Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 186 : Yukino and I


I walk in the school building at night with Yukino…
Yukino’s walking in dancing steps

「…What are you doing?」

I asked unconsciously.

「My body’s feeling a bit dull…I haven’t been moving a lot recently」
「…You just kept masturbating?」
「…That’s not the case!」

Yukino sulks.

「I know it since Mana told us…you’ve masturbated for a whole day she said」

Yukino stops her steps.

「N-No way…that girl’s just saying something without basis…!」

Yukino tries to fool me desperately.

「There’s no way that’s a lie…or rather, Mana won’t lie to me」
「…Why can you say that?」
「…Mana had a hard time when she lied to us yesterday」

Speaking of which…the three of us stayed in a love hotel last night.

「…Hard time?」
「She was on the very last moment before being disposed by Minaho-neesan」
「…That means?」
「It means she was about to be killed…」

…Yukino’s surprised.

「Un…it’s really good that Mana had a change of heart. She kneeled and apologized naked…so she was forgiven」
「What the hell is that?」
「It can’t be helped…Minaho-neesan had her sister killed by Shirasaka Sousuke and she can’t give birth to a child anymore. Katsuko-nee and others were kidnapped when they were high school students and were forced to be prostitutes…so the original『revenge plan』was to rape his two daughters, force the elder sister to get pregnant and kill the little sister」
「…Absurd That’s madness」

Yukino said.

「I get that Papa’s a helplessly bad person but…Maika and I are unrelated to this. We didn’t do anything wrong…!」
「Say that to the people who experienced cruelty from Shirasaka Sousuke. Everyone didn’t do anything wrong and yet…Shirasaka Sousuke set his eyes on them and made derailed their lives」
「That said…it’s wrong to exact revenge on the family!」

Yukino’s really an idiot.
This girl thinks that she’s the center of the world.

「It’s not that they’re bursting out their anger towards Shirasaka Sousuke’s family…the target of revenge is Shirasaka Sousukek in the end」
「Then why do we have to be raped!」
「Like I said…there’s no choice but to show that Shirasaka Sousuke’s family suffering to show the suffering of being deprived of their family?!」
「Eh…I’m raped so that Papa can suffer?!」
「…That’s how it is 」
「Wait wait…what about my human rights?!」


「…Who knows」
「No way it’s “Who knows”! It’s written in the constitution that basic human rights must be defended!」
「Then…what about the human rights of the people who experienced cruelty from Shirasaka Sousuke?!」
「Even if you ask me that I don’t know. Shouldn’t they just appeal to the police and the court?!」
「Then you do it too. Say that I’m the one who raped you. You can go to the police anytime…!」

Yukino fell silent.

「…What’s wrong?」


「There’s no way I can tell the police that…!」
「Right?…it won’t be solved even if you tell the police. That’s why Minaho-neesan is taking revenge by their own hands…!
「…That’s not the case」


「I can’t say that my first experience is rape…furthermore, it was you. It’s so shameful I can’t tell anyone. That’s how it is」


「If it was at least someone cooler…or someone with a status, then I’ll be fine with it but…your class is plan, you’re gloomy, aren’t you just a hopeless boy?」
「I won’t tell anyone so you don’t tell anyone too」

Yukino knits her eyebrows as she speak.

「Really…if it was exposed that I’m having sex with a man like you, I’ll get ruined…!」

…What should I doー
…with this idiot woman
In the end…she lacks imagination.
Therefore she can’t understand Minaho-neesan’s suffering.
On top of that…she’s only interested in herself…
She doesn’t get the situation around her…

「You haven’t noticed that you’re already ruined?」
「Well…isn’t your father being thoroughly beaten in the internet and TV? The rape in Australia, the scandal in the entertainment case, the murder case. Just what kind of face will you show in the class tomorrow…?!」
「Oh that?」

Yukino answered calmly.

