Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 947. Night of Flirting / Deflowering the Twins (Eri Arc: Slave Training 2)



「 Do it like this. Place your hands and your head on the floor. Then you say this “Please. Make me Master’s sex slave” 」

Mana shows an example of how to prostrate oneself naked to the twins.

「 “My mind and body all belong to Master. Please use them whenever you like. Please rape me. I’ll gladly give birth to Master’s child. I’ll raise the child with love and care. Therefore, please pour your warm semen inside my womb, Master!” 」

The twins…

「 Let’s do it, Eri-chan 」

Rie who has experience prostrates herself next to Mana.

「 Sure, but, I… 」

Eri, the virgin, don’t have the determination.

「 I think I can endure sex but bearing Onii-san’s child… 」

「 I think I already made one 」

Rie pats her abdomen.

「 Onii-san already did it with me. He poured his semen inside. Therefore, I might be pregnant already 」

Rie who received a creampie is on the acceptance stage.

「 Don’t say “I might” I’ll make sure that you get pregnant and give birth to my child. Also, I’m the only man you’ll kiss and have sex with for the rest of your life 」

I corner Rie with that.

Right now, I can’t show them kindness.

「 I-I understand. I-I am Onii-san’s slave. I’ll have sex whenever you ask for it. I-I’ll bear Onii-san’s child 」

Rie rubs her forehead on the floor and declares.

Ruriko’s recording that scene with her camera.

「 What about you, Eri? 」

I ask Eri, who’s the only one wearing clothes in this room, although, she’s wearing a white school swimsuit.

「 I-I… 」

Eri’s hesitating.

「 Eri-chan, come with me. If we’re together, we can endure anything. That’s how it’s always been. That’s why let’s be together 」

Rie looked up and told Eri.

「 I can’t go back to the way it was before 」

The fact that I took her virginity will not change.

「 B-But…But, Rie-chan 」

Eri looked at her twin sister.

「 Onii-san, that’s unfair 」

She glared at me.

「 What’s unfair? 」

「 Even if I don’t make that pledge, you’ll still forcibly rape me, won’t you? Besides, you can use that Onee-san’s mysterious power to make Rie-chan and I follow any orders you give us 」


I’m a man, and Eri’s a small young girl.

I can press Eri down in an instant.

Yomi can give orders and have Eri open her legs for me.

「 If you want me to become your lewd slave then force me. What’s with all this trouble? 」


「 Eri who says it like that is much more cunning 」

I speak plainly.

「 Eri, you couldn’t do anything yourself. You’re unwilling, and so you want me to force you to become my slave instead. Isn’t that why you say that? 」

「 Isn’t that obvious?! It’s not like I want to have sex with Onii-san at all! I mean, I don’t want it! I don’t want to give my first time to Onii-san 」

She’s currently in a harsh situation.

And so, she’s already resigned to the fact that I will deflower her, that I will make her my slave.

However, she doesn’t want to offer herself willingly.

She wants to insist that she has no other choice.

「 I have no need for such a troublesome slave. Should I keep Rie and dispose of Eri? 」

Rie who’s prostrating herself panics.

「 W-Wait! Please wait! Hey! Eri-chan, hurry! Don’t anger Onii-san 」

She advises Eri to prostrate herself next to her.

「 Onii-san is scarier than he looks 」

Rie said.

「 I’ll teach you about sex, it won’t be scary, so, let’s stay together 」


「 Rie-chan, if you’re going that far…Haa, I have no choice, do I? 」

She sits next to Rie and prostrates herself.

「 Err, what do I say again? 」

「 I will become Onii-san’s slave. I will have sex with Onii-san all the time. And I’ll bear Onii-san’s child 」

Rie whispers to Eri’s ear.

This is a small act.

Rie knows what she should tell me.

It’s all to show that I’m forcing her.

It’s for her pride.

「 Haa, can’t help it 」

She places her hand down while next to Rie.

「 I will become Onii-san’s slave too. I’m ready to have sex anytime. I’ll bear your child. Is that good enough? 」

Ruriko takes photos as Rie prostrates herself.

「 Do you know why the video camera’s not recording yet? 」

I asked Eri.

「 I don’t know 」

Eri replies without any eagerness.

「 One can take photos but it doesn’t record everything that happens. 」


「 What will remain in the photo is Rie kneeling before me and wanting to become my slave, that will be the truth 」

「 Yes. And that’s how I photographed it 」

Ruriko smiles.

That means Eri’s expression is not on display.

All that’s captured is that the naked twins are prostrating themselves before me.

「 No matter what excuses you give later, the fact that this shows is that “Rie and Eri asked to become my slave in exchange for their lives.” “If you’re going that far,” then I’m taking you as my slaves, unwillingly. That story will be what remains in our history. That photo where you girls prostrate yourself is the clear proof of that 」

「 T-That’s unfair! 」

Eri snaps.

In fact, this photo is no proof.

You can change the same photo to a different story.

However, as they’re still young.

The girl with this unyielding spirit and the one who takes the initiative among the twins…

She will believe that pointless logic I created.

「 Oh, thinking about 10, 20 years in the future, this story is for the better 」

Ruriko said.

「 I think that it’s better to tell stories to your children about how “Mother asked to become Father’s slave” instead of saying “Your father forced Mother, and that’s why you’re born” 」

「 T-That’s… 」

Eri trembles.

