Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 948. Night of Flirting / Deflowering the twins (Eri Arc: Slave Training 3)



「 Onii-chan, video and photo cameras are both in standby 」

The bed in the middle of the nap room has video cameras on tripods waiting.

Mana connects the cameras to the laptop Nei left here.

All of the cameras are linked to that laptop as they record, and so it’s easy to edit the video later with all the cameras recording the scene.

「 The anchored cameras are fixed, so Mana’s going to take close-up shots with a Handycam! 」

Mana’s actions are smooth as she watched Nei do it earlier when I deflowered Rie.

On the other hand, Yomi’s taking control of the twins, just like how Tsukiko did it.

「 Yomi also watched Tsukiko-oneesama do it, and so I now understand how to adjust my power 」

Yomi smiled.

Nei will go with Margo-san to America soon.

Tsukiko will return to the Takaura shrine in Kyoto.


They want the little sisters who can’t leave me to learn their techniques.

「 Control only the body and try not to push their hearts too much. Just stimulate it. That’s for the better with these girls 」

If one pushed stress to their minds, it’ll break the balance and might cause a huge trauma.

A mind forcibly tampered using Miko power becomes distorted. And it will never return to its former form again.

Therefore, instead of forcing it, they look at the situation, use the flow of emotion, and guide it to the desired direction. Drive it naturally. That’s good enough.

「 Now then, let’s begin 」

I look at the twins on the bed.

Rie and Eri embrace each other with a frightened look.

Rie desperately embraces her twin sister.

Eri is holding Rie’s shoulder while trembling but the other hand is patting the red mark on her ass.

「 You will be forced to have sex. There’s no other way. Give it up, Eri-chan 」

Rie who already experienced it with me tells Eri.「 」

「 It’s okay, I was able to endure it. I’m sure that Eri-chan can endure it too. So, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid, Eri-chan 」

「 Rie-chan 」

The twins look at each other.

「 It hurts at first…so much that you feel that your crotch is tearing apart, but, it’s okay, you won’t die. Onii-san just shoved his penis inside me earlier 」

「 R-Right 」

「 I’ll teach you anything you don’t know, I’ll teach you from my experience 」

「 T-Thanks. Rie-chan 」

Oh, the twins are trying to escape to their own world again.


「 Who’s experienced? 」

Mana smiles.

「 Then, should we go take a look? 」

She turned the screen of the laptop to the twins.

Then, she pressed a key.

『 O-Ouch! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!!!!! 』

The monitor shows the video of Rie’s deflowering from earlier.

『 I don’t want this! Stop! Please stop! Noooooo!!! 』

It shows me, shoving my dick on Rie’s virgin pussy.

「 S-Stop that. Why are you showing that now? 」

Rie shouts.

「 No, look at it you two 」

Yomi forces the eyes of the twins to watch.

『 Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Help me! Eri-chan! Save me! 』

Rie shouts Eri’s name as I violate her one hour ago.

「 R-Rie-chan… 」

Eri trembles in fear as she watches her sister cry and screams from the sexual assault.

「 Stop!!! Don’t make Eri-chan watch it! 」

Eri screamed.

「 Why are you so cruel?! You raped me while Eri-chan’s unconscious and yet, you’re showing it now?! That’s just cruel! 」


「 It’s because you told Eri “I’ll teach you” 」

I speak in a low tone.

「 Rie, you don’t know anything, you just experienced sex 」

「 T-That’s… 」

Rie trembled.

「 That’s right. You don’t know anything about sex yet 」

「 If you want to know something, ask us instead 」

「 Yes. Yomi and the girls are your seniors 」

Ruriko, Mana, and Yomi said.

「 That’s right. You should listen to your seniors about sex 」

I said.

「 I-I just feel sorry for Eri-chan because she’s scared 」

Rie tries to refute, but…

「 It’s natural to feel scared. Furthermore, it’s rape. It’s meaningless if you don’t feel scared 」

「 That’s cruel 」

Eri mutters.

「 Yeah, it is. I’m giving you two an unforgettable memory. Isn’t that obvious? 」

「 That’s cruel! I will hate you forever 」

Rie glared at me.

「 Sure, do it. You will stay by my side anyway 」

I said.

「 While we’re at it, I also raped these three girls for their first experience 」

Mana, Ruriko, Yomi, they had no choice.

I raped them.

「 And Onii-chan was hard with me. I’ll never forget it, and I’ll curse it forever. Onii-chan 」

「 Yeah, do that 」

「 Yes, but do love me forever too 」

Mana smiled.

I look at the twins.

「 That only means that you girls aren’t special. This is what I always do. I’ve raped so many virgins and you girls are certainly not the last 」

I won’t let the twins escape to their world.

