Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 185 : Night stroll



「Isn’t that right…Yukino-san?」

When Minaho-neesan talked to Yukino…
She slowly gets up.
Then…she stares at me with a bad mood face.
What happened?
She really looks like an animal.

「Let’s see…if you’re going to take a stroll on the school, how about you go to the AV room in the third floor?」

Minaho-neesan said then she handed me the key.

「Here…the key to the AV room. Also, the flashlight’s on the table over there」

The time is a few minutes after four in the morning.
It’s still dark outside.
It’s a bit of test of courage.

「When you walk in the school, turn the flashlight towards the floor…don’t try to point the light outside the window even by mistake. It’ll be a big problem if someone sees it outside right?」

Un…It would be bad if they know that there are people inside the school.

「You can turn on the lights on the AV room. That room won’t leak light outside…」

That means that the shading curtain is closing the windows perfectly?
…Then that means
Minaho-neesan was in the AV room until a while ago.
Did she prepare anything in the visual room?

「Here’s the key to Yukino-san’s chains…leave the collar as it is」

Minaho-neesan handed me a small key


I go towards Yukino.

「Yukino…turn your neck here. I’ll remove the chains」

Yukino doesn’t want it

「Don’t touch me」

She hates being touched by me.

「You’ve been chained all this time. Don’t you want to move your body even for a bit?」
「…I do」
「Then…let’s go for a walk」

Yukino thought for a moment…

「…Got it」

Then she presents me her neck.
The chains tied to her collar comes off…

「Then let’s go」

Yukino stands up…
She stretched her limbs…
As expected, it’s seems it was uncomfortable for her being chained.

「…Minaho-san, I want to go too」

Megu said suddenly.

「Can I join the walk too…?」


「No…stay asleep there Megumi」

Megu speaks in a strong voice.

「…You don’t trust Yoshida-kun?」

Minaho-neesan said while looking at the monitor, not even turning to Megu.

「That’s not the case but…」
「You don’t want Yoshida-kun and Yukino-san to be alone together?」

Megu said

「If it’s Yukino, then I don’t want it」

Minaho-neesan laughs

「It seems you’re quite hated, Yukino-san」

Yukino grits her teeth.

「But, no…Megumi only wants to bind Yoshida-kun…!」
「It’s Yoshida-kun’s decision on how will he deal with Yukino-san right?…If you were there then Yoshida-kun will be considerate of Megumi more than Yukino-san that he won’t be able to make a decision」

My relationship with Yukino from now on…6
I have to decide it by this morning
…So that’s how it is?


Megu doesn’t seem to be able to consent that Yukino and I will be alone together.

「…There’s nothing you need to worry about」

Yukino said.

「Either way, it’ll be the same as usual./ Halfway, this man will get horny and rape me…then ejaculate inside me. He’s done it a lot of times so I’m already used to it」

She glares at my face.

「…Where are we going to do it? You won’t be able to hold it until we reach the AV room anyway right? Want to do it in the corridor? Or are you going to do it in the stairs like you did before? Fine…this body’s been raped dozens of times already so just do what you want」

…Yukino’s looking at me.

「Don’t do it with Yukino anymore! I’ll take care of Yoshi-kun by myself!」

Megu takes on Yukino’s provocation.

「I know, Yoshi-kun…you’re feeling pain after listening to Nei-san’s story. The various emotions run over your body and you want to let it all out right?! I feel the same./ That’s why do me! Yoshi-kun, release all of your pain inside me…please!!」

Megu speaks to me with a serious face.

「You won’t do…Megumi」

Minaho-neesna said coldly

「Why am I not good?!」

…That is

「…Yoshida-kun really cares about you」

…Megu’s face turned cloudy.

「Yoshida-kun can’t make you an outlet of his emotions…Yoshida-kun loves you from the bottom of his heart. That’s why he’ll never do anything cruel to you in sex」
「…But, I」

Megu looks down

「Megu-oneechan…we have a different role…」

Mana who’s lying down next to Megu speaks.

