Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 309. Longing for the『underground』


「The other students,『Kakka’s』…or the vassals of Kouzuki house are on the surface. No, it’s good that they don’t know the underground, but…I want to be『Kakka’s』vassal who rules the underground. That’s more interesting…and I can enter the center of Kouzuki group efficiently than fighting those in the surface. Currently,『Kakka』only has Yazawa-san entrusted to work on the underground so it’s possible for the young me to be the second in charge underground…!」

Kouzuki Kenshi grins.

「That’s why you followed us?」

Margo-san asks.

「Yes. I have to be using underground talents like you people in the future…If I don’t take initiative and put my danger like Yazawa-san, people from underground like you people won’t trust me, would you?」

This guy thinks of wanting to make us his people.
…He’s underestimating us.

「In the end…you’re still a child of the private school. You haven’t stepped out the frame of the private school just like the others…」
「…What do you mean?」

Kouzuki Kenshi reacts to what Margo-san said.

「You seem to be interested in what position you would take from the Kouzuki…or rather, that’s only your interest. But, you see…we’ve got nothing to do with it?」
「That’s not true isn’t it? Being involved with Kouzuki group should be beneficial for you as well. Either way, you’ll be incorporated with the underground of Kouzuki group…in that case, I would like to be appointed to the position to connect you with『Kakka』」

That’s Kouzuki Kenshi’s aim?

「Then, I’ll learn about the underground…and I will follow Chief Yazawa’s track and succeed to be the top of the underground division of the Kouzuki group」

Kouzuki Kenshi says composed.

「Kouzuki Kenshi-san…『Kakka』will never make these people members of his own underground」

Seki-san said.

「『Kakka』wants to return these people to the surface. Therefore, we’re trapped in this room right now…『Kakka』wants to settle everything with his own hands」
「I don’t believe that. There’s no way『Kakka』would do charity to the people of Kuromori house, would he? He should be thinking of it as a plot to make Kuromori house his subordinate in the end…!」

Kouzuki Kenshi knows my relationship with Misuzu…
He doesn’t know the whole picture of Kuromori family
What’s in our hearts…

「…It’s impossible for you」

Michi said

「You’re not someone from the underground. Not even standing at the entrance」

Michi’s cold eyes pierces Kouzuki Kenshi

「You don’t have a dark part in your heart…!」
「What do you mean? Even I have some darkness in my heart…I have desires and greed. I’m a normal healthy young man」

Kouzuki Kenshi’s still laughing

「That’s not what I meant…you have never stood in the darkness alone, have you? Those people who never had such experience will never understand us… !」

…in the darkness…
I remember.
In my house…the dark room with no electricity.
Wrapped up in the blanket on the sofa…enduring the coldness of the night with my own temperature.
Those times when I was alone.

「We have shaken off the pain, the sadness in that darkness alone, therefore; We are here right now…」

Michi had a period where she was raised by her grandfather, apart from her parents
Margo-san was chased away from an Indian settlement…there was a time she spent in a facility…
Nei-san…her parents and her brother, Kei-san died.
Everyone experienced lonely nights.

「Well, surely, I’m from the Kouzuki clan…it may be a priviledged lifestyle from the view of others but…what about it? Do you think that people who had experienced hardship in their life are greater?…That’s nonsense!」
「That’s what not she’s saying」

Seki-san comes in between.

「To make it simple…Kenshi-san doesn’t understand our feelings…!」
「When you compare yourself with other people, you’d feel that there’s something lacking. Or, the sense of loss when you lose something…you don’t know the frustration of those unbearable emotion…」

Reika follows up Seki-san.
Seki-san suffered from her alcoholic father.
Reika too…she parted with her family early, and lived with her grandfather.

「Reika-oneesan, it’s useless to explain those things…people who don’t understand never will…!」

Nei-san says with dark eyes.

「『You don’t know the taste of life unless you ate bread with tears』?…That’s foolish. You’re just drunk on the fact that you have experienced a painful past. You’re basking in your own amazingness from standing up from that situation」

Kouzuki Kenshi smiles as he makes fool of us.

「Rather than that…empty your heads and think simply of profit and loss. It would be better if you work with me in the future…I guarantee it!」

Really…are all rich kids like this?
No…Misuzu and Ruriko are different.
Those girls have deep darkness in their hearts.
Therefore…we’re attracted to each other.
We have become a『family』

「You’re the one who followed…you’ll only fall to hell. Either way, you’re the one who’s going to run away alone in the end」

Margo-san said.