I have to end the thoughts where it’s the twins that lick each other’s wounds and say “we’re the only ones in pain” and shut out all the other people around them.

These girls need to open up to their future.

「 That’s right, besides Onii-chan’s a criminal and a horny one 」

「 Really? But Onii-sama only picks cute women 」

「 Yeah, that’s true. That’s the reason why all the women around Sensei are beautiful 」

「 Yomi-san is also cute. Tsukiko-san and Luna-chan are also beautiful 」

「 Thank you. Ruriko-sama 」

「 With that said, isn’t that great that you two are cute? Onii-chan turned you to his sex slaves because you girls are beautiful 」

「 Yes, just like us. Onii-sama’s slaves 」

「 Just like Yomi and everyone 」

Carrot and stick.

The three beauties older than them invite them to become friends after the threat of spanking.

「 I-I don’t want that. I’m scared 」

「 Eri-chan 」

Rie gently pats Eri who came to hug her, but…

「 Don’t say that. After all, Rie-chan is already with us 」

「 Yes. You’re Onii-sama’s slave. You offered your mind and body to him already 」

「 Don’t you feel hot down there, right? Yomi can also feel it when Sensei ejaculated inside me for the first time 」

Deflowering Rie first shows its effects.

The twins have secluded themselves in a world where it’s just the two of them.

But one of them is no longer a virgin.

She’s past my deflowering.

「 I… 」

The twins experienced all the hardships together since birth…

That’s why the twins trust each other and wall others out.

The twins understand how each other feels.

However, currently.

Rie can understand how Eri, who is still a virgin, feels, but…

Eri can’t understand how Rie, who already experienced rape, feels.

There’s a big gap between the twins for the first time in their life.

「 O-Onii-san 」

Rie looks at me.

「 If you’re deflowering Eri-chan, then please keep me unconscious 」

「 Rie-chan? 」

「 I have experienced that I can’t do anything to go against Onii-san, no matter what I do. You’re raping Eri-chan just like how you did it with me, right? Then, please don’t make me watch it. Eri-chan didn’t watch me lose my virginity, I don’t want to see Eri-chan lose hers either 」


「 No 」

I speak clearly

「 W-Why? 」

「 Eri, you feel regret that you couldn’t do anything to help Rie even though you were in the same room when I raped her, right? As you can see in the video, Rie kept calling your name, asking for your help 」

I talked to Eri.

「 What for? I was unconscious 」

Tears gather in Eri’s eyes.

「 Why did I have to be unconscious while you were raping Rie-chan?! I couldn’t save her, and I couldn’t even watch it! It’s too much 」

「 Yeah, I did it so you’ll regret it for the rest of your life 」

I look away from Eri and back to Rie.

「 And now, Rie will regret how she couldn’t do anything but watch as I deflower Eri 」

Eri didn’t see Rie lose her virginity live, and yet…

Rie will see everything.

That gap will remain forever.

The twins will no longer be the same.

「 Yomi, look after Rie 」

I ordered Yomi.

「 Yes, Sensei. Rie-san, come here 」

「 I-I 」

「 Come here! 」

She uses her Miko power to force Rie to move.

「 N-No! I-I’m scared! Rie-chan, don’t go! 」

「 E-Eri-chan! Aah! 」

The twins who embrace each other; separate.

Rie stands up trembling and goes to Yomi’s side.

「 D-Don’t go! Rie-chan! Rie-chan! 」

「 E-Eri-chan! 」

Even so, Rie doesn’t stop moving.

She goes from bed to Yomi’s front.

「 Okay, now U-turn. Sit down so you can watch Sensei and Eri-san

「 Uuuu 」

Rie sits down as ordered.

「 Okay, I got you 」

Yomi embraces Rie from behind.

Miko power is more effective when there’s skin contact.

Now, Rie’s body is in complete control.

「 Yomi, make sure that Rie watches Eri and I have sex from beginning to end. Don’t let her close her eyes halfway 」

「 Okay, Sensei 」

「 While at it, give her a little bit of stimulation 」

I want to play with the twins together after deflowering Eri.


Rie and Yomi are naked.

Having beauties come close like that is a lewd sight.

「 Okay, I’ll play with Rie-san’s breasts and lick her around 」

Yomi embraces Rie and massages her cute breasts.

She licks Rie’s ears.

「 If Misuzu and Nagisa were here, the two can teach you techniques on how to give women pleasure, but… 」

「 It’s okay. I learned a bit from before, and I can just look for which parts give her pleasure 」

Yomi can read minds and so she can attack where Rie feel pleasure.

「 Well then, let’s begin the recording 」

Mana pushes a key on the laptop and all the cameras start recording.

She holds the Handycam on one hand and stands up.