「…Mana? A different role?」
「Megu-oneechan should just become Onii-chan’s『Ideal classmate lover』 You can just have good high school lovers sex. Therefore, Megu-oneechan must not become a dazzling pervert in sex…!」
「Ah…Megu-oneechan just wants to have that kind of sex」


「But…Megu-oneechan wants to do is just a『rape play』done by lovers right? You just want to make a lewd play, right?」
「…Right. Yeah, I think so」
「That’s right. Do it in moderation…true rape is painful and scary…!」

…Mana, who was raped by me yesterday, losing her virginity in the process says.

「I’m Onii-chan’s『sex slave』so…if Onii-chan wants to do it then I’ll do rape or even SM but…I’m scared if it’s too painful」
「I won’t rape Mana again」

…I said
Mana smiles

「Thank you I love you Onii-chan!」


「Mana’s Onii-chan’s『sex slave』but I’m also a『little sister』 Therefore, I’ll be Onii-chan’s cute sister Just like how Onii-chan treasures Mana with all his life…Mana will love Onii-chan too As a『slave』and as a『sister』 That is Mana’s role!」

Mana told Megu with a smile.

「Therefore…if ever Onii-chan feels irritated after listening to Nei-san’s story and wants to throw it to someone… Then Mana and Megu-oneechan can’t take that. If it was us, then Onii-chan will be considerate of us…then he won’t be able to let out his emotions, won’t he?」
「…If only Nagisa was here. That girl has the power to heal those emotions. It’s okay to take me as your partner but…no, I won’t do. I’m sure that the weight of the sex will just bigger then it’ll continue to be a marathon of sex」

Katsuko-nee said.

「If Onii-chan’s just depressed then Katsuko-san would be the best partner for it. But, you just want to let out what’s in your heart like a scream right?」

Why do you know my psychological condition that much!?

「Right…that’s the case as far as I can see in his expression, that must be the case」

Is that so? Is it obvious in my face…

「Therefore…let’s leave this to Yukino-san as Yuzuki-san says…!」

Mana tells Megu.

「Yukino-san’s our enemy so Onii-chan doesn’t like Yukino-san at all right? Yukino-san is enough if Onii-chan wants to let out his frustrations」

As usual…Mana’s horrible towards Yukino
Is she being harsh on Yukino so she can seal away『Shirasaka Maika』?
Also…Mana doesn’t know my relationship with Yukino in the first place.
I told Mana that I hold special emotions towards Yukino but Mana hasn’t received those words directly.
She just thinks that I raped Yukino as a part of the revenge of『Kuromori』…

「Since Yukino-san’s here then it’s convenient for her to be raped by Onii-chan」

Yukino shouts at her sister.

「It’s regrettable, it’s not rape but sex!」

Mana flares up on her sister

「Megu-oneechan and I and the other women have『sex』with Onii-chan! We’re being loved! Making love!」

Mana barks

「Yukino-san’s the only one who won’t change like a stone even after being raped dozens of times! It’ll always be rape, you’re just a defective woman!」
「What are you saying to your sister!」

Yukino still thinks that Mana is her sister.
Her little sister that would withdraw after some of her screams.

「I’m Yoshida Mana…Onii-chan’s slave and little sister. I’m Onii-chan’s『woman』! I’m completely unrelated to Yukino-san!」

Mana turned her back to her sister then lied down.

「Therefore…Onii-chan should hurry up and finish his『break』with Yukino-san! Then once you’ve calmed down…sleep together with Mana. Mana will embrace Onii-chan tightly…!」

Mana said.

「…Maika, you see! I’m a member of Shirasaka house! I will never lose to this guy who rapes me!」

Yukino still swings her pride.

「…Yukino-san, are you still saying that even in this situation」

Mana said in disgust.

