Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 268 : Vassal’s manners


The gaze of the room is concentrated on Yukino who’s wearing a yellow and black stripped dress and a funny make-up.


Yukino speaks

「…I’m not Shirasaka Yukino-san nari!」


「No, there’s no doubt. I’ve checked all of the women coming from noble families at that party! You’re disguised strangely but you’re definitely Shirasaka Yukino!」

Kouzuki Satoshi shouts!

「…I’m not Nariiiii! I’m Kashima Kuroko Nariiiii!」

You’re sticking with that character, Yukino?…

「What’s with Kashima Kuroko! 1
「I’m wearing a yellow and black stripe dress so it’s Kishima Kuroko Nariiiiiii!!!!」

Yukino…you’re just exposing your own disguise you know

「The fuck? Then…if you were wearing red and white clothes you’re Akai Shirako?!」

Kouzuki Satoshi and Yukino…
You guys are a good comedy duo.

「…Or rather, you’re Shirasaka Yukino-san aren’t you?!」

Kouzuki Subaru asks showing an amazed expression.

「That’s right…you’re Shirasaka Yukino!」

Kouzuki satoshi pushes on Yukino once again.



「…I’m a woman born from Osaka, not Shirasaka Yukino-han dosu」


「Are you really not her?!」


「It’s wrong woo, it’s wrong gowasu. I’m not Yukino-san degozaru, nin nin…!」

We might be witnessing to a birth of a new talent.

「I-In the first place…a stylish person like Shirasaka Yukino-san don’t dress funnily like me. Yukino-san’s so stylish, fashionable, makes fuss about dresses more than anyone else…」

Yukino’s eyes are becoming teary.

「This…making me look like a comedian…being taken around in this appearance…such humiliation…! I’ll never agree to this! I’ll never forgive you all! Never!!!」

Glaring at us…Yukino’s heating up.

「…Does that mean that you’re admitting that you’re Shirasaka Yukino?」

Mana asks.

「Well, aren’t you? Saying that you’re humiliated being made to look like a comedian…then, who are you?」

Mana shows a sadistic smile.
Really, she’s harsh against her sister.
I think that it’s distorted affection though…


Yukino’s mouth flap widely, confused.
The identity of Yukino is shaking loose.

「I’m Kishima Kuroko Nariii!」
「…You’ve already done that!」

Mana won’t allow Yukino to go back from the start.


Tears accumulate in Yukino’s eyes…

「I…this isn’t me! I don’t want this! This is…wrong! This isn’t me!」
「Therefore…if you’re saying it’s not you then who are you?」

Mana asks while snorting at her sister.

「You should quit before you anger me! Maika!」

Yukino snaped.

「Are you happy making a fool out of me? Is it fun? Becoming friend with that group of people!」

Hearing that…『Prince faction’s』Kata…

「No way…Shirasaka Maika?」
「Unu?…What do you mean, Kata?」

Oohari Ryou asks Kata.

「No, if I recall, Shirasaka Sousuke has a daughter named Shirasaka Maika other than Shirasaka Yukino…!」
「…Do you know her, Satoshi?」

Kouzuki Souji asks Kouzuki Satoshi.

「No…I’ve never met her at the party」

Mana’s body was weak so until a few years ago…she’s been living with her relatives in Shizuoka away from her family in Tokyo.
Therefore, she shouldn’t have shown her face as much as Yukino on noble parties.
Also, Mana has an inferiority complex towards her sister who likes to go the limelight on flashy clothing.
Even after coming back from Tokyo, Mana hardly came to party with Yukino.

「I’m Mana. I’m Onii-chan’s little sister…I’m completely unrelated to someone like you!」

After knowing that her father’s evil…abandoned by her mother and grandfather.
Above all, raped by me…
The identity of the girl named Shirasaka Maika collapsed and reconstructed to another character named Yoshida Mana.
Shirasaka house’s daughter…Yukino’s little sister, Shirasaka Maika is no longer here.
Maika has gone far away.
The woman here is my little sister, my sex slave…
Mana preserves her sanity by seeking me, becoming my『woman』
I intend to take responsibility for Mana for the rest of my life.
This one doesn’t have any one left but me.

「Don’t screw with me! You’re Shirasaka Maika! You’re my little sister!」

Yukino doesn’t know the change inside Mana.
She really became a different person.
The one here right now is Mana…not Maika

「Hmmm, then that means that you’re admitting that you’re Shirasaka Yukino?」

Mana tells Yukino.

「Isn’t that great, Yukino-san? You’re letting the public know that you’re suitable to become a comedian…!

