Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 212 : The sixth placer in Ohio


「Speaking of which…I just remembered this now」

Norma-san’s startled.

「If I recall, Lorenzaccio Bandini’s file says that he placed sixth in 1990’s national rifle championship in Ohio state convention」

A sixth placer in Ohio…

Just how much skill is that?!

「Is that from LAPD?」

Kudou-papa asks Norma-san.

「No,it’s not on LAPD. It’s from the FBI…」

Kudou-papa clicks his tongue…

「Why did you not check something that important?」

「Well…it’s 1990…and he’s just sixth in Ohio you know?」

Kudou-papa throws the iron pipe on the ground!

「You, are you underestimating Ohio!!」

「No…I don’t. This is a 20 year old matter however…」

「He might’ve become better after 20 years you know?! Right now, he might be on third place!」

…I feel that Ohio’s unrelated to this however.

「Didn’t I tell you to list it and make a report no matter how small it is? Hey, Tony-kun, I asked Norma-san didn’t I?」


「Well well…that doesn’t matter Kudou-chaan~ We’ve secured the enemy so no problems this time」

「Shut up you loli babaa!」

Hearing Kudou-papa…Neko-san snaps off.

「Don’t call me Lolibaba!」

「Then shut up! This is a very important talk right now!」

Kudou-papa glares at Norma-san.

「…Norma-kun’s working under Kouzuki security service, under my『guard department』. Either way, you’re under me…」


Norma-san is listening at Kudou-papa seriously.

「Norma-kun’s responsible for herself and I don’t care whatever you do after you do the job posted on you. But…You’re under me right now. You have to follow my ways…」

Kudou-papa’s words are strict.

「My way…they often stay that I take too much time preparing or that I’ve been wasting too much thinking on all of the possibilities. It didn’t start just today. Norma-kun and I have been doing this business since kindergarten…!」

The area becomes quiet…

「I don’t care if people on the same line of work make a fool out of me. Even if the clients tell me to eliminate waste, I don’t intend to stop. No matter how much reduced my share is…I take my time on investigation. That is my policy. I don’t overlook no matter how small it is. I know a lot of people who laugh at me but lost their lives on a simple mistake…!」

「That is…I know but」

「No…you don’t get it! Just a single oversight can give birth to a decisive mistake. Our work has mistake meaning someone’s death. It’s not just my or Norma-kun’s life. It’s the life of our important allies. What is it like to keep other’s lives…think about it again…!」


「I’m very sorry!」

She bows her head with a half-crying face.

「Don’t bow on me! Apologize to Neko and others!」

Norma-san bows her head to Neko-san…

「Neko-senpai…I’m very sorry! I’m really sorry for making a half-baked report!」

「Un…well, be careful from now on」

Neko-san answered kindly.

「Yes…thank you very much!」

「Apologize to the others too!」


Norma-san heads to the radio…!

「Don’t do that! You should go to each one of them and apologize!」


「…Buy a canned coffee and hand it to them! Got it?!」

「Yes…I’ll be going!」

Norma-san starts running…

She’s going to all of the people surrounding the school and apologize directly?

「…That’s some spartan education」

Neko-san leaks a sigh and said.

「Norma and Tony were asked by Kouzuki old man to be our intelligence specialist」

That’s why the two doesn’t fight.

「It’s the worst timing right now. When you get used to the work and site, your intuition would work… Unintentionally ignoring the basics of investigation. By thinking『It’s okay to ignore this much』…You’ll fall into a huge pitfall…!」


Neko-san mutters while looking at Norma-san’s back growing smaller.

「Both Neko and I have noticed various things since we had a lot of allies who died. What you need to survive… I’d like Tony and Norma to realize that before someone dies. If possible…by themselves」

「…As usual, you always look after them」

「…Is it bad?」

「No, it’s not…that’s what I like about you」

Neko-san laughs.

「…Let’s eat. We’ve got some Soumen」

「There’s only your share, right?」

「Eat Norma’s share. It’s good if there’s no soumen when she comes back」

「…Is that for education too?」


Neko-san points at her light car.

「What about Lorenzaccio Bandini inside that?」

「Leave him alone」


「He’s fainted and bound, right?」

「Yeah…he won’t wake up within two hours」

「Then, leave him…we would like to know whether Cesario Viola would move and retake the captured Lorenzaccio Bandini」

「…I see」

Neko-san laughs.

「Tony, report on radio. Maintain the first class alert. The others would understand with that alone」


Tony-san heads to the radio in the driver’s seat.