「Well…everything’s give and take. In exchange, if everyone thinks they’re at disadvantage with me, then you can cut me off. Let’s dry up that part」
「…Really, you’re not suited for the underground work」

Margo-san looks at Kouzuki Kenshi with eyes of scorn.

「How about you start a black company and try exploiting a lot of people? I think you’re better suited for that job…!」

Nei-san looks at Kouzuki Kenshi like he’s garbage.

「You’re always in a position above the other party…you think you can just say everything looking down on them, don’t you? Staying with people you can deceive…they’re lacking information and dull people so you think you can do anything with them?」
「That’s an unexpected thought…I just live my own way. I’m often warned for having a bossy attitude but…people who are resolved to stand on others needs this much bluff I think」
「Just shut up you fucking idiot!」

Nei-san said.

「I’m saying you shut up…don’t ever speak again unless we tell you!」
「…No, I」


Michi’s whip and Reika’s cane pierces the floor in front of Kouzuki Kenshi at the same time…!

「…The next one would hit」
「Won’t you understand unless we use force…?」

Michi and Reika’s bloodlust…turned Kouzuki Kenshi silent as expected.

「You see, the people underground are okay to kill those who underestimate them. If you get underestimated, you can retaliate by killing. If not, it’ll chew you to your bones. You bite the other party to death no matter how powerful they are. We are all people who possess a fang…」

Margo-san said.

「Therefore…courtesy is important in the underground worl.d Those who can’t express courtesy will apologize by dying. The powerful can do anything just like the surface world. Strong people doesn’t have to lower their head and endure. Since the start, live, die…we’re in the world of kill or be killed」
「Or rather…let’s just kill him. Isn’t that way better?」

Nei-san said, Seki-san…

「Sorry but please let him live. Fujimiya-san and I would be in trouble if he dies here」

Yeah…both of them belong to Kouzuki security service.
It would be bad if Kouzuki Kenshi dies in front of them.

「Well then, let’s have him charge against the enemy. When that happens, Seki-san won’t take responsibility, would you? It’s fine, Dai Grepher came back alive. Instead of an iron fan, we’ll give you at least a slapstick!」

Nei-san says somewhat excited

「No…that is」

Kouzuki Kenshi tries to open his mouth

「…Shut up」

Michi glares at him.

「Though I feel pissed hearing his selfish logical development…thanks to that, I’ve seen it a bit」

Margo-san smiles

「The reason why Minaho went out of the basement with Kouzuki-san」
「What is it?」

I asked unconsciously.
I want to know Minaho-neesan’s intention

「Didn’t he say it a while ago?…The group of executives, Misuzu-san and others, and us. Kouzuki-san says that there’s different information restrictions on each group…I think that’s true」

Each one has a regulated amount of information to be accessed…?

「After all, it’s not wanted for the people on the upper floor to know much about the underground world…and I think that there are something he doesn’t want Misuzu to see. That’s what Kouzuki-san wants」

Well…I get that, but

「We don’t know what they don’t want us to see but…we’re the execution team on the underground. It would be troublesome to keep this a secret this late. Well, they keep the information restricted on our group…but either way, Kouzuki-san’s feelings for the upper floor and basement people are correctly analyzed by this person」

Margo-san looks at Kouzuki Kenshi’s face.

「But, if so…I thought of what kind of person Kouzuki-san thinks of himself?」

Jii-chan…what does he think of himself?

「Kouzuki-san wishes that his own relatives won’t know too much about the『underground』…In short, he thinks that he’s a person who’s very familiar with the people on the『underground』」

I-I see…

「True…Kouzuki-san has a lot of contacts in the『underground』world, and I think he’s more familiar with the『underground』more than the normal businessmen in the『surface』」

Margo-san sighs.

「This is all putting people like chief Yazawa and Michi-chan’s father in between. The head of Kouzuki family…shouldn’t make contact with the people『underground』by themselves. Chief Yazawa should be watching from behind always. He should be doing the groundwork that Kouzuki-san doesn’t know」

Yeah…that’s of course
Chief Yazawa should be watching from Jii-chan’s shadows so he won’t be in danger at any time.

「We now know what’s inside Kouzuki-san’s head but…」


「Kouzuki-san himself doesn’t know that he himself is a person of the『surface』just like the other executives. That person is the same as Kouzuki Kenshi over here…a person who’s been longing for the『underground』all the time」

Longing for the『underground』?