「You and I…No, Maika-san’s a daughter of a murderer. It’s already known in Japan. Shirasaka Sousuke is a demon that kidnaps a girl, rapes, confines, then kills her in the mountains. The Shirasaka clan will be banished. No…after that press conference, Moritsugu-oojisama would retire. There’s nothing to support Yukino-san anymore. Shirasaka house won’t be able to protect you」
「…That’s not true」

Yukino glares at her sister.

「Hmm, then why is Yukino-san’s phone not ringing?」

Yukino trembles.

「…You know it don’t you? Mana has left Yukino-san’s phone in a place she can see. Your receiving doesn’t light up does it?」

True…Yukino’s phone is on top of the table where she can’t reach but she can see.

「Even though Shirasaka Sousuke-san has been making so much fuss since earlier this evening and yet…why is nobody contacting Yukino-san? What is Yukino-san’s mother, grandfather doing? Don’t you think that it’s strange there’s no contact from the Shirasaka family?」

Mana acuses her sister.

「…you’re not being contacted either」

Mana smiles when Yukino asked that.

「I’ve already told the people of Shirasaka that I’m on the side of『Kuromori』 I had sex with Onii-chan while being watched over by Yukino-san’s mother, Ichikawa-san, and the lawyer Shirasaka Koutarou…!」
「It felt really good. Onii-chan cherished Mana a lot so I’ll devote my lifetime to Onii-chan. I’m fine being a『slave』forever No…I’d rather be a『slave』 I can’t think of a life other than being Onii-chan’s『sex slave…!』」

Mana threw her past and her family away.
Therefore…I have to give Mana more than that…

「…Ichikawa-san has chosen to break off with the Shirasaka house. Therefore Yukino-san’s mother moved over there too. She only has her mind filled about what she has to do to save herself right? Therefore she forgot it…she thought that Yukino-san has been closing up herself at Shirasaka Sousuke-san’s house. There’s no way she’d imagine her being kidnapped by us…!」

Mana said『us』
She has completely become a member of『Kuromori』…

「Then…Yukino-san, what will you do? Are you going to live as Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter, being seen by everyone’s cold eyes? Shirasaka house will never come to save you. Really…you should think about it seriously…!」

Yukino’s trembling.

「How about you think of it while taking a walk with Onii-chan tonight?」

…That’s right
Yukino have to decide about her future.
We’re at crossroads.


Megu calls out to Mana.

「Sorry…I’ve been thinking about myself and Yoshi-kun all this time. Sorry that I never thought about Mana’s feelings」

The two on the same air mat.
Mana holds Megu’s hand.

「It’s fine Megu-oneechan…Mana doesn’t know Megu-oneechan’s feelings」
「…Mana, sorry」
「Don’t apologize…it’s fine. Aren’t we『sisters』?」

True…Mana and Megu are half-sisters

「We’re both Onii-chan’s『women』right? It’s okay…Onii-chan will be coming back to us. He won’t be going anywhere with a strange woman like Yukino-san. 『Kuromori』and『Sister’s association』is the place for Onii-chan to return to」

A place to return…
That’s a『home』

「When he comes back…let’s embrace him tightly…let’s fawn on Onii-chan a lot. Right…Onee-chan?」

Mana and Megu smiled at each other.

「…Yoshi-kun, I’ll polish myself more. I’ll become a better woman」

Megu looks at me…

「Yoshi-kun, I’ll become a much more attractive woman so that you’ll come back to me immediately. This is for Yoshi-kun’s sake


「That’s right…Mana will be a good girl. I’ll become a super model for Onii-chan’s sake after all…!」

Mana looks at me.

「I’ll always return to Onii-chan. I’m Onii-chan’s slave after all. I’ll do all of my best so you keep loving me as your『slave』 I’ll become a wonderful woman… !」


「The young one’s dreams must be nice. For the time being, I’ll start maintaining this body line for fifteen more years」

Katsuko-nee said.

「…I’m joking. I’ll become even a better woman. I won’t lose. I’m not planning to take you from the『sisters』but I’ll win with my charm as a woman. I will keep winning…!」


「Yoshida-kun…you already have a 『place to return to』 You get that?」

Lastly…Minaho-neesan speaks.