Kudou-papa looks at me inside the car…

「Boy…let’s talk for a bit」

「Ah, sure」

「Michi-kun, get in the car」


Neko-san whispers to Kudou-papa.

「…Who’s that?」


「Really?…I can only see him as a『dick slave』or a『Card Role』」


「Hello…I’m Yoshida. I’m just a normal high school student」

Really…I’m useless.

I myself think so.

「Oh, hello. Call me Neko」


Her voice is kind but Neko-san’s eyes are wary of me.

Well…I must be a sore thumb on a criminal organization main on prostitution like『Kuromori』

Michi comes beside me.

「Don’t be afraid…stay calm, Yoshida!」


「Yoshida right now is here on behalf of『Kuromori』…!」


No good…

「I’m telling you to stop making that face!」


「What’s going on? It’s my first time seeing Michi-chan scold a boy」

Neko-san laughs.

「Or rather…Michi-kun’s talking so closely with a man… Papa’s a bit shocked」

Hearing her father’s words…

「W-We’re not close!」

Michi’s in total denial.

「Well fine. Girls would lose it sooner or later…」

When everyone’s inside the car…Kudou-papa closed the door.

This titan boy is said to be bulletproof.

For the time being…we’re safe here

「Tony-kun, you already ate yours?」


「Then, Tony’s on watch」


「Lean your ears here」


「Norma-kun too, listen!」

『…Yes boss』

A voice comes from the speaker

She must’ve put the phone on hands-free so she can listen to the conversation inside the car while wlaking.

「Neko…eat the soumen. I’ll take care of these」

Kudou-san recommends the soumen to Neko-san

「My, looks delicious…then let me take a sip!」

Neko-san begins eating.

「Now then…first would be you, boy. Do you understand the reason why I scolded Norma-kun so much?

Kudou-papa stares at me.

「Well…the information about Lorenzaccio Bandini until now is that he’s a manager without any combat capabilities…the people on alert didn’t expect Bandini to come…so I think that the attitude to precaution was different」

「Is that all?」


「If it was known that Bandini had an experience in rifle shooting…then the need for measures against a sniper would’ve been larger…」

「Is that all?」


「For the time being…that’s all」


「But, that’s big. It’s important for those who are alert to know who’s their target…the rifle’s much more important. 」


「Or rather…sniper rifle is something you need to learn properly with your body」

Neko-san said while sipping noodles.

「The enemy right now is a group of killers from Los Angeles. Most are young boy gangsters rising in the poor district of Los Angeles. Well everyone’s used to shooting guns…there’s a lot with an experience of shooting people with a pistol or getting on a gunfight at short distance…but it’s normal that they’re fundamentally unable to shoot a rifle」

…I see

「Nowadays, there are those children of hunters who shoot a rifle since childhood…what about in the army? Just like this time’s case, if you’re not someone with an experience in rifle competition you can’t be a sniper…」

「For a sniper, the rifle and the bullet are expensive. An ordinary criminal won’t reach that foot easily」

Neko-san adds to Kudou-papa’s explanation

「That’s why, we look up at the enemy force’s file in advance, if there’s no military personnel then we usually eliminate the possibility of a sniper. Kudou-chan didn’t ignore it this time. This man sends a man even when he knows that there’s only a single percent of possibility and knowing that it’s wasteful」

That’s why Neko-san and others were posted on identified sniping points beforehand.

Therefore, Lorenzaccio Bandini carrying a rifle was immediately noticed and was caught.

「But…as expected, we’re also humans. If we believe on the small chance of a sniper, we go check it. To be honest, everyone was acting in anticipation of a raid from a separate force…」

「Yeah…if Neko wasn’t in the area, Bandini might not have been caught. Or rather, it’s possible that Michi-kun and I get sniped…」

「Therefore…it’s stupid to overlook the information that there’s someone experienced in using the rifle on Cesario Viola’s subordinates」

…Is that how it is?

No, even Kudou-papa thought of the possibility of the sniper appearing even a little.

「Even if a sniper appears, then a separate force succeeded in the feint, it would mean that the skill of the shooter isn’t that great?」

Neko-san laughs at Kudou-papa.

「That’s right. Therefore…I instructed you to capture the sniper at the moment he shoots」

That’s why only a single bullet was shot.

Kudou-papa and Michi avoided it though.