Mana laughs.
…I see.
For Mana, Yukino is one of the『past』who have abandoned her.
Therefore…she’s responding cruelly.
This is also another work caused by Mana’s inferiority complex…

「…Unforgivable, I’ll never forgive you all」

Yukino mutters in a small voice.
Her anger and hatred is probably boiling like magma inside her heart.
However…with Yukino unable to admit that she’s『Shirasaka Yukino』in public…
It’s impossible for her to release all of her negative emotions outside.
She’ll only confine it inside…
…That’s bad
Yukino’s heart will break if this continues.


I call out Yukino
She twitched.

「You’re Shirasaka Yukino. I’m the one who forced you to wear that strange apprarance. I just forced to you against your will…!」

Yukino looks at me.


Mana shows an「eh?」 face and look at me…

「Just shut up!」

I hold off Mana.
Then, Yukino.

「I just ordered everyone to make you look stupid. It’s not you…I’m the one who forced it」

Yukino’s face changed.
Yukino jumped into the『logical escape』I created.

「…That’s right, it’s your fault! It’s all your fault I’ve having this horrible experiences!」

Yukino turns her inner hatred at me.
She throw out all of her accumulated feelings at once.

「It’s your fault! I did nothing wrong! You made me suffer this much!」

Yeah…that’s fine.
With this, Yukino’s identity won’t collapse.
Yukino…can protect her own personality as Shirasaka Yukino.

「Unforgivable…I’ll never forgive you!」

Yukino looks at me with eyes of hatred.
…This is fine.
This is the right thing.
Me…and Yukino

「Yeah…you don’t have to」

I said.

「Either way…I’m going to do more horrible things on you…!」

Megu looks at me silently.

「Yoshi-kun…you don’t have to do that. Just throw Yukino away already!」
「That’s right, Onii-chan…you don’t need someone like Yukino-san!」


「Girls…If I do that then Yukino will die. Are you okay with that?」

Hearing that…Yukino got startled


Yukino may have high pride and is selfish but she’s not an idiot.
The current Yukino who lost her home and parent’s shield…if she’s abandoned by me…
She’ll only die.
Will she be erased by Cesario Viola who accepted the kill request from Shirasaka head home…
Or will she be sold away by Minaho-neesan on a slums on a foreign land…?

「It’s fine if she dies」


「You mustn’t say that」

I embrace Mana’s body
Mana also embraces me.
Mana’s body is slightly cold…trembling.

「Mana…aren’t you my『family』?」
「But, Yukino doesn’t have anyone」

Yukino’s face distorts in fear.


Kouzuki Subaru asks in behalf of the『prince faction』
They thought that the young ones should ask instead of the high pressure members.
Since they’re only doing that with eye contacts…their group’s team work is amazing.

「…What is it?」

Misuzu answers with a cold attitude.

「Isn’t it about time you tell us? Why is the daughter of Shirasaka Sousuke, the one who’s causing problems in here…?」

Kouzuki Subaru shows a disgusting smile.
On his back the 8 members of『prince faction』 shows a bossy look.
Of course, Shiba Akira and the six members of『rising faction』
They’re waiting for Misuzu’s response curiously.

「I won’t tell you people…」

Misuzu said calmly

「Why? I think that we have the right to know…!」

Kouzuki Subaru still doesn’t back down…!

「Right?…Are you seriously saying that?」

Misuzu rejects.
Ah…this pattern is Minaho-neesan’s.
Misuzu’s imitating Minaho-neesan’s tone.

「Because…we are…」

Kouzuki Subaru falters.

「We are members of『Kakka’s』private tutoring. We’re the people who will support Kouzuki group in the future…!」

Kouzuki Souji tells Misuzu on behalf of his brother.

「Grandfather has only made you his students because your fathers asked him to. It’s a big mistake to think that you can get a key position in Kouzuki group in the future just because you’re his student」

Misuzu said laughing.

「Much more…the fact that you’re registered in the Kouzuki group means that you’re prepared to be our vassals. As a vassal, fulfill your obligation. I don’t need vassals who insist their rights without respecting their lord」

Misuzu said then looked at Ruriko.

「It is as Misuzu-oneesama said…I’m amazed from your behavior so far. I’m sure that grandfather thinks the same. I will ask grandfather to dismiss the『private school』so grandfather can spend more of his time meaningfully」
「Please wait a moment…Ruriko-sama」

At the moment Kouzuki Souji said that…!

「How dare vassal order one’s lord!!!」

Reika’s sharp voice pierces the『prince faction』!

「You bastards don’t have the attitude as a vassal! Have some shame! Shame on you!」

I see…Reika’s someone who’s disciplined as a swordswoman…
She’s loud when it comes to vassal and lords.

「Mumu…Reika-chan, too loud」

Mao-chan on Reika’s knee is closing her ears.

「Ah, sorry. I won’t shout anymore…!」

Reika smiles at Mao-chan.

「Okay, forgiven!」

Mao-chan and Reika are completely friendly.

「Uhm…Misuzu-sama, may I speak?」

Shiba Akira said

「…You can, Akira-san」

Misuzu answers.