Ruriko also joins in, ready to take photos.


「 Rie took her clothes off herself but I’ll strip Eri this time 」

I don’t know who left this in the nap room’s shelf but I got myself a box cutter.

I hold it and take out the blade.

「 Hii?! W-What are you doing?! 」

Eri trembles.

「 I’m going to use this to tear Eri’s swimsuit 」

I face Eri and aim the blade at her.

「 I-I’m scared! 」

I lift the cloth on Rie’s chest part, then.

「 S-Stop! Onii-san! Stop it! 」

I shove the box cutter in and cut up the cloth.


I slide back the blade and toss it out.

What’s left is…

To grab her swimsuit…

And pull it with all my strength.


This clothing isn’t for swimming at all.

This is a sex-use swimsuit where it gets transparent easily.

I can tear it off with ease.

Eri’s cute breasts jumped out.

「 N-Nooooooo!!! 」

Eri screamed in fear.

「 This is a nicely shaped breast 」

I look at her pink nipples.

Rie’s nipples are caved in, but…

Rie’s nipples are already outside.

As expected, though they’re twins, they don’t have the same growth state.

「 D-Don’t look at it! Don’t come closer! 」

Eri’s molars are chattering.

So it’s true that the trembling doesn’t stop when you feel true fear.

「 Eri-chan! 」

I can hear Rie’s voice, but…

「 Yomi, don’t make her speak. I’ll get distracted…Rie should only watch and nothing else 」

「 Yes! I’m sorry! Sensei! 」

Yomi raises body control.

「 Eri, Rie’s watching you 」

I poked Rie’s nipples.

「 Iyaaaaaaaa!! 」

Rie’s breasts got goosebumps.

She hates my touch from the bottom of her heart.

「 Yomi, you don’t have to give the same assistance Tsukiko gave Rie. Just concentrate on Rie 」

When I deflowered Rie, Tsukiko raised Rie’s arousal that she got wet easily.

However, in Yomi’s case, I don’t think she can control Rie and Eri at the same time.

I should avoid making her do any complicated stuff.


I want to change the situation a little bit

「 I’m going to lick your nipples 」

「 Huh? Ah?! Hiiii!!! 」

I poke Rie’s nipples with my tongue.

I start sucking it.

I use the tip of my tongue to stimulate her small nipple.

「 Onii-sama loves breasts. That’s why, if he wants it, be ready to offer yours for licking 」

Ruriko tells Eri while taking photos.

「 Don’t you feel your heart racing? Doesn’t it tingle? Soon enough, you’ll come to love it. Just like how Ruriko does 」

「 Yomi loves it too 」

Yomi plays with Rie’s breasts from behind.

「 Yomi-chan has huge breasts that you’d want to feel them 」

Mana said.

「 I love Mana’s breasts too. They feel great to touch 」

I say while curling my tongue around Eri’s areola.


This is just like everyday life.

I will rape Eri’s body with that composure.

「 Thanks. Mana loves it the most when Onii-chan carries me and suck on my breasts while having sex 」

Oh, the Merger(face-to-face)

「 Right. It’s fun to test out various positions when having sex 」

Ruriko added.

「 If I recall, Japan has 48 categories during the old days, don’t they? 」

「 Oh, I know that. It’s the “48techniques,” isn’t it, Ruri-oneechan? 」

「 I would like to test them all out and take photos of each 」

Ruriko loves filming her sex as always.

「 For now, I’ve only done 20 of it with Onii-san. Filming Sex while wearing wafuku, yukata, and naked, I’ve captured from various angles already. It’s very fun 」

Ruriko translates sexual arousal to enjoyment.

「 That looks fun but Mana prefers to concentrate on sex when doing it with Onii-chan 」

「 Then, I’ll to the photography instead 」

Ruriko loves taking photos when we have sex

「 I’ll take more photos of you girls too 」

Ruriko smiled at the twins.

「 Uuuu, nooo, nooo 」

Eri bursts into tears while I play with her nipples.

However, her eyes watch me as I suck on her.

Yomi’s binding work at least.

「 Yeah, Eri’s breasts are delicious 」

I grab her other breasts with my hand.

「 Hiii!!! 」


This might be stiffer than Rie’s.

Though there’s not much difference in volume.

No, the location of her nipples is slightly different.

I will check the difference between the twins’ body one-by-one.

「 Okay, now lie down 」

I turn over Eri’s body.

Her lower half still has the school swimsuit on, but…

Her cute ass is sticking out from the cloth.

I can see the red hand mark I created but…

「 It’s swelling so much, it must’ve hurt a lot 」

I start licking the red swell on her ass.

「 Kyauuu!!! 」

Eri trembles as this part of hers are sensitive.