「But…In the case of this sixth placer in Ohio, he should’ve been caught before shooting. It’s dangerous to be seen by that man on a scope」

…I see

「Therefore…that lady on Kouzuki Security Service has to be apologizing to Kudou-chan and Michi-chan the most. And yet, to give priority on the people doing the outside work…Kudou-chan’s an adult」

「That’s not how it is. If she doesn’t apologize to Neko properly, Norma-kun next time would be underestimated by her companions. It would be troublesome. If such a subordinate turns to a rumor, it would hinder my future activities. I’m not thinking about you people…」

「What are you saying. Kudou-chan’s so sweet. If she’s under me, she’s fired right away…!」

「…I can’t let that happen. She’s an important asset given by Kouzuki old man」

Kudou-papa leaks a sigh.

「By the way…what’s the reason why you gave the soumen to only me?」

Neko-san stares at Kudou-papa

「Neko…you like that car?」

Kudou-papa looks at the car holding Lorenzaccio Bandini.

「I do but…either way, that’s just a camouflage for work. I’ll do it if Kudou-chan needs it…!」

「I’ll compensate for it」

Eh…what’s going on?

「…Kudou-chan, you’re really amazing. I didn’t think that far. I just took this foreigner like that」

Neko-san said in frustration.

「…Tony. Does anyone have any information on spotting other Cesario Viola’s subordinates?」

「No, there’s nothing」

Kudou-papa looks at Neko-san.

「Cesario Viola’s right hand manager is caught. If this is out of their expectation then isn’t it strange for them not to take any action?」

That’s right…normally, you’d desperately try to take him back but…

If he’s the manager, then he knows a lot of information about Viola…

「Tony, move Titan boy. 30 meters to the school side. Get away from Neko’s car. Do it slowly…


Tony-san starts the car’s engine.

「This car is made to be explosion proof so we can be at ease at least」

…Does that mean?!

「…Does that mean that there’s a bomb in Lorenzaccio Bandini?」

Michi speaks up.

「We’re not sure…if it was me, I would do that. Normally, you’d interrogate Lorenzaccio Bandini when you catch him don’t you? If you make him explode at that moment…」

Then all of the interrogators would be killed by the bomb.

「But…would Cesario Viola do that far? It’s his own right hand you know?」

Neko-san speaks up…

「『Lorenzaccio Bandini doesn’t participate in combat』that was the info. Then won’t that make…『Lorenzaccio Bandini is Cesario Viola’s right hand』a lie too?」


Is it a trap/

Was Lorenzaccio Bandini sent to be caught by enemy on purpose?

「The subordinate caught yesterday was interrogated but there’s hardly any useful information. Viola’s precise on his measures. Then…there’s no way for him to let his manager have a rifle and go alone?」

…If Bandini is really an important man…

There’s no way he’d be put to such danger.

「But, Bandini’s the only one with a known face among Viola’s organization, right? The job won’t be done unless you pass it to Bandini」

Neko-san says that but…

「If it’s just『face to face contact』everyone can do it. It doesn’t need to be Bandini, he can be replaced by someone else. In the end…Bandini’s only that kind of existence…and the judgement and all the work is done by Viola himself」

…In that case.

「Father. In that case, the 5 person group who came to Japan from Centrair airport with Lorenzaccio Bandini…」

「They brought Bandini who has a known face on purpose…it’s a fake to attract our eyes」

In the first place, everyone took the fake name of each member of the Beatles

In short…it was all a fake from the start.

「Cesario Viola went to Japan separate from those five people…we don’t know how many he has brought…!」

「Are we going back to the drawing board?」

Neko-san said disappointingly

「Perhaps, Bandini doesn’t notice that he’s a human bomb」

「That might be. Cesario Viola doesn’t have expectations on a sniper that placed sixth in Ohio…」

As expected…Ohio’s sixth is no good!

『Boss…everyone’s not here!』

Norma-san’s voice come from the speaker.

『I came to apologize but everyone’s not here!』

Hearing that…Kudou papa.

「That’s obvious. We’re in first grade alert, like hell you can make contact on your allies!」

…I see.

The eney knows who’s the『person in charge of caution』



「Come back already! Don’t panic, and do it slowly!…Also, don’t approach Neko’s car. Okay!」


Then, at the moment Norma-san replied

「Boss…a signal came out」

Tony-san shouts.

「From how?」


「As expected…they found a guy tailing Norma」

As expected, Norma-san is being tailed by Viola’s subordinate.

「It was right to let Norma go…if it was earlier, we won’t know that the enemy is an exploding human bomb. Making Norma go divides the enemy concentration to two」

「Right…until the enemy chasing after Norma grasps our number and faces, the enemy will hold back from blowing him up」

Neko-san mutters.

