Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 184 : The role in the Family.



I just throw the words that pop in my head to Nei-san.

「I think there’s nobody in the world who must not become happy…!」


「Nei-san…you decide by yourself that『you can not become happy』…but that’s not true in reality…because」

Eei…just say it!

「I’ll surely make Nei-san happy…! I’m an idiot so I don’t know how to make Nei-san happy right now but…but, I’ll think about it desperately! I’ll test out everything! I’ll devote myself for it!」
「Of course…I think it’ll take a lot of time. Therefore…giver me some time. For the time being…ten years. No, twenty years…if I can’t do it in twenty years then make it my lifetime. I’ll make you happy even if it takes a lifetime…that’s why!」

Nei-san’s tears shine in the dim room.
She’s looking at me.

「…Fufu, Yoshida-kun, is that a proposal?」

Margo-san said with a wry smile.

「It’s not! It’s not something that not-serious!!」


「My my…proposals are serious you know!」

Margo-san said.

「Well…that’s true but that’s not it! It’s not that I want to marry Nei-san or even make her my lover! I just want to make her happy! I don’t mind even if Nei-san marries a man other than me. But, I just want Nei-san to be smiling and be happy…!」

My head is in a mess.
After listening to Nei-san’s very sad story…

「I…I don’t understand happiness. How do you make people happy? What can I do to make people happy? I don’t know. I…What should I do?」

Nei-san holds my hand.

「…Thank you, Yo-chan. Those words are enough for me!」

Nei-san looks at me while shedding scalding tears!

「No! That’s not it! Isn’t this just words?! What I want is to make you happy from the bottom of your heart!」
「…I’m happy. Yo-chan is saying that for me」
「No no no…I haven’t done anything yet! I will do it from now on! I’ll do my best! I don’t know what to do or what to work hard on but…I’ll desperately work hard for it…!」

I don’t know what to do at all…
But, I knew…
Right now, I…
I can’t heal the sadness in Nei-san’s heart from the loss of Kei-san…

「…Yo-chan, that is good enough for me now」

Nei-san looks down and said.
That’s not the case…!

「…Nei. Could you stop depending on your brother?」

Minaho-neesan’s voice comes from a high place.
Minaho-neesan is going down the stairs from the principal’s office.

「…Sensei, what do you mean by that?」

Nei-san looks up at Minaho-neesan and asked.

「…Nei, how old are you this year?」

Nei-san answered.

「You were the youngest of『Kuromori』three years ago. Yukiyo joined in after that but…both of you were on the same age but you don’t mingle that much. Agnes is a concealed existence…」

Minaho-neesan speaks while going down the stairs slowly.

「But…it’s different now. Right now…you’re an『Elder sister』…!」

Nei-san’s surprised.

「Weren’t you the one who said that you want to start the『Sister’s Association』?」

That’s right…Nei-san was the one who proposed『Sister’s Association』

「…Yes, Sensei」
「You have always wanted to be the elder sister figure, right?」

Minaho-neesan smiles at Nei-san.

「Un…I think so…I」

Minaho-neesan looks at Megu and Mana who’s sleeping…

「Is Megumi and Mana not cute?」
「…I think they’re cute」
「What about Misuzu?」
「…I think she’s cute」
「…Then what do you think about Yoshida-kun?」
「He’s unbearably cute!」

…Nei-san shouted with a serious look

「Then…stop saying that『I can’t become happy』 The『little sisters and brother』would be worried if their『elder sister』said that, right?」
「If you want to be the『Onee-san』…then strengthen yourself!」

Nei-san’s eyes have large tears spilling

「…Yes, Sensei」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「Yoshida-kun…Nei’s misunderstanding it a bit」


「Nei’s definitely the elder sister among the twins but…Nei’s feeling of『I have to be the elder sister』is strong But…twins are special aren’t they? In the end…even they’re in the same age, Kei-kun was the man… Actually, she has lived as a『younger sister』for long…protected by Kei-kun…!」

I see…even in Nei-san’s story earlier…
Kei-san, as one of the twin sibling…as a man…he protected Nei-san. He didn’t have the inferiority complex just because he was the『younger brother』
Nei-san has the inferiority complex of『I have to become the Elder sister』…but, Nei-san herself who has that complex has always been protected by someone all the time.