「 Yeah. Think realistically. It’s already decided that you two will have sex with Onii-chan and bear his child 」

「 Be realistic and look in the future, 10, 20 years later 」

Mana and Yomi said.


These twins are only thinking of the present.

They don’t see the long term future.

Well, they can’t help it.

Their parents use them to sell tinycon videos and sooner or later, they plan on selling the daughters in prostitution.

They had no time to think about their future.

They always are trying to make the situation better for themselves at that current moment.

They are living ephemerally.

Therefore, the twins work together against people who control them.

Putting pressure on the other party, dragging the pace to themselves.

They negotiate to make the situation better.

They don’t think of the future.

They try to manage and deal with the current situation and nothing else.

Talking the other party down, trying to trip them up. They’re desperate.

「 Yes, it’s real. Think realistically 」

I won’t let the twins do what they want.

「 You girls can’t think about just yourselves 」

As long as the twins live in that world where it’s just the two of them…

The twins will antagonize anyone that’s not them.

It’s the twins vs someone.

Currently, it’s the twins vs Me.

「 If you’re going to become my slaves that means you’re my property. And my properties do not defy nor rebel against me. Therefore, if one can’t be a slave, shouldn’t I think of disposing of them immediately? 」

I said. Eri.

「 That’s unfair. You want us to yield from the bottom of our hearts like that? Is it fun bullying young girls like me? 」

Despite that, her fighting spirit doesn’t wear down.

「 It’s nothing fun. And if it’s not fun, I have no need for such a slave. I guess we have no choice. Let’s kill Eri 」

「 C-Coward! You’re unfair! 」

Eri shouted.

「 Stop it, Eri-chan 」

Rie said.

「 Onii-san has a different status than us. We’re just piglets waiting for disposal. We can’t do anything, it all depends on Onii-san’s mood. Don’t force an equal status 」

「 I get that too. But you know, it’s just frustrating to give in. We’re also human, I’m trying to face Onii-san person-to-person 」

「 You can’t. Onii-san is cold-hearted. He doesn’t think of us as humans 」

「 No, I’ll bet on Onii-san’s humanity. I’m sure that he’ll understand when we talk to him 」

Another farce.

The twins are doing a combo play to reach a compromise with me.

Furthermore, they have no solid plan despite wanting to make a compromise.

They only want me to step back.

They don’t care whatever it is, they want me to lose, the one who controls this place.

They want to gain that sense of victory, even for a bit.

That’s all just an ephemeral desire for their pride.

If I let that be, they’ll grow more arrogant.

Therefore, I…

「 Eri, you’re looking down on me 」

I will punish Eri.

「 Sensei, what do we do? 」

Yomi asks me.

「 Take control of Eri and Rie’s body and give Eri a spanking 」

「 W-Wait! Onii-san?! 」

Eri panics, but…

「 Okay, let’s take control! 」

「 Aguu? 」

「 Afuu? 」

Yomi takes control of the twins’ bodies.

「 Yomi, get Eri crawling on all fours and stick out her ass 」

「 Yes, Sensei 」

Eri moves her body, contrary to her will.

「 W-Wait! Wait a second! This is a violation of human rights! Doing whatever you want with my body! 」

I grab Eri’s ass.

「 Nononono! Pervert! What are you doing?! 」

Yeah, that’s a squishy ass right for her age.

「 I’m slapping you now, Eri 」

I slam my palm on her.

Eri won’t understand how I feel unless she feels it with her body.

「 W-Wait! 」

「 No way! 」


「 Kyauuu!!!! 」

I’ve been training with Michi every day.

That ass spanking should hurt.

The first attack left a red hand mark on Eri’s ass.

「 There’s more 」


「 Gyaaaaa!!!! 」

The meat I slapped bounced.


「 Kyaaaaaaa!!! 」

「 P-Please stop! Eri-chan’s in pain! 」

Rie’s pleading but…

「 No. She’s not repenting. Ten more! 」


「 Gyaaaaaan! It hurts! It hurts! Please stop! 」

「 Shut up! 」

「 Pashin!!!! 」

「 Gyaaaa! No more! Please, no more!! 」

Eri cries, but I continue.

Before long.

「 This is the last one. Ten! 」


「 Hyaaaaa!!! 」

Eri endures the pain while crying.

「 Haaa, haaaa, haaa, aaaaah, it hurts! It really hurts! 」

She’s breathing heavily from the pain, leaking tears on the tatami floor.

「 Why do I have to go through all this?! 」

I didn’t let that mutter slide.

「 I see, you want five more 」

「 W-Why?! 」

Eri’s frightened

「 You don’t seem to understand why I punished you. That’s why I have to give you more 」



「 Gyaauuu!!! P-Please! Stop! Stop! 」

I won’t stop.

I give Eri’s ass five more slaps.

「 Wow. Onii-chan, you keep hitting the same spot with precision 」

Mana looked at Eri’s ass and said.

The red had marked on Eri’s ass is swelling, it traced the shape of my hand.

「 Haa, haa, haa, uuh, uuu, uuu 」

Yomi has control over Eri’s body and so she can’t move away from the crawling pose.

She’s enduring the pain in her ass while crying.

「 Eri-chan, don’t say anything. You’ll get punished if you do 」

Rie warned Eri.

「 Now then, shall we start having sex? 」

Hearing that, Eri’s startled.

「 Sex is much more painful than that one 」