「That’s easy. I’ll just quit school」


「Papa has a very good lawyer in Shirasaka house. He’s called Ohata-sensei…」

I know…there’s a lawyer from that office coming with the Shirasaka family…

「That’s why it’ll be exhausting for a while but Papa will be bailed out immediately. The case in Australia is settled right? The gossip on the entertainment world doesn’t have evidences」
「…The videos of Shirasaka Sousuke’s former idol’s sex movies are over the internet though?」
「They can just say that it’s a『look-alike』 It won’t be a proff that it was Papa!」
「…What about Minaho-neesan’s sister?」
「It just happened to be a missing person found in the villa of our house. The image of Papa and that girl is fake, it’s okay to say that it’s all fake. I believe so Papa will definitely win his innocence」


「Are you saying that Shirasaka Sousuke didn’t do anything wrong?」
「I’m not saying that…surely, Papa did all of that. I know that. Papa has done a lot of crimes but isn’t it a different topic when you ask whether he’ll get convicted or not?!」
「…He committed crimes and yet he’ll be found innocent?!」
「Isn’t that obvious! Papa’s a Shirasaka!」

…Ah, no good
She’s completely different from us.
She’s only biased…

「I feel sorry for Moritsugu-sama but another person will be taking over the head position and succeed the newspaper company. But, in the end Shirasaka clan will be on the top. Haha, Shirasaka house won’t be collapsing from this much!
「You…did you not ever think of the possibility that Shirasaka Sousuke would be expelled from Shirasaka family?」

Yukino laughs.

「There’s no way that will happen! I’m very loved in the Shirasaka clan! Those people won’t abandon me! I’ll be staying over Ichikawa-ojiisama for a while. I’ll change my name to『Ichikawa』then go to a new school
「Didn’t Mana speak about Ichikawa-san earlier? Your mother and grandfather has abandoned Mana. Even you…!」
「…I’m different from Maika!」

Yukino glares at me.

「Ichikawa-ojiisama will never abandon me…!」
「Then, why is nobody contacting your phone?! Normally, won’t you be called and told that it’ll be fine?」
「…Then there’s some slip up? They just forgot to call me by chance. If not, then they don’t know my phone number. I’m sure that they’re calling on the phone on the house…I’m sure that is. I’m Ojii-sama’s prided granddaughter…!」

Why do you think so conveniently of yourself…
After coming this far…you can say that it’s a talent.

「Maika must be misunderstanding something…Or rather, she’s gotten crazy after you did various things on her…!」

You’re the one who’s crazy here…!

「Oh right. Give back Maika to me…that girl’s my sister」
「…Nah I won’t. Mana’s my『woman』」
「Pervert…is it fun to rape middle school girls? Are you a Lolicon?」
「That’s not the case. She’s my family already…She’s Yoshida Mana」
「Don’t say something that crazy! That girl is Shirasaka Maika! My little sister!」

Just how far this parallel lines will go?
We’ll never meet up.
Yukino and I will never understand each other.

「Anyway…tomorrow morning…no, even if it’s late in the afternoon, Shirasaka house will be coming to save us. Ohata-sensei will be negotiating and they’ll probably pay you millions of yen? Then, Maika and I will be released…」

Yukino’s making her selfish delusions…

「Then…I won’t come to this school again. Oh right…Ichikawa-ojiisan’s brother is running a company in Kobe. Maika and I will rely on that person and go to a school in Kobe. Nobody knows us in Kobe…we’ll never be exposed unless we say that our name is『Shirasaka』 That’s why you and I will end today」


