Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 151 : Parting



Before long… the car arrived at Yukino’s house.
It’s a three story house in a high-class residential area.
White walls and blue roof…is the first floor a garage?
The second floor terrace is wide, it looks like a garden.
It’s quite a mansion…
As expected of a director of a top advertising agency…

「…There doesn’t seem to be any chasing cars」

Minaho-neesan has said

「If ever that was the case, I changed the route three times…repeated left turns too」
「…Repeated left turns?」
「What will happen if you turn left four times on a close spot?」

Minaho-neesan smiles at me through the mirror.
Turn left, turn left, turn left, turn left…

「…We’re just going back to the same place?」
「That’s how it is…and if there’s still a same car coming after us, you should consider that someone’s coming after you right?」

…I see
So you can confirm it like that.

「AH…It seems that they noticed us」

When our car has approached…


The iron door of Yukino’s house has opened automatically.

「…Eh, why?」

Yukino’s surprised.

「There should be no one in the house right now…!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「…That’s not necessarily true」

I already have guessed who it is.

「Now…Shall we enter Yukino-san’s house?」

Minaho-neesan enters the car in the garage.
The garage is wide that it can fit five cars in it.
The Benz inside must be Shirasaka Sousuke’s.
…Next to it
…As expected.
One car is parked there.
…Blue minivan.
That was the car Katsuko-nee was driving a while ago.
Mana should be inside that car.
In short…Mana used her key to open the house.
Perhaps it’s also her who operates the garage…


…The iron door of the garage closes once again.
After confirming that it’s completely closed…Minaho-neesan speaks out.

「…Everyone, get off」

I confirm that Yukino can’t run away.
No…Kudou-chan has already gone ahead and stare at her.

「I won’t let the enemy escape!」

The petite middle school beautiful girl looks up and says that to a high school girl, it looks funny, but…
Yukino has seen Kudou-chan’s martial arts and knows .
It would be a problem if the 『Victory Hammer』or the 『Jupiter Thunderbolt』 would be taken out again so…she follows quietly.

「…Yukino-san, where’s the entrance?」

Minaho-neesan asks Yukino happily.

「On top of the stairs there」

As expected…the front door is on the second floor.

「Is that so…please guide us」

Minaho-neesan orders Yukino.

「…I get it…I should just go there shouldn’t I?!」

Yukino takes the initiative and leads the way.
After climbing a ten step stair…A big door was there.
It’s a big door…even a piano can enter here.
Another stone staircase continues from the garage to outside the house.
Yukino tries to take out the key to her house from her uniform.
At that moment…the lock from the house clicked and unlocks.


Yukino looks frightened.

「…Open the door」

Minaho-neesan said.
Yukino turns to Minaho-neesan.
「What are you planning?」her eyes say.

「…Hurry up already!」

Minaho-neesan urges her…
Yukino opens the big door…
The door opens to the outside.
…Inside the house.
Mana on her bunny girl suit is standing…

「…Welcome home, everyone」1

Mana bows deeply to us.
Yup…Middle school girls in bunny suit looks good.

The bunny suit makes Mana’s growing body line emerge clearly.
Unlike Kudou-chan who’s a washboard, Mana’s plump and her breast is swelling…
The subtle budging is indescribably great.
Also…Her legs are long and the proportion of her body was originally good.

「Maika…W-What are you wearing!」

Yukino speaks out her complaint to her sister’s obscene appearance instinctively.
However…Mana ignores Yukino completely.
Mana goes to the stone where you take off the shoes from the entrance.
The entrance on Yukino’s house is wide that it has a wider space to take off your shoes than ordinary houses.


Mana puts her hand on that floor and kneels in front of Misuzu.

「…M-Maika…W-What’s going on with you?」

Yukino’s surprise isn’t odd at all.
Her own sister greets us on her bunny costume and suddenly kneels in front of Misuzu.

「…I’ve been extremely impolite yesterday. I’m very sorry. From now on, I intend to be reborn with my body and soul and all my best…please forgive me…!」

Misuzu smiled at Mana.

「Okay…Misuzu is fine as long as you understand…!」

Misuzu turned to Megu.
She smiled happily.

「You properly disciplined her…well done, Megumi-san!」


「Yoshi-kun and I did our best. Minaho-san and Tamayo-san has given us a lot of advice too…Katsuko-san and Nagisa-san has helped us as well」

It has been a lot of trouble since last night until morning.
Speaking of which, where is Katsuko-nee?

