it Tendou-san but, this room is filled with hidden cameras and microphones 」

Nei said.

「 That’s why we can connect the microphone from the confinement room to the speaker in this corridor 」

「 That means, we can listen to the conversation inside 」


「 Kinoshita-san, let us hear what’s happening inside 」

I speak towards the ceiling.

『 Ah, we can also show the video 』

While we’re hearing Kinoshita-san’s cheerful voice from the speakers…

A panel from the door rises up and a monitor shows up on the door to the room.

『 We all had monitors in the doors of the room to make it easy to observe inside 』

The monitor lights up and it shows the top-down view of the room inside.

Sonoko-san and the others remain in the same state, but…

The three girls seem to be gathering in front of the door.

『 And we’re unmuting now 』


『 Open Sesamu! 』

『 Looks like we can’t do it 』

『 I think it wasn’t Sesamu? 』

『 No, that brown woman definitely said Sesamu! 』

『 It might be Sesamo or Sesanu? 』

『 Dammit! I don’t know the magic word 』

These girls.

They thought that Edie’s “Open Sesame” is a magic word to open the door?

『 Haa, let’s stop. We can slip out of this place but we can’t get out of the whole place 』

『 I mean, they still have our phones. That’s the harshest. They also got our card 』

『 They returned our wallet, right? How much do you have now? 』

『 I only have about 4000 』

『 I have nothing but 1500 』

『 800 』

『 Haa, we only have enough travel expense for a single person 』

The three speak unanimously.

『 Should we take their money? 』

The perm haired talked to the blonde-haired girl.

『 Hey, loli twins! Give us your money! 』

They threaten the twins used in lolicon videos by their parents.

「 T-These bitches! 」

Tendou Otome is angry at the situation, but…

「 Calm down, it’s your time to see what they do when you’re gone 」

Edie holds Otome back.

『 I only have 300 yen 』

『 I only have 153 yen 』

The twins speak with a small voice.

『 Oh right, their parents are stingy. They couldn’t have enough money 』

The perm haired girl tells the blonde-haired and red-haired girl.

『 Can’t help it, what about that one? 』

This time, she points at the plain-looking girl near the wall.

『 Didn’t we already take the money from her wallet yesterday? 』

『 Oh right. Then she won’t have one now 』

『 It’s your fault. You’re such a simpleton and you don’t follow our orders, that was your punishment 』

『 That’s right! That was your payment for your mistakes 』

『 I mean, she always pays us sanction money, right? 』

The three girls take money from her regularly.

『 Then, there’s also Sonoko and Shigeyo, they’re both broke 』

『 True. We inspected their belongings yesterday after all 』

『 Yeah, they don’t have anything important 』

『 Their parents are broke too 』

Tendou Otome gets angry at the conversation inside.

「 All this, while I was not with them 」

Tendou Otome infiltrated the Mizushima house for a week.

She didn’t know that the three girls extort the other girls while she was gone.

『 Otome, that bitch says a lot 』

『 I know right. She’s going to have a bad time 』

『 She probably knows it. Man~ 』

Their attitude is very much just like their parents.

This is what happens if they grew up watching their parents?

『 I mean, it really gets to my nerves. That bitch 』

The blonde said.

『 I know right. She speaks like she’s the boss, well, I know that she’s a fighting idiot and is strong a that, but still 』

The perm haired girl said.

『 Why not? As long as she can give us something good, we don’t have to do anything troublesome 』

The red-haired girl thought.

『 I mean, that violent psycho lesbian is madly in love with Sonoko. She’ll do anything for Sonoko’s sake 』

『 Really, it’s disgusting to watch. Sex between women is unproductive 』

『 I don’t get what’s the charm of a girl smeared with semen from the old men 』

The three said. Sonoko-san looks down.

『 I know that Otome’s lesbian preference is disgusting, that one is also disgusting. I mean, the old men gang-raped her 』

『 Right. They stink of old men because they entertain our old guys 』

『 Yeah, disgusting. Don’t come close to us! You smell like old men! 』

『 Seriously, what’s going to happen with Sonoko and Shigeyo? If it was me, I would’ve hung my head already 』

『 Me too. I would bite my tongue off 』

『 Right. If it’s an ordinary girl, they’ll kill themselves before it happens. You know, that’s too much shame for me to stay alive 』

This time, they start cursing Sonoko-san and Shigeyo-san.

「 !!!! 」

Tendou Otome reaches the peak of her anger.

「 Open the door! I’m going to beat them up and fix their character! 」

「 Calm down 」

Tsukiko holds Tendou Otome’s emotions.

「 Quiet down and continue watching 」

Tendou Otome is under Tsukiko’s control through Miko power.

『 Well, as for our parents… 』

The red-haired girl changes the topic.

『 What do you think about what the guys earlier said? They said that Kouzuki guys captured all of them and will kill them all 』

『 Well, I think they’re serious? 』

The blonde-haired girl said.

『 I mean, our parents are reckless and they lack a plan. I think that they’re serious when they mentioned that it angered the Kouzukiri people 』

『 Then, that means we’ll never see them again? 』

『 Can’t help it. I think we have to give up on them? 』

The red-haired girl said.