「 Onii-sama, I’ve read that the mother cat licks the baby cat’s butt 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 Huh? Mother cats lick their children’s butt 」

Yomi repeats the line to ask.

「 That’s correct. Baby kittens can’t poop unless their mother licks their butt to stimulate it 」

Ruriko replies bashfully.

「 That’s the reason why they give their children a lick until they grow up 」

「 Oh, I see. Newborn kitten owners use a wet brush and stimulate the butthole of the kitten. I heard of that from a cat owner 」

Mana said.


「 Sensei, Yomi might become a girl with poor bowel movement if you don’t lick my butthole every day 」

「 Ah, me too! Mana too! 」

「 If I have to say, I would prefer to lick Onii-sama’s butt instead 」

The three are having fun.

They ignore Rie who just lost her virginity and just move forward.

「 Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Rie’s anus yet. Then, I’ll go see Eri’s anus first 」


「 Yomi, get Eri’s body to crawl on all fours, raise her ass 」

「 Okay, Sensei 」

「 N-noo! Noooo!! 」

Eri takes the pose I told Yomi.

I pick up the box cutter I threw earlier.

Then, I created a hole on the butt part of this white school swimsuit.

「 Hiiiiii!!!! 」

Eri’s scared again.

I put the cutter on the side again.

I tear off the hole I opened and spread it wide.


I can see Eri’s anus now.

「 I’ll take a good look at Eri’s anus 」

I peek in.

「 N-Noooo!!! 」

Eri’s anus twitches.

「 It smells. Eri, are you wiping it properly? 」

「 Uuuu 」

Eri’s spilling tears of frustration, she’s not responding.


I stick out my finger to Rie who watches her sister’s silliness dumbfoundedly.

「 Rie put saliva in my fingers 」

「 Follow the order 」

Yomi told Rie, then she gives my finger a licking.

「 Okay, that’s good enough 」

I use my finger filled with Rie’s saliva.

Then, I gently touch Eri’s anus.

「 Kyauuu!!! 」

「 How does it feel to be like a kitten now? 」

Nobody ever touched this place of hers.

「 N-Nooo! Don’t touch it! Please don’t touch it 」

I’m not shoving my finger inside.

I’m not going intensely either, I gently stimulate her.

That’s more effective with her.

「 Oh, she’s twitching 」

「 Her anus is twitching 」

「 Don’t poop just because you’re receiving stimulation there 」

Ruriko, Mana, and Yomi laughed.

「 D-Don’t look! Don’t look at me there! 」

Eri trembles in shame.

Eri is more observant of her surroundings compared to Rie.

That’s the reason why Eri’s the one taking the initiative among the twins.

This kind of attack is more effective with Eri.

「 Look, Rie-san’s watching your anus too, Eri-chan 」

Mana said.

「 Uuuu, don’t look! Rie-chan, don’t look!!! 」

No matter how intimate the twins are, they don’t show their anus to each other.

She’s ready that I will rape her but she hadn’t imagined that I will do this kind of shame play.

「 That’s enough, isn’t it? Eri-chan doesn’t like it 」

Rie speaks in pain.

「 Not enough 」

I lick Eri’s anus. Which is wet with Rie’s saliva.

「 Hyaaaaa!!! 」

Eri trembles as the tongue lick her butt.

「 Bitter. This is bitter, Eri 」


「 Eri’s anus tastes incredibly bitter! 」

I speak loudly on purpose.

「 Nooooo! Don’t say that! 」

Eri blushes in shame.

「 Hey Rie, did you know how Eri’s ass tastes like? 」

Rie’s dumbfounded.

「 Have you ever licked Eri’s anus before? Since you were born, now? 」

They may have embraced each other, kissed each other, console each other.

They might even know how each other’s saliva and love nectar tastes like.

But, have they licked each other’s asses?

「 It seems that they haven’t 」

Yomi, who read Rie’s thoughts, replies instead.

These twins haven’t gone that far.

「 I guess so. I thought that it would be like that 」

I smiled.

「 But I do. I know something about Eri that you don’t 」

I’m going to destroy the closed world the twins live in. And I will be thorough with it.

「 You two seem to understand each other but it seems that you have a lot more you don’t know 」

A world where it’s just the two of them is an illusion.

If they don’t go out of that place and interact with other people.

The twins will have no future.

「 Eri, listen. 」 I shoved my dick inside Rie. I know how it feels inside Rie, how the entrance to her womb feels squishy. You don’t know that do you? You never will, Eri. After all, you don’t have a dick 」

Only a man’s penis can feel that sensation.

「 Now look. I’m going to taste Everything that Eri has and Rie doesn’t know 」

Finally, we’re about to start having sex…