「…What is going on with you, Maika?!」

Yukino demands an explanation from her sister.
Mana doesn’t answer.
She’s kneeling and looking up at Misuzu…ignoring Yukino.

「…Do you mind introducing the person I meet for the first time?」

Kudou-chan’s wearing the same uniform as Misuzu…
To be accurate, Misuzu’s on the high school and Kudou-chan is on the middle school…the details on the uniform are slightly different…
But still, you can clearly see that she’s someone Misuzu brought in.

「I do not…This girl is Kudou Michi. She’s Misuzu’s guard」

Kudou-chan comes in front.

「Kudou style old martial arts…Kudou Michi. Instructed by Kouzuki-sama, I’m here to guard Misuzu-sama…!」

Kudou-chan bows dignified to Mana.
Yup…She’s really a warrior.
All of her actions are sharp…
Mana bows down to Kudou-chan while still kneeling.

「I’m Yoshida Mana…I’ve been made as Onii-chan’s『slave』 I became a 『slave』recently so I still don’t know the ropes. But, I want to serve as a 『slave』with all my heart. My best regards…!」

The warrior girl’s eyes turned round…

「…『Slave』is it?」

Misuzu laughs.

「That’s right…She has become Danna-sama’s 『slave』」

Kudou-chan looks at me.
Certainly, it’s a problem in various meanings.

「…I became a 『Slave』on my own will!」

Mana tells Kudou-chan…

「I…had an ugly heart…a bad girl. Therefore, I decided to start over again as Onii-chan’s 『slave』…!」

Mana looks up at me while her hands are still on the floor.

「…It is what she has wished for so there’s no helping it, is there?」

Misuzu tells Kudou-chan laughingly.

「Are you okay…being a『slave』?」

Kudou-chan asks Mana.

「Yes…If I don’t fall to a 『slave』, a girl with a bad personality like me cannot start over」

Mana says.

「Kudou-san too, please treat me as a 『slave』. I’m a foolish girl who gets conceited when people gets nice to her after all…」


「She’ll be Danna-sama’s 『slave』in the end…You can’t give her selfish orders just because she’s a 『slave』…!」

Misuzu smiles at Kudou-chan.

「Yes…Mana is Onii-chan’s 『Little sister slave』and 『sex slave』…!」

The middle school girl in her bunny suit speaks with her cheeks blushing.

「…M-Maika! Just what happened to you!!」

Yukino who turned speechless from the overwhelming change of her sister…shouts at Mana.
Mana speaks coldly to her sister yelling aloud.

「Please be quiet…Yukino-san」

Mana calls her real sister『Yukino-san』.

「…I have been living with Yukino-san for a long time but that ends now. Thank you for taking care of me in various ways」

Mana bows to Yukino in a cold manner.

「W-What are you saying…!」
「I am already Onii-chan’s 『slave』…therefore I have to live serving Onii-chan everyday」

I noticed three bags put on the entrance.
…I see.
Mana came to pick up her personal items.
She’s really determined to get out of her home and live with us.

「Stop this already! This kind of joke isn’t funny at all!」

Yukino scolds her little sister.

「This isn’t a joke…Mana will really come out of her house and live with Onii-chan. Goodbye…Yukino-san」

Tears pile up in Mana’s eyes.


Yukino turned speechless.

「…Shirasaka Maika is no longer here. I’m Yoshida Mana. Therefore…Yukino-san isn’t Onee-san anymore…!」

Mana looks up at Megu.

「My Onee-san is only Megu-Oneesan…!」

Hearing that…Yukino got shocked.

「That’s right…Mana became my little sister. Don’t worry…I will take care of this girl, I won’t let her suffer…!」

Megu tells Yukino…

「It’s okay to think of Misuzu as your Onee-san too! We’re members of 『sister’s association』after all!」

Misuzu smiles at Mana.

「…Thank you very much. But, Mana is an inexperienced 『slave』…so I don’t think it’s good for everyone to treat me as a 『sister』yet. First, I need to be supervised strictly by Megu-oneechan…I want to be able to function as Onii-chan’s 『slave』」

…In the end.
Due to the blunder of her grandfather and mother…and his father downfall becoming definite…Mana’s thought has changed from the root.
Mana knows that she can no longer continue her current life.
From now on…she has to live relying on me and Minaho-neesan.
No…Mana chose this herself.
Instead of being labeled by Ichikawa-san’s house as 『stained』and live bathing in cold eyes…
This 14 year old girl chose and prepared…
To live with me and among 『Kuromori』…
She abandons her home and family.