『 Papa 』

Sonoko-san starts crying.

『 Shut up! Don’t cry! 』

『 That’s right! You’re not the only one who wants to cry here! We do 』

『 Sonoko’s father has always been useless and trash…it’s better to let him die than let him stay stupid! Our fathers always ridicule him! 』

『 And we also ridicule him! 』

『 That’s right! Our fathers also belong to the same scummy Yakuza group but, your father is much less of scum because our fathers look down on him! 』

『 We’re not crying here and yet the daughter of the scum of scums is crying, what the hell? 』

『 I mean, we still won’t cry 』

『 We’re actually relieved that our fathers are gone now 』

The three speak selfishly.

『 But you know, now that we don’t have any parents, what’s going to happen with us? 』

『 Well, that violent psycho lesbian Otome said something stupid like “We’re going to live together somewhere far away” 』

『 Give me a break, I wouldn’t want to live with an idiot like Otome 』

『 True! It’ll stiff my shoulders 』

『 I mean, she’s violent, a psycho, and a lesbian. Nobody wants to understand Otome-chan other than her beloved 』

『 Yeah, she already decided without asking what we want 』

『 Seriously. What a useless violent psycho lesbian she is. She’s always okay as long as it benefits her 』

『 Yeah, if she seriously thinks about all of us, then she should’ve asked us what we wanted 』

『 She’s not an ordinary girl, she’s the violent psycho lesbian 』

『 True. It makes me shiver to think that she continues to woo Sonoko, who’s not a lesbian 』

『 If she was a guy, then she’s already a stalker type. She’s the type of girl that will not stop even if the police warns her 』

『 She looks like a masculine woman, which makes it worse. She’s chasing after a girl that looks like a girl 』

『 Yeah, it definitely is disgusting. That violent psycho lesbian. Man, I want to drink Sprite 』

Tendou Otome’s astonished as she discovers the true nature of the three.

「 I-I’ve been thinking about them all this time… 」

「 It doesn’t matter what you think about them, that’s what they think, and you can’t do anything about it 」

Edie said.

『 Then, what should we do after this? 』

『 Dunno? But anyway, if we’re to believe what they say, then they will release us somehow? They won’t erase us like our parents 』

『 But, if this goes on, that Otome 』

『 Yeah, that’s why we need to say goodbye to Otome once we manage to get out 』

The blonde-haired girl tells the other two.

『 If Otome managed to ask for money from Kouzuki, then, we can flatter that violent psycho lesbian and split the share to us 』

『 But, what if Otome failed her negotiations? 』

『 But, those guys are coming back, right? Then, I think we can try to butter up the guy from earlier. We should flatter him a lot to get some money and bring back our phones so we can return to Kansai 』

Oh, they seem to look down on me.

『 Huh? Why go back to Kansai? 』

『 Isn’t that obvious?! What can you do if we don’t come back to Kansai? 』

『 I mean, they said that the other Yakuza would chase after us once we return home 』

『 Ignore that. Or should I say that Sekine-san, the young leader, knows us 』

The blonde girl said.

『 I think that they can give us referrals. They say that they welcome high school girls like us 』

『 Huh? You mean you want to sell yourself? 』

Selling oneself. Prostitution.

『 Can you do anything else?! We don’t have any money right now, and either way, you’re ready to go with a soapland job after high school, right? 』

『 Well, our parents are from Yakuza, so yeah 』

『 If we get to an interview with an ordinary company, they’ll just drop us off 』

『 Either way, I know that we can’t work on anything but part-time, I’m ready to go and earn on night business, but… 』

『 I mean, all our relatives go to soapland in the end 』

『 And all the close seniors we have are all barmaids, right? 』

That’s how the women live in such a world.

『 Sure, soapland is okay but selling ourselves right away? 』

『 That’s right. Selling minors have a high hurdle. I heard that Sekine-san sends girls to some degenerates 』

The red and perm haired girl tells the blonde-haired girl.

『 That’s why we’re going to sell Sonoko and Shigeyo 』


『 The two are going to work for Sekine-san and we can split Sonoko’s income for ourselves 』

『 Ah, I see. That’s a good plan 』

『 We’ll let Sonoko and Shigeyo do the work until we reach the age that we can work on soapland. You girls owe us a lot so you don’t mind doing that, don’t you? 』

The blonde-haired girl says, but Sonoko-san and Shigeyo-san’s body are stiff as they hang their head.

『 Also, while we’re at it, I’m thinking of selling the loli twins to Sekine-san 』

『 Huh, those two? 』

『 Yeah, their parents have been selling videos of them naked, right? They seem to have a lot of fans. However, Kouzuki’s going to kill off their parents now 』

The twins listen to the three talks without saying anything.

『 No, but, I don’t think I can’t sell loli videos 』

『 Stupid, that’s the reason why we’re selling her to Sekine-san. Right, I think they’ll sell for 20k yen each. And after that, Sekine-san might continue to record lolicon videos with the two, or use them as prostitutes for the lolicons, but, that’s not our problem 』

『 Oh, we can manage to eat our meals with 40k yen for sure 』

『 Let’s do that right away! 』

The perm haired girl points at the plain-looking girl near the wall.