「Even now…Nei’s being pampered by Yoshida-kun who’s much younger than her. If you really want to become Yoshida-kun’s『Onee-san』…then shouldn’t you take the initiative and act to make Yoshida-kun happy」


「Yes…I think so too. I’m a weak girl. I was wrong…!」

Her tears spill down…

「Do you think the『Onee-san』who thinks『I can never be happy』…can make her 『brother』happy?」
「…I don’t think so」
「Then…running away from Yoshida-kun this late won’t be allowed. There’s nobody else who loves you as much as this boy…!」

…My Nei-san

「Margo…I’ll take over the monitoring. Take a shower with Nei」

Minaho-neesan told Margo-san.

「This girl cries too much that her face turned horrible…help her out」
「…Roger, Minaho」

Margo-san stand up from her seat and goes to Nei-san.

「Now…Margo-oneesan will be taking care of you…!」
「I’m Nei’s『Onee-san』after all…it’s okay to get spoiled by me as much as you want…!」

Nei-san clings to Margo-san then cries.

「Hmm…I’ll listen to you in the shower room…okay?」

Margo-san turned to me…

「Don’t worry about her…I’ve been her『Onee-san』for three years already…!」

She smiled and said…
Then…the two disappeared in the shower room…

「…Not convinced, Yoshida-kun?」

Minaho-neesan takes a seat in the monitor room then asks me.


Either way…I don’t have the strength to help Nei-san.
I’m just a kid.
I’m not an adult like Minaho-neesan nor Margo-san…

「Don’t make that kind of face…stop trying to bear everything yourself. We’re『family』aren’t we…?」


「You’ve got elder sisters you can talk to easily…on the other side, there are some that can’t be solved by the young ones. That’s what『family』is, isn’t it?」

Minaho-neesan just checks the monitor, she’s not looking at me.

「Sorry…I don’t get that」

I don’t have any brothers…
I don’t have any experience on family mingling either…

「Oh right…then make it easy to understand…Katsuko!」

Minaho-neesan called Katsuko-nee’s name lightly!

「Yes, Ojou-sama!」

Katsuko-nee who should be sleeping raises her body.

「You…since when you were awake?」
「Since the start…I was worried what will Nei-sama tell him…」

…Katsuko-nee has always been awake?

「But…why did you pretend to be asleep?」

It doesn’t matter if she’s awake and participated in the talk.

「Well you see…I thought that it would be better for Nei-sama to talk in that situation when I’m asleep…!」


「Margo-sama would be enough for the role of『Elder sister』…Margo-sama and Nei-sama has been together in their past experience for a long time aren’t they? In this case, I thought that Nei-sama will be able to talk to the end without her feelings exploding because Margo-sama is here…!」

…I see
Margo-san has seen Kei-san’s death scene so Nei-san was able to talk about it calmly until the end.

「When I wake up at that time…Nei-sama will surely stop talking. In the end…Nei-sama wanted only you to listen to that story」

…only me?

「You don’t get it? Cesario Viola came to Japan for just Nei-sama…it’s a situation where we had to confront them. We act and think that it’s natural to protect Nei-sama but Nei-sama herself is is in pain」
「Therefore…she told you only…why Viola was supposed to be chasing her」
「Why…just me?」

Isn’t it okay to tell Megu or Mana?

「She doesn’t want to tell anyone her thoughts about her deceased brother but only you」

…About Kei-san?
Katsuko-nee smiled…

「You still don’t understand it?…It can’t be helped. You’re a child who doesn’t have a first love yet…!」

…First love?

「Nei-sama really likes you. Therefore…she wanted you to know the sad memories hidden in the deepest part of her heart」

Nei-san likes me?
…No way

「Then…what is my existence?」

Michi makes a dumbfounded face.