I’m no longer alone
I have my responsibilities and duties towards my women.

「Now that you know that…take a walk with Yukino-san. Then, come back here!」
「…Got it」

I answered clearly…
Megu, Mana, and Katsuko-nee looks at me with passionate eyes.
Minaho-neesan laughs.
Yukino’s just looking sullen
…And, Michi
She’s just looking at me thinking about something.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

Going up the stairs…we reach the principal’s office.

「…I didn’t know that there’s this kind of mechanism in this school」

Yukino looks at the hidden door.
Coming from the principal’s office…we go to the corridor.
I point the white light of the LED to the floor.

「Then…what are we going to do?」

Yukino asked.

「Are we going to the AV room right away or do you want to do it elsewhere?」

Yukino covers her chest.
I noticed it.
Yukino’s nipples are already erect…

「…Let’s go to the vending machine first」

I answered.


Yukino’s surprised

「…You’re thirsty right? Let’s drink something」

Then we head towards the first floor

「…What would you like?」

I took out my wallet to find some coins.

「No thanks, I’ll pay my share」

Yukino tries to take out her wallet from her torn up uniform…

「It’s fine…I’ll treat you a canned juice at least」

I push a coin in the vending machine

「…Which do you want?」
「Then…black coffee」
「Are you sure?」
「I don’t take sugar during night」

I bought coffee then gave it to Yukino

「…Hm, thanks」

Should I get some coffee too?
Oh, but…my stomach feel sick.
Let’s take a café au lait…low sugar
I buy a coffee can and open the lid.
The aroma of the coffee drifts in the air.
The light from the vending machine vaguely illuminates Yukino

「…It feels strange」

Yukino said after drinking coffee.

「The atmosphere of the school at night is completely different during daytime」

True…it feels mysterious
Also, there’s a sense of relief.

「I’m in this kind of uniform…not even wearing an underwear. Even though I would be ashamed and unable to walk outside if it’s daytime…it’s fine now」

The school building at night is sealed up.
We know that it’s only the two of us here.
I feel a strange intimacy with Yukino different from before

「Hm…then, who do you really like?」

Yukino asks me while holding the can.

「I get that you’re quite crazy towards that senior named Natou Nei but. Well, true…she’s a pitiful person who experienced various hardships…」

Yukino has been listening to Nei-san’s story while pretending to be asleep.

「But…you even made a move on Megumi, Maika, and that Katsuko, right?」

It’s not a relationship where I made a move on them.
Katsuko-nee and I…

「Well…it’s you so who cares. But, who do you like the most?」


「There’s no first or second…I like everyone and I treasure them」
「Ha?…The hell? That’s absurd」
「I’m fine being absurd…I’m fine being like that」
「What the hell…I don’t get it at all…!」

Yukino drinks her coffee

「Well…thinking that it’s a pervert like you, there’s no way I would understand it…」

Yukino stares at the can…

「But…I don’t like Maika and Megumi being caught in your poison. It feels so disgusting」

This is…
Is Yukino worried about her sisters, Mana and Megu?
No, she’s not.
Yukino has always been dominating Mana and Megu all this time…
Especially Megu…she has been interfering with her horribly a lot of times.
Yukino thinks of Mana and Megu as her possessions.
She feels that her possessions were being taken by me.

「What about you?」

I said.

「Talking about someone who got caught by my poison…Yukino’s on top. You’re the one I had sex with the most…」

Yukino laughs.

「…Right, in the end, I’m the most victim here」

Then…she looks at me.

「Let’s go to the AV room right now」


「I just have to be raped again right? Go on, do it. Rape me as much as you want like a doll…!」

Yukino said as if spitting.

「I’m already used to it…I’m completely fine with it already!」

Yukino looks at me with strong eyes but…
…You still don’t get it after being violated so much.
There’s no way Minaho-neesan didn’t prepare anything in the AV room.

Yukino’s going to experience another humiliating sex again…!