「I’ll find a good man in Kobe. Someone who’s cooler than you and even have a status. Kenji was my misunderstanding so I won’t make such a foolish downfall anymore. This time…I’ll redo my first love」
「A cool and good sportsman…and a tough build. And it would be great if he’s good at sex too. …I’ve said it a while ago but it’s not that I like masturbating alone. You just made a mess out of me that my body’s aching. I want to have sex. I don’t want to masturbate」
「…Then work on brothels. You’ll be able to have sex everyday」
「Stop the jokes…there’s no way a Shirasaka would do that?…If it wasn’t for Papa then I can stay in this school and make you my sex friend. Keeping it a secret to everyone…if you swear allegiance to me then I’ll have sex with you three times a week…that’s disappointing. I won’t see you again after today…

That’s already happening inside Yukino’s mind…

「Therefore…fuck me a lot in the AV room. That will be our last after all. Enjoy my body to your heart’s content. It won’t happen again…!」

What should I do?
Should I make this my last with this idiot woman?
I have a lot of『women』
I have my responsibilities and duties towards them…
Won’t it be rude to the other『women』to be having a relationship with Yukino?

「Just what am I to you?」

I asked Yukino incidentally.

「Isn’t that obvious? You’re just a rapist」


「You deceived me and stole my virginity forcibly. Afterwards, you’ve raped me again and again…you’re the worst」
「Yeah…I think so too」
「…What am I to you?」


「Hmm…it was a『woman I longed for』but」
「What’s with the past tense?」
「I longed for you since the high school entrance ceremony…that’s why I definitely hated you being taken by Endou so I raped you. You were my first time…」
「Right…you were so bad during your first time」
「You were clinging to my body with so much momentum…it was obvious you were a virgin」
「…Sorry bout that」
「It was bad…it was scary, it hurts…it was disgusting」

Yukino puts her hand on her abdomen.

「Nothing will change whatever I say this late…」

You can’t do anything about what’s done.
I have no choice but to go forward.

「Didn’t you like me?」

Yukino looks at me with her big eyes.

「…I wonder. I don’t hate you but I don’t love you either」
「…What’s that?」
「I won’t be risking my life for you」
「…Then are you going to risk your life for Maika?」
「…Megumi too?」
「…Of course」
「Are you an idiot?…Even though I’m the better one here?」

Coming this far, I can do nothing but laugh.

「…What’s funny!」
「No…if it was Megu and you, Megumi’s three times much better. No, it’s ten times」
「There’s no way that’s the case!」
「It’s true…Megu’s cuter, kinder, smarter…I will marry Megu」
「…What are you saying」
「You know it don’t you?…We’re engaged」
「Isn’t that just a joke? You two are still in first year high school」
「But, I’ve decided…there’s no better bride than her」
「…You really love her?」
「Un. I do. I will stay with Megu forever. I love her after all…!」

There’s no hesitation in my heart.

「What about Maika?」
「Mana’s my『sister』」
「She’s not yours! She’s my little sister!」
「…My『woman』and my『little sister』 She’s mine forever. I’ll never let her go. I won’t hand her to anyone」
「…Then that Kouzuki family’s lady and Katsuko too?」
「Of course…everyone’s my『woman』 I’ve already made a decision to be with them forever」
「…Pervert. Greedy. Madman. Lolicon」
「You don’t know it I guess…I’ve got another『woman』, she’s Nagisa」
「…There’s still another?」
「Un…she’s on the same age as Katsuko-nee, she has a three years old daughter」
「No way…she’s married?」
「No…she doesn’t have any father. Or rather, it’s unknown. Your father forced her to be a prostitute and pregnant, it was a child born from that」

Yukino fell silent.

「That’s why you’ll get pregnant too. You’ll give birth to my child…!」
「No way…I can endure other things but never pregnancy!」

Yukino glares at me.

「But…I think it’s already done. You were having lots of sex without any contraceptives…!」
「That’s not true…I’ve got good luck. I’ll never get pregnant」

…If you’re lucky then why were you raped in the first place?

「Then, I’ll definitely make you pregnant this time」
「No way. I’ll be released this afternoon…then I’ll go to the hospital immediately. I’ll tell only the lawyer that I was raped. Then, he’ll take me to a hospital that definitely hides Shirasaka family’s secret. If I get pregnant then I’ll abort it. I think early pregnancy can still be managed somehow…!」

…So she was thinking about it.

