Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 267: Fool ship


「…What did you say?」

The『prince faction』guys fell silent from what Nei-san said

「Don’t you think that old man that can’t help but cherish and love his two granddaughters leave you in the same room as them and don’t do anything?」

Nei-san smiles

「Isn’t this that old man’s hotel? He seems to be using it on his conferences…naturally, this should also be equipped with wiretap and surveillance cameras!」
「Yes…that’s right」

Reika answers

「This hotel is the business base of Kouzuki group…!」
「You’re right, as far as I can see…that ceiling and that wall over there, and under the decoration of that pillar over there is also a surveillance camera」

Margo-san participates.

「The mics are there, there, and there? Yeah, usually, you’d put it like that. However, in such a facility, everything that you can obviously point out is a fake and the cameras and microphones are set up in a separate location though…!」

Oh. The『prince faction’s』face are going pale
Well of course.
Even though Jii-chan told them to not make any blunders towards the women…
Their disrespect has become a lump of blunders.

「In the end…you can’t see reality at all」

Nei-san ridicules the men.

「Listen…! That old man, the fiance Kouzuki Shietaka has decided have been rejected and yet…Mii-chan and this guy’s relationship were accepted! Do you get it?!」

What do you mean by that?!

「That’s right…Grandfather has approved of this man to be my husband」

Misuzu declares once again.

「That’s right! You calling Mii-chan『Misuzu-sama』means that in Kouzuki house’s rules, your grandfather’s blood is close yet lower than Mii-chan?」

With their rules…that’s how it is

「This guy was accepted as Mii-chan’s partner. It was Kouzuki Shietaka-san’s decision. Then…you know what that means don’t you!?」

Nei-san said sadistically.

「You all are in a lower position that this guy! If he’s Mii-chan’s husband then, he’s Ojii-chan’s grandson-in-law! He’s on a position above yours already!」

No…that’s not true.
Misuzu’s my『woman』but…
I’m not interested in Kouzuki house at all
For the『prince faction』who sticks to the rule of their bloodline…
Nei-san’s remark seems to be grave…

「Everyone, emergency meeting…!」

Suddenly…Kouzuki Souji tells his faction

「Umu…let’s go!」

The nine members of『Prince faction』gather around Kouzuki Souji.
Looking at each other, they seem to be consulting each other whisperingly…
Really…even though they seem bossy…
These guys are just small.

「Akira-san. Please don’t stay there and come in. Everyone else must be hungry too. Why don’t you eat?」

Misuzu ignores the『prince』faction and speaks to Shiba Akira and the『rising faction』guys
They’ve always been pressured by『prince faction』…frozen in the front of the entrance.

「Yes…thank you very much. I will depend on your words」

Shiba Akira thanks Misuzu on behalf of the group.

「However…please stop trying to talk to my friends. You men shouldn’t come from that table over there. Could you promise me that?」

Shiba Akira accepts Misuzu’s orders.

「Come everyone…we’ve been given permission by Misuzu-sama. Let’s eat」
「…Let’s do so」

The『rising faction』heads to the table timidly
They only speak a few words.
They’re not talking to each other.
Calmly…they walk slowly, trying not to take over someone…
They all eat scattered around.
Nobody’s trying to talk to Shiba Akira…
It’s not that Shiba Akira is the leader of the group.
As expected…with the elder brother, Shiba Takahiro leaving, they were damaged?

「…Those people aren’t as united as a group as Souji-san and others」

Misuzu whispers to me.

「Souji-san and his group were children of the vassals who served Kouzuki house for generations so they’ve known each other since childhood」

Therefore…their teamwork is that good.
In Kouzuki family, bloodline is everything.
Therefore…with Kouzuki Souji who’s closes to the head, Jii-chan, has been decided to be the boss of the group from the beginning.

「Inside the group…Souji-san’s the first grandson of grandfather’s brother, the second is Subaru-san. The third is Satoshi-san who belongs on the branch family. Then next ones don’t belong to Kouzuki house but Natsuko-san who’s a relative…is decided to be the first among the list」

Since the list has been decided from the beginning with the bloodline…the other people doesn’t try to overcome Kouzuki Souji.
However…each and one of them play a role they’re given in the group.
Well…if they’re aware of it then it’s fine, but.
I can’t understand them pushing their own『rules』of their narrow world to us.
They can just continue their『pretend friends』in their own closed world forever.