「I can understand what Misuzu-sama’s saying…however, the idea of vassal and lords is quite old-fashioned in the modern Japan?」

Shiba Akira said dignified.

「The business managers and employees should be on equal relationship. I think that confusing employee relationship to master-servant one is bad…」


「Akira-san, how long have you been under grandfather’s private school?」
「Twice a week since two years ago with my brother…from 8 to 11 o’clock evening. I’m receiving guidance under『Kakka』at the head office of Kouzuki Holdings. Other than that, like today…we’re brought to sociable places and we also watch actual business within the company」

The sociable places must be the presentation of Konpeki school.
Therefore…these guys were taken into the negotiations with the head house of Shirasaka to observe the negotiations.

「Akira-san Do you think that the『private school』 is meaningful?…Are you not thinking that you’re just attending to an elderly’s selfishness?」
「No, I…I’ve been given the privilege to learn something useful every time. Each of『Kakka’s』story is very stimulating, and it’s very exciting to see various fields of work…」
「Then…Akira-san, grandfather pays you a monthly fee?」
「…Are you not paid monthly fee?」

Misuzu shows a cold smile like Minaho-neesan’s

「Y-Yes…in particular. No, rather…『Kakka』is treating us with a feast every time」

Shiba Akira becomes flustered.

「But, that is…『Kakka』is always just caring for us…that」
「If grandfather really cares about you then do you think that it’s natural to receive a feast?」

Misuzu laughs.

「Know your position before talking about equal partners. If you can’t understand what you’re talking about and who you’re talking to then close your mouth. Everyone can say a common opinion…!」

Misuzu’s words are harsh.

「If the relationship of grandfather and your father is employee relation then grandfather will not let you in the private school. You are here because your father is grandfather’s vassal. Your father understands that. If not, then a respectable person like Shiba Okitachi-san will not let you come into grandfather’s private school」

Yeah…it’s not normal for it to be free.
Jii-chan is giving his『private school』a free service because he thinks of them as the family of his own vassals.

「Grandfather is clearly distinguishing vassals from employees.」

Misuzu said clearly

「Besides…grandfather only considers only your fathers as his vassals. You’re children of the vassals, in reality, you’re not grandfather’s vassals. Grandfather is treating and receiving you as customers…!

Misuzu’s words stunned the members of the private school.

「If ever Akira-san wants to be in an equal partner employee relationship, then quit grandfather’s『private school』 If Akira-san becomes an adult…and is able to gain power by himself that grandfather accepts it…then Akira-san wants to work on Kouzuki group then they may employe you. But, right now, you’re just a boy with no talent worth hiring for…」

Misuzu said, Shiba Akira…

「Understood, then I’ll be quitting the private school as of today. I don’t feel like entering Kouzuki group in the future…」

A stir creates in the『private school』from what he said.

「Are you serious…Akira-kun?」
「I think you shouldn’t rush up to a conclusion」

The『rising faction’s』…Hanaoka Shinsuke and Koumori Akira speaks.

「It’s fine. There’s a job I’d like to do on my own. Rather than becoming a member of a big company…I’ll start my own business and make a company move on my will」

Shiba Akira said.

「Is that so…then do your best」

Misuzu speaks coldly.

「If the company made by Akira-san profits Kouzuki group then we’ll contact you as an『equal partner』 However, if it becomes disadvantageous to Kouzuki group then it’ll be crushed thoroughly. You don’t mind if there would be a conflict between our company and yours…!」

Shiba Akira is at loss from Misuzu’s strong attitude.

「Akira-kun…excuse my meddling but let me tell you」

Said Kouzuki Kenshi who’s on the side of the『rising faction』though he’s under the branch family of Kouzuki house.

「Apologize to Misuzu-san and stay in the『private school』 I think that it’s wonderful that you don’t want to be a vassal of someone and you desire to be the kind of the hill but, you’re currently only a child of『Kakka’s』vassal. Your rude behavior will cause trouble to your father… !」

Shiba Akira…

「Father understand my feelings. Besides…father will become independent from Kouzuki group someday!」
「…『Someday』? Shiba Okitachi-san shouldn’t be able to do it right now」

Kouzuki Kenshi said

「Who owns the company? If it’s a corporation then it’s a shareholder. More than half of the Kouzuki group companies are held by the Kouzuki head house. In short『Kakka』 No matter how competent your father is…he can’t be independent from the Kouzuki group」
「Then…we’ll look for investors. A person unrelated to Kouzuki group…if there’s someone who invest in my and father’s business…」
「There’s nobody in Japan who’ll invest in you or your father to oppose Kouzuki house,『Kakka』himself」
「Then…we’ll look for foreign investors」
「American and European investors are vultures. You understand it don’t you? Or could it be that you’ll look for underground resource in emerging countries? Impossible. There’s no way they would lend money to a Japanese who doesn’t have a solid ground in Japan you know?」

Kouzuki Kenshi said calmly.