「Megumi…do you intend to take away my little sister from me?」

Yukino glares at Megu with a frightful look.

「Let’s see…that might be the result」

Megu answered calmly.

「But…that is what she chose」

Megu looks at Mana.

「Yes…Mana is the one who asked for it. Yukino-san has nothing to do with this!」

When Mana said that…Yukino!


She tries to slap Mana!!
I hold down her hand!

「What are you doing!」
「Don’t do anything selfish to my 『slave』!」
「She’s my little sister!」
「…Not anymore!!」

Hearing what I said…Yukino trembles in surprise.
Mana looks up at Yukino.

「…If you want to slap me then do it. We’re already parting after all…」

She smiled at Yukino sadly.

「A lot have happened…fun, painful…But, Yukino-san」

Yukino begins to tremble.

「You are just『Yukino-san』to me now…I’m someone unrelated to Shirasaka house already…!」

Mana’s determination is hard.

「I really thank you for everything. But…I will forget about Yukino-san. I have to live as Onii-chan’s 『slave』…as Yoshida Mana from now on. The memory of being Yukino-san’s little sister will be an obstacle for me in the future…!」

Yukino cried from what Mana said.

「…Maika no bakaa!」

Mana shook her head slowly…

「…Shirasaka Maika is no longer here. The foolish girl who was born in Shirasaka house and thought that 『I am special』…must be completely erased. Therefore, I am Yoshida Mana…As a human being on the bottom as a 『slave』, I have to redo everything from scratch」

Mana…tries to bury her 『Shirasaka Maika』character…
For that reason…she has to be the reverse of the 『girl born to a wealthy distinguished family』existence.
She’s trying to become my 『slave』…
That is Mana’s resolution to throw her house away.,

「Mana-san…you’re free to have sex with Yoshida-kun in Maika’s room」

Minaho-neesan tells Mana.

「If you want to break away from『Shirasaka Maika』…This is the last」


「I who have a status of a『slave』…cannot keep Onii-chan for herself…」

Mana looks at Misuzu and Megu.

「Please join the fun in Maika-san’s room… I do not mind being last…!」

Misuzu approached Mana who’s kneeling on the floor and hold her head kindly.
Mana’s head got enveloped in Misuzu’s soft chest.


Mana’s surprised.

「…You really have become cute. I’m very happy…Mana-san」

Misuzu looks very happy.

「You see…Misuzu and Megumi-san wants Mana-san to become be Danna-sama’s doll whenever we can’t be with him」
「Whenever Danna-sama feels slightly turned on, you’ll be a doll that takes the initiative…」
「…Like a toilet」

Mana laughs.

「You’re not a toilet…Mana’s so cute」

Misuzu pats Mana’s cheeks kindly.

「I’m fine being a toilet…Mana is a 『Sex slave』after all. It is as Misuzu-san says…I’ll become a woman that will serve Onii-chan immediately whenever he feels it and the others aren’t present. Please use me like a toilet and let out a lot of semen inside Mana…Onii-chan!」

Mana looks up at me with moist eyes.

「That’s right…Mana-san’s job is to make Danna-sama feel good. Spend your daily life thinking about only Danna-sama…!」
「…Good girl. Mana」

Misuzu embraces Mana.

「You no longer need Yukino right?」

Megu said.
The stunned Yukino got startled.

「I will take care of Yoshi-kun in the school」

Megu smiles defiantly to Yukino.

「Misuzu too…if I have my time, I will come to meet Danna-sama…!」

Misuzu smiles at Yukino.

「If it’s in the house, I’m present!」

Katsuko-nee wearing a suit comes down on the stairs at the side of the entrance.
It seems that she has been on the third floor…

「With this…if Mana-chan takes care of him too, it’ll be perfect…」

Katsuko-nee grins…

「Yes…I will do my best to serve as a 『sex』slave」

Minaho-neesan speaks in addition to Mana.

「…My. With this, Yukino-san doesn’t seem to be needed anymore, is that right?」

Minaho-neesan laughs.
It’s exactly a ridicule.

「Right, Mana-san is here already…You don’t need Yukino-san anymore do you?」

Misuzu laughs brightly.

「That’s right. Yoshi-kun doesn’t need to do someone like Yukino anymore…!」

Megu…rubs her body to me.

「Y-You people…what did you do to Maika?」


「In just one day…she has changed this much…what did you do to Maika?!!!」

Yukino shouts.