「Then…as for Akira-san’s group」

Misuzu whispers.

「These group’s fathers have gained career in the company of Kouzuki only for a generation…their rise is accepted in business, invited by the Kouzuki group」

Oh I see.
If their parents gained power in Kouzuki group just recently…
Then they never had any childhood friendship.

「That group isn’t as united as Souji-san’s group」

Yeah…they’re just gathering somehow to oppose『prince faction』…
Shiba Takahiko and Shiba Akira aren’t the leaders of the faction

「Rather…the people in that group are competing with each other」

In short…everyone is targetting Ruriko’s father…the head of Kouzuki house…?!

「In reality…Only Shiba Okitachi has the real ability to stand up against the old vassals of Kouzuki house」

The other guys don’t have that much individual power.
That’s why they have no choice but to gather.
However, with that said…they don’t plan to become followers of Shiba Okitachi, who has the most power.
This one’s also a troublesome bunch too.

「Wait a moment…earlier, there was the talk about Shiba Takahiko being Misuzu’s『fiance』, then the old vassals of Kouzuki family accepting Shiba house to their group right?」

Instead of becoming a relative of the Kouzuki family by marrying Misuzu…it’ll be them taking in the rising power of Shiba Okitachi…

「That is just a selfish interpretation of Souji-san and co」

Misuzu said

「I think that grandfather’s aim is still to make harmony in between the old group and the rising group. However…it seems that Akira-san and others are soured by that talk」

Oh…If Shiba Takahiko was made『fiance』of Misuzu with the reason the『prince faction』has said…
Then Shiba Okitachi has betrayed the rising group and it means that he’ll change into the old group.
Therefore…the youth of『rising faction』are eating far from Shiba Akira

「Please be careful…Danna-sama」

Misuzu tells me anxiously

「Eh…what about?」
「The next thing those people will think is to take in Danna-sama」

To take me in?

「Yes, their faction will dominate if they are able to take in Danna-sma to their side」
「No, but…I’ve got nothing to do with Kouzuki group」

Misuzu has declared a while ago that I won’t be entering the Kouzuki group.

「Those people won’t be convinced with what I said…everyone of them thinks that Kouzuki group is everything」

Really…what a troublesome bunch

「Please brace yourself…Danna-sama is the man recognized by Kouzuki Shigetaka!」

Misuzu smiles.

「Ah, Maru-chan and I will bring the drinks and sandwiches in here!」

Nei-san said.

「When we don’t let them come close to us…then we’d lose another refill of food and drinks. Let’s take some while it’s not late!」

Yeah…it’s better to bring it while the『prince faction』is talking

「Ah, I’m going too」

It’s better to do it all with lots of people.

「Then, I will be going too!」

Reika stands up.

「Reika-oneechan…I want another orange juice!」

Mao-chan smiles.

「Well…so cute! Yeah, so cute!」

Reika seems to have completely liked Mao-chan.
She pats Mao-chan’s head.

「Children are amazing aren’t they?」

Nagisa smiles at Reika.

「Reika-oneesan want to give birth soon too? Having your own child is good too」

Reika speaks while holding Mao-chan.

「I currently am on the time where my energy and physical strength are the best. I want to fulfill my work as a guard for now」

If she gets pregnant, give birth…Reika can’t think of her keeping her current state.

「Is that so? That’s a regret」
「It’s not. I’ll be affectionate with Mao-chan a lot…!」

Reika pokes Mao-chan’s soft looking cheeks.
Mao-chan happily laughs…

「…You need apron dress don’t you?」
「Apron dress?」

Nagisa’s surprised from what Reika said.

「Yes, as expected…if you’re raising a little girl with a British hobby, I think then you shouldn’t take off apron dresses」


「I’ll teach the language of『alice in the wonderland』 and『song of mother goose』 If she grows bigger then『Sherlock Holmes』 Mufufu…I’m looking forward to it!」

Reika seems to want to make Mao-chan into the same British hobby as herself…
Well fine.
Nagisa seems to be only smiling wryly…
If it becomes a problem, Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee will stop it so it’s fine.