「Kudou-san, you were used as a pretext for the subject. You’re not a member of『Kuromori』…so even if you hear it, she thought it’ll be okay. Above all, you’re a child that knows the underworld aren’t you? You have the『tolerance』to listen to a scary story? 」

Minaho-neesan said.
I noticed from those words.
It wasn’t only Katsuko-nee who’s pretending to be asleep while listening to the story…

「Minaho-neesan has been listening up in the stairs all this time?」
「That’s right. If I appear…then Nei will stop talking. It was a very good chance this time so I made her talk until the end「」
「…Good chance?」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「The shape of Nei’s words that has been accumulated for thee years would be okay. Letting out those words, her emotions to someone is very important… It’s really good that Yoshida-kun listened…we can’t free Nei’s heart after all」
「Margo and I were in that place. There’s no need for her to say anything new…we knew everything after all. Rather, if we talk about Kei’s death from our point of view, it would result to hurt Nei’s heart more」

…I see

「But…she doesn’t tell anyone. Unable to say it is painful. Those strong emotions have been accumulating in Nei’s heart for a long time…so pitiable」


「Therefore…it’s fine for now. Nei was able to tell you her past. That’s fine for now. Even this is a great progress…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Anyway, remember this…Nei’s body may be an adult but she’s childish. Yoshida-kun, I’d like you to think that she’s the youngest sister」

Nei-san’s a little sister.

「That’s right…even in her relationship with Kei-san she has always been the younger sister, she’s been treated as the younger sister in 『Kuromori』all this time. Nei’s feeling of being the little sister is deeply ingrained in her. She’s dependent just like Yoshida-kun and Megumi…」

Right…Nei-san has someone with her all the time.
Usually, Margo-san.
She has the aura of『have to be protected』…so it can’t be helped.
True, Nei-san is our little sister.

「It doesn’t mean that you have to spoil her. The wound in her heart is too big because her brother has died…so take time to slowly heal it…!」


「She never opened up her heart since the start…she got in good terms with Margo when they entered our school…she really takes some time」

Minaho-neesan leaks out a sigh.

「It’ll be our task from now on to have Nei open up her heart to Yoshida-kun and everyone. Everyone, let’s watch them over warmly」

…Us, everyone.

「Us, as the elder sisters…Katsuko, Margo, And I have different standpoints to protect Nei. Our roles are different. I’m her guide. Margo’s the『intimate elder sister』…Katsuko purposely takes a close distance with Nei therefore she becomes the one she can talk with if she can’t consult Margo…!」

Minaho-neesan and others are on the『senior group』…
Each of them are aware of their own roles.
I see, that’s why Nei-san calls Minaho-neesan『Sensei』

「The young ones should think of their own roles too. Or rather…everyone except Yoshida-kun seems to know it already…!」

Minaho-neesan looks towards Megu and Mana who were sleeping.

「I’ve changed my opinion about you. I formally welcome you as a member of『Kuromori』…Mana-san」

Mana who should’ve been sleeping shows a V-sign with her hand…
You were awake?

「You are the child who’s the most『little sister』 You were able to read the atmosphere at such times」

I see…so she won’t get in the way of Nei-san’s talk
She has been pretending to sleep all this time…!

「Megumi too…Thank you」

Megu who’s lying down doesn’t move her body at all.
But, when Minaho-neesan said that…as expected, she opened her eyes.
Megu and Mana were being considerate to Nei-san.

「Both of you…make it so you haven’t heard that story. Megumi…you don’t want to hear Yoshida-kun’s confession to Nei, do you…that’s why just continue to pretend to be asleep」


「Don’t worry, Megumi. Yoshida-kun’s definitely holding a deep affection to Nei but…as he has said a while ago…it is different from the usual romantic feelings」

Minaho-neesan told Megu.

「This person is really Nei’s『first love』 Therefore Nei has become a supreme existence inside him. It’s different from what he thinks about you and Misuzu. Yoshida-kun’s emotion towards you is a proper romantic emotion…!」
「…What does that mean?」

Megu gets up.
She’s really completely awake.

「Yoshida-kun won’t depend on Nei. She’s his『first love』so he’s trying to show off, just like earlier…he’s making such a big promise he can’t even do…!」
「No…I’m serious…!」

Minaho-neesan looks at me then smiles wryly.

「That’s why Yoshida-kun’s a『trouble child』…!」


「Do you think that loving one-sidedly is a healthy relationship?」
「If you say『I’ll make you happy for a lifetime』it would make women happy but…that’s a proposal…but when you say『I don’t mind if you marry a man other than myself』to be honest, it would trouble women…!」

Is that so…

「…Yoshida-kun. Answer honestly, are you thinking the same on Megumi and others?」


「Megumi, Misuzu-san, Mana-san too…if a better man appears for them, are you willing to back away?」

…That is.
I have no other choice.
I think that I should do that.