「Then…we won’t release you. We’ll confine you until you give birth」
「That’s not something for you to decide! I’ll be released tomorrow! The negotiation with the lawyer will go well!…That’s the schedule! It’s already decided!」

That’s the schedule in your brain?
Let’s not say anything anymore.
Whatever I tell her…it’s already useless.
While we continue our talk…
We’ve reached the AV room.

「…What is in here?」
「…I wonder」
「I hope it has at least a bed」

But still…Yukino seems to be intending to have sex with me.
Or rather, she wants to have sex.
She’s really a『lewd bitch』by nature…

「…I’m opening it」

I open the door with the key and go inside.
A dark room…
I see, the shading curtain is closed up completely.
Then…it’s okay even if I turn on the lights.
When I thought of it…
There’s a green lamp machine…?!
When I approached it…it was a square machine about one meter wide.

「…What’s this?」
「…This is a light machine from the drama club」

Yukino said.

「Light machine?」
「It’s a machine that adjusts the brightness of the lights…since my friend was in the drama club at middle school, I saw it at the school festival」

I see…looking at the control pannel, it says『T-6 Dimmer machine』
There’s a note attached under the lamp.

『Yoshida-kun, turn on the big black switch at the right -Minaho』

There’s a figure written on the memo. When I turned on the switch as shown in the figure…
The stand on the side of the wall lights up the stage.
The rays were gathered at the center of the AV room.
What’s there is…
An air mat just like the one used in the monitor room.
The illumination clearly shows the air mat from the darkness.

「…Somehow, it looks like a shooting on Adult Videos.」

Yukino said.
Un…I think so too.
Or rather…there’s a huge video camera on a tripod in front of the air mat…

「My…there’s something on top of the mat」

That’s one file.
There’s memo stuck on the cover.

『Yoshida-kun, Do as the file says. -Minaho』

「…Somehow, she asked us to follow what’s written here」
「Fine…let’s do it」

Yukino gets on top of the mat.
She seems to be a bit excited from bathing in the light.

「It’ll be our last time…and I’ve been recorded on camera multiple times until now」

Yukino said while crawling on all fours on the mat.
It seems she’s verifying the elasticity of the mat…
Her uniform is in tatters, she’s not wearing an underwear.
Her ass is completely visible.
Her slit and anus is exposed.

「Then…what are we going to do?」

Yukino asked me then I opened the file in a hurry.
I read what’s inside…

「Yukino…there’s a men’s Y-shirt beside the mat」
「Oh, there is…」
「Strip naked then put on only that shirt」
「…I’ll wear this shirt only?」
「Err, what’s written here is『make a feel of coming to a sex friend’s house then borrowing his Y-shirt after having sex』」

Minaho-neesan’s order is detailed.

「…Got it」

Yukino begins to take off her clothes.
Then…the video camera starts on by itself.
Since it has a red light…it’s already recording.
The lens automatically zooms then the camera itself moves finely up down left and right…
Minaho-neesan is moving the camera via remote.

「Fufufu…it’s a striptease. You love this don’t you?」

Yukino takes off her clothes like dancing…
As usual…she’s got a good body.
Comparing the breast sizes.

Yukino…Binyuu4 ←Here!
(Margo-san’s tall and has a different physique so I can’t compare)

But, I think it’s a big one as a 16 year old high school girl.
It’s well shaped too.
Her pink nipples are erect in arousal.

「You like my breast don’t you?」
「…I do」

I answered honestly

「Of course, you always look at it as if you’re licking it…」

She takes off her torn skirt too so she’s naked.
Her abdomen looks slippery as it’s shaved up.
The bright green『吉田』 tattoo on the surface…
Love nectar oozes out from her slit, it reflects light and shines.