「Then, let’s go…!」

Margo-san calls us out


Mana comes to me.

「What’s wrong? Is there anything you want to get?」

Drinks or food…

「Yeah! My panties!」


「You see…Mana left her panties on that chair!」

I even told you to wear a dress in a hurry after your prostrating naked…
You didn’t put on your underwear.


Wow…by the way, it’s just on the right side where the『prince faction』is making a conference.
Those guys are in the middle of a discussion so they haven’t noticed the panty on the chair.

「Sorry! You can punish me later so please pick it up for now…!」

Mana holds my hand.
But, I can’t let those men come close to Mana.
She’s having no panties right now after all

「I get it…I’m going」
「Thanks Onii-chan…!」

Mana whispers to my ear…

「…I’ll be serving you a lot later so please feel a lot good in Mana’s stomach!」

The 14 year old beauty smiles at me.
Anyway…I’m going
Along with Margo-san, Nei-san and Reika…
I invade the men’s zone.
Okay…let’s get close to Mana’s panty casually
Pretending that it’s not the panty…
But looking at the dish on the table…
I shove the panty I picked up into my pocket.

「Hey, bastard1」

I got shocked
The voice who called me out is『prince faction’s』Natsuki Makoto

「Souji-sama wants to talk with you. Come here…!」

For the time being, it’s not exposed that I took Mana’s panty.

「Hey, hurry up!」

Speaking in a commanding tone makes me a bit angry.
In the first place…My position isn’t that far from Kouzuki Souji
Won’t our voices reach if we speak loudly?

「I don’t intend to go there…if you’ve got something to talk about then how about coming here!」

I strongly rejected it

「What?…You’re cocky!」

Kouzuki Satoshi insults me.

「Well fine. I’ll allow it just this case…!
「We can’t have a constructive conversation with a coercive attitude…right, Satoshi?」
「Yes, Souji-sama」
「Hey, bastard…be thankful for Souji-sama’s generous heart!」
「Yeah, as expected of Souji-sama!」1

…That kind of development again?
They’re trying to make a show where Kouzuki Souji is a huge vessel, but…
They’ve done it multiple times that their childishness is emphasized.
Anyway, they’re just idiots.’
Each of them are smart elites but…
From the moment they think that they’re the chosen ones…they became a group of idiots.

「Then…what do you want to talk about?」

I asked.
I make sure the paths to exit while talking.
It’ll be hard to escape when I’m surrounded.
I don’t think that they’d attack me so suddenly but…
No…don’t neglect caution.
If I die…then Misuzu will be free again.
It’ll create a situation as Kouzuki Souji desires…
For better or for worse, they might try to kill me.
If I don’t make such assumptions…
I won’t be able to survive.
…Oh I wish I had my beat up stick.
If it is Cesario Viola then it’s dangerous to be armed…so I left the beat up stick on the school

「Then…let me get straight to the point」

Kouzuki Souji tells me.

「Join us」


「As special appreciation, Souji-sama is saying that you bastard can join our faction!」

Natsuko Makoto says loudly

「In exchange, you promise your loyalty to Souji-sama. Our leader is Souji-sama…okay?!」

What’s with this triumphant face, these people look down on me…
Are all your brains rotten?

「To become our ally is to become the central being that moves the next generation of Kouzuki…it’s not a bad deal for a bastard like you」

Natsuko Makoto tells me with most dignity

「Misuzu-sama said that you don’t intend to enter the Kouzuki group but…you’ve got ambitions too right? No, there’s no need to answer. I know」

Kata says with a ridiculous attitude.

「Uhm…I’m going to start a bakery though」
「Bread? Aiming for the Kouzuki General Foods Generation?!」

Oohari shouts.

「No, you’re wrong, It’s just a normal bakery. One that’s selling bread in the town…」
「No way…a Franchise business?」
「Kata. How many restaurant and bread chains inside Kouzuki group?」
「18 companies and 26 brands…!」

Hey guys…
Listen to me.