「Give Gun a blue sign. Don’t interfere even tailed. Also, turn Rascal to follow. I doubt it but Gun might have someone tailing him too」

The person going to identify the one tailing might also be tailed so he’s going to send a person to check it…?!

「We don’t know the number of enemies we have so we have to assume all possibilities」


Tony-san faces the laptop.

「It’s gotten easier now…you can use emails」

「But, don’t write anything concrete. It’s easily reproduced even if it’s erased from the memory」

「It can’t be helped but send only cryptography…if you give out detailed instructions, only those who doesn’t have any reading comprehension would know how to do」

「Well, right…now then」

Kudou-papa turned to me.

「After revealing his skill…I want to hear the boy’s opinion」

My opinion?

「No…I’m just a normal high school student…and a stupid one to include」

「Just say what you think from what you see…we’ve got the analysis and judgement」


「Actually…when delivering breakfast, Michi-kun reported me the details of『Kuromori』and Cesario Viola. It’s about that Nei girl…」


She was listening to Nei-san’s story last night.

Then she told Kudou-papa this morning.

Perhaps…Minaho-neesan knows that Michi will report to Kudou-papa so she let her deliver breakfast.

Then…Margo-san sent me here this time…

She thinks that it’s unavoidable for Kudou-papa to posses some information.

Rather, she might be thinking that an amateur like me is suited for this.

I don’t have any special knowledge as someone in the underground society…

「What do you want to know?」

「What…it’s easy. What do you think about Cesario Viola?」


「Err…someone I can’t know the true nature. His image doesn’t suit him…」

I answered honestly.

「His image doesn’t suit?」

「Yes…this is only from what I’ve heard from Nei-san, it seems that Cesario Viola’s a vulgar and violent homo. However…from what I’ve heard from Kudou-san, he looks like very clever and punctual…」

Un…it doesn’t match.

「You think so too?…Actually, I do」

Kudou-papa mutters.

「Viola’s personality can’t be grasped completely. It is as if there’s two Viola…」

Two Viola?

「Earlier…if the violent Viola is the real one, then he’d just leave the planning to his manager, Lorenzaccio Bandini. Furthermore, Bandini has the quick wits enough to control Viola」


「Viola made Bandini disposable. In short, he didn’t have that much power in the organization…in short, all of the planning and execution is done by Viola himself」

「But…somehow, he’s eccentric and impulsive from Nei-san’s story…I can’t think of him as an intelligent person at all」

I think.

「Right?! But, in an organization like Viola’s…the top man won’t be approved unless he has some talent…」

If he’s just eccentric and impulsive…nobody would follow him.

「You guys…how about you think about it once you’ve emptied your heads?」

Neko-san told us.

「Cesario Viola’s not even a real name, right?」

「Yeah…it seems. His real name is」

「Fabiano Katou. He’s an Italian-American, right?」

If I recall, that’s what Nei-san said.

「Forget about that and just think about Cesario Viola’s name」


「『Cesario Viola’s』a woman’s name」


「Tony-kun’s detailed about this, right?」

Neko-san talks to Tony-san.

「Yes. She’s a character in Shakespeare work…!」

Tony-san told us smiling.

「In Shakespeare’s comedy『Twelfth Night』, the female protagonist『Viola』was dressed as a man and introduces himself as『Cesario』」

「In short…『Cesario』and『Viola』are names of one girl. The『Viola』as her girl’s name, and『Cesario』as the man’s name」

…What does that mean?

「The fake name of Viola’s dead sister is also from Shakespeare. 『Rosalind Orlando』 『Rosalind』is the main character of『As you like it』…As expected, it’s a character that can be turned to a man by dressing up 『Orlando』is the name of her lover」

「『Orlando』isn’t only on Shakespeare. It’s also in Virginia Woolf If I recall, it’s about a hermaphrodite who kept living for 300 years」

Neko-san said.

「『Viola』equal『Cesario』and 『Rosalind』and『Orlando』…They are symbols of transgender and sexuality」

「Why would they make such a code name?」

Tony-san asked curiously.

「Either way…Fabiano Katou is a criminal who’s not who he claim he is…!」

Kudou-papa mutters.

「I don’t know who they are but, the person who thought of『Cesario Viola’s』code name must be in a higher position」

Neko-san speaks.

「Right. Fabiano Katou is a leader of a mere execution force…then I think there’s a smart boss who’s organizing the whole organization separately」

The boss of the organization is someone other than『Cesario Viola』?