「Therefore…Kouzuki-san’s kind towards『Kuromori』 He has been generous with the old『Kuromori’s』Kuromori tower brothel since before…he was looking forward to coming to the mansion and taste the atmosphere of the『underground』 7He made the Kouzuki security service like the organization. Because he longs for the『underground』world…he thought of increasing the chances to be involved with the『underground』」

I see…normally, you won’t make a VIP guard company using your name.
If you think that company is necessary…then, just secretly make one that’s apart from Kouzuki group.
Make it look like it has nothing to do with the Kouzuki house’s company.
That way…you can easily act freely as the『underground』organization
… Ah, that’s why.
Kudou-papa doesn’t belong to Kouzuki security service…he’s doing a『Kudou detective office』on his own.
There’s such a big writing on their office car saying…『We have a business relationship with Kouzuki security service but we’re people of a different company』, is an appeal to the people of the『underground』
That way…the people『underground』people can easily make contact with Kudou-papa…

「The problem you see…Kouzuki-san believes that he’s closer to the『underground』because of the increased opportunities to make contact with them」

Jii-chan belives so.
That he has a stronger feeling of familiarity with the『underground』…
He’s concerned and doesn’t want to let his family know too much about the underground.
But in fact…he’s showing restricted infromation

「But…Kouzuki-san’s truly a『surface』man Kouzuki-san isn’t a person from the『underground』 I think that gap in perception is very dangerous」


「I think that Minaho has heard Kouzuki-san’s true purpose when they were alone in the room」

His true purpose.

「Kouzuki-san had to bring Cesario Viola’s party here even if at the expense of the hotel…」

There must be a meaning…a purpose.

「And, in order to achieve that goal…Kouzuki-san has to get out of the basement and return to the upper floor. He told Minaho the reason…and I think he convinced Minaho But, Minaho thought that it was dangerous to let Kouzuki-san go upstairs alone」

Therefore…Minaho-neesan head upstairs with him

「Minaho…she’s an『underground』person to her bones. She thinks properly as a person from the『underground』and she judged that it’s better to be by Kouzuki-san’s side」
「…Isn’t Chief Yazawa here too? Isn’t there no problems even if chief stays by『Kakka’s』side instead of Kuromori-sama?」

Seki-san speaks her doubt.

「Is there a reason why Kouzuki-san who escaped from the basement can’t join up with Yazawa-san immediately? Like negotiating with someone where Yazawa-san isn’t present. If not, then Minaho won’t leave the『family』and follow Kouzuki-san」

Yeah…Minaho-neesan is like that.
Perhaps, this negotiation would involve our『family』in the future
Therefore, Minaho-neesan didn’t tell anyone and escaped the basement with Jii-chan

「Now then…here’s the problem」

Margo-san said

「What are we going to do?」


「Are we going to stay in in the absolute line made by Yazawa-san, looking at the restricted information and wait until morning?」

Margo-san laghs…

「Though, if the enemy breaks the defense line of Kouzuki security service, the enemy units will rise to this floor」
「Well…if we determine the main enemy unit and contain the movement of the other teams, we can exterminate Cesario Viola by putting out all the forces. I think that the current situation is advantageous to us」

Seki-san says, but…

「But, there are four people missing, right? I think there’s still opportunities for the enemy to turn the tables」

Right…Miss Cordelia and the white Viola. Then, there’s a mysterious person.
It’s no miracle if something happens in the future.

「…Anyway, I think it’s better if we leave this room!」

Nei-san said「」

「I think so too. I can’t just agree to wait…I don’t want restricted information from someone, I want to know the truth」

Margo-san smiles with Nei-san

「I’ve got to verify it with chief Yazawa…」

Seki-san, a top elite of Kouzuki security service…has said.

「I think, when we had Seki-san and Reika with us…I think that Yazawa-san is assuming that we’re escaping this room」

I said

「Didn’t Yazawa-san try to take Seki-san and Reika away from us?」
「But…in the end, he agreed to let the two accompany us. With Reika’s strength, we can just tear away this door. If Yazawa-san really wants to keep us locked in this room, he’ll definitely never let Reika go with us」

He should’ve given them a different order or something.
Chief Yazawa is Reika’s direct boss.

「Besides…we have access to the hotel’s maze map. Don’t this mean that he’s assuming that we’re leaving this room?」

That’s probably the case.

「I’m sure that chief Yazawa is uneasy」

Seki-san asks me.

「Yes. I think that Yazawa-san is uneasy that Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan are unguarded. Therefore, I think that Yazawa-san wishes that we join up with Jii-chan from the bottom of his heart…!」