「Souji-sama, isn’t that great? Since we all desire for finance and mass communication companies in Kouzuki group. If this guy says he wants to engage in food, then there’s no problem letting him do it」

Tsunoda says something frivolous again.

「Right. We intend to push the industries we’re not interested in to Shiba Takahiko and others…so it’s fine? We’ll let you take in the food industry so you can come under me」

Kouzuki Souji said calmly
Ah…these guys are no good
If these guys succeed the parents and become the executives of Kouzuki group…
Kouzuki group will be crushed.

「Sorry to tell you but I don’t want to be your allies you know?」

I said clearly

「Why? Why are you refusing even on such favorable conditions」
「That’s right, the goddess of fortune don’t give second chances you know. Take it right now if you can!」
「You see…Souji-sama’s giving you an opportunity so it’s foolish not to get on it!」


「That’s right…I’m foolish. Sorry」

I’ll try to get away from this spot right away.
Margo-san, Nei-san, and Reika seems to have carried the food and drinks needed.
Like hell I can stay with this flock of idiots!


I try to go back to Misuzu.

「Hey, wait a moment! I’m not done talking!」

Natsuki Makoto, Oohari Ryou, Koku Rakujin tries to catch me.
Shit, they’re moving fast.
I’d be surrounded if this continues…!


Michi jumps in to help me!

「Don’t approach them」

Kouzuki Souji orders

「That one’s Kudou’s daughter!」
「…Kudou? The guard kept by『Kakka』?」
「The daughter should be using the same strange techniques as her father!」
「Do you know about it, Kata!?」
「Yes. She’s my little sister’s classmate!」

Haa…Kata’s little sister is the young lady over there?
While they were talking…Michi comes into my front in a blink of an eye.

「Master, your hand!」

I hold Michi’s hand.

「Let’s go, please follow me!」
「Michi…don’t let them hurt you!」

We slipped away from the『prince faction』as Michi and I hold hands.

「W-What’s with her…her movement’s strange!」

Kudou style’s secrets is to completely bend the enemy’s Ki.
Outwitting the enemy’s expectations…we returned back to Misuzu and others.

「…Stop! I forbid you from going further than that!」

Misuzu rules the men

「Any more than that and we won’t hold back from using force!」2

Margo-san and Reika comes to Misuzu’s side.
With the two tall beauties by her side…it has become threatening

「Now then…what will you do?」

Reika holds up her cane…Kouzuki Souji

「Let’s back off…」

He orders showing an unpleasant face.
The situation didn’t explode.
Well, it turns to a brawl…
Then Margo-san, Reika and Michi would just beat those guys thoroughly.
I’m glad nobody got hurt.

「Huh…Satoshi-san, that woman…!?」

Tsunoda looked at us and noticed something.

「Hm, Tsunoda?!」

Kouzuki Satoshi comes to Tsunoda

「…As expected she is! There’s no mistake!」
「Like I said, what!?」
「That woman’s Shirasaka Yukino!」

Tsunoda noticed Yukino.

「No, I’m sure. She may be disguised but she can’t fool my eyes! I’ve seen her on Yoshinaga house’s party before! Hey, Satoshi-san, weren’t you with me…?!」

He met Yukino on a party?!

「Ah, that’s right…! There’s no mistake! That’s Shirasaka Yukino!」

Kouzuki Satoshi cries out

「…Shirasaka Yukino?」
「Yes, he’s the daughter of Shirasaka Sousuke who’s in trouble right now!」
「Didn’t the media say that she’s missing?」
「Therefore she’s here!」

The『prince faction』says one after another

「Eh, wait a moment…everyone!」

Kouzuki Subaru who’s the youngest took over Tsunoda and Kouzuki Satoshi and speaks

「Is that person really Shirasaka Yukino-san…?」

The gazes of the men gather around Yukino.
Shiba Akira and others of the『rising faction』are also looking interestingly
…This is bad.
Kouzuki Subaru asks Misuzu.

「Why is Shirasaka Yukino-san with Misuzu-sama?!」


  1. Bastards not knowing how to use Sasuga, you only use Sasuga for Onii-sama and Ainz-sama
  2. Yeah, use the force!