『 What about her? 』

『 Oh, she’s filthy. Sekine-san won’t buy her. I mean, they’ll probably ask for payment to take them down like in the TV 』

The blonde-haired girl looks at the plain-looking girl.

『 You know, why don’t you live together with Otome? I mean, you should give something good to convince Otome to split with us. Meanwhile, Sonoko, Shigeyo, and the twins are coming back with us in Kansai. You’re going to lie to Otome and head somewhere else. Go to Ohotsuku or Kamuyaka 』

『 Where is that place? Is it related to Mukachakka Fire? 』

『 It’s not, you fool 』

The three girls laugh at each other.

「 Now, then, what do we do with these girls? 」

We continue watching the monitor.

Nei speaks with a bright tone.

「 I… 」

Tendou Otome tries to speak, but…

「 We’re not asking you. We’re asking Yo-chan 」


Let’s think about this logically and calmly.

「 Let’s take out our sentiments…What do you think is their use? 」

Right, Minaho-neesan told me;

Find out what use they have.

Decide their worth.

「 I don’t think they can do it. Those three are useless in our trade 」

Naturally, they’re not fit in the high-class brothel of Kuromori.

Other than that, I can’t find any other use for the three.

「 Erase their memories and give them 10k yen at hand. Then, it’s no longer our concern what lives they have after that 」

I warned them to not return to Kansai.

But if they say that they will return, then if the people from their parents’ organization comes after them, it’s their responsibility.

「 H-hey, wait. Don’t just… 」

Tendou Otome tries to complain, but…

「 Right now, you’re below me. It’s my decision on what will happen to you 」

I make it clear with her.

「 Otome, it’s time to open your eyes 」

Edie said.

「 You think of the three as your family, but they don’t think the same. They’re only flattering you, using you for their convenience 」

「 T-That’s not… 」

「 It is as you have seen just now 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Don’t hope for what you’re imagining, look at the truth 」

She uses her Miko power.

Tendou Otome takes in reality as told.

「 You can’t be with these three beyond this. You should know that 」

Edie’s words are heavy.

「 Well, why not? Those girls have a lot of vitality, and so they will stay energetic wherever they go 」

Nei said.

「 Yo-chan, look, as for the results of the diagnosis… 」

Oh, right before we left the room…

Kinoshita-san and Nei saw the results.

It’s the medical exam results conducted by Kouzuki SS doctors on Tendou Otome and the girls.

If I recall, they checked whether the girls have STDs or not.

「 First, Tendou Otome-san, congrats! You’re healthy. No illnesses were found in your body. Furthermore, the doctor also gave their certification that you’re still a virgin! 」

Nei tells Otome.

「 Then, the twins have no problem. They have no disease and they’re still virgins. Another investigator from Kouzuki SS looked it up but since the two are cute, their lolicon videos sell a lot. They’re popular. And it looks like they want to let them stay as virgins for a bit longer. It seems that popularity drops down once they lose virginity 」

Is that so?

「 As for the girl near the wall, she’s confirmed virgin. She’s got no diseases either. Although her whole body has bruises, it’s proof of a routine abuse 」


「 Maybe it is from their parents or from the three, we don’t know 」

Tendou Otome endures it all without saying anything.

「 As for Sonoko-san and Shigeyo-san, marks of abuse remain in their body. Well, the parents keep on raping her, and the girls probably also did abuse them. Their vagina is swelling, it will heal in time. Although, fortunately, there’s no need to worry about any diseases. And as for pregnancy, the results say that they should be okay 」

Tendou Otome looks at Nei with a hint of sadness.

「 Then, as for the remaining three. That’s what’s funny about it 」


「 The three are no longer virgins, and they have STDs. The other one is pregnant 」

Tendou Otome’s shocked.

「 The three of them were wild. Then, perhaps that blonde girl is also into compensated dating. That Sekine they mentioned is probably her manager 」

Nei said.

「 The other girl says that she doesn’t want to sell herself, but the blonde girl is already a prostitute 」

「 Therefore, she thinks of using the bodies of the other girls to raise earnings 」

Edie said.

「 Otome, did you notice that? 」

Tendou Otome;

「 No, not at all 」

「 That’s why. You always want to watch over them, and yet, you don’t look at the truth. You don’t know anything 」


「 It’s not just the three over there. You don’t look at that Sonoko girl either. You were only pushing your feelings to her 」

「 I… 」


「 You can get in and check for yourself 」

I said.

「 Kinoshita-san, that’s okay now. We’re going in the room again 」

I look at the ceiling and said.

『 Roger that! I’ll turn off the monitor 』

The monitor on the door turns off.

「 Otome, are you ready? 」

I asked. Tendou Otome;

「 Have it your way 」

She speaks in frustration.

「 Tsukiko, take control of the three as soon as the door opens 」

「 Certainly 」

「 Then, let’s head to the second stage! 」


Edie said.

The electronic door unlocks.