Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 310. Dark night route


「I think so too. Yazawa-san knows that we will leave this room…of course he won’t admit it officially」

Margo-san said

「But still…I think we should contact Chief Yazawa」

Seki-san said.

「I don’t think it’s good to act according to hypothesis」

As Chief Yazawa’s subordinate, she thinks that she should ask her boss’ judgement before anything.

「If you ask for his official stance…he’ll say we shouldn’t come out」

Nei-san said

「I can understand the feeling that you don’t want to be trapped in this room but this is safer for now. This is four floors above Chief Yazawa’s absolute defense line. If by any chance the enemy breaks through the defense line, we can escape to the upper floors…」
「I didn’t come here to just run away!」

Seki-san and Nei-san confront each other

「Now then…that’s the problem」

Margo-san smiles wryly

「Seki-san is thinking of our safety first. Of course, that’s very important. But…」

Margo-san’s eyes look at Nei-san

「Nei…thinks that she has to confront Viola. If not, she won’t be able to escape her past suffering. I myself want to help Nei no matter what. I intend to go to the bottom of hell with her but…I won’t force everyone to join」

The people’s gaze gather around Margo-san

「I want you all to decide what do you want to do from now on」


「I…of course, will follow Nei-san and Margo-san. Until the end」

I’ve made my resolve long ago

「I’m only to protect Master. That’s my promise with Misuzu-sama」

Michi responded immediately

「I’ll go too…!」

Seki-san’s surprised from what Reika said

「…I’m the『Onee-san』so I have the obligation to protect these children」

Reika’s prioritizing being our elder sister more than being the guard of Kouzuki security service.

「What about Yukino?」

When I asked Yukino…she put down the cup she’s drinking tea from

「Of course, I’ll go with you people」


「I feel uneasy in this room. I don’t want to stay any longer」

…Does that mean?

「Fu, fufufufu」

Kouzuki Kenshi laughs

「I see, that’s how it is…!」


「This room of course has surveillance cameras, even bugged. Of course, this conversation is all heard」

By Who?
The one’s holding the monitor system right now is…
Chief Yazawa and Jii-chan

「If you don’t want『Kakka』to continue watching you idling around in this room…then I guess it’s better to go outside」

Kouzuki Kenshi looks at me.

「I’ve said it earlier but…I don’t have anything anymore」

Kouzuki Kenshi who had his father exposed as the traitor…he can’t stay in Kouzuki group unless he shows his allegiance to Jii-chan

「Either way…you should feel the horror of the real『underground』world by experience. You’re just too big-headed right now」

Margo-san comments on Kouzuki Kenshi

「I know it’s better to be scared. Well, I’m already ready for it…」

Just how long will that frivolous talk last…?
But…now that even Kouzuki Kenshi is going to leave this room.
What’s left is…

「…I get it already」

Seki-san aighs

「If I don’t go with you you won’t be able to move around the hotel! I’ll go! I’ll follow you around okay!」

Seki-san is the only one who memorized the map of the maze hotel.
In truth…without Seki-san, we can’t get out of the room.

「Chief Yazawa! You’re watching anyway! I’m going to follow these children. You can fire me for violating orders or something!」

Seki-san shouts at the surveillance cameras.

「Sorry…you’ve got troublesome『little brothers and sisters』」

Nei-san tells Seki-san

「I love you Onee-chan!」

Seki-san blushes in embarrassment.

「I haven’t decided whether I would become your sister or not!」
「But still…you already are. Our Onee-chan…!」

Nei-san said smiling.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Reika…break the door!」

Reika holds her death cane.

「There’s no need to do this…if Yazawa-san wishes for us to escape then he can just unlock the door」

Kouzuki Kenshi says ironically

「Yazawa-san is a salary man you see…he would be in trouble later if there’s no evidence that we escaped on our own. He’ll say『I heard that they’re likely to escape from the bug but when I tried to deal with it, they already broke the door and left the room』」

Margo-san said.

「…Here I come」


The special alloy stick pierces and destroy the electronic lock part of the door!


「Okay, it’s open…let’s go」

Margo-san goes out of the room first.
Margo-san explored the door leading to the『headquarters』which is on the other side of the corridor just in case.
The doorknob doesn’t turn.
She knocks into the thick metal door.

「Yeah…looks like they’re not on this floor.」

The『headquarters』is an elevator, and it’s built to move around 5 floors freely.
Right now…it’s likely that they moved to another floor.

「This floor is the top floor where the『headquarters』can move, right?」

Nei-san nodded at Margo-san’s question.
Then that means that Chief Tanziawa is on the lower floors.

「Then, should we go down?」

Assuming we want to confront Cesario Viola…we only have to go down
Of course…that’s going to a more dangerous location

「Should I be the vanguard?」

Seki-san who’s the master of the map proposes to Margo-san…

「No. We’ll change the formation but, Seki-san will have to stay in the second row please」

Margo-san answered.