「It’s good to have a big dream but in order to make your dream come true, you have to surrender to reality. Therefore even your father is such a talented man…he’s consenting himself to be a vassal of another」
「My father won’t stay as a vassal forever!」
「That might be…someday. However, he’s『Kakka’s』vassal now. A faithful one」

Kouzuki Kenshi calms down Shiba Akira.

「『Kakka’s』a very large vessel…Mr. Shiba Okitachi has been allowed to have an ambition. Therefore, Mr. Okitachi…as a vassal, he gained power in Kouzuki group…『Kakka』is aiming at independence of the group and harmony. If you oppose『Kakka』glaring while showing an independent stance…it’s not only Kouzuki group but also the rivals will attack. Therefore…A company that’s independent and doesn’t have strength is just crushed in a moment. For your father to succeed independently…he has to maintain a friendly relationship with『Kakka』and the Kouzuki group…!」
「Are you saying that I should just give up being Kouzuki house’s vassal?」


「I don’t wish for you to be a vassal from the bottom of your heart. It’s your freedom what to think from the bottom of your heart. However…a human who can’t do a correct attitude as a vassal despite being one even on surface are just incompetent. We don’t need that kind of people…we’ll kick you out of Kouzuki group」

Shiba Akira glares at Misuzu.

「You’ve been speaking so bossy since earlier but Misuzu-sama’s not『Kakka』! You’re just『Kakka’s』granddaughter! You have no right to be telling us this!」

Certainly…that’s true but…

「You don’t understand? Ruriko-san and I are being tested by grandfather right now…!」

Misuzu answers.

「Grandfather is listening to our discussion and laughing on the other room. Grandfather is testing if you are suitable people as vassals… And Ruriko-san and I are also being tested whether or not we’re qualified as the head and the one who’ll be on the side of the head of Kouzuki family」

Ruriko nods at Misuzu’s words.

「That’s right…Kouzuki house, Kouzuki group has a lot of people. We must protect the lives of those people. From those direct vassal…to those who signed an employment contract…in addition, the people who buy products and services of Kouzuki group, all the business partners…we must meet the expectations of all」
「Therefore…I think that we should treat our people and vassal with a strong attitude. If you spoil your vassal the whole house will fall」

The two girls look down on the elite『private school』.

「Therefore…you should all decide your own position now」

Misuzu said

「You’re not with grandfather…you all are on the same generation as us. If you really plan to participate in Kouzuki group’s future…then become our vassals」

Ruriko also speaks.

「That’s right…those who don’t want to show manners of a vassal to us then you can leave from here now. Onee-sama and I are the successors of Kouzuki house. If you can’t accept it then you’ll be evicted from the house…!」

The students stopped breathing.
Faster than anyone…Kouzuki Kenshi kneels

「…I recognize the two as my lord」

Then, he turned to his allies…the members of『rising faction』

「What about you guys?」

The young men look at each other.

「I submit myself」

Kawafuji Akishi of the『rising faction』is the one to kneel next.

「I feel glad that the future heads of Kouzuki house will be this bright and strong willed…」
「M-Me too…!」

The members of『rising faction』becomes Misuzu and Ruriko’s vassal one after another
Shiba Akira remains…

「I-I won’t!」

Shiba Akira said

「I’m no one’s vassal. I am the captain of my ship! Father surely understands my feelings…!」
「Akira-kun! Show manners as a vassal even if just in formalities! You’ll regret it if you don’t!」

Kouzuki Kenshi said, Akira…

「I won’t regret! I hate things I hate!」


「Is that so…then, please do your best alone」
「Goodbye, Akira-san」

Ruriko also said expressionlessly.

「What about you people?」

Misuzu looks at Kouzuki Souji’s『prince faction』


Kouzuki Souji becomes evasive.
Kouzuki Souji who’s the closest to the head in the branch family, is a man who’s giving out incomprehensible reasons arrogantly.
If he gives in to Misuzu and Ruriko…then he’ll lose his position.
The faction called『prince faction』will lose it’s existential meaning
It’s because they’re prince that’s born from the lineage of Kouzuki family
Once they acknowledge that they’re a vassal…then the prince will be nothing.
If they’re expelled from Kouzuki house because Misuzu and Ruriko were angered…
Then they won’t have anything left…

「What should we do, Souji-sama!」

The members who’s grouping to raise Kouzuki Souji’s flag asks him.



『That’s enough. You must not settle everything in one go, Misuzu, Ruriko』

I hear Jii-chan’s voice from a speaker…


  1. This is the time where I should be changing the name because the author provided a Katakana reading of the name, it should actually be Kijima Kuro, but fuck it, it’s just a comedic name anyway
  2. Yeah, that Sayou degozaimasu