「There, the service ends here」

Yukino puts on the men’s Y-shirt…
What’s with this shirt?…it’s too thin that you can see through it.
Her pink nipple’s visible.
No, the erect nipple insists itself from under the cloth.
It’s much more lewd than just being naked.

「…Then, what should I do now?」

Yukino sits down on the air mat.
Bathing in the lights…Yukino’s body is shining.


I turn to the next page.

「…We’re going to record an interview scene」
「…It’s seen a lot in adult videos. They interview the actress first」
「Oh, so it’s that kind of setup!」

Yukino smiles

「Okay…ask me anything!」

…She’s in high spirits.

「Then, let’s go…look at the camera instead of me」
「Oh, we’re recording right」

Yukino smiles at the camera…
…Foolishly lewd
…She’s really beyond saving.

「Then hurry up and ask」

I read the questions in Minaho-neesan’s file

「…What’s your name?」
「…Shirasaka Yukino」
「…How old are you?」
「I became 16 just the other day. I’m a first year high school student」
「Are you a virgin?」
「…Even though you know it」
「No, I’m not! I’m no longer a virgin」
「…How many people you had sex with?」

Then, Yukino looks at my face to probe me out./

「…I don’t know if you know it but…I had compensated dating sex with two old men. It was in the night park toilet. Both of them came inside me so even if I get pregnant right now…it might not be yours but the old men’s」


「…You seem to not know it but…I’m both of the old men there」

Yukino’s surprised.

「No way…the two of them came a lot you know」
「Yeah…I had troubles back then」
「…What the hell? It was really you…huh?!」
「That’s right. That’s why you don’t have to worry, the only dick that pierced you is only me. The only semen that’s poured in your womb is mine. With that said…if you get pregnant, that will definitely be my child…best regards」
「What best regards!」
「Give birth to a healthy child」
「I don’t want it…never!!!」

Yukino wriggles her body on top of the mat…

「Hey…we’re going back to the interview」
「…Got it」

I read the question loud.

「Which do you like better, masturbation or sex?」

Yukino replied immediately.

「…And yet, you always masturbate?」
「Well…I don’t have anyone to have sex with. Also, I did it alone but my fingers won’t feel that good…won’t reach that」
「…My womb. My fingers can’t reach the uterus where a man’s penis can, it can’t reach a pleasure point!」
「Then how about you buy some adult toys…something like a vibrator. You can buy those online recently」
「No way…there’s no way a Shirasaka girl would do something shameless! Or rather…」
「I tried putting on a cosmetics bottle but it’s different. A man’s penis feels much better. The feeling of the skins sticking and rubbing in the places where it feels good…also」

Yukino talks to the camera with aroused eyes.

「When semen pours in my stomach…it feels good. It feels like hot water is poured in the deepest part of my body. It feels shivery pleasant」
「What?…my body became like this because of you!」
「No…that’s your original nature」
「No…it’s because of you!」
「You’re fine taking in a dick of anyone!」

I shouted instinctively.
This girl probably will look for another man as soon as I get away from her.
Then, she’ll continue her sex life.
Changing multiple men then take in semen from different men.
She’s that kind of lewd bitch.

「I wonder…I don’t know」

Yukino answers.

「If what you say is true…I haven’t taken someone else other than you. Could it be that your penis has a very good compatibility with mine that it might not feel as good when I do it with you」

Yukin opens the front of her shirt.

「…Hey, are we done already? Let’s stop the interview already」

Then she opens her legs wide in front of me…

「I want it. I’ve been waiting for it all this time…!」

Yukino opens her vagina with her fingers.
Her love nectar is dripping out…

「…Violate me. Hurry up and fuck me!」


  1. Explosive breasts
  2. Huge breasts
  3. Ample Breasts
  4. Beautiful Breasts
  5. Good breasts
  6. Average Breasts
  7. Moderate breasts
  8. Small breasts
  9. No breasts