「The vanguard will be Michi-chan」
「If you think something’s strange even if it’s just slight, report it. No, I don’t mind if you attack before attacking. I’ll leave that to Michi-chan’s judgement」

Margo-san seems to be intending to make full use of Michi’s ability to feel the『Qi』

「Take out your whip…if you take it out when you feel the danger, you won’t make it in time」

Michi takes out the red whip from under her skirt.

「Seki-san will be on second row, please navigate Michi-chan and make follow-ups」
「I better have my pistol out too, right?」

Seki-san takes out the revolver pistol from her concealed holster

「Oh, that’s not automatic? Don’t automatic have a higher number of bullets than the revolver?」

Margo-san looks interested.

「It’s better to have more bullets if you’re a combatant, but…I’m a guard. We’re not supposed to take the initiative to attack you see? Therefore, I’m using a revolver that works reliably in any situation than an automatic with a large number of bullets」
「Since the level of the machines are better than they used to be, it’s rare for the automatic to jam, isn’t it?」
「But…this lumpy pistol somehow makes me calm. It’s trustworthy, or rather」
「Oh…that’s great」

Margo-san’s convinced from what Seki-san said.

「Then…Reika-oneesan will be on the third row. Please guard Nei, him, and Yukino-san」

Reika’s weapon can only attack at short range.
Margo-san seems to have judged that it’s better for her to change positions with Michi

「Then, I’ll be on the rear」

Margo-san takes command while watching the surroundings from the back
That part doesn’t change.

「Uhm, what about me?」

Kouzuki Kenshi asks.

「You’re going to follow us three meters behind. When enemy comes attacking you then shout out loud. We’ll change to an interception stance while you’re rolling around in pain. Try not to be killed instantly without making at least a noise. You’re the shield when we’re attacked from the behind so try to attract the enemy before you die」

Margo-san said smiling.

「Uhm…I’m going to get killed?」
「Who knows? Well, try to do your best alone. If you’re lucky then you would live with just a major injury?」

Margo-san clearly declares she’s not willing to protect Kouzuki Kenshi

「Ahahaha…that’s a nice joke」
「No jokes…I’m serious」

Margo-san’s eyes are cold.

「Sorry but, from now on…we are already filled with just protecting our『family』 Take care of yourself. We don’t have any obligation to help you」

Kouzuki Kenshi seems to have noticed that he’s in the danger zone for the first time.
Kouzuki Kenshi who’s been treated as a special member of Kouzuki house all this time…
He has been taught and convinced that it’s natural for others to take care and protect him.
But…in this place.
That『logic』doesn’t work.
We’re already are at the limit of just protecting ourselves.
We don’t have the leeway to protect other people.

「As expected…should I shut in myself in that room?」
「Are you sure about that? That room’s door is broken already…you don’t mind being alone in there?」

Margo-san smiles

「…I’ll go with everyone」

Kouzuki Kenshi steels himself.

「Okay…let’s go with this formation Seki-san, please navigateus」
「…We’re going down?」


「Perhaps…Kouzuki-san and Minaho are below this floor. If the whole fight is planned by Kouzuki-san…then he should be thinking of interviewing Cesario Viola when the enemy strength is exhausted」

Jii-chan’s going to meet Viola?
A direct interview…????!

「That’s the only reason I could think of why he brought Cesario Viola to this hotel」

Margo-san tells me.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Next…go right on the next corner」

Seki-san guides us based on the map she has on her head.
Michi goes at the front searching for the enemy presence…if there’s no problem then she moves forward.
It can’t be helped if it takes time.
Lives are invaluable.

「There’s no enemy around this area anyway」

Kouzuki Kenshi said.

「This is the 24th floor. It’s above Chief Yazawa’s absolute defense line. There’s no way we would encounter an『enemy』 Won’t you understand that if you think about it?」
「Didn’t we tell you about four people infiltrating during the first fight, did we?」

Margo-san tells Kouzuki Kenshi

「There’s only four of them right? They’re going to be recon or something anyway. I don’t think that they would be recklessly pick a fight. In the first place, they must have not reached this floor yet?」

Kouzuki Kenshi states his self-theory

「Well, I wonder?」

MArgo-san answers while checking the back.

「Miss Cordelia is someone who has teamed up with Kyouko-san in the past. If so…I think that it’s possible that she can do anything…」

Margo-san doesn’t lower her guard.


Michi…the vanguard, stopped

「What’s wrong, Michi?」
「Somehow, I feel some strange『Qi』」

Michi drops her waist and sets up her whip

「…Behind too」

Margo-san said

「…It’s coming!」

Margo-san pulls Kouzuki Kenshi’s arms and pushes him in the middle

「Seki-san, Reika-oneesan!」
「…Got it!」
「…Here too!」

Seki-san follows up Michi on front
Reika looks behindMargo-san

「No, something’s in there!」

Yukino points at the ceiling…not the front, not the back
Looking up!
There’s a person wearing a gray protective suit sticking on the ceiling!

「They completely erased their presence…?!」

The ceiling fighter attacks from the above!!!