「Look at Megumi properly then be honest with your feelings…!」

I look at Megu
Megu looks at me worriedly.
…Her long and narrow beautiful eyes.
…Tall and slim body.
…She’s definitely a beauty to everyone’s eyes.

「I don’t want to hand her over to anyone」

Megu looks at me in surprise.

「I want to keep Megu for myself forever…!」

Those were my honest feelings.

「Then…take care of Megumi throughout your life」

Minaho-neesan said.


…I strengthen my resolve.

「That’s how it is Megumi. For Yoshida-kun, Nei is his『Supreme first love』but you are his『real lover』」
「…I’m very happy」

Megu’s cheeks blushed and she answered.

「What about Mana-san?」

Minaho-neesan asked me.

「Mana’s mine forever. I won’t hand her to other men」

Mana who’s on top of the air mat opens her eyes.
She opens her legs wide to provoke me.

「Isn’t that obvious? Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave. I need to have sex with Onii-chan for the rest of my life…!」


「…What do you think about Misuzu-sama?」

Michi asks me
…Her eyes are serious
I remember Misuzu’s figure.
That radiant smile…
Her delicate body…
Misuzu’s hot sex…

「She’s my『woman』 I won’t hand her to anyone…!」
「Are you ready to fight Kouzuki-sama then?」

Misuzu’s grandfather…Kouzuki『Kakka』has decided Misuzu’s fiance already…

「Un…I won’t let Misuzu be married for convenience. She’s my『woman』for the rest of her life…!」

I decided.
I’ll accept the results of what I have done…

「…That’s absurd. Saying that everyone’s your『woman』」

Michi said.
That’s right…this is absurd.
But that’s fine.
It’s fine to be absurd.

「…I don’t mind」

Megu said.

「Mana too」
「Katsuko’s okay about it. Also, Nagisa too…」


「You should drag Nei-san over here sooner. Onii-chan wants to enjoy the『first love』feeling more but you see…it’s easier if you make her your『woman』」

Mana said.

「But…Nei-san already had sex with Onii-chan right? Are you always having such a high tension sex?」

Oh right.
Mana doesn’t know that Nei-san’s still a virgin…

「My, having sex while confessing love in that high tension feels good you know…!」

Katsuko-nee made a good lie.

「I see…un, that might be right. But, you can’t do it a lot with that tension. Mana doesn’t want that. Mana wants Onii-chan to feel good a lot of times…!」

Mana smiles.

「Now then…Megumi, Mana-san and Kudou-san should sleep. Try to have at least a short nap…」

Minaho-neesan said.

「…What about Onii-chan? Come over here Onii-chan. Sleep between Mana and Megu-oneechan!」

Mana invites me but…

「Yoshida-kun’s heart isn’t settled yet right?」



I’m still not convinced.
At my own powerlessness.
I can’t help Nei-san.
My chest feels sick.

「Then, what to have sex with Mana? You’ll calm down after doing it once. Ah…it doesn’t need to be only once」

…Mana smiles at me.
But I

「Sorry…I don’t feel like that right now」
「Is that so?…That’s sad. If you want to do it then say it anytime. Mana’s body is for Onii-chan’s sake after all!」

Megu who’s next to Mana has a complex expression.
If I have sex with Mana here…
I also have to do it with Mana.
I declared that everyone’s my『woman』but…
It’s hard to keep the relationship of my『women』well

「Yoshida-kun…try taking a stroll」

Minaho-neesan said
…Un I think that’s a good idea.
I’d like to think alone…
…About myself
…About Nei-san
…About the future

「Right, Minaho-neesan. I’ll take a walk」

I got up and wore my uniform pants
The top…is it okay to wear just a T-shirt?

「Then, I’m going」

When I’m putting on my shoes…

「Ah…bring that animal there too」

Minaho-neesan said.

「She’s been lying down there all this time…won’t she suffer if she lacks exercise?」

Minaho-neesan points at Yukino.

「…Eh? I’m taking Yukino?」

Minaho-neesan smiles wryly.

「You haven’t noticed it? Yukino-san’s been awake all this time」

Yukino’s pretending to be asleep too?
She was listening to our talk?!