「…The same thing that happened to Yukino」

…Yeah, that’s right.
Raped…I stole her virginity…
Violating her multiple times at night…It’s almost the same as Yukino’s first experience night.

「…Experiencing the same thing…she has changed, Yukino-san didn’t. That’s the only difference」

Minaho-neesan said.

「…Is that so, Maika…have you…been raped…by this man…?!」

Yukino asks her former little sister.

「Yes, I have been raped! After that, Onii-chan has been loving me overnight…!」
「Maika…do you understand what are you saying?!」

Has changed her expression.

「…I do. Yukino-san is the one who doesn’t know anything…!」
「…What do you mean by that?!」

Yukino doesn’t know the current situation with Shirasaka Sousuke and the surroundings of Shirasaka house.

「…Doesn’t Yukino-san not know her own standing right now?!」

Mana…speaks harshly to her former older sister.

「I’m already on Onii-chan’ side. I’ve become their ally…No, I had to throw everything away to become their ally!」

Mana throws all of her pent up emotions against Yukino!

「Shirasaka house, my name, my pride…unless throw everything and fall into a『slave』…there would be no other way to become an ally of people who are enemies of Shirasaka 『house』!」

That is what Mana learned through the night of regret.

「No…Even now I’m still being tested. They will be accepting me as their ally for the moment…but if I do something that makes them doubt me, these people would cast me away instantly…!」


「That’s right…I intended to not forgive you if you called Yukino-san 『Onee-chan』even once…!」

Minaho-neesan said with a dark smile.

「Same here…If Mana has said anything rude to Misuzu-san, I planned to slap her without mercy…」

Megu said.
Megu realizes that she must guide as Mana’s 『Sister』

「Onii-chan is a straightforward and honest person so…he’s easy to fool but…」

Mana looks at me.
Yeah…I think it’s easy.
I’m a simple and stupid man after all…

「But…the other people…these people…I can’t keep lying to them. Everyone’s intelligent and scary people…!」

…Minaho-neesan. Katsuko-nee. Misuzu. Megu.

Yup…they all have good insight and observation skills.
Even those who aren’t here…Margo-san and Nei-san…
Even Nagisa, she’s soft but she looks at people properly.
Everyone’s a 『woman』without gaps

「Therefore…I’d like to tell Yukino-san who took care of me until today…」

Mana speaks to her sister.

「If you want to come to this side…you should throw everything away…!」

Those words…seems to be the last affection she has for her sister.


Flinched from it…Katsuko-nee handcuffed Yukino’s arms.

「W-What are you doing!」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「It doesn’t look good to let the hostage remain free forever…」

…That’s right.
Now that Mana is a member of our side…
Yukino is the only 『Hostage』…

「Have fun until 3 o’clock…!」

Minaho-neesan tells us.
3 o’clock…The report of Shirasaka Sousuke’s arrest in Australia will flow to the mass media

「I will be helping out Katsuko」


「We’re going to search Shirasaka Sousuke’s house」

Katsuko-nee makes a wry smile.

「We have to take away all the data about 『Kuromori』」

…I see,
Minaho-neesan thinks that the police will be searching this house eventually…
And she’s trying to take out any indications of his relationship with 『Kuromori』right now

「Should I help out too?」
「Help us carry the computer later」


「We don’t have the time to examine the computer…Also, you can revive data erased from the hard disk. Therefore…We brought the same model from what Shirasaka uses from the mansion. We’re only copying the trivial desktop parts to the new computer」

I see…they originally planned to carry Shirasaka’s computer.

「Just say it if you need help with anything」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「You can just have sex with everyone. They won’t be having fun if you’re not with them, you know?」


「Also…one of your important task is to annoy Yukino-san」

…Annoy Yukino-san?
Minaho-neesan said.

「Go to Maika-san’s room and embrace Mana-san. After that…Go to Yukino-san’s room and embrace Megu」

Embrace Megu in Yukino’s room?

「…N-No way! Not in my room!!!!」

Yukino seems to really don’t want it!
Other people would make her room dirty.
Even including Megu to it…Her whole body shows disgust.

「Megumi…you’re okay with that?」

Megu nods at Minaho-neesan’s question.

「Yes…I’ll receive Yoshi-kun’s love in Yukino’s bed…!」


  1. The raw says “we’ve been waiting, everyone” but it would sound rude coming from this character so I’ve changed it to make it a bit more polite